Ref mirin a soccer player

That nose scrunch when she smiles. So cute.
To die for.
I would watch soccer matches just to watch her officiate. Damn.
give us a name then good sir
She's beautiful enough and the scene is funny enough that I thought it was like a celebrity game at first, and she was one of the celebrities.
Looks the old red card switch aroo!
Hold my Failure-to-respect-the-required distance-when-play-is-restarted-with-a-corner-kick-throw-in-or-free-kick, I'm going in!
She fine doh
Fernanda Colombo. She's a solid ref.
She’s playing a joke on him. There was a post earlier about a different ref doing the SAME thing to that player (reaching in back pocket for the red card, but grabbing a hanky instead), I guess she saw it and gave it a go.
This is the third one I've seen
That smile tho. She's smokin.
I wouldn’t even be able to focus on the match with her on the pitch.
Or you play harder than ever before.
Who that?
A ref
Fernanda Colombo
My god.. that might be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen
C'mon now
Kinda getting that vibe that they’ve had the sex before
She's not mirin, she's fucking with him about carding him.
Who’s mirin who here?
She hot af 🔥🔥
Hot damn, she is gorgeous
No mirin here. Just a practical joke.
Damn she is a smoke show herself!
she's hot
Not just hot but seems really fun to hang out with!
Holy maccaroni she's gorgeous
Shes not mirring, Shes pretending to pull out a card, and mirring
What's this?! Actual content?! Damn.
Now those are some soccer balls I can get behind.
hubba hubba. awooo awoooo.
Hahaha, good on her, that was cheeky.
They’re both really attractive!
She wasn't mirin'. She was playing a joke on the player to make him think she was taking out a yellow card but it was instead a handkerchief.
I bet they smashed after
Totally legit ref, no bias here
just glistening
Hot and Funny
Thats not mirin. She trolled him. Usually ref stops the match to pull out a card. But she pulled out a towel. Thats why everyone was laughing
I hate this thread. None of the most are what the thread title implies it should be. She isn't mirin.
this is so cute, i love it!
You can see nipple
Please tell me she’s gay
Bouncing bewbs 😩
This was cute af 🤗
Because you're an incel and have an unhealthy relationship with women. Most normal people don't wonder such a thing or care all that much.
I'll bite tho. If a guy did that, people would laugh and we'd all go on about our day. She's making a joke about pulling out a hanky instead of a card. There is nothing inappropriate going on here.
EDIT: Aww come on,
There is always at least one of you guys