Only in LA

Missing his signature Hover Hand ®️
Hands in pocket also works
He can touch me if he wants
But finally showing that smile of his
That's because he's tying out PocketHands™.
Shit where’s his hand
It must be hard being Keanu Reeves when any and every person who spots you on the street wants a picture with you.
Yep that’s why I would never want to be a celebrity and why as much as I dislike Justin Bieber I feel sorry for the poor kid.
See I dont know. I mean it takes less than a minute. 30 or so people a day doesnt seem like too much time to expect out of a public figure. Same I'd expect my local mayor or politician to be willing to have a convo with if met out in public. Its the hounding and paparazzi that seem rough.
I should move to LA maybe I’ll run into him!
I tried. Not rich. Failed.
He mixes in too closely with the street bums to notice him. Smart man.
Don’t. This place sucks unless you’re very wealthy
Or Andy dick.
Have you seen Little Nicky? Remember when Hell literally rises up onto the earth? I’m pretty sure that’s how LA was formed. Don’t move to LA.
no. please dont
I’d move to LA to run into her. Is that where they keep all the pretty people? Hot damn.
Exactly. Time to move to LA.
Keanu is so ridiculously photogenic
Not when he shaves his beard. That Snape picture that’s been going around looks kind of goofy.
Gumz next to him not so much.
Keanu is the closest we have to a beloved actor along the lines of James Stewart.
I'd definitely try to talk to him.
However , I would first check if there's people around, if he looks relaxed or in a rush or annoyed by fans. Then I'd approach and be as polite as possible -I don't want make it look that it's my right as a fan or his duty as a celebrity. The photo isn't as important to me as talking to him for a min or two.
I like to think I'd just give them the head nod, but who tf knows? I've never met any super big celebrities.
If I ever ran in to a famous person I am too much of a pansy to even bother them. I'd just point and say hey you're great. Only exception is I used to ride the same shuttle as Larry Fitzgerald when I went to Pitt and he thought it was funny sitting next to me because I'm a 5'2 wimp. I blame him for the awkward conversations.
Maybe you should work on that..
He knows only one way. Be awesome!! (I'm so jealous of her)
Peace. Somebody will snatch this for a high end boutique chain
That girl looks super happy.
I would too lol
Messy burrito for lunch?
Came here to comment, good on her, probably saying “I don’t care if it’s stained, I’m asking for a pic with Keanu”
The girl looks like she's wearing a wig
I’m pretty sure she is. She looks just like a woman interviewed by the YouTuber “Juggling the Jenkins”. If it’s the right person I’m thinking of, she suffers from Trichotillomania, which is the urge to pull hair. I think she helps people with similar issues! I wish I could find her name
Her username on that pic is 'hairadditionshannah' so... Probably
You’re not mistaken. She has trichotillomania (it’s a type of hair pulling disorder). She’s super nice and the company I work for has worked with her. They made a video about her story:
When I saw the photo on this subreddit I had to do a double take 😆
Wide stance. Man stance. John Wick.
I think it's probably a ripped jeans store
I like his hat. Looks good on him.
Holy gums
Butterface. Nice.
Great Instagram filter, but some things can’t be hidden (the over-excitement coffee stain of course)
More gum than a Bazooka Joe factory
Random Keanu is the best Keanu.
"Do you have anything in black?" —Keanu
Hands in his pockets.
You are so lucky
Those gums though
I don't see a hovering hand...oh oh
He went for the hands in pocket instead
I can’t believe Keanu was just out shopping and ran into her! Best day ever! Glad he got a photo to remember it by.
All anybody ever talks about "tacos are so much better in El-Ay"
What, you've never even been to El-ay? You have to come to El-ay, you'll love El-ay
I see Keanu once a week in Louisiana.
that smile
I thought he lived in NYC?
He has a home in the Hollywood hills and has a place in NY
Im pretty sure this is The Real Real store on melrose. My man Keanu second hand shopping to save the environment. God i love this man.
The way she smiles makes it look like shes in pain.
Its the receding gums
Female Hide the pain Harold,
What a damn cutie. And the girl on the left isnt so bad either.
Your shirt is dirty
I’ll delete my account if you aren’t 50lbs overweight and covered in acne. Show us a picture.
Best believe I met Keanu Reeves
I miss the signature hoverhand
If you think you have seen Keanu, you have never seen Keanu in "LA"
Anyone know what jacket that is he's wearing?
I just scrolled all the way thru hoping someone I’d’ed it. You have good style.
Imagine how expensive everything is for us peasants there.
Good old Hover Hands
he looks like a real ny bum trolling around sunny la and I love it
It never ceases to blow my mind how Keanu can consistently look both homeless and the best dressed person in the room
Takes 999 fan pictures per day. Always makes time for fans. Doesn't touch anyone. What a god.
you don’t know that
Yep, you definitely look like you're from LA
OMG his hand is totally on her ass. (/s)
That’s her phone. You can see his thumb near his own pocket.
He’s going to be the cutest old person
He looks like he’s fucking done with you people
If Jay and Silent Bob had a kid, he would like this.
He really wears the same outfit every day. I’d at least have 2.
Keanu is basically Omnipresent nowadays.
Keanu doesn't leave la?
Big Chungus Keanu wholesome wife's boyfriend bought a Nintendo switch 100
Edit: doggo pupper
Why he always wearks the same stuff? Black blazer, jeans. ?
Yes, there’s a barrier surrounding Keanu at all times and restricting him to the LA city lines
Keanu lives up to “be excellent to each other” everyday.
This time Keanu's hand was not hovering. I wonder what that means.
Wholesome Chungus Keanu 100
Is he wearing 2 jackets?
God I wish that was me
Wow, a semantics scholar. Made you look though. What is that shit?
With the beard he still looks mid 30s
Without the beard though...
Hand is not on her back. FACT.
Can someone id his jacket?
only in LA.... you can... meet keanu?
That's really cool! Glad you got to meet that legend!
He looks so damn healthy
I mean not ONLY in LA
Im such a dumbfuck I tried to tap the heart to like the post
Is it chilly in LA or or is the cool hat just for fashion?
Johnny Silverhand is real?
What's on her shirt?
Nice gums
Glad to see woah vicky didnt spaz out on john wick.
Did anyone else notice how the period in the number of likes should actually be a comma? I went on Instagram and double checked. Thought it was odd.
Also Keanu is awesome!
A lot of countries use commas where Americans use periods and vise versa.
Bold to run at Keanu gums blazing like that
It's on Amazon Prime Video in Canada anyways.
Looks like a nice bum
He's literally just standing there.
Hope he didn’t see the shit on your shirt ಥ_ಥ
What is that shit dripped onto her tit? Is that leftover lunch or something else?
that’s not a tit. tits are fleshy colored with a nipple on the end. that’s her shirt bro
This is the post that has finally made me unsubscribe. This is Keanu taking a selfie, which is nice but I wouldn’t say it is “awesome” (def: extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear).
That girl is hot!!!
Is this not the girl that had the gingerbread Groot?
Keanu looks like a bum lol. Those raggedy clothes probably cost as much as mortgage though.
He sucks. Cant act at all
Did anyone else notice how the period in the number of likes should actually be a comma? I went on Instagram and double checked. Thought it was odd.
Also Keanu is awesome!
It's a regional thing. Some areas use commas, some use dots.
LA and SF sucks cock lmao
wait, you mean you don't love homeless camps, junkies, needles and shit running through the streets? What about gangs and violent crime.. are you not accepting to diversity or something?