John Wick and the Joker

Weren't Keanu and River (Joaquin's brother) really good friends?
Yes indeed they were! :)
They were best friends, and when he was overdosing in the Viper Room, a bar then owned by Johnny Depp, River was dragged outside to the sidewalk, so he wouldn't die inside the bar and attract the police.
Johnny Depp found out, and left town the next day.
Fucking hell, Keanu's been through the ringer with this and his partner and child.
This makes me feel so old because Joaquin is River's brother. Loved him.
Watch My Own Private Idaho. They are both in it.
I was obsessed with River Phoenix.
Have you seen “My own Private Idaho?”
It made me look at Portland completely different.
I think Keanu actually helped River get his start in cinema iirc
Keanu has seen a lot of pain in his life. Plays into why he’s such a down to earth good guy.
Flea was River's best friend IIRC.
I saw the bass instructional video with River interviewing Flea YEARS ago, but I didn't learn this until recently.
Possibly one of the best "The final 24"'s.
Leafs* brother.
I can't believe I never realized these two were brothers.
My dad wanted to name me River after River Phoenix, but it didn't come to pass.
He was with him when he died
I always thought river was his father... Don't know why.
Best friends.
TIL Joaquin Pheonix is River's younger brother
It’s actually a really good movie
Very underrated!
Joaquin was already loaded with talent then
One of my favorite films
The scene where Keanu and Dianne Wiest are in the kitchen talking about Joaquin jerking off is legit one of Keanu's best performances. He's really good there.
Joaquin has aged more than Keanu.
Which is interesting because Joaquin is actually 10 years younger than Keanu
Keanu’s got that Asian aging mechanism from his half Chinese dad
Did he? His hair is just more grey. The skin and sacks under the eye look almost the same
Honestly y’all in this sub have some blinders on because Keanu is definitely showing his age. Phoenix has a lot more vitality in his face
We all have,
Dude! Most people have!
Dude, OP is just making it clear that Keanu's stylist dyes his hair.
Drugs will do that to you. Glad Joaquin made it out.
Joaquin strikes me as a guy who has a lot on his mind. Maybe even too much on his mind.
Hair dye helps you look young.
Never shave their beards again please.
I think that’s the point of this post
Yes that is this post
Keanu goes through hair dye by the barrel. It is probably gray as fuck.
They've aged the same amount. That's how time works.
Cigarettes will do that
I disagree... I dont know why everyone keeps saying Keanu doesnt age; other than the dyed hair, thats the face of an old man. Older-looking than Joaquin. Thats not to say he doesnt age well, but to pretend he doesnt age at all is ludicrous. Shave Joaquin's greying beard and suddenly he looks a lot younger than Keanu (which, incidentally, he is). Are redditors so god damn retarded that theyre that easily fooled by hair colour?
TIL that Keanu and Joaquin starred in the 1989 film 'Parenthood' directed by Ron Howard
And as another poster already said, it really is a good movie! Check it out on a lazy Sunday if you have the chance, it's a fun time waster.
It’s a terrific movie too. It’s my personal favorite Steve Martin movie behind Planes, Trains, & Automobiles.
Damn that also has Rick Moranis in it. Now I have to watch it.
It’s a fantastic movie will a stellar cast. Very funny and quite moving!
Credited as his birth self given name Leaf Phoenix, same as Space Camp.
It’s hilarious too! If you haven’t seen it you should really give it a try it’s one of my favorite movies
Excellent movie. Absolutely. Steve Martin reminds me so much of my dad (emotional, but principled and levelheaded) and Mary Steenburgen reminds me so much of my mom (more lowkey).
I would be okay with a present day sequel to it, centered around Keanu Reeves and Martha Plimpton as middle-aged parents, with Steve Martin and all becoming grandparents.
Sadly, “Grandparenthood” would be a horrible title for it.
I kept thinking of this movie all through The Joker.
for a hot second i thought "man, 10 years and they've aged..". then i realized i'm terrible at math.
Seen this movie numerous time. Keanu is obviously Keanu because his face hasn’t changed but I had no clue that little Leaf was a little Joaquin. Now I’ll have to go watch it again. Probably today.
I absolutely love Joaquin's work, but he looks like a dude you would do anything to avoid eye contact with at the gas station.
I want to see what the actress 1989 looks like today though
If you’re referring to the gal who played keanus GF in Parenthood, she did pretty decent sitcom called Raising Hope. It went off the air in 2014/15, I think. It recent, but also not too dated.
I couldn’t get past the first frame where I thought ‘1989’ was supposed to be the person staring at them.
The girl who plays Joaquin’s sister also used to date River Phoenix. Martha Plimpton.
Goonies and Raising Hope are the two Plimpton projects I think off but she's been working pretty consistently since the 80s!
They broke up because she objected to his drug use.
Never did like her, or Juliette Lewis either.
You need a license to drive car. You need a license to own a dog; need a license to catch a fish. But they'll let any butt-reaming asshole be a father.
Such wisdom.
Keanu should play batman.
Also would have been good in Doctor Strange
The Batman this Joker deserves?
I wonder if they stay in touch
Parenthood is one of my favorite movies. Lot of good messages and life lessons in there.
“My whole life is ‘have to’” is such a great line.
Keanu-John-Wick vs Joaquin-Joker deserves its own movie. Or at least an epic rap battle of history. Maybe with them teaming up at the end to defeat the TRULY evil Johnny Depp and the rabid dog he is trying to murder Australia with.
I thought that Joaquin acted real mature? for his age....idk how to describe it. Like he's seen stuff he wasn't supposed to see.
Didn't he grow up in the same cult as rose McGowan?
He probably has. Also lost his brother quite young. That'll mess with you.
Petition to have Keanu play Nightwing in the Batman Beyond movie
Seen that movie a million times and never knew that was Joaquin/
Really thought this was a meme set up at first, with Keanu holding Joaquin Phoenix while the year 1989 comes to beat the shit out of one or both of them
I did not realize that there was a 10 year age difference between these two. Keanu is 55, Joaquin is 45
Thought it would be the opposite way around
This is my son, Cool.
When Jason Robards talks to Cool at the end and offers to adopt him......😭😭😭😭😭😭I SOB!
Did he say "Cool"?
(half) Asians don't raisin
Really would like to see them onscreen together again
“Nice knee drop, honey.”
"Damn, that chicken looked good, too."
Like fine wine these motherfucker
Joaqeanu Reevnix
Legends don't get old they just grow beards
If u said that's Ellen Degeneres I would have believed you
1989 aged so will, she looks like keanu reeves.
I told him that's what little dude's do. We've all done it.
It's like a werewolf and a warlock
Is this legit?
I’m the jocka baby!
Are we still pretending John Wick isn’t in the League or Assasins
I have a head cannon that John Wick and the Joker were someone how trained together in some fashion or had some interaction. During their training they were told how to be effective killers with different ordinary objects. One being a pencil. They later used their own style to use that trick.
I like this one
Love you so much Keanu ❤💋💋💋
what is the movies in the top frame
Parenthood (1989)
I want Keanu Reeves’ telomeres
I just rewatched American Psycho the other day and got so excited during the scene where Christian Bale (Batman) killed Jared Leto (Joker) and tried to explain it to my gf and she was just like "Oh. Cool."
Ahhh I saw this post and then discovered this movie is on Netflix. Awesome
What in the Dorian Grey is going on?
This just further cements in my mind why Keanu should play Batman...
Joaquin would make a bitchin' Geralt of Rivia.’s not on Hulu or Netflix or even YouTube...really kinda wanted to watch it again lol
Check amazon prime, it should be there
Dude I never knew that was Joaquin Phoenix playing the troubled kid with daddy issues
Back then professionally he was going by Leaf Phoenix. That's how he was credited in this one.
You should watch [Space Camp.] (
Who is 1989?
Who's 1989?
Why would they name someone 1989
Reminded me of Keanu and River ;_;
Joaquin isn’t doing his weird music stuff anymore?
I think he stopped after he stopped dating that 19 year old DJ
who is 1989 i don't know the actress.
I just haha'd
The Spice Melange
Chale lo que te hace las drogas
Keanu has a serious widow’s peak and it’s awesome.
What joker? this is Commodus
Different genes
He was headlocked in a society
It baffles me that keanu is basically my grandpa
Hot take: Keanu looks great for his age, but he still looks his age.
He literally does not age.
2019 and keanu reeves look similar, and who's on the bottom left?
He is The One who ages well
Keanu not aging is 10 years ago.
Joaquin looks younger every time if you don't cherry pick your pictures. Keanu is starting to show his age.
Shag Joaquin Phoenix, Marry Keanu Reeves, Kill Martha Plimpton.
That’s the game here, right?
Amazing what a bit of hair dye will do
I haven't seen Parenthood in years I didn't know that was Joaquin.
Parenthood was a great movie.
And they say Keanu still looks the same. Nope.
Keanu is ten year older and looks 10 years younger
Keanu is a full decade older than Joaquín which means he's definitely a vampire
You were never really here VS John Wick. Who'd win?
Where’s 1989’s pic?
Who os 1989 qnd 2019?
Somehow it didn't occur to me that Keanu was older than him, let alone by that much.
Holy shit I never knew that was Joaquin.
What is this from
Who's 1989
I would love Keanu Reeves as Batman
Why is everyone so cock hungry for Phoenix?
I knew Keanu Reeves was in Parenthood, but I didn't know Joaquin Phoenix was in that film.
Hey Joaquin had a gd hard life. Give the guy a break
I like this one
Now we know what happens when two singularities touch
that's what little dude's do
I like this one
Crazy how that young man would become such a huge star beloved by everyone and the other one is Joaquin Phoenix
Oh damn, i didn't realize that was Joaquin Phoenix!
(In Parenthood, to clarify)
Oh man I loved that movie!
What ever happened to that girl 1989?
You mean the jacket? It turned into a suit!
I think they are friends
Joker and herley quin is for the edgiest of them all.
Being able to convincingly emote in complex non-reality scenarios with your face gives you wrinkles…
Aged to perfection.
Man dyes his hair. More at 11
Keanu does not age
Keanu is a fricking vempire
Anyone else kinda concerned ab Phoenix’s mental health?
It wouldn’t be a big deal if we had actors like the black and white movies did, just acting out a silly role, but nowadays actors like to get in character, and get to know the role on a personal level.
His acting was absolutely stunning. I’m a person who when I watch movies such as horror it doesn’t scare me unless it’s a random ass jumpscare (which are shitty horror films that can only scare you that way bc they are written like trash). Never did I once think “wow his acting is amazing”. It felt like I was watching a documentary.
I wonder how that kind of level of acting effects him after playing such a dark role.
and now Joaquin looks older than Reeves
Love him to bits bit I reckon he must die his hair and beard, anyone else?
Man, RIver probably would have played the best Joker there's ever been.
keanu is 55????? did he jump into a youth lake?
What does the actress 1989 look like now?
Wow, this is crazy. I had no idea they both aged at some point in the last 30 years. Nice find OP.
Is that literally just 2 pictures of actors being in a film together and pictures of them now? Uh, okay. Why?
I don't get this post? How is this awesome?