Personal Income increased 0.3% in April, Spending increased 0.6%

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Adios Mariano..... May the Prison greet you!
The coming “success” of socialism in Spain likely dooms Bernie’s chances in 2020.
Most of the mallards just flocked off to the strawberry fields. It's amazing how they all decide to just up and go simultaneously.
Kind of like the geezers and Florida.
On the :deck: before :sundown: !!!!
The :ducks: and the :herons: are doing touch and goes, preparing for the evening I guess.
Time for some music and inebrients.
The last light leaving the mountain peaks. At 9200ft drinking is less expensive. Firestone Luponic Distortion and maybe a gin n tonic after the art show.
Fight song
Any day now
From Atlanta Fed:
Maybe the arrests are taking so long because there’s a shortage of those not being indicted.
320 million indictments...
Californian emigrants aren’t all moving to cheaper housing markets
Growth Amid Dysfunction: An Analysis of Trends in Housing, Migration, and Employment
Executive Summary - PDF
California Migration
"Exodus" by Henry Mancini
Protesters in San Francisco dumped a huge pile of scooters in the street and blocked 11 tech buses — and then things got tense
Nerd protesting
The only thing worse than spoiled children is unemployed spoiled children.
As much as I dislike those stupid Bird scooters laying around abandoned on sidewalks, lawns, and parkways; they're not nearly as bad as tents full of druggies scattered around the same places. At least the scooters don't dump human waste, garbage, and needles all around themselves.
The Rage!!
Hey, did anyone notice this?
Socialist chief Pedro Sanchez set to become Spain's Prime Minister
Is that a cross between Pedro and Sancho?
To sad he isnt related to Rick Sanchez......
Free Catalan!!
5 mo. ago:
Rhodes scholar.
The thing to think about is what happens 15 minutes into the future, Max.
I don't think this plays like the libs think it does.
Identity politics is the horse that died and rolled over on its rider.
Rudy Giuliani is turning the Mueller probe on its head
Ya know, if the (D) don't start setting realistic expectations, and if they don't pick up the House in 2018... Put MuddyEcon on suicide watch.
Trump ‘spygate’ offensive loses steam
Now theyv'e got him! Right up until the IG report part II, and then, it looks bad. IG report part III will probably be worse.
Trey Gowdy Didn’t Even See Documents He Claims Exonerate FBI On Spygate
I will be AMAZED if Comey comes out of this looking like the good guy.
No. The only path is to follow your heart no matter the consequences. All or nothing and make that clear repeatedly all through the campaign to the exclusion of all else.
Ben Rhodes: Obama team blindsided by FBI's Trump campaign investigation because they just assumed Clinton would win the election
This one below, is still 50% "Russia!" (they can't help themselves) but still has some choice quotes:
Yeah Denial; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; Acceptance. MuddyEcon and the MSM are still of course on Denial.
4D chess is a bitch.
You know, maybe someone should have taken the hint that pushing an unpopular, corrupt global elitist by hook or by crook, was not the best choice. But yeah, they'd rather have Trump than Sanders.
How Trump’s Election Shook Obama: ‘What if We Were Wrong?’
The "Yes, we Scan" Drohne King will not go down nice in History....... What a Douche!
This statement caught my eye:
Ben Rhodes: Obama team blindsided by FBI's Trump campaign investigation because they just assumed Clinton would win the election
Plausible deniability ?
"deputy national security adviser for strategic communications"
What the hell is that anyway?
Yah think government might be bloated, just a bit?
Union Sues Trump For Telling Fed Workers To Stop Doing So Much Union Business On Taxpayers’ Dime
The more we learn, the less the various stories and timelines make sense.
The FBI claims it began investigating the Trump campaign on July 31... But they were running Halper before that.
The Downer and Mifsud interviews flatly contradict the entire narrative, including Papadapolous's sworn confession.
And so on...
I am still waiting for coherent answers to two questions:
By "coherent" I mean (2) preceding (1).
At this point, there appear to be only two possible explanations:
a) The whole Trump-Russia thing was a setup from the start
b) The investigation was based on (e.g.) SIGINT that is still not public, and what we are seeing are glimpses of some NSA/FBI "parallel construction" effort
I can only hope this brings the abhorrent mechanism of parallel construction out of the shadows.
I feel for SM.... He must have been in First Contact with People like Steve.....
It took a lot of time and therapy to forget certain things. Sometimes there are still flashbacks.
Dont Tweet on Meds....
Don’t tweet.
Interesting thread. Cites all sources so you can verify his claims for yourself.
Yup, the third source is an "unreported interview". So I guess he's quoting himself. Now I see why he calls himself "undercover John Huber".
What a load.. He [PAPADOPOULOS] was talking about emails hacked from Clinton's rogue email server. Which, if true, is devastating, and why Peter Strzok, (working on any possible angle to exonerate her at the time) took the next flight to London because any email from THAT source meant HRC jail time.
The DNC emails were clearly downloaded by an insider, and Podesta's email password was "Runner4567" sent in plain-text by an aid to his own email account, and the exact same as his Twitter password, which was subsequently hacked by 4chan when they read the Wikileaks as even after the known breach, Podesta failed to change his fucking passwords. Hell, he probably used the same password for EVERY media account. Hell, he probably used it for his 401k/Brokerage/bank too.
What if the DNC Russian “hack” was really a leak after all? A new report raises questions media and Democrats would rather ignore
Hell, half, if not ALL of the DNC and Podesta emails had not even been WRITTEN yet.
Whenever I want the truth I always look for "Undercover Huber". His picture is plastered all over his web page.
Conflict minerals (3TG): Mining production, applications and recycling
Loony tunes in the investment community may create opportunities for investors. By reducing competition, they may drive up profits.
I wouldn't mind profiting from other people's silly ideas.
Lol. “artisanal mining”. What next? Avocado toast is cultural appropriation?
GE loses $7.2 million Iranian market as Trump scraps nuclear deal
Trump is talking up my book!
Boeing set to lose a crapton of orders. Maybe enough to actually impact the backlog.
Its Football WC and as usual TV's are on Offer...... Brace for a Fight with the Nagging Unit....
Anyone has a Hitachi TV?
Buy on price. It will last longer than you will want to keep it anyway.
Yes, Sears is likely to collapse, but its biggest stakeholder will be just fine
Too bad about the shareholders tho'
Who is GE's biggest stakeholder?
Soon it will be the PBGC.
Trump reportedly said he wants to stop German luxury car imports in the US
Merkel's not going to like that.
GM stock up 10% on this (and other) news. Ford flat. Because people will flock to the GM equivalent of the 7 Series or i3.
Meh... Mercedes builds in Bama...
trump set to let Canada and Mexico exemptions expire
Part of that is that Mexico has been funneling Chinese steel and not moving to stop the practice.
Just guessing but aluminum from Canada has to be hurting US sources with the current currency exchange rates. That’s not a good reason to impose tariffs.
Yes, the FBI Was Investigating the Trump Campaign When It Spied
Some pretty lofty heads might be about to roll. That IG report must be pretty damning.
Yeah that's the one. A never-Trumper like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Romney and GWB, who are on the outside of power looking in when their own base was sick of their elitest "We know what's best for you," shit. The one who got publicly humiliated on the global stage by Donald Trump in the RNC debates. No hurt feelies I am sure.
Trump, Trump, Trump.......Never,Never,Never......🐸
There’s a special way Never-Trumpers identify each other.
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