Around the NFL Thread: Divisional Round Sunday

Texans @ Chiefs 3:05 PM on CBS

Browns fan here. You guys have amazing flairs, I clicked here because it was recommended and am not disappointed 10/10
Thanks man. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that recommendation?
God please let the Chiefs play like this from the start next week. I'm talking 60 unanswered at halftime.
Please this! I don’t see them stopping Henry so this KC team I hope puts up 50+
I fucking hate the titans
Chiefs win and we turn this fucking subreddit into a Chiefs sub
Lol aren’t they the reason we had to hide karma scores on comments?
41 unanswered lmao get absolutely fucked texans
If Chiefs can knockout Texans and then Titans I will love them forever
Life sucks and fuck you baltimore
Ryan Tannehil has thrown for less than 100 yards in these games. I mean come on now
It’s ok to be happy for Derrick Henry, love seeing local people do well
Seriously I'm so hyped for Henry and the recognition he is getting right now. I hate Alabama and the Titans so at this point I'm waiting for Henry to sign with the Patriots down the road and make liking him even more painful. 😢
Where were you when the Texans blew a 24-0 lead?
The absolute heartbreak that tinhorn fans are feeling right now makes me rock hard.
I hope the tacks feel it next week too
AFC S most dominant division confirmed.
Watch the Colts sign Brady now
I'd be more worried about Rivers
Andy Reid may have found his incompetent playoff coach match in BoB
AFCS Championship game confirmed
Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort.
Walrus man, special teams, don't know if the Kermit man is coming or screaming
This is literally my worst nightmare coming true.
Derrick Henry is what we thought we were getting when we drafted Fournette
He became consistently good this year, his 4th season. Lenny is entering his 4th season now. There is still hope.
Part one of worst case scenario complete. Let's see what part two has in store.
Football sucks
At least we can say we play in the AFC South, the best division in the NFL...
NFCW is making a case for it too
So at this rate the Texans & Titans will somehow tie next week, merge teams, and win the SB together.
At least their draft position will be shit
Fuck the Ravens and fuck the Chiefs.
Andy Reid is the biggest choker alive
dude can never win the big game. has a bye week, game at home against a team they should be able to play and get their ass kicked...in the first quarter. may be the most disappointing playoff coach I've ever seen
Jesus that KC offense is so good. Kelce is just killing the Texans DBs
This game might have more points combined by the end of it then we've had all year.
Haha u got me curious so I did the math. 300-82
Karma for the Texans having last week's game handed to them by the refs
This game is going from Wounded Knee to Custer's Last Stand
Texans fans:
1st quarter: BoB is a genius.
Now: FIRE EVERYONE BoB needs to go.
Fuck chiefs are scary. They made a 24-0 deficit look like a 3 point deficit.
Also Texans are just retarded on how they managed that game.
The 49ers only allowed 147 yards of total offense which was the lowest amount of yards in a playoff game in the history of the SB era.
(I'm trying reverse psychology here guys. I don't know what else to do.)
What a fucking nightmare...
Can I just say while it sucks to see division rivals going deep into the playoffs (barf titans) while jags suck we should be worried about on fixing our own ship before worrying about them. Titans/Texans losing will feel good but it ain't going to help us fix our issues. Let's hope an NFC team pulls through and we have a good draft. Roll on next season.
man, I'm not even really bothered if they win, I'm just so tired of looking at this shit from the outside.
I can't stop laughing at the Texans
Ahhhhhh classic texans it's kinda like comfort food watching them choke in the playoffs
Ya love to see it
Chiefs out here playing with a handicap just to give themselves a challenge.
Patrick Mahomie for sidebar
not gonna jinx it until I'm actually super duper omega sure it's over
Good ol Jason Myers
:( I want Myers to succeed
Jason Myers still missin fuckin field goals
At this point, I'd just root for good football but we've all seen where rooting has gotten us
Biggest complaint yesterday was that the game was boring as hell last night
I picked titans and 9ers yesterday. Today is Kc and Seattle. Let’s see what happens....
Got one Jaguars Bud Light left from the case I bought last time I was in town, cracking it open in hopes that it has enough magic to take down the Texans
reseal it please
Anyone in the NFC will have my temp bandwagon support for the playoffs. Go any NFC squad!
Lmao we're so cursed I'm just laughing now this is funny
I'd be happier if the games were closer but there's also something fun about watching upset blowouts
I hate this. Colts fans are probably the only other fan base in the league that understands how we feel about this which makes me hate this even more lmao
I feel like the browns can relate with the Steelers constantly winning
So who else wants to jump off the Wells Fargo building at the thought of a Texans Titans AFC Championship game?
Bank of America Tower is taller. That's where I'm jumping.
Not me
2020 has barely begun and it already sucks worse than the whole of 2019!
Wow. Fuck 2020 am I right?
nah, fuck khan for accepting below average performance for 7/8 seasons he's been owner.
KC players have leftover lube on their hands from jerking themselves off
Someone tell Caldwell to sign all former Dolphins players this offseason this is crazy
This is our divisional round game against the Steelers all over again
No joke, I said the exact same thing to Laux. I was trying to remember when it was 21-0 and it felt the same.
hopefully a version where the steelers win.
My rooting for the Texans has been paying off bigtime guys!
Ya hate to see it
The timeout on 4th and 1, along with the fake punt will go down as one of the biggest choke jobs in recent memory.
How can you not like mahommes?
those stupid analytics commercials where they suck QBs off for receivers hauling in low-probability catches is surprisingly effective.
What year is it?
Was that the rosencopter game? Man that was a classic, I miss when the Texans sucked.
New over/under 140. This is insane.
Good for him, always liked him
Texans lulz
...wow, I really cannot say it enough, but, after the Chefs/Texans game?
Because Mahomes already lost to the titans once this season
Next 2 weeks. Chiefs, if you can pull this off, I'm forever indebted to you
Calias is a monster of a man hes on nfl network right now
Fuck this. Fuck the titans. Fuck the Texans lolol
Ah shit
Tyreek Hill was an inside job
Special teams is the story of this game so far.
Why the fuck is Hill fielding a ball that deep? You’re always at a huge risk of that rather than getting the punting team to down the ball.
So are we texans fans next week sorta?
dude, I don't even know. i don't care for the titans but I'd almost rather see them in the super bowl than the texans because I think they'd be more fun to watch. texans are just blah to me. honestly still think san fran is the fav to win it all this year.
Lesser of the two evils? I guess??
As someone who hates the Texans more than the Titans, this sucks
Man I hate the Texans too and it seems like people are just neutral on the Texans. No real hate their way.
I find them incredibly cocky and annoying. They also get away with a lot of shit in game but since nobody cares about the Texans nobody really points it out. I'm not being salty either, Watson is definitely their future and I even like him, but the team itself is sketchy in game.
Maybe if I root for the Texans and Titans they'll lose? 🤔
Right? I'm starting to think every college and pro team I root for is permanently cursed (or just grossly incompetent).
At least Tyreek Hill's getting his shit rocked
I really don't want to start on the drinking this early, was going to pop out the beer for the later game.
At least the afc south stigma will go away
Wonder when shad will realize how shitty our coaching staff is
This is insane.
3 TD in the last three and half minutes. My goodness
Crennel for sure but BoB's probably safe
I dont think bob would get fired after win div and wildcard
Yes, and I'm fucking devastated.
Still worth it.
I like the chiefs now! They gave the Texans false hope
This is a living nightmare for me as a jags fan. Seeing the Titans emulate the offense that we tried so hard on creating, is painful because they are doing it good!
Not to mention. We sucked this year, very bad, with many holes to fill. And here are the Titans and Texans showing up to play in front of the world right now!
Lastly, the money lost, by betting against them...
Calling it now: Texans and Seahawks win.
NFCCG is battle of the NCFW
AFCCG is battle of the AFCS
Everyone besides fans of these four teams is unhappy.
I'm slowly starting to favor the Texans winning. It's about fucking time the AFC South got some fucking respect. Im sick of the "lol AFC South game haha it's gonna be a shit show" takes
With Browns going with Stefanski.... if we dud again next year and finally move on from Doug... how would y’all feel about McDaniels?
I'm not feeling it. But this hotshot new OC for the Packers...
Doesn't matter. Another season like 2019 will literally kill me.
After the way he screwed up the Broncos and screwed over the Colts that'd be a no from me.
Texans already going off
Holy shit KC special teams lololol
as much as I dislike the texans, I love seeing kelce get beat lol
Texans and Titans prove that having an above-average coaching staff is enough to win in the playoffs. One day.. One day...
Lol at the Texans
F yeaaah
Fuck the texans
The Texans pulled a Houston Oilers... Fucking classic!!
Yes Houston keep BoB
Heh, Myers is kicking for Seattle now.
Mod abuse slapping me with Kermit. GO CHIEFS.
The chiefs flairs will continue until morale improves
I love seeing Calais on NFL network. He reps our franchise so well
Really hope he wins WP man of the year.
Him in broadcasting after he retires would be great
Andy Reid is one of the biggest choke artists in the playoffs ever
Andy Reid isn't out there fumbling and dropping passes
That was a weak taunting call. Should have at least called it on the Texans guy who threw the ball too.
mrw the Chiefs are down by only 2 scores
That ball spot was horribad. Like yeesh
I would have been OK with Texans making it through, mainly as I think Titans match up really well to KC.
Anyone think that we might be a 8-8 team in another division?
We’re so fucked for the future.
Things change a lot from year to year. But we're certainly doomed to not enjoy these playoffs.
Good thing we kept the guys that got us here. Keeps us competitive
Hopefully their window is as short as the jags
Am i the only one who finds it encouraging the Titans and Texans are killing it? To me it says we had a tough division and the jags aren't as bad as it felt
no, if anything it makes me feel worse. while I still don't care for caldwell, these AFC playoff games have shown me we have enough talent in place to win a playoff game if we had a good coaching staff
Good game for the Jaguars.
Now do we want the Chiefs to demolish the Titans, or do we prefer them getting to the Super Bowl only to see their hopes and dreams crushed?
Chiefs in the Super Bowl for sure.
We don't support the tacks appearing in the SB around here.
We don't want a super bowl appearance on their resume.
I’m also a Niners fan, so I want it to be Niners and Chiefs in the SB. Would be a damn good game
Packers fans might be the most annoying fan base in the league. Pats are close but man the game thread is nothing but bitching about flags.
This wilson kid is pretty good. Wish the Jags got a chance to get him
Both quarterbacks were available for the jags and we decided to stick with fucking Bortles.
One down, one to go
Just had to drop a Duval in the Texans sub
Don't do that
Please dont do that. It's just not a good look.
Just threw an upvote your way, sir.