Dust or ghost?

Yeah you can see the shuffling of legs. Definitely an out of focus spider or bug.
I dunno, looks like it has something trailing behind it, like wings. Definitely a creepy crawly.
Ghost of a moth.
My spider senses are tingling on this one!
Mine too..
Haha I like this comment
probably some sort of a bug
Agreed, I watched it about 25 times. If it is a bug, it's a spider.
You can notice a couple of things.
Multiple jointed leg movements. As one pointed edge, we'll say, of the blur makes a movement, it then stays in place briefly while other pointed edges move and then stay. The central, white-most portion remains in consistent movement. (Legs carrying a body)
Size scaling. The blur doesn't change size, at all, from one edge of the camera to the other. I'm not sure at what distance it crossed the lens to create such a translucent blur effect, but even as it leaves the frame, you can see it clearly isn't traveling across this porch or going around the end of the building. It's just leaving the edge of the screen.
Bug? Why “bug” rather than dust, smoke, or fog?
Edit: never mind, it does move an awful lot like a spider.
It’s probable. But I posted because I get tons of bug notifications but nothing ever like this.
Definitely a bug!
Most likely a bug
Bug, spider actually.
Spider. Definitely nothing paranormal.
This subreddit is all about dust and spiders crawling on cameras now.
Since I've joined almost every single video on here has been bugs on the lens. Very clearly too! Man...
love this. don't forget whether
Some kind of insect
I see the spider legs....or it's a cockroach
Looks like an ant.
That’s a spider on the lens.
That's worse than a ghost, it's a Spider!! 🕷️🕷️🕸️😱😱😱
True, I’ll take a ghost over spider any day
the edges move like blurry spider legs.
Neither because that was just a spider
Agree u can see the spiders legs
dust or a bug moving very close to the camera
It definitely looks creepy. But it could be a beetle. I think you can even see wings.
its a spider ^^
Hey, dude ^^ It looks like you've caught a close up of a spider,
It might be helpful to look up other videos of ghosts compared to bugs on cameras as they seem to show up a lot on this sub.
Not sure but very cool video either way. Interesting....
This is definitely a bug. Looks like a spider to me
Or maybe Adobe premier. We will never know.
The movement makes me think spider.
awesome question ❤
1000% a ghost, no doubt about it, can’t even argue about it, the other side has come into our world and is going to bring the apocalypse, no doubt about it. Run to the hills, hide your children, bury your money, this is not a drill. Or, maybe it’s a spider
Clearest evidence of a bug I’ve ever seen
It’s a spider, you can see each leg move
looks like a moth, with the antenna going towards the upper right and then you can see the wings at the end
Looks a bit like a bird to me.
Someone farted
Wasn’t me :p
Look like some flying insect to me? a moth?
you can see wings.
Someone's vape cloud.
Some moth
Spider 100 %
Probably a spider
I love how 'ghost' was a possibility before 'insect', precisely wraps up every single ghost show / sighting / photo / video, always 'ghost' before literally dozens of other possibilities...
Apparently ghosts love to be filmed on outdoor cameras because these videos pop up all the time. Aside from all the outside dust, birds, bugs, pollen, litter, leaves, etc, etc, etc, nope it's a ghost.
the itsy bitsy spider...
Daddy long legs?
bug of some sort - happens a lot on my cams.
Bug crawling on the camera
Looks like a spider
Out of focus bug
Definitely ghost
Oh my fucking god this post has to be a joke, making fun of bug posts right? There's no way you can be this stupid.
Neither. It is a insect, likely a spider.
Edit: Whoops.. Spiders aren't insects. If not a spider then some other insect or bug. Not dust, nor a ghost.
It does move like a spider. Probably one of those super-tiny whitish ones that are hard to see most of the time.
Neither. Bug.
I agree, especially the end as it goes off screen!
Oh just a spirit going for a midnight stroll
Dust or Ghost? Its obviously a combination of the 2
Spider, why tf would a ghost even be doing the late for meeting video dance
Drugs? 😶
I believe it's a ghost or a spider