In Cuphead, the boss Ollie Bulb only attacks players in self-defense. If he is left alone, then he will smile and quickly leave. A radish is then fought in his place. (Credit to @LoggoFrog for the clip)

Well holy shit, I never knew about this, nice detail! Is it just an obstacle that complicates the carrot fight? Will have to break out the game again and check this out. I always just went Frank Reynolds style as soon as the fight started.
There are a few different "phase skips" that they added in one update to Cuphead. The other ones involve becoming a tiny ship in the Djimmi the Great fight when he's copying you, which causes him to crate a tiny Cuphead doll during his Pyramids phase, and pulling down the chandelier during the Sally Stageplay fight, killing the groom and causing him to toss attacks at you during the Angel phase. Very cool!
So anyway I started blasting.
Just want to add that this was not a feature of the original game, where the onion just attacked outright. The radish was a boss concept that was cut in development, but was later added in an update. Other bosses in the game have similar "secret phases" like this one too. Great detail op!
Which other bosses have the secret phases?
Is the radish easier to beat?
Nah, the Onion is a lot easier since his attack are very basic, the radish look extremely annoying making you have to constantly jump.
Oh this is just adorable.
That little blushing smile is just cute
Onionstein and smough
Is this game really as hard as everyone said?
Incredibly difficult, I've been stuck on the second island for quite some time
It's difficult but fair. You usually need to learn enemy patterns before victory. When you finally beat a fight it's very rewarding.
It offers a fair and hard challenge, but nothing absurd. Maybe 4/3 bosses are fucking assholes
Yeah, it’s one of those unforgiving games, like Celeste or Dark Souls. Some people think the game is challenging, others think the difficulty is unreasonably high. I lean more towards the latter, but then again I only had the chance to play it for a few minutes.
There's three difficulties, though the easiest is lost in the final boss.
It's hard. But it's short, and easy to get back to where you were.
So expect to be stuck on a boss, but to also be able to get through it.
It falls into the type of games that you don't play for instant progression like exploring a Ubisoft open world game. It is the type of game that requires dedication and mastery of controls. If you aren't into Souls like games or fast paced metroidvanias than this game might not be your cup of tea.
I would have some days where I would just feel so fucking defeated. Like what kind of twisted fucks make a game where it's literally just boss fights?! At those points I would seriously think what the fuck is the point in finishing this stupid fucking game. Honestly I said multiple times if it wasn't cute and I didn't care about what happens then I would have just ditched it. I pushed through though and ended up beating it and honestly I fucking love it and the sense of accomplishment is insane.
It’s hard yeah but not in a way that’s too frustrating since it’s one level at a time
No. It's challenging, but not impossible. The biggest thing that made the game easier was remapping the keys, specifically, the shoot button to the right trigger. Since you're holding it down all the time anyway, may as well free up your thumb for other button presses.
Also, different bosses are easier depending on which loadout you use. I think people stick with the same weapons for every boss and that makes things infinitely harder than they should be.
That being said, some bosses are extremely difficult but nothing that should ever stop your progress. Treat it like a more complicated version of Mike Tyson's Punchout. There are patterns in all the attacks and recognizing them is half the battle.
Yes. I think its because you can't grind to level up to make it easier and also because of the nature of it being all boss fights it feels hard because you could be stuck playing a very short part over and over that's giving you trouble.
ymmv I didnt find it very hard to beat, tons of fun throughout. 100%ing though, couldnt get past second island, almost ridiculously difficult
yes fuck this game
IMO while it is very difficult, it's just the right amount without being just frustrating instead of fun
Should be mentioned this was added in a patch about a year after release.
Well now I feel like a dick for killing him lol
My dog hated that non stop crying noise from the onion. She'd get up and leave the room every time I tried the level and got to that stage.
That sure looks like a carrot not a radish
Radish is the little red thing on bottom. Normally that isn't there at the carrot stage, or any stage.
It’s worth pointing out that this didn’t happen in the original release.
Wow, then I should've listened to my 3-year-old who scolded me for shooting the poor thing.
It wasn't at launch
Who tf is Ollie Bulb? I thought his name was Weepy??
So did everyone. Apparently, Ollie Bulb is Weepy's real official name.
This is very creative!
great now I feel like an asshole
Why does it only attack in self-defense? Why does a radish come out instead?
This is one exclusive Ive been dying to play since before it came out :( love the style
So you skip the first phase of the fight to have a harder second phase? That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.
*skip second phase for a harder third phase
The radish was apart of an update, you had to beat the onion originally
Nigga that's a carrot
I kinda wanna get cuphead but I'm not sure if I would ever finish it lol
Can’t wait for the DLC
Knew about this but didn’t know how to get it
Oh god, I feel so bad now...
What a cool looking game!!!!
Speed run tactic???????
Nah this is slower. And people who speedrun use an older patch where this isn’t possible.
omg, im a monster D:
I am very bad at this game.
That's a carrot...
That a carrot
I mean yes and no. Every boss in that game has a normal difficulty and a harder one that u access in the middle of the fight by either attacking a certain person or standing in a right location
Never knew this!
Men In Black tried to train me for this day but I have failed them.