Y’all I can’t ajjsnsnd, this is literal incel shit

Has anyone yet pointed out that the supposed ciswoman radfem has an enormous crotch bulge? Or is that supposed to be her clitoris?
Nah she just packs for no fuckin reason
Maybe she's bringing codpieces back into fashion
Loving the biphobic undertones
she might as well put a gold star on the Chad for all the subtlety
I suspect that where's rampant transphobia, sooner or later will be biphobia too.
And the classist undertones, and the anti-GNC undertones, and if you take a quick look at that OPs post history they're Pro Ana. That post has layers.
It's crazy how much they hate anyone who isn't a cis lesbian who "exclusively has satisfying gynocentric sex." I knew they hated cis men, trans people, non-binary and genderfluid people, but apparently cis women who are straight, bi, or asexual can also go directly to heck.
didn't even go for chadfem. seriously champs learn to meme
sure jan
read that as "didn't even go for children" and it still made total sense that way tbh. It's ok to harass teenagers if they're trans, after all. (or support trans people, even! I remember once on tumblr, a teen cis lesbian reblogged a post in support of trans lesbians and a TER started pming her pictures of awful transphobic caricatures captioned "enjoy your new "girl"friend" and stuff like that. I think one of the messages might have been along the lines of "hope you choke on girldick" but I could be wrong)
Andrea Dworkin doesn't deserve any of this shit. And the worst thing is that critters have turned off huge groups of people from reading her because she's now falsely associated with transphobia.
Airhorn noises
Yeah tbh Dworkin was all for equal rights for all, the only thing she was against was like prostitution and harmful sex work
There is a world of difference between "a white feminist" and "white feminism". Do they really think that when people speak of white feminism, that we are calling them all individually white?
As far as I can tell, they really don't draw much if any distinction between "has white skin" and "drinks pumpkin spice but thinks ketchup is spicy." If confusing the two feeds into their righteous indignation, they'll do it. Sometimes it even feels intentional.
They are white centric feminists.
I'm a woman of colour and my culture doesnt depict gender identity as a solid one or the other. They just want to push their eurocentric white supremacist views on everyone; masking it behind feminism.
Theyre not feminists, they're bolstering the patriarchy, and trying to eliminate all non-european cultures.
no because they are literally like chuds in the exact same way.
It's a standard response any time a white person criticizes another racist white person.
"oh, but you're white too? Argument invalid. I can't possibly be racist."
When you're so deep in a hole as an ideology you become a parody of yourself
Happy cake day
Me, bisexual and FtM: mischevious grin
Sounds pretty gay to me 🤷‍♀️
Me, a enby gay: hehehehe
In the context of this meme it sounds like anything other than cis lesbian sex is a concerning fetish. Like seriously this makes sex in the missionary position for the purpose of reproduction sound like a concerning fetish.
Some of us do have messed up fetishes. It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I’m into handholding
That’s because that’s what they believe
Only vanilla cis lesbian sex though, like god intended
Sounds like a you problem
I ain’t into furries but ngl anime girls are pretty hot so your loss TERFs
What happened to the whole "fuck your pronouns, I'll call you what I want" thing?
Oh but those aren’t real slurs, the only slurs that matter are the ones against lesbians
The amount of contradictions in this is astounding.
So it's ok for you to wear men's clothing from your ex lesbian partners and of all places H&M, but it's not ok for "libfems (trans women?) to get their clothing from mom/sister?
So in other words straight sex, missionary, meaning not lesbians, ok then.
Wtf are "terf bangs"? And I thought Terf was a slur. Most "libfems" (trans women?) usually wear their hair long and straight..
Idk about that, pretty sure anyone can talk about literally anything, regardless of what it's about within reason.
So all women including libfems? Are libfems not women or is this about trans women libfems? I'm so lost on this.
Right because uh well if that's what you want to sound like go for it?
So yeah my head hurts, I'm so confused on all of this shit.
They always post trans people joking about stealing their sibling's clothing on IAF and talk about how creepy they would find it if their brother borrowed their clothes. I have a sister, and back when I was in my Ultra Femme Denial Phase, we used to steal each other's clothing all the time. (Nowadays I steal my older brother's sometimes if all my masc shirts are in the wash or something. (which, from everyone but my perspective at least, is a sister->brother) And I can't imagine it would be all that weird for brothers to steal clothes from each other.
So why is it different if a "boy" steals their sister's clothes?
I thought TERs claimed to support GNC people. If your brother wants to be GNC, even in a cis way, and the only way he can reasonably do that is borrow from you, would they really not let him? I could understand if you didn't like people taking your clothes in general, but calling it a fetish because they borrow clothes sometimes is something straight out of the left field.
Elliot Rodger was a very disturbed man who shot a bunch of people in a murder suicide since nobody would date him. He's viewed as a hero in incel communities.
Basically, they're saying that transgender women sound like incels... (Seriously... the fuck? Then again we're talking about TERFs here, and they never cease to surprise me with the lengths they'll go to hate trans people)
It's TERFs being ableist as usual.
You ever seen videos of kids learning to cut their own bangs? Those are terf bangs. Really short, choppy bangs that require a very specific face to pull off.
I’m in favor of that, I don’t like it, unless it’s actually empowering and promoting positivity like the virgin truscum vs chad tucute
Id be all for it.
Another one for the list: the right cant meme
But radfems aren’t right wing!!!1!1!1
Terf says trans rights?
What the fuck even is that sub? Is that MRA for female incels?
Basically, with a side dish of TERF/SWERF shit.
That and a dash of transphobia
Why do TERFs misuse every single meme format they lay their hands on?
There's so much to chew on here, we may as well have ourselves a dinner party.
There is so much to pick at, it’s so bad ugh
Don't know if you've seen it, but
Yeah I saw it’s v cute
Female genital mutilation, women forced to be surrogate mothers to survive, acid attacks, child brides, and prostitution is the worst manifestation?
I don't mean to say prostitution is an easier thing to live through, because I don't think it is. But with the amount of shit women get all across the globe, choosing one thing as worse than the others is disgusting.
If they can understand the difference between consensual sex and rape, then why can’t they understand the difference between consensual sex work and sex slavery?
Oh right, they think all “real” women are prudes with no libido or fetishes. And that sex outside of marriage is inherently degrading. So much for “smashing the patriarchy”.
Someone made this to make fun of terfs, right? I refuse to believe they made this about themselves.
For one, most radfems are middle aged straight white women who have never had “gynocentric” sex in their lives. Like, JK Rowling being a terf actually checks out because she fits the demographic to a T.
I’m also thinking about like how the (cis lesbian) creator of the new L word series literally said she sees the new series as “as response to terf lesbians” (
A transman once wrote an article where he mentioned TERF's had creepy entitlement issues toward him and other transmen as though they were "owed" him, and his decision to transition was removing him from their dating pool.
So if you ever wonder why TERF's post incel memes, it's because they literally are incels.
Ironically, the only Stacy I know is transfeminine
The power of Stacyhood knows no chromosomes.
I know someone whose parents named him Stacy when he was born, but that's about it...
Dont know a Stacy personally have met a couple Stacys at prides.
If not for the format and where it's posted I would almost think this was making fun of TERFs with the "positives" they tried to list. A Daria profile picture?
Daria would tell OP “bite me” and then she’d go back to not being appropriated by a dick.
The ableism in this image is evident.
b e a u t i f u l t e r f b a n g s
" i hate hijab you wear it" this is the username who posted this meme. Do I need to say anything else? Nice Islamophobia.
TERFs are so far gone that they have officially looped back around to being incels. I... don't even know what to say.
Really compelling take on swork there Chad, I’m sure the ladies love u
jesus fuck how did they pass up "chadfem" it's RIGHT THERE
TERFs keep calling themselves radical but there’s nothing radical about their views. Their views are just patriarchy repackaged as “women’s empowerment”.
lov 2 paint ur perceived enemy as being weird for being gnc
this is like a worse version of that transbian vs cisbian meme
lol yeah if they were really having "satisfying and amazing lesbian sex", then they wouldn't be so pissy
wtf is a "self-sustaining being"?
I guess they mean being an independent person maybe?
i lost my shit when i got to “beautiful terf bangs” LMAOOOO
"exclusively has satisfying and gynocentric sex" as apparently the counterpart to "PIV can still be gay sex" which.... is something trans guys say.... but is being attributed to what appears to be a transfemme caricature..... I am D Y I N G, the people who say that don't want to be affiliated with anything "gyno" at all, ya moron!
"enjoys vanilla sex"
that's...... that's not a huge accomplishment............ there's just, like, more than one way to have sex and sometimes people like variety.
I hate this on every level possible. Kill me please
I can't decide if it's satire or not
Oooof terfs are wild
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