It begins: Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

The boog is a comin’.
It's already knocking on the door. Just waiting to see if Governor Blackface is going to answer it.
Some are predicting that this is the spark.
Will Civil War 2 Start in Virginia?
Civil War is Coming to America
CIVIL WAR 2 in America - Who Would Win? In-Depth Analysis
Really skirting the 1st amendment there too. You know, the right to peacably assemble?
Skirting? Seems more like plain old violating to me.
How am I am my militia members supposed to get our monthly march in if we can't march with our arms in the street. Seems like they only care about the militia part when it is convenient to skirt the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
Perhaps we should identify those who drafted and sponsored the bill.
Perhaps a pattern will emerge....
Literally zero sympathy for any cop or guardsman that gets shot.
God bless the militia and those sheriffs defending our rights.
Authoritarians don't understand reason or empathy.
Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.
Look at the size of that igloo.
It’s going to be the BIGGEST, the BEST, the most beautiful igloo EVER. Everyone is going to love this igloo. People will be talking about this igloo forever!
Aw, yeaaaa...
All 7 members of the Tazewell County Militia gonna get some!!!!!!
Nice hats.
The irony of a newspaper called “law enforcement today” being sympathetic with rebels.
To be fair, the US Constitution is the highest US law and the Virginia state government's latest proposed gun restriction laws are in direct violation of it, so rebelling again the Virginia state government is still enforcing the law.
I wish my state could go back to just existing. Been kept up at night with this shit in the back of my head.
I'm right there with you, but I look at the fate of people in other authoritarian nations and think of my kids' future. Sure I can hand over everything and keep them safe now, but what happens when the government starts, I don't know, seizing land from them and redistributing it because of their skin tone? Or maybe because of their religious affiliation or ethnicity or maybe just because they have a little more than others around them. How will they stand up to that tyranny?
I've enjoyed my life; I'm willing to fight to ensure that they can too.
Boojahideen music intensifies
While I'm sympathetic to their cause, I'm going to have to point out that this didn't go so well for Virginia the last time it was tried.
Protect the sheriffs?
I'm assuming that's after sheriffs refuse to enforce gun bans and whatnot
Anyone else see those insane comments at the bottom of the article. So much of it seems Russian troll type stuff. I started clicking on Facebook pages, and many of them are just a handful of weird pictures that seem out of place.
Don't know of anything will happen in that county specifically. But if it did, they'll get a lot more support from others in the country
What are you talking about?
Killing someone "someday soon" after you are no longer in danger is called murder.
Learn to read.