That won’t make them resent being birthed by you, will it?

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Scream at her to stop crying
Hit her until she stops.
Threaten her that you’ll beat her for crying, my mom used it and it worked, i guess.
“You want me to give you something to cry about? Because I can give you something real to cry about.”
Or the latter threaten to beat them if they dont stop
My dad used to do that and it really messed me up tbh. It makes it so hard to be open with my feelings these days
Shoot her until she stops moving so there will be no problem
Mother: yells Daughter: cries Mother: yells more for her daughter to stop crying Daughter: cries more Mother: surprised why is she crying?
Pointed this out to my mom when I was younger. Got beaten for mouthing back at her. Some people just don't want to change.
When mom says you just need to not cry
My mom did this to my siblings but hit them instead of yelled
My dad used to scream at me when i did something wrong. I would cry Cuz i was a sensitive kid. Years later i still cry at shit. And i don't speak to my dad anymore mainly cuz that guy would loose his shit if i did something wrong like not being able to perform in school as well as the other kids for my ADD I've failed a few test but never failed a grade and didn't do drugs or go out and party
Same here. Now I’m sensitive and cry at everything because of being screamed at for any mistake while growing up.
I feel you. My dad’s solution was always to yell at me for random things (the weirdest time being when he kept trying to get me to flirt with the school newspaper photographer at my brothers wrestling match because “I was a school photographer I would’ve loved If pretty girls had talked to me” and when I told him no, that’s weird, I don’t even know him, pulled me outside and screamed at me, calling me a frigid bitch) so now I just have problems with authority and overreact to people yelling at me. I don’t know what parents think they accomplish with screaming?
Did my dad post this
When i mess up my mother always A, Makes a rude passive-agressive comment B, Yells at me for 30 minutes to an hour.
Do we have the same mom?
Tell her to stop crying or you’ll give her something to cry about. Haha just kidding this threat always made me cry more.
Yikes. That was my father’s favorite phrase when we were kids. It was either STFU and stop crying immediately or get a spanking like 30 seconds later.
Parents: please don’t do this to your children. It’s not creating the effect you think it is. It’s just messing your kids up and terrifying them of their emotions.
I feel attacked
The classic seems to be, “Stop crying. I’ll give you something to cry about!” My mother, interestingly enough, really never yelled at us. She could convey a more meaningful reaction with a whisper than anyone could with screaming. Hence, the reason I never yelled at my child either. Seems counter-productive. Be it good or bad, either option is a cycle...
I’ve raised several and nannied, babysat and taught my whole life and I’ve found that explaining why I think something is incorrect and what the consequences may be, works for most children. Having set rules and not changing up all the time and making sure the kid knows the rules and why and what punishment for not filling it beforehand. Usually the parents that yell and scream for 20-30 mins., don’t have any concrete problem, they look for things to be “wrong”. And there’s no reason behind why they are mad. If the adult is upset, a timeout for both for a few minutes before whatever punishment helps. You shouldn’t be taking anger out on your kid, kids push boundaries and they actually are more secure with boundaries that are the same no matter what.
I think this is true. I'm for sure not a perfect parent (no one is) but I've actually seen very little need to "discipline" my kids, at least in the traditional way that I was "disciplined" as a kid (spanking, slapping, yelling, et cetera.) I do sometimes use things like loss of privileges (like no more screen time for the night) and when younger, time outs, but over all my kids have been pretty receptive to just talking to them about why I find a certain behavior wrong and the choices I would like to see in the future. My youngest is almost 7 and my oldest is 11, and neither have ever been physically disciplined, and while I have lost my temper and yelled at them from time to time, I try not to, and I do apologize for yelling at them once I've had time to calm myself. Contrary to the popular narrative, they are really good, respectful, and polite kids the vast majority of the time. I know all kids are different, but I feel like most kids want to please you if they understand what you want from them. Hitting them or screaming at them doesn't help that, it hurts it.
By doing it so much that eventually they don't care anymore, they will also stop talking to you, but seems Worth it to stop the crying
Keep it up. Eventually she'll stop talking to you and ignore you completely. Just like I do with my mother.
I didn’t know my dad had a Quora account
Constant yelling. That’s how i learned to not give a shit when being yelled at by an adult
same with me. my dad, to this day, yells at me for literally nothing, so since 14 i’ve just said “okay” in the most not caring voice while walking away. he hated me at the time for it and screamed that i would have my phone taken away or something, but he never punished me for it.
Obviously yelling more at her won't leave her with long lasting social anxiety and totally won't make her feel like a burden. /s
You could calmly help her correct her behavior instead of yelling.
obviously shame her for crying so that she stops crying in front of you! if you don't see her cry, then you've done your job /s
Stop yelling and explain the consequences like an adult?
These people need to stop breeding. If you're too stupid to understand human emotion you don't deserve kids.
Fuck I can ever imagine getting (or staying) angry at a crying child, especially when that child is your child.
The key is in lightly screaming to them
Link for anyone who wants it!
If you yell at her to stop crying while you yell at her, it actually cancels out and not only will she stop crying, but she becomes your personal assistant child, devoid of emotions!
Yell at her for doing something good. Only screaming at them for bad stuff leaves a negative connation.
looks like my mom found out how to use quora
I feel for this kid, I have experienced things like that before
Jeez, that's awful, hope you're alright now
My mom hated when I cried when she yelled at me. She hated it more when I got silent, and walked away.
Treat her so badly that she after time drowns out all her emotions and becomes a sociopath
My dad’s gf is just like this. She would tell me to just get used to it because she has a “redhead personality.”
Do surgery to remove her tear glands
If they're crying in the first place you probably doing too much🙄
Mine still cry at 22 and 19... good luck :)
This woman needs to learn how to parent.
Children make mistakes and do stupid shit all the time. Nothing wrong with “yelling” (within reason) and attempting to teach proper ways or behaving.
Hmm how bout you try to NOT yell??
Maybe stop yelling at your kids because it doesn't solve anything. Problem solved.
Dont yell.
My mum just said "I'll give you something to cry about."
Don’t yell at her.
sigh We’ll be here to support her when she’s ready to start the healing process.
Sometimes 16 year olds are little shits and need to be yelled at. If you can’t handle someone yelling at you then you’re in for a rude awakening. Obviously context matters, but it’s not inherently bad to yell at your child if they’re being complete snots.
The more the merrier 😍
How about NOT YELLING AT HER IN THE FIRST PLACE, ASSHOLE?!?!?!? That would be my first suggestion.
I feel like this is something my mom would ask but I’m 17 so
i.ehow to stop your children from having emotions. It obviously work just fine on him
5.2k upvotes in 13 hours, wow
Like yelling makes it any easier for her. Pfft. Some people don't deserve to have kids
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My dad used to record me when ever I cried in front of him, and now I have a hard time letting myself cry at all. That was a factor in me starting to self injure as well. Don’t fuck up your kids just because you feel uncomfortable at them crying.
Tell her that she is 16, she still has more time to get reprimanded in school, she needs to understand, that people will try and mess with you, not to cry about everything. There are fights at schools, there are bullies. That is life!
STFU BYCH!!! *Slap slap slap, PVC pipe whack, slap slap slap... 😠👏🖐️👏🖐️👏🖐️👏🖕"
what fucking pussy cries at 16 purely from being yelled at? it'd take a body part being amputated from my body to make me cry.
Some people are scientifically more sensitive than other people. Stop being a dick