BLS: CPI increased 0.3% in October, Core CPI increased 0.2%

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Okay, so it's 19F out there right now. And it's only mid-November. With 3-5" predicted tonight. Life is good.
Ten day: 70/50 every day. Possibility of our first rain on Black Friday.
Banking Crisis 2.0 on the radar:
Meh. Connecticut is a complete basket case, having been run into the ground by its leaders for decades. (Don't forget, I lived in Fairfield Co. for 15 years.) Wells Fargo is not doing well. Maybe they don't have the capital. And the article states the Greenwich area is now designated as distressed. The 2008 crisis hit that area hard because the white collar jobs in NYC dried up. The old money is being replaced by the nouveau riche who are much more strapped. Connecticut politics/taxes have made living there almost untenable, and headlines a few years ago were about hedge funders etc. moving to cheaper locales like Florida. Their housing market is in a slump. GE left and took "800 corporate executives". NYC stock brokers have been marginalized by online trading.
Greenwich is no longer what it used to be.
Actually, that seems remarkably responsible to me. I'm shocked
'Will Hillary Run Again In 2020??' - Tucker Carlson REACTS To Hillary's Presidential Run In 2020
Gold, Jerry!
Can't watch that. Just the thought gives me the heebie jeebies.
I want to write Trump’s commercials. Most would consist of her saying in ‘16 all the bad things that would happen if Trump were elected. The rest would be themed on four years ago she could barely walk, now she wants to run?
I think they might try and run her.
The Veterans Day pimping of W' was disgusting.
Mandolin Orange - "Little Worlds"
Ooh. I like that.
Video Shows Group Climbing SoCal Border Fence as Hundreds of Migrants Arrive in Tijuana
Quote from a woman in the video:
"We're the richest country in the world - let's just let people in"
She so needs to be doxxed so we can see if she locks her doors.
Razor wire now covers border wall where 'vanguard' of migrant caravan taunted U.S.
Facebook used opposition-research firm to link critics to George Soros, report says
Farcebook is going to need to get better at playing politics, I guess.
My eldest just got three pairs of boots from JCP online for $80.
This holiday is going to be retail brutal.
It may just be JCP.
I watched a reseller on youtube unpack a wholesale crate and it had a ton of brand new JCP tags. I thought - uh oh.
Is that better or worse than wholesaler brutal?
Michael Avenatti arrested by LAPD on suspicion of domestic violence
That's not very woman freindly I suspect.
I'm sure he's under an inordinate amount of stress lately.
Was there ever any doubt he's a douchebag?
Deep State changing sides and going with the winner?
SJW Admits They LOST The Internet
Ah, wonderful
I just posted that.
Someone in the Euro region America could actually partner with.
How is This a Thing? 14th of November 2018
Paypal Deplatforms Bitchute, Bending to Pressure from Busybodies and Lamestreamers
If only they took Crypto...
Styx takes crypto, and had that tax adviser on yesterday, and if you take crypto there are tax reporting considerations, valued at the point of contribution. Sounds like a pain in the neck. Also, crypto seems to track you now. I thought it was supposed to be anonymous but I guess not.
Panel Laughs At CNN Host's Crazy Claim That Ratings Don't Matter
Hello Amazon, So Long Crystal City: Builder Sees Old Name Fading
From "Puzzle Palace" to "Three Letter Storm Door Company" Crystal City has become its own meme.
OMG. Dell is going back to the public funding well they have poisoned so many times. Will no one ever learn?
It's only money.
Uber is a really great wealth redistribution scheme. Taking money from rich venture capitalists and giving them to drivers and passengers.
Death toll 48 and expected to rise.
Anyone heard from Scott Adams?
I remember when I used to work on military SATCOM stuff, that you had to assume GPS was not available (i.e. it would be jammed) . Apparently that's the case even during war games.
Ironically GPS was developed for the military, but it is really only useful for commercial applications.
Okay. Where to begin. At first GPS had two channels. Miltary and commercial. Commercial was randomly degraded. Well guess what. Three commercial receivers in proximity and you start getting close to MilSpec. In times of war the commericial was supposed to be degraded to near useless. Great crashing shit everywhere is not going to be a good thing. So they gave it up are supposedly everyone got the good data all the time. Now it doesn't matter. The satellites in common usage will be ummmm, physically compromised.
Without weighing in I would suggest it is unlikely the military has no alternative to the GPS system we know about.
It's quite useful against a less sophisticated enemy... Which is who we fight most often
Hmm. TGT is starting to look like a buy here. Especially with my AMD proceeds.
is now the time to go long BTC?
Amazon HQ2's 50,000 jobs will cost New York and Virginia $4.2 billion
Cuomo: We don't have enough money to fix the subway Also Cuomo: We have plenty of money to buy Jeff Bezos a helipad
You charge sbway riders 1/4th th cost of the ride. not 1/4th the total cost, just 1/4th the operating costs. Yeah, that's right. Taxpayers across the country buy you every light bulb and paper clip and still step up with 4/5ths of the operating expenses. What is this "we" you parasite?
Muh nickels!
My short Gold / long Crypto pair trade, is not doing so well.
almost as spectacular as a long-oil, short natty paired trade.
The first attack wave of the invading caravan has been testing the border defenses for weakness.
Is that the LGBTQ contingent?
Trying to enter California rather than Texas. Figures.
Note to caravan invaders: Wearing a "Raiders" cap while talking to the press is not a good idea.
Hey bh. Remember that PM intervention I thought I needed? Never mind.
Dems represented by a white male?
How quaint.
Shouldn't have taken that long lunch...
Theresa May came out the door.
It's only down 200 now.
WTF did you do!
Acronym Alert:
Forget Facebook and Apple and buy cheap BANG stocks
No PM for me
Scientology has stiff competition.
[Ocasio-Cortez then talked about her own experience protesting climate change.
“We don’t have a choice. We have to get to one hundred percent renewable energy in 10 years. There is no other option,” Ocasio-Cortez added.]
This is so awesome. Like Trump, AOC understands how to suck all the oxygen out of the room. It's fascinating how much coverage FoxNews gives to a 29 year first time rep.
Why is anyone surprised that a Socialist isn't giving anyone a choice?
Why is anyone surprised that a Socialist thinks she has the power to deny everyone a choice?
Scientists behind ocean warming study say errors were made
It's CNN, but it's buried deep...
To their credit they admit the mistakes that appear to be honest mistakes but “Nature” needs to radically change their pal review policies. And keep in mind that they still chose to toss out the data in favor of their model.
Federal prosecutors reviewing altered election documents tied to Florida Democrats
Tucker Carlson: Independent counsels are a handy way to settle political scores
Japan's economy contracts in third quarter, trade war clouds rebound outlook
That's OK. #3 ranked global economy contracting (recession)
No problem, global growth story on track.
And Trump is again threatening a 25% tariff on autos now that he has their attention.
I'd expect it to be worse for China, although I have doubts they'd accurately report it.
How ZTE helps Venezuela create China-style social control
It's for your own good, citizen...
We already have the FICO which is used to price things not even related to credit.
I thought the leftists were against Voter ID cards?
Apparently, the long-oil, short natural gas paired trade is blowing up spectacularly. Too many people were expecting $100/bbl from Trump's Iran Sanctions.
The question is whether NATO countries are willing to pay Putin a 60% increase in their winter heating bill. Damn, 19% today! Winter is coming...
Former GE vice chair on Larry Culp's inherited problems
Sure glad that I don't have a GE pension...
As a taxpayer you are the ultimate guarantor of the PBGC so in a way you will hve a GE pension eventually. ;)
I am SO smart. S-M-R-T...
Pretty impressive!
I might have to up your fee to $100. Especially considering yoringe may stay behind the red curtain.
Meanwhile, in Norway...
You'd think that Vikings would be good at building boats.
They sure seem to worry a lot about money for a socialist country
So, it appears that some hedgies were long oil and short NatGas.
And now Mr. Margin is tying up their phones.
$5 natty? The whipsaw when reality kicks in is going to be epic.
OMG. Michelle Obama is literally talking up her book by claiming the Presidency belongs to the people. Between GWB & BHO we had 16 years of rampant corporatism and special interests and deep state and imposition of bureaucratic fiat.
I feel like this goes way back. I think Reagan wen to Washington to stop this sort of thing, but quickly realized he couldn't, or was perhaps scared off by the assassination attempt 3 months into his Presidency. Since then, nothing but corporatism. I'm surprised that Trump has lasted this long...
Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?
Cost to insure GE debt hits highest since 2012 -IHS Markit, Refinitiv data
Trump Eyeing Staffing Shakeup in Cabinet and at White House
That will be telling if he can break with the Neo-cons the Ryan/McCain/Rubio crowd foisted on him, or not.
He is huge on loyalty and trusts pretty much no one. It's gotta be hard to pick support staff when you don't trust anyone.
His era was more rugged individualist and not team player.
Days after visit, Trump blasts France's Macron as relations sour
Good. Globalists are the enemy.
What does one expect of a so called Leader who has not gone thru puberty yet and married Mrs Robinson. What a pu&&y.
General Electric Is Flashing Caution Signs in Credit Markets
Is LIBOR gong to be a thing again?
The thing is that creditor guarantees are sure to put them in front come the reorg making the stock worthless.
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