Brian Kemp appoints anti-LGBTQ activist to transition team

Not really news, but more of the same: Kemp's a homophobic bigot who wants to harm LGBTQ people.
Fake news 😉
hiring gay people is a sign of homophobia now
Good thing we didn’t elect that radical, Stacey Abrams, huh?
I can't wait for my way of life to be destroyed by this asshole. God I need to leave this hellhole of state.
I know it hurts, but please stay. GA was so close to turning blue this last round, and the state needs all hands on deck for 2020 and beyond to finish that transition.
He also put
I still think if such a bill reaches Kemp's desk he signs it, which I can only hope doesn't hurt growing industries in Georgia too much. Coming from Alabama 6 months ago I was hoping to not just wind up Alabama Remix Edition
You can say you're opposed to these laws all you want, but when you work for the guy who wants them to pass and your job is to make sure he's successful, it doesn't mean much.
And I also hope he wouldn't sign the bills, but he's gone on record many, many, many times saying he's all for it. And some of the bill's most prominent sponsors and proponents are on his transition team, too, like Virginia Galloway.