GodhoodWB - Game 6 - Turn 18

Welcome to Turn 18

The Death of Seer III
Seer III passed, and soon a new one arose. A young girl, quite fragile, was at the temple of thaumaturgy providing offerings to the twin gods at the moment of the Seer's death. She had not enough time to even react to the blinding light of the Ancestor pulsing into the statue, and immediately back out as she was right next to it. She fell to the ground, her parents grabbing her. The new seer, Seer IV, was huddled into the hierarchy of the core of Sutu, hidden there from even her parents. None but the highest of leaders in the nation knew where the Seer even was; Her words with the gods were released translated to clergy before distributed to the peoples.
After several years though, she made her first appearance; now a young adult, and stern-faced with resolve. She had, apparently, spent quite some time with difficult emotions and countless memories all to herself.
[-1 for the final paid use of the ancestor. It's free from here on out!]
The Billowing Nation
Sutu, as a nation, began to network. with three large cities, two of which were situated on the mainland, it became important for land routes to be claimed. Small towns began to pop up along the coast north of Guala and further inland towards Alexum's Rest. The land became frequently patrolled by armed men, who had began to utilize their knowledge of explosives and projectiles, and news of cannons from the Eld in an armed fashion. They began to play with the idea of creating small, handheld launchers of bits of metal; a concept not entirely foreign to them.
For the men of Sutu had one Relic among them that had been passed down for generations: The Pot of Ulino. That was the name they had given the strange relic they took from the barrow in the sea. The pot that launched even the lightest things with heavy weight, and could shred a man's body. This relic was held in a location most secret after the brave owner Ulino had passed. But his acts with it had stayed in their memory, and with the news of cannons spreading, they rushed to try to replicate their sacred relic. Many men died, but eventually a success was found after some light guidance; The twin gods saw their efforts, and found them good. They helped their hand subtly, and with care, but eventually, the tides of the history saw the first Firearm; the Flint Handcannon, each one crafted lovingly in form to the ancestry of the owner. There was no mixing up or mistaking which family each belonged to. They were heirlooms of power, and soon many of the ships of the Opalescent Armada found crew stocked with them.
[-2 to help guide/adapt cannon tech to flintlock pistol tech.]
The Ents Experience Flame
The Ents had continued to grow, slowly; their religion adapted loosely to accommodate the Nameless under their parent gods. And for some time, life continued peacefully. However, it happened. Too many Ents, ground too dry. An errant lightning bolt started a flame, and that flame spread. Soon, Entwood was a pyre that could be seen across the horizon.
And for many, that seemed to be the end of them. However, the Ents themselves noticed that they themselves felt renewed, though charred. the more they had been burned, the more vigor that surged through their wooden bodies. The resin they oozed soaked into their heartwood and hardened them, made them more resilient to the flame. Soon, their charred exteriors fell off like husks, and underneath was newer, healthy wood, as if it had never been burnt. And the resin they soon began to ooze once more.
This, the trees realized, was their gods' gift. Though fire would burn, and hurt, and creep, and devour, it would not kill. They would be safer from the ravages of fire evermore. This they celebrated.
The Architect's College Receives Paper.
The Architect's college had existed for a very long time now, and was considerably larger than many towns at this state. Paper was an invention that reached them to their delight, and soon, entire archives were being transcribed to paper.
During this time, however, a small group of archivists stumbled upon something. As they translated, they came upon scribed, olden notes and sketches and rubbings. They read into the files, and were shocked to see these were the fabled relics of the Dead God's Tomb. One student in particular found interest in what looked like a half-completed sketch of the Dead God himself. He had heard of the powers of Thaumaturgy, and wondered what one could do with a full portrait of a god. He gathered a group together, and they set out to explore the Dead God Ralden's tomb once more after the transcription of the archived relics were complete.
The Sacrifices of Nachtstadt
Ouro and Aiya felt...a source of worship. One that had started off faint, but grew slowly, and was now reaching the precipice of actually meaning something to them. As the followed it, they reached their Impossible Temple. Shrouded, they peaked inside, and witnessed the deaths of a par of twins. Brutal, quick, and efficient. Ouro, generally calm still, saw this and merely thought it was quirky, leaving quite suddenly without much to say.
Aiya, however...Aiya was conflicted. It was still fresh in her mind...No. No, it was not her problem. But...it was...
She gave the temple itself a boon. She could not refuse the worship of these cultists; it would soon begin to vitalize her and she could feel it. However, she could not let these twins die in vain. So she twisted the magic surrounding the temple, and wove new divine power into the weave before sealing it shut with the divinity of the Twins, locking it once more.
The corpses of twins that had just been sacrificed then began to drift towards one another. And soon, they merged. They were two girls; but out of the morbid merging of flesh came one; one who was twice as beautiful, twice as smart, twice the health and longevity, but most importantly:
Alive. Her eyes flashed a brilliant golden, and she smiled. They named her Geld; the first Chimera.
[-3 to augment the Impossible Temple: Sacrificing two non-divine mortals inside the Temple causes their souls, bodies, and essences to merge, creating a Chimera. Chimera are the product of permanently fusing two creatures into one, causing all their qualities to combine in an additive fashion. Chimera always have bright golden eyes, making it easy to identify them. Chimera cannot reproduce, no matter what; the organs are there, but completely inactive through divine means.]
[ so love what you did :3]
[Ill respond to this.... later.... I need to think long and hard about how stir crazy Ralden has become, because Aiya was his last visitor and that was probably hundreds of years ago]
The cult had evolved over the years , the people of Nachtstadt have started slowly to not just sacrifice twin but others as well ,
But the birth of twins had started becoming a blessing amongst them , with the birth of the chimeras.
The cult was now lead by a women named geld for she was the first of her kind, Venmaric paid no mind for now his mind full on his child
The cult had evolved over the years , they where no longer savage blood forgers and they no longer sacrificed no one ,they where now lead by the chimera named geld , she was unable to produce children so Venmaric and mar didn't think much of her [:3 excited for this religion:3]
Those who beheld the Seer on the divine plane came to notice Emjir observing her, cautiously by his standards, watching the girl after she emerged to preach and lead with some curious and somewhat malicious air.
[Wait, your using fire on those Ent?
The people of leerestadt have gone slightly mad , not being able to find a tomb of the first,or sunlight for that matter , so as they devolved in to insanity they praise venmaric's name
So after they began to worship in insanity it's self ,they searched the area around them .
The men approached one last stone hut that they had found. Upon entering the Tomb, there was naught but a tunnel leading further down.
Venmaric knew it was the time and was estaticed knowing his child would be born on this great day he called out to shadow
Mar knowing of the day in advance planned the grandest party that the accords every knew or would know It was a wild week of orgy alcohol and blood at the end off the week, shadow cried out in joy knowing abia was close
[ abia time :3 can't wait
[ and everyone else can stop by :3 depending on what gorok has planed]
The Shadow, once again in its monstrous form, bubbled into existence on the floor nearby Venmaric, slithering up his legs before coiling around him to meet face-to-face, embracing him.
"Hello, my dearest. You ready to make that one last leap? To add the final piece to the puzzle? Seeing as it's... our last time, we should make it special. Mar has one of her huge orgies planned in celebration. Perhaps we could join it. It would take a small amount of power to manifest before them, but I'd be willing to spend it. Sound like a plan, my love?"
What time Ellia could find, she was spending now with Stillin. And for the first time in a long while, she was content. She didn't appear directly to the Cindra, not wanting to draw undue worship from them.
Still, she knew that things would change soon; the baby was nearly ready to be born, and there was a gnawing worry in the back of her mind. And a question she knew she would have to ask.
"My love...does your son know you're in this world at all," she asked one day, deciding to work her way up to the problem.
Stillin too was happy in a way she hadn't been for years. She wondered what her mother would say if she saw her like this. Being so comfortable with another was not something that happened often for her.
Now they were sitting alone, Stillin resting her head on Ellia's lap and happily stroking her belly.
"I don't think he does, no. If he did then he would have either shouted at me or called on me for help by now. Things have... not been going as he hoped.
Küsteschild had grown larger then it could handle , having to start a second settlement closer to sanctuary then the church of mar or the accords ever dared
And so the settlement came in to being over years of hard work and the protection of the deathly blood forged steel , the city now with its large void stone walls brought from the umbra was now a centre of the nameless cult of the twins and Venmaric
[/u/ekoz we now have a city, you can do as you wish with it ]
[my gods will probably do something with it later: they're still a little bit skittish about stepping on the toes of the umbra gods since they know there are still fresh wounds in the relationship.]
Ouro took the time to search out Maphili, after what he heard had occurred. He was cautious to enter her bizarre, shifting reality, but he supposed that was the best place to find her. He searched his way, with guidance from Aiya who had already been once, and managed to break through. There was nothing but clinical, sterilized white space everywhere. He called out.
"Maphili? It's Ouro! We met once, long ago. Would you like to talk? Are you even here? Maphili?"
[This for bodyswapping purposes?]
Maphali poked her head out of seemingly nowhere, "Ouro? What are you doing here?" She asked quizzically. She seemed to have very faint lines of tears on her cheeks.
From deep within Nachtstadt, there was a sound like howling wind carrying the screams of a thousand tortured souls. A high-pitched wail that sent black clouds swirling over the City of Night. A black wind rushed over the land, not hurricane force, but fierce and blinding, billowing from the halls of Nachtstadt.
The demonic cries seemed to trigger the ghastly wind, each scream causing the dark wind to surge in intensity. Those who lived within its proximity experienced terrible dreams as they slept, assuming, of course, they could sleep even while the unholy cries echoed for miles surrounding Nachtstadt.
And at Nachtstadt's heart, above the throne, strung up to the walls by black, slimy webbing that coated the walls, was the Shadow, in its monstrous form, its serpent-like tail vanishing into the muck. Its belly was even more bloated than before, seemingly carrying something bigger even than an adult human, massive in size, so large that the Shadow's monstrous form was barely visible behind the pulsating, glowing red mass. The Shadow let out an ungodly scream with every undulation of the pregnancy, each each scream sent a flood of black smoke surging down the halls of Nachtstadt, and across the land.
The Shadow writhed in agony, continuing the baleful shrieks. Bathilda, Mar, and Venmaric were there, watching with a mix of excitement and worry.
Eventually, the Shadow roared at the top of its lungs, as the bloated mass began to pulse ferociously.
"YES! It's coming! My child is here! AaaaaeerraAAAAARGGGHHHH!!!"
The bloated mass seemed to violently tear open from the inside, and a wave of red, baleful light poured from the wound as black ooze spilled out like a nauseating waterfall, which struck the floor with a splash and a plop, and the gory mass that was contained spilled onto the floor of the chamber.
The Shadow's screaming ceased, and the black mist began to slowly fade, not completely, but enough to make the chamber fully visible, including the contents of the gory birth...
The Shadow did not have facial expression, but the emotions in its eyes were clear. It looked down, with hope and joy, but the eyes suddenly widened with disbelief and sorrow...
The mass was... vaguely humanoid resembling more a beast than a human, tall and mutated, seemingly withered and emaciated, like gory, blood-soaked skin wrapped tightly around bone with nothing in-between, eyes hollow sockets and lipless jaw agape, limp and quiet. Not a breath of life escaped the maw of this thing, and even with those with the senses to perceive something so small, not even a heart beat within it... In fact, the power that should have been pouring through it... was not there...
The webbing that held up the Shadow suddenly turned limp and fluid, sending the Shadow tumbling to the floor next to its stillborn child. The Shadow reached out a claw to the child it had birthed, resting it upon the newborn creature's withered skin. Black tears rolled down the cheeks of the Shadow, and the Shadow let out great sobs as it curled up next to its child...
But then... the Shadow stopped crying, suddenly... It sat up, and looked at the creature, before tilting its head, eyes full of surprise and hope.
The Shadow suddenly violently dug its claw into the sternum of its stillborn creature, and pried open its ribcage, releasing a burst of sickly gases. The Shadow stared into the open cavity with surprise, then reached in, and scooped out its contents.
What it removed from the thing's chest was... a baby boy. A healthy-looking human infant, odd only in that he was deathly pale, skin as white as snow, much like his mother. He was sleeping, making a few sound of stirring in his sleep, but otherwise quiet, and seldom moved, seemingly reaching out for things at times.
The Shadow's eyes filled with confusion, this time.
"Where... Where is his power?... All that energy! Where could it have-?!..."
The Shadow narrowed its eyes... Then widened them in realization, then narrowed them again in contemplation.
"Interesting... My love... This is him... Our son... He is... not as I expected, but... I can see great potential... Come, let me show you..."
The Shadow held out the child to Venmaric.
Ellia watched in awe and the tiniest twinge of horror as the child was born, first in the form of a skeletal nightmare and then, from the corpse of that form, as a human baby.
She approached slowly, looking at the infant warily, as though she expected him to sprout claws and fangs. She almost did, in fact, though she wouldn't admit that to herself.
"What is his name," she asked quietly.
Venmaric cried with joy , even if he didn't expect the child to come out a human of all things , he looked in shock for minutes confusing shadow even more then she was
" my love what ...... what is it." He said as he over looked the child not expecting a human
[ I know we talk about it ...... but Venmaric is confused as fuck , thinking how did he have a human :3]
Akio, was Bored. And so, He did what He always did when He was bored: He made something. And so, He created His Angels. There were 300 of Them, and, he made them match the many Mortal Races of the Earth, From humans, To Faunus, all the way up to the Mighty Dragons. Male and Female both, They were His Agents, Spreading the word of the Cult to All who would be receptive to such. They were immortal, They were Beautiful, The were Masters of Charm Magic, Could appear anywhere within the sphere They were currently in, And, Most of all, As Akios agents, They belonged soley to him. While they provided no Worship themselves, They would follow a primary Directive: To preach the word Of the Cult. And, Their first place they would Preach: The Lands of Rathgar.
[-15 ACTS, Create magical divine race, The Angels.]
[Please uncapitalise that immortal. They can still be killed, they are merely ageless and very Hardy. They are hard to kill, but still killable.]
Akio went to visit Ellia in her current state.
"Ellia, Darling! Its so good to see you again! I must say, pregnancy looks Wonderful on you! I simply must know what happened!"
Ellia chuckled, touching her swollen belly.
"Akio. It's been a while."
"As for the what, I had...an eventful visit with Ouro and Aiya. The Shadow arrived, and things became....heated. So I took the child of Aiya and Shadow's union into myself."
[ our you talking about Venmaric and shadows child as well as ellia and Aiya ? Because there two different children?]
"My people are known as the Peaceful. A misnomer. There can be no peace with all the treats around. My people are skilled warriors, especially the Faunus. My people will come to your Aid, and yours to mine, should anything happen. As well, I would speak to the Other Gods of the Cult, Ellia, Ayia and Ouro, About you Joining in the pantheon. Your peoples would join the Cult of rebirth, and, our peoples would worship you, for being in the cult. A mutually Beneficial Circumstance for all. That, of course, comes later, after all of us have spoken. Do the terms Laid out Appeal to you, Ruthgar, Warrior God?"
Rathgar spent another moment thinking. This would give him something to protect as Ellia had suggested... plus it meant that he would be allied with his friend officially. If he were honest with himself... protecting Ellia was the one thing that most stuck out in his mind.
Eventually he nodded.
"Sound good to me. I agree to ally with you and hopefully join your pantheon in time."
[Noted, and I'll fix that in my template. Additions take some time as people accept the changes.]
"This will require almost all of my power but it will be necessary for the well being of all mortals"
a large mass of space materials came together in orbit of the world to form a large moon visible even during the day from the main planets surface
[-5 for creating large moon]
"Now to seed it with life .I will create the perfect crop a golden tree that has a 95% chance to grow to be as short and as flexible as grass a 4.9% chance to be the size of an ear of maize and a 0.1% chance to grow to be the size of a tree"
"These will make this desolate rock habitable"
[-5 for creating new life]
The large moon was clearly visible to the entire world blocking out a significant part of the sun during the harvest season
[hey, umm...I think i should let you know there is no "space". this universe is actually inverse. the best way to describe it is imagine if all the space was replaced with matter, and all the matter was replaced with space.]
[tl:dr: we live on the INSIDE of an eggshell, and OUTSIDE the eggshell there is nothing but compacted stone and dirt, and two other, smaller hollow eggshells connected to the main big one via tubes.]
[also, there is already a moon and a sun, they have a very complicated mechanic that makes them work. i won't say you can't make celestial bodies, but there is some stuff that's been here since turn one that should be considered. if you do make a new moon, you could very well throw the old celestial bodies out of whack; they kinda hover precariously in the center of the snowglobe we live in.]
Ellia's hands went to her belly at mention of the Life sphere.
"The Shadow," she said. "Seemed to be in control of their actions when last we met. A bit...lusty, perhaps. But emotionally stable as far as I could tell."
"As for my daughter, if you're wondering wether I'm going to give birth to some kind of horrific immortal monster, the answer is no. She's just a baby. And from what I can tell, she takes more from Aiya physically." There was a note of bitterness in her voice at the last part.
[/u/Ekoz continues from
"Hmmm. Still need more information. Will have to talk to the Shadow then."
"But you seem disturbed beyond for apparent reasons. Anything you need help with?"
Ouro brushed his frustration off his face, and returned to his neutral stare.
"Hmm? Oh, not really. It's just a sour topic. Honestly I don't think my sister even remembers much about it. As I said, she was left to wander drunkenly through that dark globe. Why she did what she did may not even make any sense to the shadow."
He paused
"She prefers to call the entire ordeal and what resulted a mistake, and I must agree. There's nothing deeper to it than me being upset that such a mistake happened."
[If I can have all your attention please.
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"I am all ears for your proposal then."
[Maphy may want to pull out your gullet and stuff it up your urethra by the sounds of this...]
"We should work to together and form our own pantheon"
[/u/Ekoz contines from
"Well. There has to be something else you like to do, besides crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."
"I can imagine such an existence being drab."
The more rictus talked, the more Alexum seemed to be having a mild panic attack.
"I don't revel in destruction, I just do what I must...That's not my existence, is it?"
The Archon's City
Darex smiled as he dove headfirst down the pit. As always, the gravity made it feel like he would tumble downwards forever in darkness, faster than even his body could move. The push of the other moon only slowed him slightly as he rushed up towards the edges of hexagonal basalt, grabbing a hold of one with his gauntleted hands and leaping up, to the next and the next and the next, his sheer momentum and strength overwhelming the gravity of the Nexus at least for a time.
His followers came behind him, he could hear them but paid them no mind as the Archon stopped at the crest of a nearby hill, breathing in the Nexus' air and breeze once more.
Then he waited.
Darex stood still as a statue as dawn came, the glimmering red and orange light of Pharael creeping across the moon's surface in a great wave of light that one could watch move across the Nexus. He was overwhelmed by it for the first time in fifty years, and remained still, waiting throughout the day only to turn once more and watch the sun set and dye the distance violet and purple as it hid once more behind he moon.
"Vampirism was intended to be a curse upon those who slaughtered to drink blood, men like Huldrum. It was man himself who corrupted it to be spread and thanked Ellia for the power." Emjir appeared beside him quietly, face drawn and pained.
"I thank you for restoring me from the curse, my Lord," Darex replied, moving for the first time to loosen up his muscles. "There are many in the Accords who do not see it as a curse though. Another difference to be bridged over, thankfully they seem to respect me for losing the weaknesses and keeping the strength."
"I dislike vampires." Emjir grumbled simply, "It was an ineffective pestilence, it failed both to punish and to kill. And they are far too impulsive."
The Archon lowered his gaze slightly, "Ah... I apologize if you view this as a waste of time my Lord... it has been too long since I could enjoy the sun once more and I simply thought, with no appointments today, I could indulge myself slightl-"
"Skrehehehe, no, nay, no. I am pleased to have a humble servant who indulges in such fancies like watching sunsets and sunrises, it makes things far easier than having a bloodthirsty wild one like Mar or Bathilda. Besides, many who dwell in Umbra find their minds being gnawed upon by our dear colleague. Your followers could use more sunrises."
"You mean it's time to return to Nachtstadt? Hooray, I'm sure Mar will be overjoyed to get back in touch with Sanctuary."
"Not Nachtstadt, no." Emjir stood in the air and ripped his necklace off, sending stone beads flying across the land and clearing like tiny hailstones. As they impacted, his clawed hands grabbed a hold of the miniature head he carried and plucked out the second of the three eyes, to toss into the ground at Darex's feet.
"Should I get my men out of here first?" The Archon gulped, feeling the earth begin to shake.
"What kind of amateur do you think I am? Skrehehe, I've always wanted to do this." Emjir cackled, his face alight with joy.
Moments later, fractures and cracks began to emerge and swell as the earth divided into squares, hexagons, pyramids and cones that rose upwards, higher and higher like plants. The divisions widened and came together in new streets, as towers rose and houses hollowed themselves out, spiralling outwards from the Umbral tunnel that gaped open at the very centre of the growing city. A ripple seemed to push out in the manifestations wake, running under turf and earth before bursting forth upwards into a grand wall, incredibly thick and studded with watchtowers, more like a cliff-face than a fortification. Only two gates opened within it, to the north and south, and Emjir took care to create many buildings aimed at industry- forges, kilns, storehouses, workshops, ready to be armed.
The Archon and his men retreated near to the Umbral tunnel where it was more solid, and watched as one of the largest structures continued to define itself, a great diamond shaped with four statues of each of the Umbral Accords Gods standing tall in the night.
"This shall be Farabek, the Mountain Fortress, the Guardian of the Tunnel. It's lands shall be fertile and kind, it's depths rich and strong. It's people shall be you. Bring them here."
Darex had no choice but to bow and continue to gape as his men spent the next several days exploring the new city and bringing new humans and ghuls up to begin to dwell within the buildings and bring life to the stone warren.
[-14 Acts to build Farabek city.
Ellia watched the city rise, and found Emjir not long after.
"Quite the display you've put on," she said, adjusting her cloak to hide her body better.
"You're quite the architect, Lord Emjir."
[Seeing as this is before the Birth, this reaction shall be before it as well.]
The Shadow appeared, in its monstrous form, half a nebulous cloud of darkness, floating over the new city of Farabek, staring at the city in awe.
"Ooh, Venmaric's going to be so jealous when he finds out a different god has usurped his position of chief architect of the Umbral Gods! Makes sense, considering Emjir is the god of stone, but still... Oh, the look on his face will be priceless!"
Venmaric face started crumbling as he watched on as Emjir city came in to being
"Great just what we needed another city." He said obviously with sarcasm and a bad attitude
[not in a bad mood about it I personally love it :3]
Huldrum had been rejected for the position of Archon. The disgrace burned in his veins, as did the blood of others he feasted on, together with his followers. Around thirty humans and ten ghuls, and the pride of his small collection, a rogue Guardbringer called Feeldek with his Emjian golem.
The party left Leerenstadt in disgust and went to the nexus, hungry for a glorious end of their leader, they sought out one of the barrows of power they had heard legend of long ago: The Tombs of the Lost.
[It's tombs of the first, and I happily will.]
The group found themselves wandering far and wide, before coming upon a stone hut. It was up to them to continue.
Corvus overlooked the lands. He had been put in charge of leading the followers and city of the Nameless. The Sleeping Town had prospered but everyone around the city was gearing up for wars and grabbing land at an ever more sped up pace.
Corvus saw the need to grow the lands of the Sleeping Town. So he sent out a call to faithful of the Nameless everywhere, spread by the five priesthood orders of the Nameless. Land and goods and even the chance to join the orders or learn from them made many people come and look to settle in the lands the Nameless deigned to claim.
Many towns, whose people could not have been accommodated in the Sleeping Town, had been built north of the Sleeping Town. Corvus saw potential for three of these towns to become bigger cities in time.
Argentum was a town north-east of the Sleeping Town. It was a mining town. It had many resources and much of the metals and ores used in the area came from there. The town was fortified and the mining operations intensified to cover the growing need for stone stone, metal and other resources.
The spirits of nature were a big help, providing information and blessings that helped the people build a town swiftly and mine like people twice their number. So the project could be finished. The abundance of working materials made the town the center of craftsmanship in the lands of the Nameless.
Halys in the north-wet of the Sleeping Town was a small haven for fishers. Corvus had himself been at sea and learned how to sail and repair ships in the wanderings of his youth. The Charonites or a few of their number had been aboard Alexum the living ship.
A harbor was built and the town grew fast mandating larger fishing and farming operations. With the help of the spirits this no problem. Ever more ships were commissioned to secure the coasts and make use of the riches of the ocean.
Halys thus turned into the great harbor city of the burgeoning nation, becoming the center for it's seetrades.
Phylaxia was situated north of the Sleeping Town. It was the center of new nations defenses. Neighboring Frostcrypt, the town of the vampires, the old nemesis of the Sleeping Town, the city was a fast candidate to build a fortress city there. For conveniences sake the command and training facilities of the nations military would be situated here. So the defenders of the Nameless' land could learn how to work with the orders, their magics and all other things used in the defense of the nation
Around the Sleeping Town and the smaller towns inland large swaths of farmland and many farmsteads, as well as smaller fortified positions were built. To secure the nation and provide for it's citizens. The town itself was also fortified.
Corvus drew on the orders of the Nameless to provide the leadership, teaching and skills necessary to organize the settlers and citizens as a competent working force.
The Rift Gazers crafted Rift Crystal weapon, armor and tools for to supplement the needs of the people. They helped build and work the land.
The Unbound dealt with the spirits so any and all measures went as smoothly as possible and the spirits provided blessings and knowledge to speed up all the plans of Corvus. The spirits had a hand in fast tracking construction of all things that needed to be built.
The Logothets with their natural affinity for logic and fast thinking worked with other orders to streamline the processes.
Corvus and the Charonites trained a fighting force deserving the name.
The Fateless under the guidance of the Raven and Cornix used the information and knowledge gathered by the other orders on their wanderings to form an effective intelligence network.
And so the Sleeping Town and its surrounding villages grew into the Theocracy.
As a sign the Nameless was pleased. He terraformed a number of ways and streets around the nation, so the migrations and changes could commence swiftly and recreated an animal called the cow. While he remembered the males had to be castrated to produce an Oxen so it could be put to work. The Nameless modified the animal, so most males were born neutered as Oxen while some would be born as bulls to keep the population up. Males were also born slightly more often than in the template race.
[-5 for the Ox-Cow]
[-3 to terraform streets around the Theocracy]
[Sol'natha won't bother trying for more freedom than what she and Stillin already discussed. She'll let the Matriarch line up her Dominoes, and then wait to see where they lie once something comes along to send them crashing down.]
As much as Rictus wanted to contact his family, he wouldn't. His family had lived on without the father. His children were grown and Rictus death was only painful memory at most. No need to open old wounds for them.
Though he did decide to make a mortal prophet in the area of hi old home. Rictus appeared in Sanctuary. He picked out a member of the city guard. He loved the hunt and served the law, what better material for a prophet.
He appeared before the mortal Orion. Gave him an Iron Codex called him into the ranks of the Waidmänner and sent him out to spread his word.
His name was already known around the world from his appearance in front of hunters everywhere, teaching them tricks and techniques they hadn't known before. The new prophet Orion would only serve to further this in the nation budding around Sanctuary. And as the offer had come from the main god of the nation to spread his worship here, it would even find no divine hindrance.
[-3 for prophet Orion]
[-2 for second Iron Codex]
The Court of Vorkeron took note of Rictus's actions, the newfound god of Hunters and the Law having taken up the offer of a Prophet among his people. Of course... his people were innately resistant to the acceptance of new Gods. They'd suffered much, historically, at the hands of the Terrors in the Night... and a degree of paranoia rested in the hearts of all his men.
And so, Vorkeron decided to give the newfound Prophet a bit of added legitimacy... and perhaps give his people a useful tool for the future. Vorkeron awaited a day when Orion was out in public, before many witnesses... and then granted him a Gift.
Motes of Cold Light appeared around Orion, but did not condense into Rundared or Samira, as was usual. Instead... they condensed into the shape of a Bastard Sword. A band of Cold-Light ran down the center of the blade, save for where jet-black runes spelled out "Justice." Mist swirled around the blade, and the faint smell of Ozone was clear to anyone nearby. A Sheath condensed around the blade a moment later.
[-5 Acts for Justice, an Artifact Bastard-Sword. The Mortal who bears it will be able to conjure a Concealing Mist, and Smite their enemies with Lightning Bolts.]
Changes in the Firelands
Days of the Fireland council is gone, the councils was shown to be less and less effective as more cities where founded in the Fireland.
The council, who had nothing but farmers, builders or a dozen priests, surrendered power, but the Faithful Speaker of the Temple of Dracelnir managed to argue himself some power.
The AlikTal would have the Faithful Speaker as advisor, but not on full time as he need to maintain the temple and the faith. The Faithful Speaker will also chose who of the AlikTal's children will be the next AlikTal.
That is not all the Faithful Speaker will do however, as he will provide users of Divine Pyromancy as requested to the AlikTal, they would return to the Temple of course when the request have been completed.
As the AlikTal claim ownership over all of the Fireland, he seems to be very distrustful of the Unbound cult. As he lay claim to the Fireland and the Unbound insisting the spirits lives there and must be reasoned with.
Temple of Dracelnir
The Faithful Speaker still rules there but some changes had come to the Temple too.
It would not be unusual for priests to walk several paths, initiatives to the temple walks one path and then expand their paths.
[Nope nothing new. But if the Ashlanders need help the Unbound will offer it for a small price and if help is requested they will grant it, for the same. After all even the Unbound accept Dracelnir as their chief god, they only worship another god besides.]
[Hey. Mind if Sol'natha rocks up in the Firelands to setup the Healing Order in your territory?]
In the mountains, far to the south of Seared Crest, two Dragons stayed, made a ruckus and then left, leaving an egg behind them.
A artifact was to be made. The Wild flames might be running wild, but a spark needs to be set for the people to experience the flame.
The one who wields it will find they understand Wild Pyromancy fully and have much greater control over it, but not even this staff can grant complete control over Wild pyromancy.
The great power of the staff is not just knowledge and control of the flame, but also the power it infuse to a users use of Wild Pyromancy, what would be a small flame from a common user becomes a great flame for the user of the staff.
If the wearer of the staff however use Divine Pyromancy, it will grant the same boons, but to Divine Pyromancy instead.
There might be a increase in the pyromaniac tendencies of Wild Pyromancy from the user however, but that is just such a minor detail.
I shall call it Staff of Flame Call and I shall place it, in the mortal city of Eld.
[-8 acts: Staff of Flame Call. Artifact.