Some Keanu wisdom in these trying times

I'd much rather see game devs delaying a game to get a polished product than releasing a rushed and buggy game just in time for the Holiday season or something.
we'd all rather avoid another no man's sky, even if the end product ends up being good
SAME. I’m actually really impressed by this announcement. As much as I don’t want to wait, it makes me even more excited to play!
It's okay, you can just say "Pokémon Sword and Shield."
Its not like they need worry about the hype dying down. Does explain the lack of content coming from them lately tho. Smart money says they want to be comfortable with making their release b4 doing a media blitz.
Looking at you WWE 2k20
Exactly, I actually miss the old PC gaming devs like John Carmack's famous, "it's done when it's done." I realize the teams and budgets are exponentially higher now so it's harder for any one person to make that call, but I really applaud them for doing this when it seems more often than not these days we're about 3-6 months of patching in before it plays like a finished game.
I don't know if it's because of the better accessability of the internet, but I am so happy to see games being delayed more and more in recent times. It means devs are getting their say in with the higher ups, explaining that a game isn't ready, and pulling it back further to polish their games even further. We've had such a mess of half-baked games coming out this past decade, delays have actually got me excited. I'd much rather wait for a game to be good, then them release it asap, with missing content and lots of bugs.
A delayed game may be good eventually, a rushed game is bad forever
looks at no mans sky
Gamers: Omg this trash piece of shit Devs released [street fighter v, battlefront, no man's sky.. etc] unfinished! They should have spent more time on it to get it to a good standard.
Dev: we are delaying this game because we aren't happy with it yet and want to release the best game possible
Gamers: >:(
cough ET cough
I'd also rather not see devs working themselves to death in constant crunch to hit some crazy deadline..
*polish product
Not to mention, Spring is already stacked with high profile new releases so having one miss that window isn't the worst thing in the world.. From a wallet perspective of course.
We already have Bethesda shipping botched titles. Rushing a game just to meet the launch date is a recipe for disaster, and I appreciate CDPR taking their time, and being transparent with the fans.
I'm not that surprised, and I'm definitely not mad. CDPR is my favorite game studio for a reason. I just know Cyberpunk will be amazing.
Bethesda learned from their mistake and have been delaying updates for fallout 76 and Doom Eternal
Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, 2K games, the list is longer
Which makes me happy Doom Eternal was delayed
But why the fuck did they give us a release date to look forward to in the first place??
Let's leave rushing a game to market in the 2010s.
Make the '20s about getting back to basics and executing well.
CDPR leading the way.
Amen to that
Hell yeah man, love it
To be fair Id Software delayed doom eternal for the same reasons last year, but glad studios are actually proud of their product instead of some other titels we may know assassins creed Cough!!
What's that bottom part from?
I've never been so excited for a delay!
I chose this time to put my pre order in, when a CEO writes a message of truth and clarity which puts its customers before quick monetary gain then I know they have earned my cash
That's my birthday :D
Mine, too. Looks like we both get a present
Originally it was after mine, so I think I will pre order Resident evil 3 for my birthday.
As Shigeru Miyamoto said:
"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad."
I dunno, I feel like there might be a caveate to that in the form of online games that update.
Destiny 1 had a pretty bad reception during launch, but ended up being a really good game after a few months.
Yes, I will be able to play it on release day!
From this developers i can accept this without any question
A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.
No Man's Sky enters chat
Project red you are awesome and You have our full support. We know it’s going to be amazing and can’t wait to see what your team’s creativity has produced
Yeah much rather get a delayed but finished game
Holy shit! It's launching on my birthday now! That's perfect!!
Hey that's my birthday. I mean my actual 20th birthday, not my cake day. What a present.
I can wait. Just make it great!
Simply ask, do you want to spend your money on a buggy game or a polished game?
Read/Play/Watch the Witcher in the meantime.
Is there a video to go with the bottom picture?
Who is actually complaining about the wait? I think a majority of people now understand perfection takes time
Good to know. Thank you. 🌹
I'll have finished highschool by then Jesus time flies by so fast
well now i'll have time for FFVII remake
Good, let’s not make this like some Bethesda abomination.
I respect this delay. They are trying to make it even better. A few months of delay is worth the final product.
Absolutely applaud them for this. Release a complete game.
I'm ok with this because it gives me much more time to save for the super war machine of a PC I'm building, 2080 here I come.
Take your time. Winter gaming is better anyhow
I'm fine with this. A more optimized release with less bugs is ok, and give everyone a chance to upgrade.
Wow, that now makes 3 games I’m looking forward to that have been delayed this year. But as impatient as I may be, I’m happy that more and more devs are choosing to make their games as polished as can be for release. We’ve all dealt with too many unfinished and buggy games where launch day goes horribly wrong, these delays are happy delays.
I just wish I could hibernate until September.
Where's the source for Keanu
That’s cool. I appreciate a patient, polished game instead of a rushed, bug filled one. Just don’t take as long as Bannerlord
Hope other developers follow their lead...
The real information is in the QuakeCon footage.
I'm not subscribed to this sub? I didn't know keanu had such a... cult following
Cool, that'll allow me time to wait for Borderland 3 to be released on Steam and to play through it all.
If I’m going to spend $60 on a videogame, I want one that’s going to be so incredible, amazing and awesome that the hours I spend playing it will just fly by. So, I’m okay with CDPR delaying Cyberpunk 2077 in order to give us a polished, high quality game that you want to play multiple times. Last thing I think anyone wants is for Cyberpunk 2077 to become this year’s No Man’s Sky or (ugh!) Anthem.
I am ok with this.
He looked like he wasn't in portrait mode
Bethesda did this with Doom: Eternal, and it is a good move.
The Witcher 3 was delayed and we got one of the best games ever made. Considering how many hours I plan on playing this game I have full faith in CDPR to know when to release it.
So they're trying to actually really great cars
Oh I have an eye exam scheduled for that day
I’m in!
This actually works out for me because my birthday is right after then so I may be able to get it as a present if I play my cards right
And the face of this prior wisdom.
What’s in them pockets?
The wife and I are having a baby in August... this delay is not good news.
I was so pumped for April but I understand their reasons. I mean there is still TLOU2 in May.
Unpopular opinion I think: I would love for them to release some kind of multiplayer I would be willing to wait for. I am ok with single player but it adds a lot more in my opinion to be able to play with friends :)
We love you CD Projekt Red! Take your tiiime! we gotchu fam.
You can hear the sigh of relief from people that wants to play ff7 remake and cyberpunk at release.
What do you mean "trying"? This game getting delayed is a godsend! Now it won't come out right next to REmake 3 and FF7 Remake! It'll sell more and people will have more time to enjoy it!
I literally bought this game today to support them because it’s rare that game developers do this. The only other one I can think of is Nintendo with Metroid Prime 4
This is fine. And you know what they told us ahead of time with honest communication and updates to come. Do you really want another anthem?
Noooo my birthday was going to be so great. Rip.
Ngl I got happy when they said that.
Yeah it sucks that it will launch later than expected but at the same time it shows that the devs care about the game to delay it so it will be as good as it can be on releaseday.
I respect that.
I don't care it's delayed. I'm not eager for a rushed game. I'm eager for, probably, the best game of the generation. Take these 5 months, no problem. Take a year if you need.
5 months is a lot of polishing they didn't plan on. Makes me a little worried but hopefully that much time really does remedy the game, also hopefully there is mode support so they can fix the game again.
I actually think they decided to move away from Doom Eternal. And it is a wise move because history knows of Titanfall 2. It was released along with Battlefield 1. Titanfall was brilliantly crafted, but was overshadowed by BF1 and thus failed in sales.
Go CDPR, we believe in you!
However, I am sad that I will have soundtrack later than sooner. But oh well.
If any of y'all know star citizen, I bet this will be the same situation
At least it's not September 17, 2077.
I haven’t even pre ordered this game, but I’ve thought about it, and now I might actually do it. Gotta respect the devs for delaying it to actually make sure everything runs right. Sure it’s playable and complete but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Wish more devs would actually make sure their game works completely, especially all these AAA companies.
It's Releasing on my birthday? Can't ask for a much better gift :)! </3
It's Releasing on my birthday? Can't ask for a much better gift :)! </3
I’m happy and all but I was hoping the original release date was right on my birthday.
By all means I hope they take their time, I'm in no rush. I have a HUGE backlog of games that I need to run through and much rather play a super polished masterpiece than a rushed release game that will need patches in the first week cough Bethesda cough
Dudes, I support CDPR. They know what they do.
Hype? Delayed release date? Sounds like no man's sky with extra steps
My birthday is in September so I see this as an absolute win.
I feel like they just leaked the release date of either Xbox or ps5 by saying that. I mean why would they release it on Xbox 1 / PS4 in September just for people to buy it again to months later for the new systems?
Keep delaying it, I want it the best it can be and then I'm gunna drown in that world!
Take your time. Make it great. I'll be here waiting.
I'm actually wondering if at this point they wont push it back to become a ps5/xbox series x release game? At this point they may as well. The next would really benefit from having this massively popular game, and the people that have the next gen consoles could really benefit from the lightning fast load speeds.
Mad respect for this. Don't fucking Activision me. Give me a fully polished product. This is a great move tbh.
Doesn't matter, because this bitch would prolly need a supercomputer to be played even at medium settings.
Remember when Hello Games did this and they got death threats
Helen: " Wont Someone think of the Shareholders quarterly profits!!!"
I have no problem with this.
This is actually great, my holiday ends at the launch of the previous cyberpunk release date, so hyped the new release date is during my holidays!!
Good, don't need a no man's sky
I'm glad it's finally turning out into a good game but fuck Sony
Glad they did this with doom eternal as well. By far, these two are gonna be standouts!
Damn. Its CD Projekt Red so I have a lot of faith in them... but September... damn. Guess I'll go back and finish everything in Witcher 3 in the meantime.
Worse, they're still crunching their developers.
And nobody is talking about Doom Eternal...
Why couldn't it be postponed to the 26th so it can come out on my b-day lol
A delayed game will eventually be good but a rushed game will always be bad
I thought the release was 2077
They did the same with The Witcher 3 and look how that turned out. 😊
When you can’t read so you upvote the meme anyway
@Bethesda take notes
Good thing we have doom eternal to tide us over, I wish them luck
That was the same day as GTA V's release.
My husband is really furiated about the more Time to Wait. I mean really not happy.
20 times, including in the back lol
I’m mad I have to wait longer to play this amazing game... however this gives them more time to make it prefect!
Hey, it’s better than massive crunch and a disappointing and incomplete launch Bethesda
Okay but everyone is on the same page about the REAL reason right?
It is so that everyone that was slightly interested in the Witcher 3 will definitely buy it now as there isn’t only a few month wait remaining for Cyberpunk 2077! #wakeupsheeple
I’m kidding but this is my experience atleast
The game was first announced in 2012 and had been in development hell for years before that. It's been in serious development since after the Witcher 3 came out 5 years ago. At this point they can't be accused of rushing the game, just release it already
Why he fuck would they do that. If they ain't happy with the game they shouldn't release it. Like they said the game is complete but lacks polish and polish is what makes a good game great
We've waited for 5 years we can wait another few months