Draw a line and let the planet complete the picture

Out of all the places in the world I got one of the highways near my house.
It's not a coincidence, Mark.
Its never been a coincidence.
We've been watching.
Don't run.
I got a football stadium about 5 minutes from my house.
Nailed it!
I got my home state twice in a row...
Yeah, totally not random
NSA intensifies
Hello Truman.
Laughing my ass off. so did I
How funny, I got a street right next to your house!
I got my parking deck at work
I got a city in the opposite part of the world (Arequipa) which is actually a sister city of the place I live in.
I like the drag feature most. For some reason whenever I did the draw thing I ended up with a highway on ramp, but the drag gave me all these cool scenic roads linking to each other, making a never ending scenic drive.
I pretended I was controlling a SUPER fast futuristic car that could take you all over the world in seconds. I also feel incredibly stupid for typing this out.
I feel like you can't control the drag feature at all though... It just does its own thing as you click...
It's relaxing
It seemed a bit off, and then I was sure.
What do you mean, it works perfectly.
Edit: a word
Works fine for me
Works perfect here, even gave it a bush and everyting NSFW
from the guy who made it: "essentially the app gets better and better for the first minute of being used."
50% of the time it works every time
How? It simply won't let me draw anything that long. For me, it seems that the line can only be a maximum length.
I mean, this is kind of a long shot as well...
hi christian
You're BOTH not trying hard enough! Guess it's easier on a desktop.
Anyone know what this building is?
Mine even gave it a bush and everyting NSFW
No, you can't draw a dick in this. Google takes the fun out of everything.
Come on. They even finished my pic.
You're not trying hard enough. And funny to see the loacation when you do.
"But ... But I was only trying to draw Florida."
I just realized I have tried for 15 minutes
Yeah you can
I may have lost half of my drawing, but Google still knew to make mine Dong Thap, Vietnam.
I had moderate success at drawing boobs.
You underestimate my power!
My dream is to go on here, draw something random and take the first flight there.
Plot twist : You accidentally sketched the location of ISIS headquarters.
My first try it got Pyongyang, North Korea. Better pack my bags and pay Kim a visit...
What the hell did I just find?
The Correspondence!
Nailed It
don't you have a screenshot function
Nice screenshot
I can't use it on phone.. im coming back later
Just did it on mobile, it took a minute to load but it definitely works.
It's really off. Nice idea, though.
Try drawing long lines that don't have any sharp turns. It's actually really satisfying when it works.
I don't think it's meant for hard angles. I've drawn some interesting curves and it has found almost nothing but perfect matches
Ass of England: Surrey
Hahahaha. Not really surprised!
On the eighth draw I got my home state.
Tons of repeated images (I was suspicious with the intersections, then noticed there were definite repeats with the dock images).
This isn't searching a huge database of satellite images - it has a collection of candidate images and is rotating them to fit the lines. Impressive that it is so fast, but nowhere near as impressive as it seemed at first.
I haven't had this much fun since viewing my ceiling as a maze and trying to get from one end to the other
I would try that but my ceiling in just flat plaster
the fuck kinda ceiling do you have?
Eh. It's alright.
I don't get this. The drag really has no relation to where I move. It just props down a picture and traces the outline of the coast or road.
Where I move doesn't matter it will just rotate the image to fit the line it was drawing previously.
I hate to be the spoiler, but this doesn't work the way it seems.
Like many things, google is cheating here. It's not doing an instant search for the most accurate line match on earth.
They just have a handful of disparate images to fudge your line against, then the image is zoomed and rotated to kind of fit.
Google's partnership with David Blaine is paying off.
Draw was very boring really but drag was amazing.
Here comes the part where I spend 2 hours trying to "trick" it somehow.
Doesn't really work. It gave me the exact same location for 2 completely different lines and half the time the line doesn't match up at all.
The drag is pretty cool though.
I'm using chrome, but this doesn't work. Anyone know why?
I'm having the same issue, it's telling me "This experience requires WebGL. Please try again using a WebGL enabled browser, such as Google Chrome" I am using chrome. :(
I must be missing something. It just brings me to a black page that I can draw a line on, which then blinks at me.
Ok, let's all be honest here , how many of you all tried to draw a dick?
There's an hour of my life i'll never get back.
Very Accurate
Yeah ok
Crazy that I got a place I knew first try drawing a
The best website I have ever clicked. Thank you a lot for this amazing feature.
I thought I was gonna draw a line and someone from another country was gonna turn it into a dick.
I'm more impressed with how quickly the algorithm find matching curves in so much graphical data.
I think it's already searched the images for lines. There are probably only quite a small number of images in the database.
Drew a random line and found this in russia, looks exactly like a human skull from the side:
OP, line not long enough to draw dickbutt. please update.
All this did was make me draw the smallest penis I could.
I drew a shape sort of like a triangle with the top extended slightly.
Showed up less than 10 miles from my house.
I imagined drawing a random line then the program matching the line with some edge of a country, state, or city, then automatically draws even more lines until it finishes the entire Earth.
It wouldn't let me draw a dick 3/10
An interesting random way for a wealthy person to choose an unexpected destination.
So who else thinks Google is using this to create entropy for encryption, like in Truecrypt where you flail your cursor around?
Now I know that my macbook has an accelerometer Thanks!
“The chinaman is not the issue here, Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, Dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.”
meh. 6/10
Really interesting concept. Very neat
Drag reminded me of the witness.
It seems to fail at computing a "Z" shape well
I would love to see the code behind this.
That's pretty badass.
Hawaii is loominarty confirmed
it jut put this line in the middle of a field
Found this through the drag feature among plenty of other weird things. It seems to be some type of crop field, why is it blue and sparkly though?
Rice fields?
Apparently triangles are impossible for this to match. Illuminati confirmed?
Very hit and miss.
Completely straight lines from top to bottom or sideways always end up in Nevada somehow
I checked it and they both bring you to the same place, looks like an airport. However, the picture is just rotated.
kept getting utah. this sucks
Wow, a perfect match every time!
doesn't work on mac for whatever reason
RIP website
It's fun to just trace things in the picture that comes up and watch it take you to a completely different place
This is pretty neat.
Apparently there's a length limit for the draw function, so I like going beyond that and watching the back end of the line disappear to catch up. It's like playing Snake.
It was fun to go from beautiful mountains to the Paul Brown Stadium.
The best is drawing a penis and seeing whats shaped like it in the world
Second thing I drew was a penis.
Thanks OP, this is a fun website. I somehow found Palm Jumeirah by drawing randomly.
That's pretty cool
That is pretty neat I gotta say.
I got some place in Utah 3 times fairly consistently. All spots were almost within viewing of each other...
Legit the first thing I drew was a random line on a road in front of my old house from 25 years ago.
can't draw
Who else tried drawing a penis and failed? I can't be the only one here
The draw feature is great to spell your name with and get a list of random places to travel! Guess what I'll be planning for the next few years! ✈️
First time I did the draw function I was taken to the travel plaza I always make a stop at on my way to Indianapolis.... now I want crappy McDonald's....
I drew a funny little squiggle and got somewhere I recognised from Fallout New Vegas. It was odd to find out that Camp MacCarran is a real place.
As a Floridian, I drew a line...and got Florida.
Draw a short straight line
Fun game try to draw the same shape twice
Not even close.
I've been lied to.
For some reason I can't get this link to work, I'm on iPhone safari?
What am I doing this for?
it won't let me draw a dick
I tried hard to draw a star and a dick butt. Seems like this website only likes fast lines.
I tried to draw a penis but wasn't fast enough.
I feel like im playing The Witness again
Fun for 38 seconds. Never opened again.
Just drew a dick and got germany
I quickly drew most of a penis and was taken to Dong Thap, Vietnam. Coincidence? I think not.
This is not a circle...
I drew a penis shape thrice and got Bavaria in Germany, guess where I don't live?
I got
Not sure what this is...
How does this work?
it gets crappier the more you try to draw something interesting.
shitty website. never works properly.
This is cool.
i got a stadium that appears to belong to a team called the Bengals
Eh close enough
The draw feature works some of the time but I would love a screen saver version of the drag feature.
Seems Legit
If you draw an 8 it gets rid of your ink.
Who else drew a penis?
It's very hard to draw a penis.
Mine wasn't working ...was yours?
Massively disappointing.
I don't know about y'all but I immediately drew a peen
... it took me to a cloud
It says I need to use Google Chrome, when I'm using Google Chrome...
It's cheating but still this is hilarious!
OMG this is so awesome!
I drew zigzags and it didn't match up with anything that made sense...
Challenge accepted!
I like lines.
I love how I got Spaghetti Junction at one point.
This harvesting area in China looks interesting
I'm on the shitter having way to much fun with this.
I believe I found 2 of the same pictures from Arizona, though I'm not entirely sure.
the drag feature is one of the most relaxing things i've ever experienced
I tried to draw a penis. So hard to do!
ITT a bunch of adolescents drawing dicks and giggling like retards
Tried to draw dicks and dickbutts. All I got was highways in California and some bullshit in Pakistan.
This is so cool omg
I liked the one with the pointing fingers better. This is cool too though.
I can't draw a dick fast enough.
Found a
I tried so hard to draw a dick but the line length just isn't long enough. Well played.
Works on mobile too. Great find
Got Aleppo.
This is a super cool idea!
Drew a small dick and it appeared in France.
Will I find my dad? He was supposed to come home 8 years ago