15 Years Of Graphics

OP, before goes on the left.
What is this new trend of placing before pictures on the right?
But Half-Life: Alyx is before Half-Life 2!
Manga taking a cultural foothold, maybe?
probably they put the image that catch their interest more on the left because theyre used to read from left to right and didnt care
It's not that.. It's that the after pics are on the left now
It’s provocative! It gets the people going!
it's stupid.
Hl2 still looks so good too
It's aged well. Wouldn't say it looks that good anymore
HL2 aged well because they aimed left of center with their art style instead of going full realism. Ended up stylized, rather than realistic. Stylized work always survives longer than realism.
This shit still scares me
The graphics are okay but it's more the design that I never quite liked. Like, why are they wearing pure white wool sweaters and blue jeans? And the blood is just too bright red for something that's not so fresh. I think the HL1 zombie design was better than the HL2 ones, despite the worse graphics. Same goes for the sounds.
i will get downvoted for this but
ye the game looks good
but not THAT good its kinda overrated
That first pic gave me a legit nightmare after first time I saw it.
That was demo, buy Valve Index for more
But what is first?
at least you can attack them so it will be scary AND fun
five nights at freddy's is just scary the whole way. f*** that game. its terrifying
I don’t care how old half life 2 is, I grew up playing this game for hours. No matter how old this is. This game still looks great.
attention to details and a great physics engine that made it age well, even better than halo 2 graphics which does look plastic now for some reason.
15 years of yabba in my icing
Is a new generation of yabbas to come I wonder
Oh fuck me, you're telling me i'm gonna have THAT coming at me in VR? Swwweeeettt.
Well not that guy, the headcrab is already gone.
I hope they get into some shit your pants level body horror with those models tho.
It's probably less scary with a headcrab though lol
HL:Alyx looks like HL2 graphics the way I remember them.
Actual HL2 graphics look like PS1 now...
Actual HL2 looks fantastic with the natural engine updates. The pic of the left is not at all representative of how HL2 looks when you launch it. Its like from 2005
PS2 Or Early ps3 to be exact, PS1 is just not true
I remember playing Half-Life 2 the day it came out and seeing the zombies without their head crabs was terrifying. I’m not saying the graphics haven’t held up, but it did look so real back then. I can’t wait to get HLA, it will probably mess me up lol
that picture on the right kind terrible due to the lighting. look at a screenshot of the canals at sunset or the coastal areas, and hl2 looks decent
There's the HL2 update though, I guess the graphics are way better.
Half-Life 2 still looks fantastic. It has aged very well.
Though Valve did improve the graphics through updates.
There was phong, some dynamic shadows and HDR. But it's not so much to consider that a remaster
Good reason for the headcrab to stay on..
Jesus, those nips scaring the hell outta me
they look like milk duds :D
HL1 zombie: The headcrab stays on at all times
New to the series explain please
So, the pic on the right is the most recent one? We really have gone a long way.... Down :v
well with how many low quality garbage titles are coming out lately I'd say gaming has indeed regressed quite a bit. not graphica-.. actually yes graphically too
Jesus, that new image is horrifying.
Headcrab. Apply directly to the forehead. Headcrab. Apply directly to the forehead. Headcrab. Apply directly to the forehead. Headcrab. Apply directly to the forehead...
Nice to see how far we haven't come
Wait, on the right is HL2? What? I remember HL2 having exceptionally good graphics
The screenshot was from ‘05
That must be old, the graphics are better. And there's the update version on steam too
Where's that left picture from?
And why did you put the more recent picture in the right side? I assume it's because your read right to left in your native language, OP?
they look like doom zombies
Yet it'll somehhow look blurry in my headset
The future is awesome and sad at the same time. Looking at both pictures makes me sad to think HL2 is so outdated and being replaced, but it's also awesome to see how things are evolving.
I’m too poor for a half-life fan this saddens me to the core
I think thats a pan behind the zombie
now i am imagining HL Alyx speedrun but only using pan
It's impressive, but I miss the style and the art of older games. I think you're more likely to remember HL2's than Alyx's. Just a thought.
You sure about that? I mean I love the slightly cartoonish HL2 style, but good art is good art. And what is seen in the trailer and the leaked screenshots looks wild.
wow that's horrifying. it looks like real wounds too. like something that could actually happen to somebody. man infested zones are going to be horrifying in VR lmao
And in VR no less. You need 4 times as many frames for acceptable performance.
It's a lot but not 4x. 2x honestly. 60 to 120
I'm just excited to be able to manipulate physics props in ways that I want to during gameplay without having to do the silly "pickup with gravity gun, crouch, look up, let go, walk into it a bit and repeat" dance.
I like the older one better. It's more dramatic and over-the-top.
Looks like crysis
I wish valve shed some light on the lore in terms of biology of headcrabs. Why the hell zombies ribcage is open...
The news zombies are absolutely grotesque and I love it. My morbid curiosity will try to kill them in many ways
I'm 15 wtf why do I still look like garbage
Sees new realistic design... "I don't want to play this game anymore"
Damn Half Life 2 is gonna look like doo doo when Alyx comes out
Not that impressive TBH.
What video is the pic on the left from?
I like how OP took an image someone else made specifically to match an old HL2 screenshot with the frying pan and the pose all matching, removed the perfectly matching HL2 photo and added this non-matching one in its place.
The lungs and other intestines look the same
Woah, the one on the right which is totally the after looks so good!
Sometimes you forget that the chest cavity is supposed to be a mouth now
HLA is going to look so good. That screenshot feels like it could be straight out of DOOM 2016.
One more reason to fear headcrabs
Unreal engine 4 is more superior engine
Source has exceptional ragdolls. Checkmate atheist.
Superior to Source 2.0 ?? How do you know ? What games have you played that are based on Source 2.0 ?
Not in VR it aint, Unreal Engine 4's god awful Temporal AA makes me feel like I need glasses no matter how much supersampling you use.
Not sure how you were able to come to this conclusion before Source 2 even ships, but okay.
You should just delete your comment, unless you want a good collection of -karma
Source is best
Unreal engine sucks dick
Id Tech and Void Engine still beats both.