In the entire anime, this scene is the only time where we can hear Killua's footsteps. He was so focused on getting to Gon he didn't bother to silence his footsteps for the very first time.

Great now I have to rewatch the entire anime to confirm this.
You can never rewatch HxH too many times. There are so many neat details to catch on every rewatch.
I'm currently watching it again with a friend who hasn't seen it before and I love pointing out these small details
This the same scene where Gon used his chopped off arm as a spear and impaled Pitou in the ground right
Lol when u phrase it like that...
I introduced HxH to my wife and now shes obsessed with killua and scratches me with her nails
Scratches how?
to be specific killua's footsteps aren't silent, they're barely audible as in u have to have very good hearing to notice them. however it's nice that the 2011 anime could keep that detail consistent
Melody says that she can’t hear Killua’s footsteps and she has probably the best hearing in the world. She can only track him by listening to his literal heartbeat because it’s louder than his movement.
They are essentially silent. Most people can't hear them.
Details like this are the reason why I love HunterXHunter so damn much.
Impressive how many missed details people still point out to this day
Can't forget that sad face he made when gon said he "has it easy".
Or his cry out for Gon before he blew up the forest
He did.
I watched the anime 5 times and never noticed this....
Time to rewatch.
You know... I never noticed before. Wow.
not true, killuas footsteps sortve go in and out of being audible.
heres highlights of killua in heavens arena. within the first minute you can see him walking and hear his footsteps...
yes, i think the animators only started being careful about making killua's steps silent around the time of that scene with Melody where it's brought up and onwards from there
Also young Killua's flashback scene with Canary.
So you show us this with a gif so we can’t hear it , ironic
Videos can't be uploaded to this subreddit apparently. So I unfortunately couldn't upload it with sound.
There is no other anime like this one. I watched it and thought it was slow and sucked and turned it off the very first 1-3 starts... Boy oh boy was I wrong
umm I guess that would've been kinda nice? but we hear his footsteps many times... he usually goes quiet only when on guard. Also this is more of a hop/jump rather than a step anyway.
Edit: This thread is kinda sad tbh. Let's just bury the comments saying something we don't want to be true so we can enjoy our blissful ignorance, huh. For those saying I'm wrong, I don't know what's the formula exactly but I've heard his footsteps normally plenty of times especially in the earlier parts which I've rewatched more. To reply to
I don’t think that’s true. They make it a point to silence his footsteps in every frame he’s walking in. Even if he’s running beside people you can match sounds to every footstep but his.
Really? Can you give me an example? I remember thinking Killua's footsteps being silent throughout the whole series was a cool detail when I first finished the show.
Best bromance in anime history, no contest
I’ve always wanted to write some sort of story whether it be anime, a comic, or a novel I was interested. I remember watching this series for the first time and it was a huge slap in the face and a reminder that other people can write way better.
Don’t give up on your dreams!
Don't give up, writing is my life goal and after watching HxH it only inspired me even more.
Was watching just now. You can hear two of his footsteps after he rips the heart out from the mass murderer during the majority rules trial in the tower during the hunter exam.
I feel like that isn't true
As someone who very recently finished the show, I can say pretty confidently that this is bullshit. It might be the only time in a fight where you can hear his footsteps, (maybe? I’m not going to watch every Killua fight again to check) but there’s plenty of scenes where he’s just walking around and you can hear them...
This is not entirely true. And it just downplays his character development.
This is not true you can also hear his footsteps in his fight against the scissor guy in greed island
this is an amazing catch
omg... I have seen this series at least 4 times... I never thought of this before, but you're right... Imma go cry now
HOLY FUCK, is this for real? Im a manga person so i dont know
It is! It's one of the reasons the anime adaptation is super solid, it adds so many cool details like this that makes things even more immersive.
U should try anime of HXH is best one out there very much detailed creative and everything
I'm screaming holy shit what a good fucking detail!
omg that’s so cool
and you uploaded it as a gif... great...
What episode?
Hxh doesn't seize to impress me!
Gon could've just heard him. His senses were extraordonarily keen even before he grew up.
What.....the FUCK
Am I the only one that can’t hear any sound on Reddit...
What chapter is it from?
Damn nice catch
What episode
This is wrong you here his steps in the Canary flashback and when he was going to kill the guy that used a spell on him when they first entered Greed Island.
Thank you for including the sound
Wow, that is cool
Wow. Nice find.
Nice catch though logically it would make sense that killua is silent by habit now and not a conscious thing.
Could also be because hes moving super duper fast and in that mode be might be faster than sound can travel.
No matter how fast he is, he cant move faster than gon saying “Its okay. It doesnt hurt. Im not trying to be tough. Im kind of happy. Finally, i get to be the same as kite back then.” which,i remind you, was a fraction of a second and shorter than the blink of an eye.
I never even noticed this before. This is an amazing detail!
Holy shit I never noticed this. Fucking fantastic
Holy shit I’ve never realized this! Killua is now my favorite anime character even more.
Truly a godlike anime
I've watched this show 4 times and never caught this, just how many other ring details are there! This is a fantastic find!
Thanks for sharing this!
WOW! I never realized this! Nice catch!
Man you always find new reasons to love hxh even more.
Sounds like a headcannon to me, lol
You fanboys are reaching
I hope that they do not have to go through the Naruto Sasuke drama :(
It’s not that deep for that sound byte
Killua is not doing that on purpose, he's used to be silent