I guess the Philippines are part of China now

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Between the Philippines and some other countries, China and 5 other countries claim some islands and its the most claimed part of the world so maybe that’s what he/she mean...? Idk
Yes it is. China wants to take Filipino land.
Oh that makes sense then. Not that insane after all.
China wants a lot of land that isn't theirs so yeah you're probably right
I live in a beach town in Vietnam. It's a trip knowing that I live right next to a potential flash point for a major war.
poor Philippines. Escaped Spanish imperialism right into American imperial, then right into Japanese imperialism, then back to the USA, finally free in 1946, now China is breathing down its neck
Unironically Chinese imperialism
Its only a small island in the SCS, the US , Japanese and Spanish actually took all of the land
Spain later chilled out and they became our homies, America was meh, but the Japanese were fucking brutal and were intent on pretty much wiping our people out.
Xi Jinping be like
I highly doubt that.
Escaped 333 years of colonization from the Spaniards get sold to the Americans get cucked by the Japanese and become China's province . We're getting gangbanged by every Country and our dear government keeps licking the shoes of said country. Oh yeah nationalism time
Why would China want the Philippines in the first place?
The Philippines is rich in natural resources, and is located strategically on the map. This is why the country has been colonised by Spain, US, and Japan. Plus the current administration doesn’t seem to care in terms of establishing its sovereignty, and China is exploiting this weakness.
Dunno but they’ve been trying to bring them under the same umbrella as Hong Kong for a while now. Obvi Philippines sees how it’s working out for HK and are not amused
I'll add this. China has been
Where is it located? East of the Philippines, towards the Pacific ocean.
China just wants the Philippines for its Lumpia
Didn't the US already do that?
They were at one point a US territory, but not anymore
The US won possession of the Philippines during the Spanish American war. Spain was the colonizer. The US set the the Philippines free not long after the war (eta: WW2, not the Spanish American War, but the movement to set the Philippines to independence started before WW1. We were a little busy with 2 world wars and big depression to bother doing anything.)
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As a Filipino I just wanna say.. F U C K O F F
China will annex any country the world allows them to. I'm hoping Taiwan and the Philippines work together when the time comes.
First Hong Kong, then the Philippines and then the world
Hong Kong is a part of China, and has always been so before the European empires made it a colony; what are you talking about? The UK stole it, but it’s been returned and its sovereignty has been respected.
How could you not know HK is a part of China after the nonstop posts all last year?
This is a perfectly normal train of thought in China. The government has distorted history and made it seem that countries like Vietnam and the Philippines were part of their territories
No please Rodrigo is bad enough
Rodrigo is waaaay worse.
China is in a strategic hole and they are trying to dig their way out. It's a complicated subject and I'm not sure you can really say that there are good guys and bad guys, it's a situation where you can sort of understand everyone's motivation.
The Chinese government wrote this post.
Lol! Some time ago there was a tarpaulin or something that says “welcome to the Philippines province of China”
I was flabbergasted and quickly checked if Duterte did it since he’s been doing whatever the chinese asked of him. No news about it then it went viral it was a very bad joke.
I went back to visit the Philippines over the summer and I can't believe the transition between 2012 to now.
Way more Chinese folks living there than I expected.
they always were
When they want to start a world war?
Can’t wait to sort by controversial on this one
Relevant image
Make China Great Again,
China wants everyone's land
Mainlanders are already all over Manila and nearby cities living and working here illegally. And they have the gal to act as if they own the place. Filipinos at a building where a lot of chinese call centers dreads getting in the elevator with them.
Fuck you china
Death to the chinese government!
When will Canada be a American state?
Never, hopefully
well...China certainly wants to annex the Philippines and has annex some small islands that's supposed to belong to the Philippines....
Could be a troll?
There was an article on Facebook a while back on Chinese aggression in the South China Sea. Philippines was rightly upset about China's antics. I replied in the comment section:
"You guys need to buy a map, it's called the South CHINA Sea, not the North PHILIPPINES Sea, Educate yourselves!"
People did not get that it was a troll at all...
Most of the countries benefiting from the sea( my country just call it the Eastern Sea) is pretty pissed bc people keep calling it the SCS
i rate that 3/10, add more sarcasm to it next time
Im pretty sure one of the Philippine Islands already been sold already to the chinese, Filipinos just doesn't know it yet.
Don't think this is "insane". The person might just be a geopolitics expert.
No, no. He's got a point.
Everyone knows all Asians are really just chinamen
America, patrollling undisputedly Chinese waters to "show strength". Ppl: Sounds legit.
America, telling the World they would invade the Netherlands, if they would be held accountable for human rights violations in The Hague. Ppl: Muricah, f*ck yeah!
China in dispute with Philippines over some uninhabited islands in the Chinese Sea. Ppl: China is stealing all kinds of shit.!
no words...
Tomorrow or something like that
The Philippines should never have asked the US to leave. Oh well.