Just Unsubbed from r/worldpolitics. Most posts are just unoriginal anti-Trump 'humor' and it's too US-centric despite the name.

so many people from
Probably because it's a genuinely shit sub
well there's a reason a lot of people leave
Conservatives/centrists/libs feeling like they are alone in the world because they don't care about politics. There have been many posts in the last week about leaving. Just leave if you don't like it, communities change, usually for the worst. It seems conservatives feel ostracized more and more often, but that's actually because people don't see things your way. Sometimes it's not everyone else who is on the right side of things.
edit: "Just leave if you don't like it" should have been in quotes as I was clearly (I thought) mocking right wingers.
Anything other than the US is under the "something else" flair. "World" politics
It seems like anything us related on there gets shit on relentlessly though?
"World Politics" What a joke.
"U.S.-- Untreated Syphilis" our proud POTUS....
And You can't do anything about it. If I posted something about my country (SA) then no one would care/pay attention. I hate it.
And You can't do anything about it. If I posted something about my country (SA) then no one would care/pay attention. I hate it.
Staunch liberal American political opinions, so it's even more narrowed down from encompassing all of politics like it's supposed to.
Impossible. America is entangled with every country on Earth in one way or another. American politics is world politics.
Guys you’re forgetting something
As is the case for most of Reddit's political subs nowadays.
Which is why I don't follow any of them.
My biggest upvote ever was simply calling out
drumpf lol orangemanbad >:[
Water good
"These annoying people keep complaining about the racist, environment destroying, corrupt president who's on track to get away with extortion like come on guys who even cares?"
ok strawman
And when I didn't fellate Putin or Xi to their satisfaction, they banned me.
Username somewhat checks out
Enjoy my S-Tier reply
Yeah same
Exactly my thought.
I'm not really a political person, but in my opinion I find Trump to be a retarded person who always likes to say stupid and racist stuff and lie.
But that doesn't justify most of the dumb "orange man bad" stuff gets shoved down our throats whenever we try to look at politics. I don't think he is as monstrous as some of his opponents like to claim he is. Just simply stupid and dumb. Least intelligent president? Maybe. Worst president ever? Not even close.
He gets in trouble more for words than actions.
Same, but if Yang doesn't get the nomination, it's just another election that I'm not voting in.
We fucking saw Trump on stage with Putin openly admitting to conspiracy. Pull your head out of your ass.
Even their tags show how wrold those politics are "usa(domestic)" "usa(foreign) "something else"
tRumP bAd bErniE gOod
I just wish politics was banned from the front page. Try to avoid to the news
How is that even politics? Pretty sure gossip about a politician isn't really politics. Is that really the power of anti-Trump supporters?
I very much doubt that's what comes up
It's there because of this article:
And it's not like it's filled with Trump, it's one image in-between multiple syphilis patients
It actually is.
Check for yourself
It literally isn't world politics and is almost exclusively about the US. Likely as a consequence that the US is over represented on the English speaking side of Reddit (and to some extent the non-english side due to language learners).
To me, world news is news that is relevant to the whole world. Because the US is a big player, American news is often "world news" but only when it involves Donald trump interacting with other world leaders. Talking about issues that literally only affect America (such as gun rights - which often features on there) is certainly not world news because it does not affect other countries. I suppose you could define world news as events that are of interest to the world at large but even under this definition American issues are over represented on the sub to the point where they aren't interesting to the rest of the world anymore.
Basically, the sub needs better rules and better mods. The issue arises from it being hard to define what world politics and world news is.
theres three flairs. two of them being us politics, and the other being "something else." what the fuck
Orange man bad
Water good
Orange fan mad
Any sub that's even remotely political on Reddit is either dead or is a cesspool of constant anti-Trump vomit. True circlejerks, those places are. The rules there never work either.
Literally every post is just American national politics. Not even foreign relations
If you call them out on it they go "oh well it says in the rules that US politics are allowed"
Also a lot of clearly biased China bad posting.
I laughed at an orange man bad post, I need to be checked.
So I'm just saying original op.. was putting in an oddly specific google search that I just cant overlook to get to the politics side of the convo.. /oddlyspeciffic
I just googled it and trump’s picture doesn’t even come up?
Started shit posting trump memes for these losers. The reactions are gold
Haha you can see how poorly edited this picture is haha
What did the people with untreated syphilis do to deserve that fuck the OP who posted that
There’s actually a legitimate theory that trump may have untreated syphilis and it’s reached his brain. It’s the third stage of the illness
Source please.
OP posts in
Yes Well even for real politicians Trump is a joke, he's an idiot
We don't circle jerk here, fuck off
It’s called WORLD politics. There are already other US political subs they can go to so that they can circlejerk about Trump.
EDIT: Oh jeez what have I done.
What, can't handle your daddy being made fun of, little Trumpie?