Hi, I’m Kalen Allen and I was born with 11.5 fingers, but talking about food made me famous! AMA

Some people know me from reacting to food and some people know me from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Whichever one brought you here today, I just hope that I brought you some joy! If you are a stranger, feel free to look me up! You can literally find me anywhere @thekalenallen! In the meantime, let’s answer some questions!

Wheres your 11.5 fingers now?
How do you do an AMA talking about having 11.5 fingers without showing the 11.5 fingers?
Hahahahaha! One of them was cut off and the other one just stopped growing so I have a small bump on my finger.
Maybe he had an accident cause I only counted 8 on his twitter post.
Jesus I read that wrong, I saw the picture of him and thought “no way those are 11.5” fingers”
Wait! Mac & Cheese Kalen?! Amazing!!! You have made my day turn around with the laughter you bring. You definitely make the world a better place.
Awwww well thank you!!!
How do you feel about Inigo Montoya?
That was the six fingered man not the 6 1/2 fingered man. Could have been all the difference he needed to be a good guy.
Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya..
I'm not familiar.
How was your life with 11.5 fingers? Or did you get them removed?
I didn't even get to spend a day with them!
You have the best laugh! What was the scariest dish you’ve ever seen made? The adult Mac and cheese?
Potato Salad Cake
Kalen!!! Whats something your gonna be doing in the future that you are most excited about?
Becoming more of a business man and creating platforms that uplift and motivate marginalized communities!
At what point did you decide to make your reaction videos? Did you think you'd be as big as you are, or was it just to have a little fun? Did your popularity increase by a lot when Ellen had you on, or was it steady?
Thanks for making your content! It's quality and I've enjoyed them immensely. :)
Awwww thanks! It was all for fun! It increased drastically. However, I really only care about leaving a mark on this world! Everything else is just fluff!
Hi Kalen! Philly local here. What were your favorite eats here? Do you miss the east coast?
Ms. Tootsies on South Street!!! I miss it so much!!!
Does polydactyly run in your family? Is Ellen really as lovely a person as she appears on TV?
Chile I thought you were calling me a dinosaur hahahaha! No it does not and yes, she is exactly like you see her on tv!
Carpool Karaoke with Kalen?
Alrighty folks! Well this has been fun! I better get on to work before Ellen calls looking for me! Until next time! HOLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAA!
I have to say how much I love your videos and how much they make me laugh when I feel down
What’s the worst dish you’ve ever tasted?
Chitterlings. Terrible!
Can we get some OMKalen merch? That needs to happen so all the Kalenators can rep you!! (Does Kalenators work for a fandom name?) hahaha
What’s your favorite thing to do with your time away from work?
Lay on my couch and binge watch tv!
When will you be posting more food watching videos? LOVE them!!!! And, how is it getting to work with Ellen? Isn't she the best?
Yeah, when the food video makers stop reporting me!
I can actually!
Have you seen any food 'atrocity' that you just had to try for yourself?
One time I made some Thanksgiving balls. They were really good!
Your personality and laugh are so infectious and you seem like such a great person. Thanks for all the entertainment you provide for us. What would you name your fans?
What’s your favorite food?
Pasta! With chicken in it!
Hey Kalen do you have family in the Caribbean? Your sentiments about salt and pepper not being sufficient seasoning resonates loudly here. I feel like we grew up together each time you bash white people for that. Also I know quite a few persons with 12 fingers. Some removed at birth and some not.
I don't, at least I don't think I do!
You've met some pretty famous celebrities. Is there someone you haven't met yet in person that you're dying to meet?
Have you ever been in a submarine?
Yes, the finding Nemo ride at Disneyland. Wouldn't recommend!
Is OP not even going to post a pic of his 11.5 fingers???
Yeah it's pretty bullshit he posted about having extra fingers then doesn't post it. If that's the only hook for promoting your food influencer status at least post it otherwise why even mention it?
Is it kalen allen as in “Kay len Allen” or “kallen Allen “ or “kallen ay len” or “kay len ay len”?
As a fellow Kansas Citian, what's your favorite thing about Kansas City? Are you gonna watch the Super Bowl on Sunday?
BBQ!!! Indeed, I will be at the Super Bowl! TOUCHDOWN Kansas City!!!!
How many pinkies do you hold out when you want to pretend to be the Queen drinking her tea?
Do you have proof of 11.5 fingers?
Is it 11.5 or 11.2 really?
are you done making food reaction videos and on to different things? i'd love to see one of you reacting to a salt bae video or something like that.
Every now then as they come my way. However, I do like applying myself to more stable and purposeful endeavors!
Who has been your favorite celebrity to meet or work with so far?
When are you going to Disneyland again? I wanna ride Space Mountain with you!
Did you know it's actually called Hyperspace mountain now! Idk. I have a season pass. So, I can go anytime really!
My daughter and I love your food videos!!
What is on the horizon for you? Any dream projects coming to life??
I really want to write a cookbook. Also, I'm about to start making more Youtube videos from home!
Kalen I love you!!! I've been following you forever and I am enjoying your success! I've noticed you've been working out a lot as well! When are we going to see you in a Beyonce video!?
When she finally acknowledges my existence hahaha!
How often do you get confused for Karen Allen?
All the time! I do that myself! Damn autocorrect!
Who are your favourite comedians or shows?
I also just want to say that I saw your videos around Christmas and they cracked me up! Thank you for being yourself and I hope that you reach all of your goals and achieve everything you want out of life. Looking forward to seeing what you do next! Take care.
I don't watch many comedians. But shows, I love Grace & Frankie, This is Us, Sabrina, Once Upon a Time, That's So Raven, Proud Family, to name a few!
Here's an ask, show us these 11.5 fingers? does your typing ability compare with the average joe?
What is your favorite social media platform? How’s working out going?
Facebook because I don't really have to use it in order for it to do its job. If that makes sense. Working out is going....
What was Mariah Carey really like? Also, I always see you getting mad props for being yourself and having fun, is there any negative experiences you’ve had since joining Ellen?
Honestly, a dream! She was so funny and collaborative! I was in a dream! Also, no, nothing out of the ordinary of a job!
What food did you really dislike when younger that you now really enjoy and vice versa?
Did you enjoy your time on the Indiana Jones movies?
Kalen! Hi! The cornbread is my favorite, I absolutely cackle everytime I see it! To me, the time between seeing that video and following you on FB to Ellen was kind of fast, it must have been for you just a whirlwind! What's it like adjusting to such a major shift? You're obviously a really genuine person and I'm glad you're on Ellen where you can stay that way ❤️
I keep myself separate from all the Hollywood stuff! I do it sometimes because it's a part of the job. But mostly, I look at my job as just that, a job! I do my work and I go home.
Will you be going to Ellen's Q and A?
I will be. 😊
I'll be there!
If you were scheduling the guest list for an Ellen show and could have any 4 guests you want, who would they be?
Okay, I would pick Beyonce, Oprah, Barak Obama, Michelle Obama.
Do you sign autographs? :)
Indeed, but I prefer pictures. I've never kept an autograph I've ever gotten. It always just ends up in the trash!
Kalen, how do you make working at Ellen fun and what kind of food is served during Black History Month? Lol 😂
I mean, I don't have to make it fun it's kind of inevitable! Hahahaha! Soul food I would guess!
When will you cut your fingernails?
Lmaooooo I just haven't made the appointment. Are yall watching me???
I mean I don't necessarily consider myself "famous" (contrary to the title), but I am associated with famous people. I prefer well known! But, I also feel as though me not saying I'm famous is partly so that other people don't get butt hurt about me proclaiming something that they deem to have a bad connotation!
Kalen does livestream karaoke with his fans?
What’s your favorite part of the Ivy Park line? And what did you HONESTLY think about Adrienne’s fish & kool-aid sandwich?
what was your first thought when Ellen Degeneres contacted you?
Your reactions give me life, have you seen
Some of those are just bad. My sister and I watch them and react similar to how you do.
Keep doing the good work!
Talking about finger food?
How do you survive winter? Custom gloves?
What makes asoiaf better than lotr?
What color is your toothbrush?
Hi Kalen, we matched on tinder but you didn't respond and unmatched me. Why do you play games with my heart?
Kalen Allen from Laiders of the Rost Alk??! Big fan!
Where was your favourite place to get food at Temple?
What’s your favourite memory of studying there?
Are qualified to rate food on a scale of how many fingers of finger licking good it is?
Do you like taco bell?
How many times have you had to watch this Outer Limits episode?
Was there any reason why they cut it off? Why didn't they just let you live with more fingers than the rest of us
Do your kids have a xtra fingers? Genetically speaking having 6 fingers is a dominant trait I think
How did you show the middle finger to people?
Wtf happened to the .5?
What was it like working with Harrison Ford?
I'm a little late to the party, but what are your thoughts on Charles Library?
You were "born" with fingers the length of your body?
How did you learn to be so funny? Actual question!
My mother also introduced me to your videos far before you got famous and I'm surprised you still do this lmao
I’ve been watching you since before Ellen. I love this journey for you so much! Stay true to yourself ❤️ I know you will. Just wanna ask, what do you have in store next for yourself? Any big goals?
Dear OP. Have you ever seen The Princess Bride? It seems you haven’t. You truly need to. It will explain everything.
Would u rather have 11 or 12 fingers??
Wow. Do you ever clip those talons? Do you keep them long like that for defensive purposes?
Do you know AlwaysP0ppin did it first?
Am I the only one who thought his fingers were 11.5 inches long?
OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ❤️❤️ Please please when will you interview BTS next? I need to see your interactions with Jimin ❤️❤️
Did you used to have 12, but then ate half of one, and was the food you got famous for talking about that half finger?
What is the most disgusting or most memorable recipe out of all the ones you've reacted to?
Do you think Mike Holloway deserved to win Survivor season 30?
From what I've seen you're a lamb, what are your top 5 or so Mariah Carey songs and what are some of your favorite Mariah Carey lyrics?
Could you use any of the 1.5 fingers?
Did you know about this?
Do you wanna be my BFF? I live near LA.
We are already BFF's!
You're famous?
What is your favorite breakfast food?
I eat eggs a lot! Scrambled only! Also, that is the only thing that I will eat with just salt and pepper!
How many words per minute can you type?
Idk, but I can type really fast. I should take a test!
Omg I love you! Your videos are hilarious and my kids and I always get a kick out of them! What's the strangest dish you've ever eaten or made yourself?
How fast can you type?
How do you bring yourself to eat more than a small meal once or twice a day?
This is my ultimate struggle! I'm starting to get better though. I'm just too lazy!
How many jokes do you get about chicken fingers or finger food?
I don't think people know about my extra fingers so none really lol.
Where do you get your undying energy from!? Btw it's contagious and helps other.
Idk, I guess I've just held on to my innocence!
What’s your favorite karaoke song/song to sing along to?
Hero by Mariah Carey
What's ur style of cooking/baking?