Reddit: Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

I swear, we had proper apostrophe use before elpinko showed up.
Everything 's worse now
Hey, did Adobe pay you to use your username in their ads that I'm seeing?
Just curious.
Hi hero. We miss you.
My hero
She... Elpinko is female.
He has returned
The fact that I haven't seen SP:BLU in twenty years and still was singing along just proves that Matt & Trey should make more musicals
They do have the Book Of Mormon on Broadway. Opened in 2011 and is still running. Nominated for 14 Tony Awards it won 9 of them Including Best Musical.
Pretty sure Blame Canada won the Best Original Song Oscar that year
Have you seen The Book of Mormon? It’s by them and it’s very South Park in feel.
All characters and events in this gif—even those based on real people—are entirely fictional. All reddit characters are impersonated.....poorly. The following gif contains meta and due to its content it should not be viewed by anyone.
Seriously - I, elpinko, do not support the brigading of any subreddits or harassing of any users on reddit. Please see the reddit content policy, specifically that Being annoying, downvoting, or disagreeing with someone, even strongly, is not harassment. However, menacing someone, directing abuse at a person or group, following them around the site, encouraging others to do any of these actions, or otherwise behaving in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Reddit crosses the line.
But I put the ass in harass.
Seriously tho, what did he do? Or is this still about him being banned on
Reddit Mods looking at this like
nobody does fuck uncles quite like
This is gayer than the pile!
This site is glorified Facebook these days. I don't care about someone's wedding, their kids or anything else. I come here for memes and news.
The news is usually shit too
Ooo what's
I had no interest in checking it out until your comment, even after reading the one where you regretted looking I still went and looked. I too regret it, but have returned with a question. Why?!
Apparently one of the greatest subs on Reddit.
Expected crossdresser bulges, found dicks in costumes instead
It's a wonderful thing
I'm simultaneously richer and poorer for having looked at that sub.
Thats what I got from this GIF
So obviously now I have to go see what
Edit: I'm back and both confused and impressed.
I only just learned of it now as well, and it is now my favorite sub
I enjoy your wit pinkie. It's sharp. Like a...a...sharp object.
No Elpinko that’s my pot pie!
Respect my authority!
am i missing some context
After, whats it been, 15 years? I just realized the movie title is a penis pun...
You're not the only one, thanks for the insight.
"users don't appeal to advertisers" wtf since when is it backwards like that
I say we strike. HQ gifs on.striikkeeeee
That elpinko is really sticking it to that elpinko
Oh man I could heard that being sung
What's next? 'Up There' where "There" is
I can change I can change, I know I've been a sandy little butthole!
He's not even a real user anyway!
The songs in that movie were so good. I was just looping that "la resistance" or whatever it was called song so much at one point.
As a long time lurker, you have really been turning out the hits lately. I mean you were good before but it's like this isn't even your final form.
Went to
Blame CaNaDA
My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give.
Some subs gave gif option for comments.
He's not even a real giffer anyway!
Love the seams less loop
A genuinely good meta gif with a poignant message. Very nice :)
What have you done elplinko to feel so much guilt to be making these?
I <3 you.
Soooo one large penis joke?
Interesting how the parade scene looks so much like the Charlie Chaplin parade scene in Modern Life, i wonder if it's a coincidence?
Finally, an HQG for the people! /s
Oh my God this is amazing. The new lyrics match the original almost perfectly! Bravo.
Can someone pleaseeeee rip and send the commentary of This movie. I miss it
Naughty naughty
I declare at least 30 lashes with a wet noodle!
Oh no
Reminds me of this swedish song is's the gays fault
I always suspected that
Pinko I thought you knew better than to use the stroke layer style when using motion blur.
How ironic
“Bigger, Longer, Uncut”
That’s what she said
I’ve said it for years. Elpinko is the worst.
Eat the rich.
Shit it on elpinko
These are getting awesome.
Yeah! Dey took der jerbs!
Getting real tired of the "CHINESE CENSORSHIP OF REDDIT" bullshit
Tencent bought a 5 percent stock in the company. They don't control shit
Whats elpinko
Nice try power mods
Oh man, I can hear it
They're not even a real giffer anyway
Guy here creating a cult of personality on himself in broad daylight.
This is super!
I just realized that “bigger, longer, and uncut” is a dick joke. Smh.
Makes me glad I am not a well-known or prolific content maker. I just post stupid comments. No one cares about comment karma. 🤷🏻‍♂️