The dog always wins

Jesus how fucking dumb do you have to be. He's a cop with a cop dog. WTF kinda outcome was he hoping for? Damn oxygen thief.
I have never heard oxygen thief before but I love it.
‘I lift 200kg at the gym. I can do anything!’
Honestly tho bro he was like so close bro to winning bro that dog was like on roids bro otherwise bro He woulda won bbrrroooo
It looked liked he was surprised that the first cop jumped in to help the dog. As if he was expecting a series of 1v1 matches and the cops broke the rules.
Yeah, I’m putting this in my file labeled “What the hell did you think was going to happen?”
Best thing is the second cop. So roidbro thought he could win a fight against 2 cops and a good boi
PCP is a helluva drug.
Some serious detachment from reality, there.
Air-breathing food-eater, as we used to call them on the boat.
Your tax dollars pay for his stitches and medication too!
Cop dogs are no joke... I’d be more terrified of the dog than the human officer.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
And the cop was TRYING to avoid having to let the dog off. Constantly backing off. Like come on man. Figure it out.
Wow, this is now my most popular reddit thing. Thanks for the Silver, mystery person.
For those of you who liked "oxygen thief", I am not 100% sure, but I think I initially either heard it in a Bill Hicks or George Carlin or perhaps even Doug Stanhope standup.
This was posted in another subreddit recently and in the comments there was an article saying that he had a mental breakdown likely caused by depression.
You gotta be really fucked up to keep walking that threateningly at a cop with a dog that's ready to bang like that.
I mean that dog was ready to fucken go man.
The dog was probably thinking; "this guy looks extra chewy"
I wonder did he mistake the cop backing up for fear as opposed to the cop giving him a chance to stop being a dick?
Right? That dog probably spends 80% of its life sensing fear from these bipedal fucks. You know this guy's behaviour is going to make it hit the afterburners.
That dog knew today was his DAY.
Been rolling around in the car, not doing shit for months.
But today baby, today, some juicedbro is going to fuck up and doggy gets off his leash.
(dogs are secret dudebros sometimes)
Yo bro I almost beat that dog brroooo!!!!
I don't care how much you squat or bench, none of that shit is going to protect your balls from inch long canine teeth.
[Dog is released, bites dude's leg] "Bruh..."
This looks a lot like Florida...
California actually
Florida men... as far as the eye can see.
I can see the headline now Florida man tries to fight police dog just to learn that he can’t win against a dog
Ain’t no law when you’re drinking the Claw.
Lord help them
how big of an idiot can you be?!
depends on the substance...
IDK but he looks about 5’8, 5’9ish
I think he's about 180lbs
Drugs are a hell of a drug
This is your brain on Bro
What is drugs?
Only dopes use dope.
The cop had a lot of patience with this bro
deleted 0.032920921)
That and he was waiting for the second cop to show up.
"Ok bro, hold on...just a sec..., let me just turn on my body camera here. The guys at the station aren't going to believe this shit."
I’m surprised he didn’t just pull his gun out and shooting him.
Not enough patience just to tase the guy apparently. Instead he had an animal bite his hands and legs with its dirty mouth.
I need the audio for this. So, so badly.
It's just a bunch of people screaming inside the restaurant
Just interact with him a little longer and he's gonna pass out from all this flexing
He’ll flex himself right out of the room!
At first I thought this was just a random dog owner and the idiot was counting on him not wanting to risk legal trouble by allowing his dog to attack but then I realised it's and cop and idiot is unfathomably stupid.
DudeBro: Come at me bro!
bro 😎💪
I recently ended up in a rabbit hole of youtube videos of police K9's taking down suspected criminals. The main reason (best part) was the yelping of these large tough guys once the dog got hold of them, followed quickly by "ok ok ok stop! I'm done!" etc. all in a very high pitched voice. Idk why but it was great.
I really feel like theres something psycological going on, right? I mean this is an ANIMAL, so I'm sure the moment it charges, all the person can picture is it not knowing how to stop, or not wanting to.
That being said I find it so fascinating how smart the K9s are, and how they are taught to cause pain, and not major/permanent damage. If you compare this to an untrained dog attacking something or someone, it immediately thrashes its head, attempting to tear whatever it got a hold of. These dogs lock their jaw until their owner tells them... and even then its almost like the dog can feel if its time yet, and wont let go until it knows the officers are safe.
Dogs in general man. So fuckin cool.
Is everyone seeing the same video as me??
If the cop wouldn’t have been there for back up the BRO, as most people say, would have killed that dog.
BRO is clearly winning against the dog and doesn’t have a disadvantage till the cop grabs his neck. Dogs are way easier to suppress than humans. They only got one bitey part to hurt you.
There is a K9 that a friend of mine works with and the dog bit a person so hard, that is broke all of its teeth and had to get a titanium set to replace them.
You mean it became bionic
This d-bag woulda turned out ok, if he had just been attacked by a police dog every day of his life.
Gifs that end too soon.
Don’t do PCP kids. You do stupid things when you’re on PCP.
Too calm for pcp.
i don't know what pcp stands for. good for me.
I’ve spoken to cops who’d rather go rounds with the tasers than take on a dog. Dog always wins.
Oh yeah dude a dog will fuck you up. Especially the breeds military/police use.
I've helped in training military dogs. My instructions were "try to keep standing up as long as possible ". Took about 0.2 seconds and I was on my back with paws on my shoulders and snarling huge teeth an inch from my face. The thing didn't even have to bite me. Scary as fuck.
Didn't realise it was a cop at first and still thought the guy was pants-on-head
A cocky douchebag was acting like a cocky douchebag.
But my muscles
“release the hounds!”
frat boy vs cop with german shepherd and ya dingus!
When you mistake a person trying not to kill you for a person who is afraid of you....
Not that he didn’t deserve it, but I’m disappointed to see that cops are still using choke holds in 2019.
I guess this will get downvoted but I’m gonna stand up for proper use of force.
What would you recommend instead
It's a 🐕 you can't run you can't fight
Yeah. Let me fight a trained police dog. Brilliant, Florida man, absolutely brilliant.
I always feel worried with these things. Like what if the dudebro has a pocketed knife and the dog gets shanked?
If this is Florida you could very up to 15 years for killing a police dog or horse. It's a 2nd degree felony.
It would be incredibly difficult to maintain the concentration to pull a pocketknife out when a dog is eating your arm. On top of this the K9 officer is going to be on top of you helping the dog in a matter of seconds.
Well it’s better than the cop getting shanked
I'd say that's pretty unlikely, especially from this distance. It could be possible if there was a greater distance between the dog and him in a situation like a chase tho. Most people when they're panicking don't seem to realize that they won't outrun the dog and they continue running. But if they were to stop and time it just right, it is possible. But, still unlikely since, chances are, the average person hasn't been chased and attacked by a trained police dog.
Then there would be one less menace to society around.
Chopper, Sick balls!
Drugs. Most likely drugs.
Who let Brad Castleberry out into the world?
Got a serious case of imaginary lat syndrome.
I'm always remidned of this comment when people take on K9s
Never skip dog day.
Did he think his muscles would protect him against teeth?
"Chopper sick balls"
Everybody gangsta till the dog is off the leash
Over broed
Fuck I love that!! What a fuckin idiot!!!
Bro... How dumb can you be
...and yet, he wasn’t shot by the police 🤔
Out of every cop this guy could’ve tried to intimidate, he picks the one with a K-9 unit... 12 times out of 10 those things with absolutely fuck your shit up
Good boy! Fuck that douche bag, where did he just come from, his frat party?
How's the arm bruh ?
That's bro to you, nerd.
Like ground beef probably
Cop buddy of mine says crooks are more afraid of the K9 than getting shot. Those dogs will fuck you up.
For two reasons. The obvious one to most is that the dog will fuck you up. The other one, which usually comes before the first, is the dog will sniff out drugs, finding them much faster and easier than a person would. That's usually the biggest worry I would say, as far as drug dealing "crooks" go.
Did the dog win though?
No it didn’t. I just commented above, if the cop wasn’t there to choke him after the attack dude would have killed that dog. He was already starting retaliation.
No way a single dog kills or takes down a capable willing to fight human without help. Dogs lose every time.
Can’t hear it here but I love how these always end with, “Datsss a gooooood boyyyyyyy.” Plus scritches.
Good doggie :)
Close range fur missle huh
Hilarious, he didn't realize the cop was protecting him from the dog
I'm wondering what did that moron expect to happen? The dog'd lick his balls and the cop come up with a cake?
Is that a Denny's? That looks like a Denny's
Nice traps bro. Hey got anymore of that PCP?
Somebody’s’ mom was called later. That mom was begged for bail money & new testicles.
Tiny furry missile!
Wondering what he is saying
The article linked in the comments of the xpost says he was threatening to kill the dog. Then it's released on him and he spends the whole confrontation going stiff with fear and being a pussy. I don't know what he thought was gonna happen. What a dumb piece of shit. As if he could have successfully fought against that dog even if he wasn't a coward.
Kibbles and Chad
What a dickhead 😅
What. An. Idiot.
Dude needs to chill out on his trap work outs
Jesus that head lean...
I like the title here considering he’s probably missing his now.
big chad thinks he can out alpha German Shepard police dog and a cop all-bronze no brains. also if i was the cop and you hit my dog you'd be in a lot of trouble when we got back to the station.
Yea this guy is a fuckin goof 🤣
What outcome was he expecting?
It looks like Brad Castleberry
I'd hardly call a dog a thing.
Nimrods like this go though life always flexing and they usually get what they want because most people just back down not wanting trouble. They ignore the fact that no-one actually likes them and think that the whole world is against them because every interaction they have is a battle. Then they get the shock of thier life when they finally meet someone bigger or with lots of pointy teeth.
Is that Brad Dingleberry?
"I lift things up! I put things down!"
If you're being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They're trained for that.
Chad vs Cop doggy
This is what I imagine Florida is like
Have GSD mix and will say their teeth are perfect for tearing through flesh. Liam loves to get sassy sometimes and play rough and has caught me on several occasions with a tooth. The fun definitely stops there.
"Woof woof, motherfucker"
Damn Florida back at it again.
haha police brutality
I met a guy who got bit by a police dog (not doing anything illegal just wrong place wrong time) and it severed his brachial artery, guy almost died. Don’t fuck with police dogs ladies and gentleman.
My friends live next to a K9 team. It was the 4th and some kids were shooting off fireworks (illegal in my state) on the roads for the soon-to-be built development. Kinda cool looking. They were firing straight up, well away from anything burnable and it was around dusk. We had stepped out on the deck to watch. Notice the neighbor out as well. My friend says, "Someone should call the cops. " Neighbor holds up his beer and says, "I'm off duty." Looks down at his partner offers the bottle (which gets a lick), "Damn. He's off duty too."
Those traps. Wtf.
Aaaaahahahaha, I wish there was sound so we can hear this tough guy cry.
I used to think people who couldn't fight off dogs were dumb until I watched a video of police dog training and how much meat a dog can actually tear off when it feels threatened. They may be our best friends in our times of need who love tummy rubs and treats but they will Fuck. Your. Shit. Up.
My GSD weighs 40kg. I can deadlift, squat and press 40kg.
But if 40kg bites my arm starts flailing I’m going to surrender.
Chad just got had.
Am i the only one that was reminded of the ending to once upon a time in hollywood?
That guys forehead must be profoundly defined and protruding.
He walks up to him like "hurr durr im so intimidating bc im shirtless" "yeah im definitely gonna beat that guy up im so badass durr"
Roid rage
Bruh why for any reason do you square up on a cop with a fucking dog. Dude even took his shirt off
That dog was like “let me at him! Please please let go! I haven’t tasted white meat before!”
Good little fur-missile, good boi.
That guy sure is lucky to be white.
If that Chad was black he would have been hole punched like a colander.
If that had been a black kid, he’d have been shot dead right in the beginning.
It’s not so move the fuck on with your senseless baiting.
And there it is, literally every post has someone bringing up race when it doesn’t have to be
downvote away my dudes, it must be fun looking for racism in every single situation you see
lol nope
He never met a dog before, of not i don't know
Nope. There was an episode of cops where a buff guy, all drugged out, fought off multiple cops and a K-9. Grabbed the dog by the scruff and punched it.
Really would depend on the type of drugs one is on, the person's general pain tolerance, and their level of adrenaline in the situation. Either way, even if someone is in enough of an adrenaline fueled state to be able to withstand the bites, and unless the person actually kills the dog, the dog will not stop attacking the person.
Bro he's biting my foot Bro.
My scuba instructor, who is a city police officer except on Wednesday nights, says that the city has one of the meanest dogs who they had to replace his teeth with titanium for his sharp fangs. He tore his off working. The dog is also the smallest in the kennel, go figure.
Menace to society.
Yeah...I kinda want that dog to be put down then.
reminder this is propaganda after a cop killed a woman in her own home a few days ago
It's only propaganda if you're too stupid to judge cases on an individual basis.
Not to mention another cop executed a man in cold blood in Texas for the crime of being a witness in court against a police.
They’re trained to act like that in response to aggression. The cop probably gave the dog a signal to start freaking out hoping it would deter the guy from coming forward. When the guy made clear he wasn’t scared of the dog, it became time to teach him why you should be afraid of dogs
While each dog and situation is unique, I'm confident that all he had to do was give the dog a command to stop it from acting aggressive. I was never a dog handler, but I worked in close to many during my time in the military. These dogs are trained to obey commands in the most stressful, loud and chaotic environments. The selection and training process is very rigorous, many dogs don't make the cut.
Not sure if you mean before being released or after, but in general this is what they're supposed to do. They're trained to recognize this aggression and be ready to attack if they're released. Either way though, well trained or not, dogs are inherently very protective. It saw this guy's aggression as a threat and, like any dog who is leashed, it doesn't understand that it's leashed, so it does whatever it can to get at the threat in order to protect its owner.
Thats y i take my dog with me when i go run
No idea why you got downvotes but yeah folks don't tend to mess with a fair size dog.
damn bro
White privilege.
Why can't the cops just start shooting people who want to fight dogs instead of innocents? It's win-win.
Go dog go!
That was so satisfying
Good thing he’s white.
white privilege at its finest. black dude would've been surrounded by 8 cops and gotten shot the moment he got close.
Don't be racist.
Wrong sub
Perfect example of a place where using the dog was completely unnecessary. He had his entire chest exposed. Use a taser if you use anything at all. Given we don’t even know the context behind this I find it hilarious everyone is siding with the cop and doesn’t see it as excessive force.
In what context would aggressively walking at a police officer like this be okay?
Check your privilege.
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