SEA OF WORRY AMA WITH DAN BARRETT - Ask your questions here.

This is the official AMA for SEA OF WORRY.

Will there be more Giles Corey and Black Wing in the future?
(Also, I loved Black Wing Is Doomed, You really kick it out of the park with that album. My favorite song is "If I Let Him In".)
Both will definitely happen.
I'd love to do it as a split but that may be too asinine, even for me.
Just got the album art for Black Wing and it looks amazing. This guy:
I should add the album art is not on his feed.
Seconded. Really need another proper Black Wing release!
Death sentences is a bloody masterpiece
I belive I read something where Dan said (don't quote me on this..) he's interested in writing stuff for Giles Corey. Like I said, I believe I read that. Could just be a dream or something I had.. but sometimes, dreams can come true. I'll try to find the link.
Tagging onto this with another Black Wing question:
Given the now tight connection between Giles Corey and HANL through the Hinterkaifeck poem, I was wondering how closely aligned you regard the Black Wing material with the themes of HANL.
Also... adored the album. Thanks so much for another killer release.
The most emotionally challenging song you've ever written and put together?
I find it very difficult to listen to "The Haunting Presence." I have a physical reaction to it and it takes a lot to force myself through the entire thing.
I’ll keep it lighthearted here: Dan Barrett- will you say trans rights?
(P.S. your music has meant so much to me in the past, and listening to Sea Of Worry for the first time was almost a surreal experience. So impressed with what you, Tim and the boys pulled off. Much love!)
Trans rights are human rights.
I've been asked this several times and I have to say, I don't really get it.
But of course, trans people deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else, and it blows my mind that we are still policing the actions of people that harm absolutely no one.
So, trans rights.
Jeez now I’m kinda anxious that he won’t. That would be a bummer
sorry if im out of the loop but why do you want him to just say "trans rights"?
What musical act(s) would you say has/have influenced your music the most?
TIM SAYS: overall, for this project, The Cure's wide musical range has been a guide.
Dan: Yup. The Cure, The Chameleons.
Many people have made the observation that the lyrics to "sea of worry" are more explicitly political. What made you take this decision?
Also, any plans about a Latin American tour, specifically Mexico? :)
I can't help but reflect the world I live in, and the world I live in is explicitly political.
I'm more outward facing in general, both as a function of having kids, and as a function of the slow ego-death that age brings.
hey just wanted to say you’re cute.
YOU are
Another question I have in mind.
What's the deal with those demos up on youtube. Like for an example "Black Christmas" "Landless Earth" "Nothing At All" and some other good ones that I can't think of at the moment. How did they get there? Will they ever get properly made and released officially?
They're just that - demos. I have a lot of songs that never get properly recorded.
I love "A Landless Earth" but I think it's too similar to Spectral Bride to get the album treatment. "Nothing At All" is the most likely to get there.
What’s behind the frequency of religious imagery and themes in your writing, particularly Christian ones? I know you have an interest in the paranormal, but are you personally religious at all?
PS Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the world.
I am strictly areligious.
But I've always been attracted to religion, and in a different universe I might have been a priest or something similar. It's hard to know where your aesthetics come from, and I certainly went to church a few times in my youth. Tim had a much more religious upbringing than I did.
Hi Dan!. I noticed that more than sadness, the music on Sea of Worry plays with anxiety. Was that something you and Tim intended?, (i'm guessing yes because the title is Sea of WORRY after all...) and if so, how did you come at it in order to achieve it?. From personal experience, I've noticed that feelings of anxiety and worry are much harder to put into music than, let's say, sadness or angst.
Another one, Destinos seems like a very layered and complex song, how long did it take to craft to its final form? Was it the "hardest" song on the album?, or was another song more challenging?. The amount of layers on your songs has always impressed me, but Destinos just blew me away.
Love from Mexico!!! Hope you can stop by some day :). Your music speaks to me and it's incredible that you interact so much with your fanbase.
TIM SAYS: we chose a slower developing, more natural-feeling structure over the demo - the hardest thing was counting the repetitions and not getting hand cramps playing the basic lines, frankly. This release felt like the best context for its themes and pacing.
Dan: on anxiety....like most of our records, themes emerge after the fact, when all the songs are put together. I didn't really sit down and think "THIS RECORD IS ABOUT ANXIETY" - I just wrote music while anxious, and you get what you get. It's a bit more amorphous as a theme, but I like that about it.
First I want to let both Dan and Tim know that your work is truly inspiring, especially after finding out that Deathconsciousness was made with hardly any resources and how you both take the time out of your busy days to work on Have a Nice Life and your other projects. Your music can be so haunting and even dreadful but beautiful at the same time, I can't get enough of it.
Anyways, I want to ask where you two see Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey, Consumer, and your other projects going in the future? Is making music something you both want to continue doing for years to come? Also, do you plan on having a Sea of Worry/In Computers tour next year?
TIM SAYS: CONSUMER has been writing new material, though we collectively have a lot of work and life stuff taking priority at the moment before we record and play out again.
Dan: We'll definitely keep making music. I don't think any of us have a particularly clear plan for the future - we just do what we enjoy, and if that produces something, beautiful.
I'd love to keep playing live, but we want to keep it relatively minimal.
Hey, greetings from Russia! Why did you use "Lord of Tresserhorn" as a song name? Do you play magic? If not, where did it come from? I'm a huge fan of both mtg and your music, and it was unexpected crossover which I can't throw out of my head. Thank you so much.
TIM SAYS: the Lord felt like an appropriate avatar of heavy responsibility
Dan: Tim and I both played a lot of MTG back in the day and have mined it for song titles for a long time.
From what I heard on a podcast interview the song is indeed a reference to MTG, they used to play and I think they stopped after original mirrodin, could be wrong though.
Before 'Deathconsciousness' became a nigh on universally beloved classic, while you were in the midst of polishing and ordering what from my understanding were essentially a group of disparate songs you were playing in coffee houses, did you have any sense that what you were recording was going to have its finger pressed so tightly to the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist?
In short, did you realize you were making an album that was not only a work of singular vision, but was going to became an instant classic? And whether you did or did not, how did your expectations line up with the reality of how the album was received?
I literally thought no one would ever hear it, or care.
My expectation was that we might sell 50 of them on the internet someday, but even that felt like a real stretch at the time.
None of this makes any sense to us at all, but we're grateful for it.
hey dan! i have a few questions
and last but not least, i'm going to say what everyone else here keeps saying. you and your music have really changed my life and the way i think. i can't thank you enough for what you've done for me. thank you for what you do and thank you for doing this ama! ♡ sending love to you and your family all the way from kansas
Would you have any interest in doing a few shows in Australia if a promoter reached out?
I personally enjoy Unknown Pleasures, but that primarily has to do with my relationship with that record, rather than anything specifically musical.
Which reunion are you more excited for: My chemical romance or rage against the machine
RATM was my preferred childhood bedroom mosh music, so...
I don't think I've ever even heard MCR. I must have. I'm sure it's good.
What was the process of re-recording older songs (Trespassers W and Destinos) like for you? Also, can we expect other Voids tracks (like Sisyphus) to be on a future album?
Pretty interesting process to take older tracks and put them in the full band setting. Playing Tresspassers live is such an awesome experience, it just feels right for that song.
Destinos we've had for a while, and I don't remember much of that process, but we like the newer version significantly more.
As for Voids songs, I'm not sure. I think we're out of the "old tracks we still need to release" stage of our lives, but if any were going to show up, that would be the one.
is there one song that looking back on it you would rewrite or rerecord to try and improve it? (can be for have a nice life, giles corey, black wing, anything like that)
Literally all of them, all the time.
How does it feel to be the biggest band of a label as great as The Flenser ?
What's your favourite track on Sea of Worry ?
Do you plan to form a new band in a near future ?
And also, what are your thoughts about Consumer ?
Thanks for making music, Dan !
First, I want to thank you and Tim for your music. It has meant so much to me personally, and I view you too as two of the best artists working today.
I wanted to know about Destinos. What inspired it, musically and lyrically? I recall you saying how there wasn’t interest in working on it previously, what changed? Why include it on Sea of Worry? I’m also curious about the sample used in it. Where is it from? What did it mean to you?
Apologies for asking so many questions but I’ve been obsessed with the track ever since I heard it on Voids and was extremely happy to see it was going to be on SOW. Thank you so much Dan, hope you’re doing well.
The lyrics started off as being about how I literally can't remember anything. I have a terrible memory and felt like there were huge swaths of my own experience that I just...lost.
Over time the song has morphed into different things, for me, anyway. About the feeling of being forced down a path in life by nothing other than sheer chance.
The sample: I honestly don't remember where I got it, and we can't find it now. But to me, it's a perfect example of internally consistent reasoning that leads to a profoundly anti-humanistic place. That, to me, is one of the defining aspects of modern culture...circular reasoning leading straight into the fucking middle of the earth.
If it's not something too personal, what advice would you give to someone living with depression? AI also wanted to thank you for your music, it means so much to me and I'm glad you are still putting out masterpieces.
Thank you, Dan.
- realize it's chemical and is devoid of any connection to reality, thus cannot be a judgement of any kind on your character, future prospects, etc
- realize that the nature of depression is catastrophizing (extrapolating from a small data set to predict a terrible future), learn to spot that tendency in your thoughts and actively reframe EVERY TIME.
"No one is ever going to want me" ---> "I haven't found the right person yet, but I'm learning more every time I try"
- see a professional.
- if you can, lift weights and get exposed to sunlight. Hard when you're super depressed, but worth it.
why is it called Science Beat?
Because the beginning synth sounds like...science.
What would you consider to be the best song that You've ever written?
TIM SAYS: Emptiness Will Eat the Witch
Dan: Earthmover. Maybe.
What’s the process like for building atmosphere in songs?
Start with something - a line, a piece, something - and build on it.
Keep building until you feel yourself mentally rise above what you're doing and experience what you've built as a coherent whole, complete with emotional resonance.
Then you're done.
Reminder that the AMA will be a week after release date, so you may want to wait until you hear the album to ask questions! However, if you've got some now, you can comment away.
My process for writing lyrics was very different this time around.
Usually, I'm jotting down bits and pieces over a long period of time. When we write some music, I listen to it a lot as I walk around, pick out the bit that seems to line up, and then start building around it.
This time, we had live practices before the lyrics were written, so I had a rhythmic outline/sense of what I wanted to sing before the lyrics were there. Much more like when I was in In Pieces and we were writing songs live.
“I look myself in the face and I don’t see anything” is one of the best lyrics you’ve ever written, just wanted to say that
Awesome. thank you so much.
When are you going to release more ORB?
love u buddy boy
Hey Dan! We met at the Denver show which was amazing, hope you're doing well.
I was wondering if we could get Time of Land and Hinterkaifeck on vinyl? They would make great 10" records or double 7" or something.
Ask the flenser, I'm down!
Can we expect the black metal records in the mail soon?
did you order some?
then it's possible but still not likely
What's the current status of Enemies List in general? Do you still consider it to be an active label? Also how has Enemies List changed (if it has for you) since starting Legrand?
Not really active as a label. It's purely a time/bandwidth thing on my part.
Legrad is our primary channel for interacting with folks and it's incredible. It pays a bit for us to keep equipment up to date and do our own recording, which is more than I ever could've asked for.
What's an artistic influence you've pulled from that somebody might not initially expect? Could be musical or otherwise.
Footnote: Thanks, Dan. Not only has your work impacted me unlike anything else, but rarely do I see a musician interact with small corners of their fanbase like this so closely. Have a good one, my man. Hope you're doing okay.
TIM SAYS: I think people were taken aback by the "surfiness" of "Sea of Worry" but the guitar work of Man or Astroman? and the Dead Kennedys has been with me since I was young.
Dan: thank you so much.
wow ! hey Dan!
I am sure you've heard this before many, many times but I just wanted to let you know that your projects have really changed my life in many ways and helped me through quite a bit. I love the atmosphere and themes of all the projects you've worked on, so I wanted to ask–when you work on a record, do you have those ideas and moods you'd like to evoke thought out in advance or do they come naturally as you create and piece the music together?
really excited to hear the new record–real birthday gift to be a part of the fanbase when a new HANL record is released!
They almost always just emerge over time. Much of our song writing is very spread out over the years.
thanks so much for the kind words!
How are you? Also any plans for an Europe tour? Italy?
Good! Giles will be at Roadburn in April, but that's it for now. We'd love to go back.
Hi Dan. Thanks for taking the time for this, we all really appreciate it.
For my question: Why is noise so prominent in all of your music? Do you use it as a means of conveying a certain kind of emotion/idea, or do you mainly use it as essentially another instrument? Either way, I and everyone else here loves it, so please keep up the a fantastic work. <3
(Bonus Question: Can we ever get an Unnatural World T-Shirt in the same style of the Deathconsciousness shirt over on the Flenser? And maybe a pullover hoodie? I just want to wear your album covers lol. Thanks again for your time. Appreciate you, your music, and everything it has done for me. Thank you.)
Noise - I don't really know. I like it. There's a certain vibe, a certain gut punch I'm always looking for. It helps.
Shirt - huh, maybe!
Will you be releasing merch with the new album?
yes! there are shirts and so on - some new ones at flenser, and new ones at
Giles Corey tour in the near future? I think you mentioned it on your Instagram story a few weeks ago so that’s why I’m hopeful haha. Also you should play in Vermont sometime :)
We're playing Roadburn with a full band, and are looking to get a US show or two in there as well.
Any particular literary/philosophical influences this time around?
Overall, what would you recommend to those who deeply appreciate the textual side of HANL and GC?
What have you been reading lately?
Tim has more explicitly philosophical reads in his "just read" pile than I do, other than Thomas Ligotti short stories.
For reading recommendations, I'm not sure. I re-read Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy every few years and have a deep love for that book.
I've noticed the official lyrics of Sea of Worry include phrases that are not sung, but come from the decoded message on the cover of the Hinterkaifeck EP. Besides the obvious, what are the connections between the two releases? ?
we'll see....
Hey Dan, just got my copy of Sea of Worry today (Nov 6) and honestly love it! The coke bottle green and black vinyl is gorgeous as well. I have two quick questions.
First, I've heard around the internet that Trespassers W may be a reference to Winnie the Pooh, is that the case?
Secondly, regarding the album art, why did you move away from the format that both DC and TUW had?
Thanks for doing this, I hope I'll be able to see you perform if you ever head down to the DC area!
I'm also very curious about whether it's a Winnie the Pooh reference.
Guess who has another question?
How easy (or difficult) was it to transpose and cover Swallower of Bile as Giles Corey? What was your line of creative thinking? Also any chance we'll see a studio recording of the cover?
I think I blatantly just played something completely different, so not hard!
That would be cool, maybe on the Giles Corey covers album I keep thinking about ("Giles Covery")
What is Dracula Bells about? We've been trying to decipher it since we've had access to the lyrics to virtually no success.
The sheer inanity of religious hope for a messiah, and then, in the middle of the song, the realization that the inanity I mock in others is present in an identical form in the hope that another person will, by some trick of genetics, upbringing, and societal expectation, complete me. And the sense that the world is infinitely difficult for no reason and all things are constructed for me to fail. Etc
Dear Dan and Tim, would you say that your personal seas of worry are now calmer than they used to be ten or fifteen years ago? How do you navigate them? A heartfelt thank you from Russia for your art and helping others navigate their own seas.
TIM SAYS: I'm actually in pretty rough shape and envy the level of anxiety I had 10-15 years ago, despite dealing with stuff then, too.
Just started listening to you guys and really like your music. I noticed you guys are from CT, any plans to come play in CT at some point?
I'd like to play here the next time we get together, yes!
Can you please say a few words on the line "everyone I know is still alive by no choice of mine " ? It's such an interesing line that really sparked thughts in me and i want to know what yours are/were.
Thank you so much
It's an off handed way of saying, "If I had my way, i'd probably have killed everyone by now, just to have some peace and quiet."
Tell Tim I’m sorry for almost knocking over the mic at the Brooklyn bazaar show in March lol. I got pushed from behind and he gave me a funny look haha. That was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to, first show I ever went to by myself. Y’all played a great set and I can’t wait to see you guys again.
TIM SAYS: No problem! If I was, I'm trying to be less cantankerous in public appearances, promise.
Congrats on the new album i really liked it thank you so much for the music and constant inspiration,
my question is regarding the name of deathconsciousness and where exactly that idea came from if you remember or if it just sounded cool, thanks again for answering these questions!
I wanted an idea for the sense of heightened awareness of everything constantly bursting into existence and then disintegration.
Just stopping by to say thanks to both of you, your have a nice life albums get me through my days, especially the voids releases. I guess my question is will we ever see more of voids 2 in a studio format?
Maybe, but no concrete plans right now.
What was your vision of Have a Nice Life and the music to make before you started with the project?
Originally, it was just a way for Tim and I to hang out.
It's still pretty much that.
can you talk about the lyrics of Dracula Bells? It seems like it’s about climate change but other hot-button topics like microaggressions are name-checked.
I answered this above, check that one out.
What exactly is the title track about? Like I have my own interpretation of it but hearing it from you is totally a different story.
Starts with some inward self loathing, ends by glancing up and realizing that petty nihilism is destroying the world. And that I, and millions of others before me, have re-enacted this pattern.
What’s your favourite song off the new album? Or which track took the longest time to make?
My favourite track is either Trespassers W, Lords of Tresserhorn, or Destinos. I can’t decide
TIM SAYS: Everything We Forget
How's it going, Dan? I was wondering how you and Tim started giving songs non sequitur titles (lords of tresserhorn, waiting for black metal records..., Etc.) and what you're trying to convey with them. I've always thought of them like private files being named random things so no one opens them.
It comes from how we write songs.
Typically, we work on the music first. When we save the file we've got to name it something, and just come up with whatever.
Others (like both "lords" and "waiting") were titles first, because we thought they were cool.
Hey Dan, I am terrible at mixing and mastering my music. I was wondering how you started learning more about production, as I am a complete beginner, living in a small apartment where amp-recording is really not an option.
Also, Sea of Worry is definitely my AOTY and your ability to translate emotion into your music is constantly flooring me. Thank you for everything.
I am ALSO terrible, and have literally no advice because I know nothing about it. Keep fucking around until it sounds cool to you, and don't worry about what it's "supposed" to sound like.
Or hire someone.
Was it difficult to clear the Destinos sample to appear in some godless secular rock music?
We couldn't find the person involved, although we put a lot of effort into it. I doubt it exists anymore.
Hey Dan! I'm a new fan of your project and, as a wanna-be-songwriter, your music and the story of how Deathconsciousness came together is inspiring. Have you ever felt like the music you were writing was not good enough and what kept you going? Also, any chances of a South American leg?
Love from Brazil
I still feel like that.
What keeps me going is that I enjoy the process for its own sake. If I was writing for other people I'd probably never put anything out.
Hi Dan,
What does it take for an artist to have an opportunity in designing/creating your merch/album artwok?
pretty much just send me cool stuff!
Hey Dan,
My favorite thing you’ve done probably outside of deathconsciousness itself is the Giles Corey Deconstructionist LP. I don’t return to it as often as the other material for obvious reasons but I probably still do a listen in the intended method every year or so. How do you feel about that specific project looking back and would you ever be interested in doing anything like that again?
It almost touches this weird space between the sonic world of Enemies List stuff and the world of noise and it seems like you have a really great eye for using sound in more abstract ways but maybe don’t get to flex that muscle so often in the other things you do?
I like Deconstructionist a lot.
I want to explore that general area a bit more, but probably with a sub-3 hour run time.
Thank you so much for the music you guys create.
I love all the music, but something always brings me back to A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut. Everything we forgot is a bit of ambient/drone, any interest in going further down that path in future HANL records or even any other personal projects?
Thanks so much!
Yes! I'd like to explore it more. That song is mostly Tim, though. Tim has explored similar terrain in his incredible "Flowers of St. Francis" project.
I listened to the Create and Destroy podcast with you and Tim and I noticed that Tim said there's a short story on Side A and Side B and he mentioned a narrative a few times. What would you say those short stories are? And what the narrative represents? And also who is the "you" on Trespassers W? I've been trying to annotate the album on Genius and that's the one thing I can't figure out
TIM SAYS: I wasn't using that phrase too literally - just that the sequence on the A side and B side each felt like they could stand alone, or together as a 1-2 meditation on the same idea, just not necessarily an epic plot unraveling from the first to last song like Genesis or something.
Dan: A girl.
The Destinos sample sounds like Shelly Kagan but I can't place it from any of his discussions, is it him? Where did you get it from; I'd love to hear the full piece.
We actually don't know and can't locate it!
Oh, it's definitely not Kagan, though. Kagan is not an idiot.
Hey Dan, big fan. What made you and Tim decide to spread your music across so many associated acts instead of just one band?
TIM SAYS: some ideas just feel bundled best in other contexts. FoSF ideas end up migrating over to HANL from time to time, but those are otherwise long-form reflections that need to exist on their own. My love for the Melvins feels more appropriate in a project like Consumer that disregards emotional transparency.
Thank you for your response, Dan. Cheers to us all being more self aware
Hi Dan, your music is scary. What does it take to make the atmospheric, spooky tunes that you do?
I think the more honest you are about what you feel, the scarier it gets.
Reverb and echo helps too, though.
Would you ever want to record in a professional studio? Do you ever feel limited by your current recording set up?
TIM SAYS: Side A of Sea of Worry had some tracking completed at Labyrinth Audio in Peabody, MA.
Dan: Sometimes. I'm much more limited by lack of knowledge and ability than I am by anything in the set up, though.
I joined my first band in 6th grade, for the school talent show. I don't remember why.
I just really liked Nirvana and thought, "I want to do that." Then just kept doing it.
Another question, is there any chance we'll see any new Gate releases?
I want to! I don't know if it'll happen though.
Hi! im very excited for SOW, thank you very much for doing an ama here, your music means a lot to me <3
Usually what you see was the first title. We rarely change them, hence why they sometimes feel off from the song content. We enjoy that.
Lords of tressorhorn was changed from "Cropsely 2: Season of the Witch" because that was a bit goofy, even for us.
Yet another question, how did you decide which tracks to redo for Sea of Worry and which it was not the right time for?
The songs included were all long-planned. As for the live tracks, we focused on stuff we had been playing live, to capture that moment in the band's life cycle.
Would love to hear, if you can recall, your first thoughts on Mamaleek. More of a comment, really, apologies. Also would love to know if there's a tour for Sea of Worry, if you all would be coming around the Pittsburgh area or DC area? Either or would be great!
I'm pretty sure the whole process was, literally: hearing some demos and thinking "holy shit, this is fucked up. Please lord let me release this album"
As for tours, no plans right now, but we'd love to!
If you had a $250 budget for a HANL album, including any current gear you own, what would you keep?
You really only need a USB interface and a mic.
I suppose the most versatile route would include usb keyboard.
Any more Black Wing music coming soon? What was the beginning of Destinos sampled from? Also I would shit myself if HANL did SXSW this year, I missed you on your summer tour which I deeply fucking regret. Sea of worry is absolute 🔥 btw, really knocked it out of the park this this one.
What inspires the sort of atmosphere you create with your ambient tracks? A Quick One and now Everything We Forget sound like the more tranquil moments of a classic Silent Hill or Resident Evil game to me.
Also, I just want to say how much your work means to me and thank you for the new album, it exceeded my already high expectations of your work and I can't stop replaying it. Can't wait to hear more Giles Corey!
TIM SAYS: Listening to Everything We Forget will always remind me I was playing back through the SNES game Earthbound at the time we recorded it.
Dan: I remember explicitly discussing "A Quick One" after Tim recorded it and talking about how it sounds like Save Music in Final Fantasy.
I think they said in the last AMA that Tim recorded A Quick One in a bathtub and he wanted it to sound like a Final Fantasy savepoint.
Hey Dan!
Congratulations on the new record, it sounds phenomenal. I had a blast watching the HaNL sets at Roadburn and would like to ask if there's any plans for a Europe tour in the foreseeable future if a promoter were to reach out.
None right now, but we'd be open in the future, absolutely.
Hey Dan! It would be understatement if I said I am a fan of your work.
I don't care how selfish this might sound,but will we have another HANL album in the next year? This album is awesome but this number of songs didn't satiated my thirst.
I highly doubt it. Nothing against it, but scheduling is very difficult for us.
I do want to keep releasing things though.
Love the new album But I have a question...is there anywhere I can find Danger Strangers recordings? Seeing you guys at the Flywheel with Cappucino Jellybeans and Stinkbomb is still one of my favorite shows...
TIM SAYS: I don't know, probably on some unmarked cassette in my boxes of unmarked cassettes I wish I had time to sort through. 
Hey Dan before I get into the question I just have to say what an inspiration you have been, you really helped me through some tough shit in my life so thank you so much for what you've done, you've really saved my life man.
What was the musical act/s that inspired you to start creating music and taking music more seriously?
Thank you!
I was really into the local hardcore and ska scenes growing up, so those bands were the ones that made me want to play live.
hi Dan, i just wanted to start by saying thank you for all the music. i only discovered you guys a little while ago but i’m honestly not sure the last time i’ve connected with an artist like i am currently with Have A Nice Life and Giles Corey. so thanks for everything you’re doing. also, is there any insight you can offer into the meaning or writing process of Earthmover’s? between it’s lyrics, instrumental, etc, i’d love to hear whatever you have to share. thank you so much and i’m loving the new album! hope you have a nice day.
That song has a long history - it went through several variations, including a purely acoustic one.
It's hard for me to remember, it was so long ago. But thank you so much for the kind words.
First off, thank you for Sea if Worry, and please please tour.
Q1. You’re obviously aware of how profoundly your music touches some people. With that in mind, what is THE one thing you hope all HANL listeners take away from your music.
Q2. Magic wand in hand—you can fix one thing regarding modern life. What’ll it be?
Hey Dan thank you for your music.
What genuinely scares you? Also will the white ‘no fun. not ever. ’ shirts be in stock ever again?
Lots of things scare me. Hard to pick one.
You can always get more at
Hi Dan, first of all I just wanted to say I'm a huge fan of the new album and of everything you've released. Here's my question: what are some albums that inspired the sound on Sea of Worry? Some tracks reminded me of The Devil and God by Brand New. Is there some influence there, or am I imagining that? Thanks!
I like that record fine, but I don't think I've listened to it enough (or early enough) actually influence my writing.
I think Sisters of Mercy probably did the most to turn whatever my songwriting was before into what it is now.
Question: I saw you guys in SF this summer (absolutely stellar show by the way) and I was wondering about performing. What is it like to perform tunes that are so deeply personal/emotionally charged week after week when you're on tour? Do you feel emotionally drained on top of the physical labor of touring? Are you able to maintain the same emotional conviction every night?
Personal Comment: Never stop doing what you do. You mean so much to so many people.
It's incredibly draining. one of the reasons we can't really tour ALOT - I'm sure we'd manage, but it isn't sustainable in it's current form. <3
hi! i was wondering what makes older songs from the voids albums (say trespassers w, destinos, even defenestration song) become relevant for you again, what’s the thought process behind re-recording these for an album years after you’ve released an album you didn’t include them on? thanks!
We just always knew we wanted to give them another go. It wasn't time, then it was. Not always much to it, we just go with what we feel.
Hey Dan,
Any advice or words of hope on someone making music trying to find an audience? How long did it take for you to get such a solid fanbase? I like that you got into the game older and still made it, I use that as inspiration and look up to you man. Thanks.
I was in bands for years and years before DC, and DC took a long time to get wherever it is.
The personal is universal. Write songs that scratch your exact itches, and the people who feel the same will find it.
Hi Dan,
Thanks for doing this AMA. Been a huge fan for years and it's great to be able to interact with one of my favorite artists.
Question 1: Are you planning on continuing to post on
Question 2: Inspired by a question from the previous AMA, can you share anything you can about blackest bile/grave filled with books? Lyrics, inspiration, how you feel about them now, any random fact. They are two of my favorite songs of all time and it would be super cool to learn more about them from the source.
Where did the Destinos sample came from?
What do you two think about 4chan? Like they were one of your earliest fans but their reputation is not very good.