Hardcore Parkour

How does that work.. like wouldn’t gravity pull him down immediately?
Looks like right before his toes touch the ground he tucks his knees. I’m sure that took quite a few tries to get the timing down.
Nah man, you just turn it off for a sec
It is pulling him, he ends up beeing lower than when he first slipped off, but immediately lifts his knees up fast enough to bring his feet back up to where they were before he slipped
Fuck that's impressive
Said no one to me ever
But not metal
The Office theme song intensifies
I like when Rob dyrdek shows parkour videos and yells "Parkouuur!" Lol
No that's a name I haven't heard in a long time
So, did he basically say fuck the law of gravity in the beginning? How the hell is that possible?
Pull your feet back up faster than 9.81m/s. Probably takes a lot of leg strength
His center of gravity is certainly obeying said law. He's using his extremities to create a (thoroughly difficult, impressive, and commendable) visual trick.
Michael Scott never ceases to amaze me.
He looks like he's testing his robot legs and he's amazed at what the new model can do
Avatar vibes!
Did he just double jump
Nah this guys bunny hopping everywhere
I feel like this person would survive the zombie apocalypse
I feel like this man being zombie, no one would survive apocalypse
We all know parkour magically feeds you and stops you from getting infected
this dude really grinding speedrun techs IRL
Hardkour parkour **
Gravity? Yeah tried it once, not a fan.
really dumb to not wear a helmet. someone gonna die
Yeah, I’m seeing all those sharp edges and corners, just cringing.
Not really. If you're wearing a helmet it'll fuck up your sense of space and balance.
Did...did he just use the force...
Guy just unlocked double jump
He did a real life Wiley coyote!
The trick with the feet has to do with his center of mass. He stretches out his body and when he retracts his legs he is pulling them to his center of mass. This pulls his legs up so his toes come up above the lip of the tire and he can land on the tire again.
I'm 32 and still haven't unlocked double jump yet. Any day now..
“Cuz love don’t last forever” Ayo teo
My feet hurt from just watching this guy.
Real life phoon
Have an upvote for de...feeting gravity.
Okay, yeah, I see the entire rest of it, but I'm still stuck on the first thing. Holy fuck. I didn't think that would be possible.
This dude lagged in the air
This looks like a bad place to face plant.
His ping is high
Look what I can do
But but....how?
Ope, he used his "fuck!" Move.
Admin he’s scripting
Splinters cell
Bhopping irl
Yeah but I bet they can’t do fence jumps
Yes. Adults on jungle gym equipment. Doing recess type activities. How metal....
Like to see you do this, video or it never happened.
I guess those guys in Hong Kong 30 floors up aren’t ‘hard core’?
This is sooo not what I subscribed to this sub for.
None of this was remotely impressive but especially that first thing
Nothing you’ve ever done is remotely impressive but especially this comment.
You would paralyze yourself if you tried that and you know it
I think the gym he's in is the most impressive
Not impressive cause you can do it too or not impressive cause you're a moronic troll?
This is not metal you fucking numb skull
Well can you do that?