Brazilian engineering

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Fuck it, why waste the materials. Use a ladder.
This is 90% of the structural integrity, without it, a strong breeze would destroy that building
At what point do stairs just become a ladder?
That’s deep dude
Very fitting for this post in specific because in Portuguese we use the same word, escada, for both stairs and ladders
Happy cock day
When your on a ship
This is a deeper question than meant of us were prepared to deal with
All these stairs become a ladder.
AirBnB description: colorful location with ground breaking architecture
Bone-breaking too
1 tile wide buildings in Cities: skylines be like
This just seems like a ladder, with extra steps.
This is the greatest pun i have ever seen.
Guys legs must be like oil barrels
USA will invade his house soon then
Vejo essa foto circular na internet desde 2003 mais ou menos
That’s just a ladder with extra steps
Not the comment I wanted, but the comment I needed
Honestly a ladder would be safer
what happens when a slight gust of wind hits the flat side
Everyone dies
Barrel roll
That’s just a glorified ladder
That just sounds like an alley with extra steps.
Imagine getting home drunk, you go to your bedroom on the top floor and fall asleep. Two hours later you wake up to use the bathroom on the lower level. Now how is your drunk ass going to get down through the stairs without breaking your neck? Lol
Edit: perfect design for a sober house 😂
My drunk ass would knock my whole house over before reaching the top.
Pee down the stairs
What's the fear of places like this called...I think I just got it
Common sense.
Kinda looks like someone took a cake knife to an apartment building
I feel like if I push it hard enough the building would tip over
I think the wind could do that.
I think that everything if you push hard enough would do that
Afterwards you would be shot by an off-duty policeman
Imagine having to carry a couch up those stairs
I don't think a couch would fit in there at all.
Arquitetura moderna.
There are no physics
Of course there are. But ain’t no Brazilian abiding to them rules.
Better than this only two of this.
Right, as opposed to three of this.
I like the balloons on the right corner. Wonder wtf kind of party they're throwing there.
Not celebration. The helium balloons keep the building from falling.
probably a fucking good one tbh
The engineer wanted to resize the planes, but didn't know how to keep the aspect ratio
They forgot to resize the scale of the paperspace
As a brazilian, I agree
The parking is on the rooftop, the ramp is located 3 blocks away @ 75mph you can make it.
Phenomenal acoustics.
If it works, it's works
All that just for a bathroom
Bem Vindo a Brasileiro
Beco house, the best architecture trend
X was always weak, Y is where it’s at
What does this mean?
Brazil in general doesn't have rules.
this is a steriotip
Thank goodness there aren’t earthquakes.
What's up home slice
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it
Thanks I hate it.
Love it
These architects played to much Terraria
mais oq diabos esta acontecendo nessa foto?
There are no rulers
I’d feel safer on those stairs over a ladder any day of the week
bruh look at the steps, some of them aren't even flat enough to put your foot on
Fun fact, based on my estimate angle of those stairs, it will be classed as a step ladder
I dunno why I typed this or how affects your comment in any way
Imagine getting to the last step and then you slip from the ridiculous angle combined with dusty steps. There are many other steps on the way down, but each one of them conveniently angled downwards for your hands and legs to slip over them. Nowhere to hold on to, nobody can save you. See you at the bottom.
yeah its big brain time
Those rooms would be hella small too
Its a lawless wasteland
Someone actually
Sir, it's almost 2020.
Bruh are you fucking for real
Saved again by Apollo
I always know and I always click
You a ho
I just paused what I was listening to saw this. Thank you
Damn, the bathroom looked so weird. I couldn’t imagine showering in there!
Actually made me smile, reminisce of a simpler time.
Edit: but also you are a cuck
Lol that's twice today
Dam you
XCQ the link stays blue
The moment I read the URL I immediately pressed to return.
I wanna see more pictures
Brother deve ter mega lage!
Pior que isso é comum aqui :D (The worst thing this is common here)
A better way to convey your message would be “The worst thing is that this is common in here”
Nunca nem vi
I bet I could build something better
Brasil gario
This is not Brazilian Engineering.
Yea, needs more electrical tape
Brazilian architecture is worse than brutalism
Favelas don't obey the laws of gravity.
Imagina uma brisa
Old repost
Sorry, I didn't know
Does the old post have more pics?
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Brasilon? Is this a spice used in kitchen?