Made my heart skip a beat

Did the jumper take the car’s mirror off?
Looks like it, yes.
Yeah that was wheely close
Smashed the a pillar ,windshield and hood at 3 second mark.
The driver probably tried to sue the jumper
I imagine a portal opened up from a Mad Max world and that dude was just as freaked out as everyone else
Sounds like the GPS in my Hyundai. Oh, we're going via the shadow realm to Jimmy's barbecue? Ok.
I like the people throwing their beer at the Jeep.
Farken ideot
What an icehole
What is going on here? Did one car accidentally end up on a rally stage or were there simply
That's definitely a race, roads don't usually have jumps.
Yea, this is the Baja 1000 from 2018. Like a lot of those races, there's not enough track workers and lots of fans who aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
It's a rally course.
Not rally, Baja. I've been racing Baja since I was young (and I've been interested in rally but never been involved) with rally you have stages, in Baja it's non stop over the roughest terrain in Mexico (there's 250mi, 400mi, 500mi, and 1000mi) look up a movie called dust to glory. It's pretty dope and I feel like it captures the essence of Baja pretty good lol
Maybe baja
The cameraman has some serious balls to just stand there and not move away
I think in this case it was more a case of not needing to move because it wasn't coming at him.
Not exactly like they had time to react.
Fucking idiot is right
Idiot almost got both of them killed, maybe take out a few spectators too.
Definitely, a few more inches and that truck would've launched into the spectators.
I mean that was a spectacular shot and they captured everything perfectly.
That’ll pucker your arsehole
water tight
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Nice! Also, way better angle in my opinion.
And for privacy minded folks:
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Post race maintenance checklist:
Check mirror, check seat, check pants
Faaaken edeot
Lots of dumb people on race tracks lately.
Beautiful camerawork though
It looks like the racer clips right through the passenger seat. Freaky.
Yeah those are some garbage hit boxes
Oldy but goody
Bet he feels rather goofy.
Karen was out shopping.
If your heart skipped a beat, I imagine the driver filled their pants to the brim with shit.
They were playing chicken.
The YouTube comments say the driver of the truck has his own podcast and discussed this exact event. Apparently they didn't even see the other car or know how close to disaster they were until someone showed him and his codriver the video after the fact. Pretty nuts.
I love that drink someone threw right after.
Ahh, the first repost I've seen here... Goodnight sweet prince. You were a good sub.
"fucking idiot". Some exclamations are universal.
We'll finally make it to another star, meet up with a new species, they'll take one look at us and say to each other 'fucking idiots'.
I swear some baja fans are so stupid
the jumper's wheel clipped through the other car
Are they playing ‘chicken’
No, Karen, Walmart is in the opposite direction.
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Reminds me of the idiots who fly down gravel roads not paying attention to the hills
I almost got hit a few days ago from someone not paying attention and pulling to the side before cresting the hill
They had to swerve hard and lucky they didn't crash
Can we stop calling professionals idiots? They clearly know what they’re doing
... Pretty sure this is about the person driving backwards on the track.
Also just because you're a professional and you know what you're doing doesn't mean that you're not doing something really stupid.