Interactive map that lets you listen to and record accents from around the world. Let's make it better!

The recordings for Madagascar are all king Julian from the movie Madagascar.
This whole killing me it's nothing but memes and stupid jokes
The top result for India is just Apu, and is among the least racist on there.
Other good ones include Alex Jones representing America, Shrek for scotland, and idubbbz shouting "i'm gay" for Canada
North Korea as expected.
Moscow features a recording of the Russian national anthem, amongst all the to-be-expected "Suka blyat, rush B"
Where? I can't find them.
Try visiting north korea..
There's another website that kind of does this already.
It seems much more complete. The standardization helps with the trolling. Thanks for the link!
The real dialect archive is always in the comments.
Please call stella
Wow! Thank you...I love this...
This is cool but is this just English with different accents? I want to hear other languages with different accents. Like German with a French accent or Spanish with an Italian accent.
Was about to share this. Came to know this thanks to the amazing Voice Actor (and one of my life heroes) Liam O'Brien. If a pro recommended this, it's probably good, is all I'm saying.
North Korea: "Our glorious leader will not allow this."
South Korea: “My life for Aiur!”
Was gonna say, my state is just a couple people saying "hi" and someone posting metal music.
The universal language.
my name is Jeff
Edit: oh gawd it's worse than I thought. Memes are found on every country.
I wanted to hear some japanese and it's all anime :(
Parque da kah in the yayd.
Maybe this will finally teach the world that the Boston accent is NOT the Kennedy accent.
On easter day a few years ago I flew into Boston for work west of the city. Co-worker was driving. At the first toll booth he gave the nice lady money and as she gave him change she said, "hahpay eestaah." He simply looked at her, didn't say a word and drove on. I said, "You dick, you could've said happy easter back." He looked at me incredulously and said, "Is that what she said? No way she said that!"
Matt Damon
And "I turned the corner and saw Larry Bird parking his car! Right in front of the pizza and grinder shop."
Of course the top rated response in Kazakhstan is a Borat reference, I'm not sure why I expected anything different.
Sacha Baron Cohen is well represented in Kazakhstan and Madagascar. It's absolutely absurd.
Australia is accurate
Yeah, I tried it yesterdie
Fucken, Wagga Wagga
"You fuckin wot cunt?"
Gotta light? Cunt.
Please just click North Korea
And Somalia
If you want a laugh go to Chile and click CHOCLO
Albany has one that says hamburger
The english option for Dresden is just the sound of something on fire. I expect nothing less from user generated content.
When you're looking at the UK it collapeses into 15 bizillon different regional dialects.
that’s really only england, wales only has around 3 different regions, only one northern one at that.
"I'm only here because of Reddit"
I'm only commenting because I found you. I hope you find me here, too...
Indonesia's "female" voice is a dude's voice. Coincidence?
Columbus Ohio: The entire state of Michigan sucks butt poop.
Keeping it classy Buckeyes.
This should end well.
IRA Irish, lol, maybe change it to ire ???
I'm a french redditor.
Je prends la ligne 13 tous les matins et paie un loyer trop cher pour ce travail d'informaticien que je n'aime pas.
The "Mikey, get ya ma some Newports" guy in New York is hilarious.
I went to my state's capital and found a guy doing a Randy Savage impression and a guy saying the Burger King on Fifth "sucks balls". I was not disappointed.
I checked out Glasgow, and with such sentences as "Yer maw's got baws", "cunt", and "I'm gonna stab you in the heed", it makes me slightly proud
LMFAO North Korea, who did that?!
Wow. What a great idea. Just finished tooling around on the site.
I am embarrassed to admit that I just learned where Iceland is located. I don't know where I thought it was but I did not think it was there.
Literally the top voice clip from the US is spongebob and patrick talking about Texas
Ppl in my city are dull lol
what's going on here is incredible. if this wasnt, this needs to be an episode of silicon valley.
Cool idea, no reason not to offer an alternative and different flavour to the other websites that are doing this.
As multiple people have pointed out, however, it is full of memes, and having a way to filter between joke content and serious content would make this easy to negotiate. A set of standardized phrases or phrases relevant to each region would be helpful.
Yeah some set phrases could make a big difference. And someone moderating that can delete useless entries. Too many of them are one word, dumb jokes, or sound forced
California's Mountain view is awesome has a spot on accent
The Australian ones are so good
The third most played one in DC is some guy saying, "Bush did 9/11". And that's just great.
This is a TERRIBLE website!! It's a bunch of idiots faking terrible accents for most of the countries that I've tried. Also, some very very racist ones
Lol I genuinely wanted to listen to several English accents but it's mostly memes
Ya Nigeria is some guy with saying doing a foreign prince 419 impression with no Nigerian accent! He didn't even try!
They've got my country's languages wrong. Can I get this corrected?
Yes, you can
Apparently there's a Shrek freestyle in here
If you have an interest in accents and the way they change, pop
Enlisted men were chosen as they wouldn't have had their regional accents educated out of them.
Try Oxfordshire - it's changed a lot.
I can't even pronounce Worchestershire Sauce.
Too many trolls
Best part about this is tapping on Menu then tapping the rainbow cat.
I was looking what was put in from Detroit, I’ll be honest it got a laugh out of me.
Listen to "minot" in Minot, North Dakota.
I'd say it's pretty accurate.
Some poor Airman I guarantee it.
Lmao Kazakhstan has Borat quotes..
Lol at Mei's quote from Overwatch for China
Went to my home town and listened to the top one. Was not disappointed.
Vancouver, Wa.
I'm surprised Africa isn't full of recordings of "Africa" by Toto tbh
I did that some years ago with the site but I can't find it, should be in the North Eastern area
Baltimore MD, USA 2 rats in a hot air balloon has me geekin
Well.. All the "german" phrases I listend to were spoken by Americans.. The accent was clear as day.. So not really much use
Great website to learn accents
Washington's got some weird shit going on up there, Spongebob is in Texas, and I think some dude has went through and recorded himself in every state.
Always Sunny in Philadelphia!
If you ever wanted to listen to how a houstonion sounded like please click on the top recording. You will have no regrets i promise you.
Amarillo and Lubbock were pretty good. One of the cities had basically a list of someone reading porn tags off one recording at a time.
One American accent?
Your have to click on the country again to get regions, or states for the US.
This is fantastic
Lol, go to the voices of seoul and listen to the english option
York, the cheeky munkeh.
Cape Town "Johannesburg"
Cambodia sounds like the place to be.
I love how someone took the time to record Uzbek as ‘yanyanyahyan-yanyan’ for every sentence.
I don’t have an accent.
If you go to North Carolina and listen to voices, you’re in for a surprise with the first result. (A racist song starts playing :|) EDIT: They removed it.
This is the best thing I found on the internet lately.
saw that Wilmington, DE had 6 million people.
clicked back.
Wow, despite all the smart asses from around the world ... maybe because of them, too ... this is fucking amazing.
Omfg go to the Galway one.. "let's go for a drink". I about pissed myself.
lmao someone put recordings of Mr Slave from South Park for San Francisco
This is so cool and it's already been ruined. Look at Cambodia, ffs.
North Korea. All of the recordings are hilarious.
Clicked on Italy. Heard Lamborghini. Noped the fuck out.
Also check Uganda while you're at it.
NY, NY 2nd from the top.
Will studying this make me a
I guess this means I get to share
I could play on this all day, I love the stereotypical accents ppl think are right/funny. Such as in Texas and Colorado
Nice try. Pay me.
The top voice of Detroit.
This sounds like a lamer version of the snap map.
Click Russia. Play the top one lol.
"E du go i hela huvudet eller?"
Good idea but poor execution.
Under Greenland, English......there's a lovely 'Wyoming.' Haven't laughed so hard in a while!
The esperanto woman version of Bucharest is a dude saying a racial slur.... Why am I not surprised?
Though it doesn't have a lot of phrases/sentences (it's mostly just words), I still think
Uhhhh, just came accross a Scottish accent in South Korea that is complaining about the previous Olympic Stadium. Good stuff...
Hey, Kimput, just a quick heads-up:
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Sydney Australia makes me proud :')
Nice! Not a bad price.
I love how Jamie the posh Londoner, without any sort of irony, says we don't all sound like the Queen.
Texas has a recording of spongebob lol
The one from Texas.
This is neat, but none of the accents I played really sounded like their region. And one word doesn't really do much
I love that all the Taiwanese break out into song. It’s so accurate.
As someone from a small Caribbean island, it appears that our accent does not exist. I cant even click on my country to record my accent.
Oh well, I guess the world will just have to continue thinking that we all sound Jamaican.
Hey, richardawkings, just a quick heads-up:
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Canada is just either French or how's it going bud out fer a rip?
Got rick rolled within 30 seconds of checking it out 10/10
“Gibs me dat”
Checks Malaysia and sees a "your mom is green"
I was not disappointed when I listened to Wisconsin.
meh, lots of random crap recordings, should have prompts on what they want you to say. Either to maintain consistency, or highlight the main differences or features of each accent
Jamaica has a clip from GTA IV with Jacob!
Why the japanese voice have genji from overwatch lol.
This is so cool.
“I’m making an app that allows one to speak in any accent, do all the grunt work of my machine learning setup for free for me!!”
Waterford Ireland bai
Don’t work in my iPhone
The male English recording of Cape Town is "Johannesburg" lmao
I like the idea but it needs work. In fact if i could get the microphone on a headset to work i will upload something for it.
good job!
Guys I have a request. One of the mods reject my submission.
WTF is wrong with North Korea xD
Hm, doesn't seem to get added if it's the first audio of a language for a country. Tried to say "USA" in Cantonese for the USA section but won't show up.
Under France is a Widowmaker (Overwatch) voiceline “no one can hide from my sight.” It cracks me up.
My cities 2nd Phrase is send Nudes... Never change Tuscaloosa..never change
Merseyside is well funny
Anyone tried north korea? anyone can relate for the incident when you click on it. Plus i noticed they don't show their anthem
Go to North Korea and click the first one. I'm sorry that's just amazing.
The country Germany spoken in Taiwanese Hokkien ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I added Jacksepticeye's intro in Country Offaly, Ireland since he is from there.
i made a voice recognition version of Colossal Cave Adventure which encouraged people to record the dialogs in their language. Didn't catch on.
You should redesign and post it on reddit. I think it'd do okay.
Finally, now I can point people to this after they insist they don't have an accent.
LMAO , it's a meme maps.
That "gender/sex" toggle is problematic, no?
Also, this needs a report / non-meme filter from a few trusted editors. Unfiltered internet is not feasible.