Your move NASA

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Brazilians are born with an engineering degree
Brazilians, Russians and Rednecks: 3 continents, one soul.
As a brazilian i can agree.
Nope maybe you confused indians with brazilians
Took me a minute because "NASA" threw me off and I was looking for something space-related.
This is actually a pretty good idea to solve a problem like that. Directed airflow, and splitting one source into to. Just.... use clean pants, of course.
I mean, this is basically homebrew ducting.
The Nasa stuff is because in Brazil there is a saying "Brazilian people should be studied by Nasa", meaning that there are a lot of these ideas around.
Whoever did this watched The Martian and thought "hey, all I'll ever need is here!".
This is the most Brazilian picture I’ve ever seen
Cyberpunk 2077
Brazil is already Cyberpunk, just without the cool shit and only the depressing shit.
Saw this on 5 minutes crafts few months ago... never thought someone would actually try it
When the summer comes, just the genius survive
O brasileiro só não domina o mundo pq não quer
Minha teoria é que o campeonato brasileiro ia ficar muito difícil pro Mengão ganhar, por isso o Brasil não domina o mundo
This is a great idea btw !!!
Until you start smelling the ass sweat.
I will fart in there to make this a german invention
German science is the best in the world
It’s a piece of shit joke, but god damnit I still laughed (especially with a German accent, or Austrian like A’nold).
Congratulations, you failed your way to victory.
Modern problems require modern solutions.
Tecnologia avançada
That’s epic
They are living in 3020
NASA would clean the pants first.
You always bring two pairs of pants. One to wear, and one to... do this
Air freshener
With alien detergent.. no bio.
Fire hazard
High risk => high reward
Sometimes it’s just too hot without innovation.
Why the duck is the fan inside a cardboard box?
So the weight of the pants doesn’t pull it forward and fall on the ground
The base is probably broken or missing.
Looked all over for ducks... Disappointed I am.
How do we know this is Brasil?
Brazilians can spot Brazil, can't explain it though
do you not feel the pure brazilian energy radiating from every pixel of this picture?
Well, the way I see it is that on the standardized crazy scale seen on this sub - it’s either Brazil, or Russia.
When it’s hot or people are topless or more bronzed - it’s Brazil like 95% of the time.
If it’s dead ass winter or radioactive fallout looking area or gopniks - it’s Russia.
That’s just big picture overview, but I’m with Brazil on this one.
That window is a total give away for me. I remember my grandma having the same windows in her home.
Brazilians just know. The quality of the picture, the bars on the window, what the people wear. Brazilian af.
If you look closely you can see an off duty cop
Quite sure I had that same bunk bed when I was a kid lol
It feels like a thing that Brazilians would do, and also in memes like that if there isn't snow it's Brazil. (If there is snow it's Russia).
Well I’m sure he wouldn’t have said Brazil for no reason
Brasilian City developments mean that unless you're rich, you'll be melting in the heat. The tall buildings on the coast stops cooler sea air coming in land.
Jim, next time wash the jeans first!
and then just dry them like this, it would probably improve cooling too
What is this supposed to be doing I can’t figure it out
It's concentrating air flow
Drying dads ball sweat and punishing both of your kids at the same time. Enginuity.
Ok but there's only air for their faces like? É cada ideia de jirico da porra kwmwnw
Melhor que nada filho
Esse user tem ar condicionado