Godhoodwb Game 7 Turn 15

Welcome to Turn 15

At the celebration in World's End, the festivities were drawing into their last days. That said, the hustle and bustle was still going strong, but all the big reveals, grand performances, and auspicious deals had come and gone. But, there were plenty of acts, displays, and drinks to keep a party alive for a little while longer.
Far away, but not too far away, someone smiled. Just in time, for one last show. They had stated to worry they'd miss it...
Far above the shards, there was a flash of bright red light, like a distant star going supernova, and launching towards World's End from the point of light was a blazing, crimson comet, wreathed in bright-red fire. It fell towards World's End like a meteor, changing its trajectory mid-flight at it roared towards the Palace.
This comet was very small, and when it struck the Palace, the hole it bore through the building was rather small and clean, but when it landed in the middle of the festivities, it hit with a shockwave and a blast of red energy that send party guests smoldering and flying, as the comet struck the earth with immense force.
As the blinding fire cleared, a shape was visible, a distinct silhouette forming in the red fire, that of a humanoid figure, in a three-point landing in the impact's center, its cape billowing above it. The figure was covered, head-to-toe, in masterfully-crafted black armor, clearly far more advanced than any armor of this age, seemingly fitting surprisingly snugly with the wearer's form, despite its many bulky plates.
The figure stood up to an imposing height, likely two meters tall or more, and seemed calm, even when the guards around the Palace snapped from their shock to surround the armored figure. The armored figure barely reacted to the guards' presence, even as they bared their weapons. Finally, the figure spoke, in a deep, masculine, and powerful voice.
"Please. Do not bother threatening me with those tin sticks. Please inform the Goddess Aurutae of my arrival. She's expecting me..."
There was a monstrous roaring sound, and Aurutae emerged from one of the halls in her massive form, eyes blazing with red light.
When she saw the figure, her furious bravado vanished instantly, her eyes wide and jaw agape.
"No... No, no no no, not here, why here?!..."
The armored figure looked up at Aurutae, his visor solid, with seemingly no way of peering or speaking from, and yet he spoke clearly.
"You thought you could run away from your past forever, Aurutae? Forget your sins? Perhaps, atone for them, by starting over? Hitting the reset button, as it were? Do not delude yourself. I have come for you, and what I want, I take..."
The figure took one step forward, but before he could do more, one of the guards, a Kainite Demon trained by Zephyr himself, entered a combative stance with a sword, and her fellow warriors mirrored her.
"You will not threaten Mother! Attack!"
The Demon Warrior blurred as her body and weapon was wreathed in lightning, moving with supernatural speed to strike down this being, and several other guards charged with her, but before the blade could hit its mark, the figure reached out and caught the blade, stopping its motion dead it its tracks. He didn't even budge...
Before the warrior could retaliate, the figure moved with ungodly speed, striking the warrior with such force she physically snapped in half in an explosion of blood and gore. The figure then turned to face the next nearest guard, whose face contorted in a look of total horror and fear, before the figure blurred once again, grasping the warrior's head in his armored claws and crushing it in an almost casual motion.
This figure blurred between guards with impossible speed, only stopping when all those around him had been reduced to dead flesh. The figure then looked back up at a horrified Aurutae, then gestured to the surrounding bodies with his hands, each hand possessing only three fingers and a thumb.
"See how frail your children are? Your oh-so-magnificent creations? Magnificent indeed. Perhaps they will make for magnificent pets..."
Aurutae's face contorted in anger, and she roared at the armored figure, baring her claws in fury.
"No! I'll not let you twist another world like this out of spite! Your petty reign ends here, Bahuroth!"
The figure was silent for a moment, then he began to laugh, deeply and resonating.
"Bahuroth. I have not been called that in thousands of years. No, I lost that name to another. But... I have taken a new name, to replace it..."
His visor suddenly opened up down the middle with a clank, and red light poured from within. Inside the visor, in the center of his face, the figure stared up at Aurutae with his single, baleful eye, a black vertical slit of a pupil narrowing at Aurutae with manic glee.
"Soon, ALL your kind shall bow before the might of their true Master. Even you...
[-30 for The Tyrant, Conqueror of Stars, Demigod of Destruction and Tyranny.]
[Meanwhile, back in Tai
Ellia woke from a nap. "Oh, son of a bitch!"]
[So, you know how V6 was, y'know, basically V4? Is V7 gonna just be V5? Which makes V8, V6, so V4... Then V9 V7 so V5... K, gorok, we're on fantasy duty, it seems...]
"You..." Morwen's voice spoke, seeming to come from the building itself, "I know you. I was told of you when I was a little Girl in Tai... being educated in the stories of our Gods."
Morwen's avatar condensed... sitting on The Tyrant's shoulders.
"The Tyrant... a body-stealing abomination of a Divinity riding along in the back of his vanuisher's head, whispering in her ear and shaping her into yourself reborn."
Morwen vanished when the creature moved to affect her, and condensed again somewhere else... teasingly close but always evaporating as the creature moved to harm her.
Morwen then glanced up at the ceiling and said, "Dea, be a dear and calculate teleportation coordinates. Send this thing out of my sight if it becomes rowdy again. She will be polite... or we'll see how she lasts against your little friends."
Calculating Transposition Coordinates... complete. Ready to warp target.
"I was under the impression that you were only let out to have fun with that body once or twice a century... I see you managed to break your deal with Ellia and Bahuroth, stealing the latter's body, and then ran like a little bitch when all the forces of Hell came down upon you like a bag of hammers."
"Lady Bahuroth," Morwen said, her tone softening, "I do hope you regain control of yourself. I've been told many good things by your adoptive mothers and I'd quite like to meet you."
Morwen then glanced at Aurutae and said, "Mother?"
[That was a little recap for the benefit of the people who weren't here for the last few episodes of Gorok's Multi-Game Metaplotline.]
[Also: I greatly suspect that Theion took issue with The Tyrant when it got loose... and pissing off Greater Gods does not traditionally end well for whoever pissed them off. See Llauron for an example of what happens when you make that mistake.]
[I thought you'd like to know who's back... >:^3c]
"Oh, my, now this is a surprise! Auratae? Who'd have known, you're practically my adopted Grandmother? You always did strike me as the old and nagging type, I suppose..."
Migliori floated down from above, "Ah, The Tyrant... i suppose it's been quite a while, hasn't it?"
Alta felt a disturbance. Like the void below the world had broken and hurried to investigate.
She didn't know what it was that she found, but it was clearly old, and anything old that still stood had secrets to tell and maybe, power would be found there.
[u/Ekoz I'm checking out the ruins]
As Alta approached the ruins, she noticed a small shimmering field coating the area about the platform: she easily passed through it and seemed, to her, to feel just fine.
Landing upon the platform lightly, the warm metal floor beneath her lit up around her feet; each step creating light as the last dimmed away.
All around her were strange, alien contraptions. No god she knew had made these, but a god HAD made these; they were reeking of divine essence, in an almost...slightly disturbing fashion.
In the center of it all was a chair most curious. It had a large transparent cylinder hovering above it, several machines with needles and pads and other seemingly surgical equipment within the cylinder. It had wires and tubes leading out and away to the other various contraptions, and a direct line leading to a panel that seemed to control the machinations of the strange ruins.
During the celebrations at World's End, Aurutae approached Morwen, who, like most of the guests, was celebrating with her friends. Aurutae thought it would be a great time to strike up some conversation with her. Aurutae floated up to her with her usual smile, the drama of the earlier half of the celebration faded.
"Hello, Morwen! I must say, the celebration has been wonderful so far... barring a couple incidents unrelated to the party itself. So, how has it been for you? Enjoying having guests over?"
Aurutae found Morwen slouching in her throne in the aftermath of a feast. Her hall was filled with tables that had recently housed her guests... and which Dea and a handful of mortal servants were working to clean. Riona was present in her own throne... snoring slightly.
Morwen was nursing a glass of wine, a faint smile on her lips.
"It's been a joy," Morwen said, "darling. But, I must admit... I won't be upset to see things return to normal."
Morwen yawned and then added, "I'm quite nearly partied out..."
She then giggled and said, "This is some of the wine that Mar brought with her... Bloodwine. It's an interesting substance, by my measurements. Knocked me on my ass the first time I had some... left me in a pretty thick haze."
"I think she slipped some into Nyx at the arena. The outcome was amusing... poor guy got knocked on his ass worse than I did."
Morwen then glanced up at Aurutae and said, "It's good to see that you've... recovered from your ordeal, darling. The bloody look worked on you... but... I'd say your present appearance suits that lovely soul of yours much better. Strange... but beautiful once you grow accustomed to it..."
Morwen descended into a fit of giggles, and drank a bit more of the bloodwine.
"Ah..." Morwen said, "not even through the first glass... but I'd best stop before I lose myself for the rest of the night. I could purge it if I wanted to, of course... but why let go of something this fun?"
She sat her glass down beside her chair, and glanced up at Aurutae.
"So, how has this celebration been for you and yours?"
The Schism
As the celebration drew to an end, the mortals went back to their homes. Whether it was on the distant mountains, or the bottom of the world, the mortals traveled. And they brought news with them.
Mara's Rest was abuzz with stories of the new arrival, Thavma, a Demon Lord claiming to be the son of Alta and Aurutae.
What would it mean if it were true? Alta and Migliori were the mother and father of the Altmeri, for Alta to have had a child with another was to break a holy vow. Would the Altan Demons be considered their equals, or would their lord soon become the new King of Mara's Rest.
These questions soon split the Altmeri Faith into multiple factions, who would debate the issue for decades, if not centuries.
The Demon Cult: It was the divine lineage of the Altmeri Priest-Kings that gave them the mandate to rule, therefor the same could be said of Thavma. He was immortal, a prophet who could speak with Alta, and was born with an innate grasp of Dreamwalking, something that took Altmeri years to master. This, some believed, proved that he was favoured by Alta, and was to succeed the Priest-Kings of Mara's Rest.
For this reason they established their own city and temple near the edge of the world upon an outcrop of stone, called Thavma's Rock, where they worship him as the future King. For now, they continue to pay and follow the laws of the Priest-Kings, as they still have Alta's mandate. For now.
Orthodox Altmeri: The original faith. They worship Alta and Migliori exclusively, believing that, being gods, were not bound by mortal laws and could take lovers, as the Priest-Kings did. Though they accept the Altan Demons as children of Alta they refuse to worship Thavma as the Demon Cult does. Some extreme elements of the faith believe him to be the son of the War-Demon, Uzu and his children a blight that must be erased.
Church of the Two Mothers: Established by Altmeri and Altan Demons, shunning worship of Migliori, this sect reveres Alta and Aurutae as the two mothers of their races from their new city north of Mara's Rest called Shore. This sect emphasises more matriarchal values, placing women in positions of power in the church.
Church of the Father: Alta has broken her vows, and is unworthy of worship, or at least that's what this somewhat small sect believes. They reject Alta and consider the Altan Demons to be born of sin and therefor inherently evil. For obvious reasons there are few Demon members. They reside in a small colony called Purity near the ravine where the Sunken Capital resides.
More liberal members believe that while Alta had broken her vows, her sins could not be placed on Thavma or his children and must be treated with the same respect as any Altmeri would be afforded.
"HEY, ASSHOLES!" shouted a voice from above. Across the whole ocean of the eastern isles, a huge image of Migliori could be seen high in the waters, "So, I see a few of you've decided to break away from the faith; the church of two mothers and the church of the father, hmm? Well let me tell you - This will not be tolerated."
In the images hand, a bolt of light appeared, and was thrown down into the ocean by Migliori, and simultaneously a thousand followers of the two churches were pierced by a bolt, and fell down dead on the ocean floor.
"Those of you who have broken the divine mandate shall be punished; death is all that awaits you should you extend the liberties of your religion. Perhaps you have decided that as a chosen people you have divine protection... Know your places, mortals. Now, as testament to your faith, a purge shall be conducted - those of the Church of the Two Mothers, and those of the Church of the Father shall be slaughtered, and any who decide to shelter them will also be killed."
Migliori sneered down at the crowds who were quivering with fear, "Oh, and remember; this is just a warning. Do not challenge my wrath."
[Fuck me I'm the real asshole here. -3 acts for smiting, -2 contact mortals.]
In response to the showing of The Tyrant, Libertas exited his long slumber, Immediately moving to prepare his people for struggle. Libertas taught his people knowledge basic chemistry and charcoal. With the knowledge of chemistry and the power of charcoal, the Gnolls quickly started building factories and making massive scientific advancements.
With almost all of the Keep's contact and trade with the outside world being though Sea travel, many of these advancements were in the Keep's navy. The Gnolls built steam ships for both their trade and their navy fleet, quickly dominating the Great Sea of the East. The coal provided the beginning of efficient energy use, combined with the scientific and industrial gains with chemistry, started a scientific and industrial renaissance for the Gnolls. Combined with their new improved navy, they were able to quickly learn the technologies of the outside world and bring their own inventions to the world.
Then Libertas made a great leader for the Keep. Libertas created a Demi-God to rule the keep. His name was Abbad Almasi. Abbad's sphere was in leadership, and the combination of charcoal, basic chemistry, a new powerful navy, this scientific revolution, and Abbad's leadership and connection with Libertas, the Keep quickly went from a fair but backwater isolated commune to a world power practically overnight.
With the Keep getting large-scale influence, so did the ideas of Communism and Libertism. Soon large portions of the Peasant classes of almost every kingdom and empire in the world were converting to both... the seeds of Liberation had sprouted around the world.
[-5 basic chemistry][-4 charcoal][-8 Demi-God (Abbad Almasi: Leadership)]
[Leadership and what? Demigods always have two Spheres.]
A silent message entered Aurutae's mind requesting she travel to the Silver City where Alta was waiting for her. Something seemed odd, Alta sounded... tired.
Aurutae took a break from the festivities when she heard Alta's message. She looked back to her children, but knew they'd be alright in Morwen's care. She flew from World's End and to the Silver City, where Alta waited. As she entered the Silver City, reaching Alta's location, she spoke.
"Alta, dear? What is it? Are you okay?..."
The new mother, Uzu soon realised that her offspring would require physical objects and protection to grow, lacking the separation from mortals and danger that she herself possessed. And so she followed in Tormis' lead and created a dwelling place of her own-a bewildering glass and stone keep, half sunken into a great lake near the Sea of Altmer, near to Aurutae's people. She named it the Sapphire Watchtower in a bout of inspiration, a place specifically for her to care for and protect her little ones.
But still, first she reached out to Aurutae, manifesting in the greater beings home with her two newborns clinging tight to her- Uxil greenish and more aquatic in appearance, and Korin more red and winged.
"Auru? Are you here? I brought them, my little ones so you can see the- stop nibbling Korin." She huffed and adjusted her grasp, pulling the reddish infant away from her ear as she glided along.
Aurutae flew into the Sapphire Palace once Uzu had invited her in, reaching Uzu and her children. When she did, Aurutae smiled joyously, with a sparkle in her eyes as she saw the two young demigods.
"Awwwwwwwww, they're so cute! I was going to mention how lovely this palace looks, but your children are the real wonder, here! What are there names?"
[So out of curiosity are the ruins on the other shards near any inhabited areas, or they out in the wilderness? Will the mortals of the other shards wander into them accidentally or will they need a God to guide them there?]
[they are on the absolute undersides of the islands.]
[the only peoples who have a chance of wandering into them are the anthae. hence, why it was an anthae who unearthed them.]
[keep an eye out for those ruins, though. they are probably my most favorite event of the game that's been planned. I even adapted it directly to my DnD campaign.]
[and try checking the map ;)]
The Alternians were shocked by the resurgence of the Krazik, but quickly responded, many wanting to prove their functionality in the absence of Induro.
The council commenced the building of a wall on the road, ahead of the advancing force. The out-facing side of the wall was blanketed in fire.
This wall hadn't been built before the the legions were sent out. The threat the enemy posed seemed to have increased, so the original five legions, battle hardened from the first conflict, as well as three additional legions were there, attempting to blockade and eventually deter the enemy.
[We don't have yet that magic.]
The Krazik used their new powers to sense where the legions where. Uka Ulek had a plan that he planned to do, it would be a most excellent plan that any planner had ever plan.
He had a third of his forces station at the road, slowly moving along it, the other 2 thirds were at ether side of the road, in the forest. Moving along the first force, the forest forces had all the mounted Krazik.
When the legions where to attempt to block what they would think be the Krazik forces, they would form a defensive line on the road, not it's sides, then, when the first force of Krazik engage the legions, the side forces would rush in.
Uka Ulek was proud over this plan, so he renamed himself "Uka Kuga Ulek". He also killed a few Krazik just to remind them that he was in fact, the one on top.
The mind powered Krazik was also with the first force on the road, they were to throw big rocks and trees at the legions when they arrived, just to make them seem like a much bigger threat than they are.
[so, will the Legions wander in to a slaughter, or will they hold the line, brave and ready?
Brigand was about to cause trouble. Quite a lot of it, he assumed. Before such events could pass, he thought it would be wise to conjure a plane in which he might hide out, if the going got too rough. Plus, it would be a good place to store the test subjects... and the artifacts... and the prisoners. All sorts of goodies!
This realm was one that he had been planning for some time, and even already partially existed, though it was a long time since he had connected it to a physical world. And for good reason. The plane of Nereala has a tendancy to swallow things and torture them indefinitely. Few have ever left it, besides Brigand himself, and some... others, who shall remain unamed and undescribed.
The plane also happens to have a side effect of illusions, which plague the minds and senses of visitors. A rather peculiar note about these illusions is that they are attuned to the mind of those who see them. The plane peers into visitor's minds to provide better (scarier/more personal) illusions.
[-15 acts to make the plane of Nereala, which exists through Brigand's mind, but is also a physical realm, which he can be inside of. Trippy. Other magic effects include illusions, illusions, and more illusions. Also, Brigand keeps himselves locked up here. Don't worry too much, they're friendly for now.]
[Ways in include but are not limited to: Brigand, the Ring of Teleportation, bad luck, and through a tiny portal in the citykeep of Ailen, locked inside of a very deep dungeon. Ways out: Not many.]
Once again, Lan Huang gifted his power to the egg. No one knew why, but he stayed up late every night to feed a bit of himself to the egg. The egg started to glow. It teleported around the room, and a strange aura of power surrounded it.
[-5 for egg]
Then one day, in front of a crowd, Lan Huang brought the egg forth. "CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF PROPHETS!", he shouted.
The egg burst in a giant flash of light, and an instant lightshow was created. Out from the egg, burst a fully grown creature. It had four legs, a reptilian body, and majestic wings. It stood on its hind legs, and roared.
"HEAR ME, MORTALS!", the creature shouted.
He flew into the air, circling the city, surrounding it with light only seen in the most magical places in Sanctuary.
He roared, and spread his wings, magical auras being emitted from his breath.
He descended upon the people of New Gantha.
"You shall take this magic, and shape the world in your own image! You shall ravage the land and save it!"
Azugoroth roared again, spreading magical auras to the Lunnites. It was like a disease, spreading across New Gantha. Soon, every Lunnite knew magic.
The Blessing of Azugoroth
Azugoroth then flew to Refuge, to contact the mortals there.
[-5 for hatching egg, Azugoroth, Demigod of Magic and Strength] [-15 for magic]
On the ground where Azugoroth hatched, there was sweet candy filling. The Lunnites tasted it and fell in love.
[Wait what? You can use hax demigod spheres for catalysts? Cool]
[Wait what? You can use hax demigod spheres for catalysts? Cool]
[you just did something i didn't think of! clever. I don't particularly have an issue with it; it's fair game per the rules, after all. but it does bring up the issue of working your way around specific sphere bans which could become problematic.]
[so, here's what i'll do. I'll add an addendum to the rules to cover this scenario. You can keep it as is, but i'm gonna have to say demigod magics can ONLY be attuned to TWO schools, to keep it fair and balanced. Since you've set the mark at two, there it will stay permanently.]
[also, demigod-based magics are just weaker overall than god-based magics.]
[lastly, time is still universally banned.]
Ailen had become a thriving city long before the final stone was finally placed and secured in the fortress. After its completion, Leden went to the large hall which was built above the enterance to the tunnels, where he had personally overseen construction. There, he had placed the large iron doors which sealed it shut. Leden had the guards open the doors, and strode through, map in hand. It was his intent to complete a map of the entire tunnel network... and nothing would stand in his way.
[/u/Ekoz webwork interaction?]
[unfortunately, I'm not the type who had the webworks planned out. However, I think
[hhmm, well,
As Leden entered the tunnels, a chilled silence ran throughout his essence. Following down, he eventually came upon a second tunnel that burrowed nearly straight upwards, and the tunnel he was in continuing further into the depths.