🏈 Game Thread: 2019 Preseason Week 5 at Cincinnati Bengals


Not much if anything at all should be taken from preseason stats but considering Eli’s Capt. Checkdown routine the past few seasons this stat seems noteworthy.
Passes of 15+ Yards through 3 preseason games:
Eli : 0/1
Jones : 5/7 157 Yds 2 TD’s
When Eli was a gunslinger this is how he used to play. Chuck it downfield and give your WR’s a chance to make a play.
Yeap Eli just does not have the deep ball anymore. That Twitter video of the complete collection of his deep throws to Odell last year was nauseating.
Interesting last look at the team before the season starts. Looks a lot like what I suggested they might be. A “decent” team that could win 7-9 games but is a year away from competing at the top of the league. They’ll need more on defense to stick with the Big Boys.
10-6 if the DBs show up as advertised. Everyone one here is underestimating how bad some of the teams on our schedule are.
The O line will be fine. They haven’t had a chance to get in a rhythm run blocking and oh yeah we haven’t been playing Saquon or Engram.
The other major factor is Betcher. His gameplan to get to the QB will be on full display because we definitely aren’t doing it rushing just 4.
I’m still not a believer that Jones is the next great QB, but it is refreshing to see a Quarterback throw the ball past the first down marker on 3rd down. Been a long time since we’ve seen that.
Start the kid.
He just MIGHT be the next great QB. He is CERTAINLY good enough to be a good starting quarterback in the NFL. Just THAT would be a win for the Giants.
And he’s not going to start.
Golden with an epic fuckup. And why TF is Tom Quinn still on the Giants sideline?
Russell should make the team for being the first player in 10 years to know how to block on a punt return without committing a foul.
So many Russells and Sheppards on the team haha.
Agreed. Surprisingly, it's looking like we're going to have to cut some WRs that can really play this year. I know I'm going to hate some of the guys not making it, but I feel like we HAVE to find a spot for Russell. He has the type of hustle that can be infectious.
Russell was already making the team but you’re right, that’s a new skill on the Giants. And how ‘bout Britten Golden? This may be the game that gets him a job.
And I think Lauletta has looked good. He should be the #3 QB. Screw that Extra Coach in the QB Room stuff. If Shula and Eli can’t handle that stuff shame on them. Tanney should be the odd man out.
I think they’re saying the Tanney stuff to be respectful to an elder and light a fire under LOLetta. Because LOLetta is a better QB. That was a nice throw for 2 as well.
You’re seeing why Dickerson could well slip into the roster.
Our D is going to make a lot QB's a lot of money this year.
Looking like a Perry F defense
Feel like I’ve never heard of half of our jags
Tanney didn't look very sharp to me tonight. Missed some big play opportunities with inaccuracy.
Yup and Kyle looking really good
Lauletta actually did okay there. Escaped blitz. Threw a nice ball that should have been caught.
It’s now Lauletta’s job to win. Tanney have him an opening. I hope the kid does well.
I liked this Finley kid as an alternative to some of the bigger names. He looks pretty good.
And 4th round? Could be a steal.
Ballentine and Goodson doing pretty well here. I have to say that Goodson is looking like he deserves a roster spot.
No one seems to care that Beal may never play because of how Ballentine has balled out. I think that’s a good thing.
Over Stupar for sure.
This Anderson kid looks good.
Stupor having a shit game
Stupor showing why he really isn’t any good. Three consecutive horrid plays.
we cannot stay within an ACRE of a RB coming out of the backfield.
Tapping out of this game.
Daniel Jones is a bad man. Hope he’s on the field week one!
Subtle little play but Perkins used speed to make a couple of successful plays.
I like me some Perkinator
If Jones doesn't start Q3 I'm out, I can only watch so much fake football.
And that's my queue! Good talking gents!
Don't know what's going on with gallman but he looks so hesitant, tip toe like, waiting for an invitation to get past the line of scrimmage.
Very mixed half. I think we can stop arguing about whether Daniel Jones is capable of becoming a franchise quarterback. It isn’t really a question any longer.
But the defense is shaky.
You misspelled “shitty”
I think Eli has looked decent the last two games. I think his drive tonight was good up until the last play. 3rd and long in the red zone, 3 over 2 on the left, he knows pressure is coming, snaps the ball, looks only left and just throws it away right away. He knows he ain’t completing that pass before he snaps it. That is the type of play that defenses have been forcing out of him for the last few years. Let him dink and dunk and make him throw it away when it’s 3rd and long. Sure, Rosas looks great as a result, but it’s just not good enough.
I am concerned about the OL. They should be embarrassed about their performance tonight. I hope they are and do something about it.
Jones looks better each week. He should start Day 1 even though we know he won’t. Eli will continue to tease with stats and not win games as I alluded to above.
Lawrence finally flashed. He plays too high sometimes and can have his momentum used against him by a single smaller player. He has some learning to do (which is to be expected by a rookie).
Peppers hasn’t shown any special coverage ability in three games.
Jones is the best QB on the roster.
Ellison is a secret weapon. Hopefully he can steal some targets from Simonson.
I didn’t see the play but after watching Eli for the last 5 years I can picture it perfectly. He better be focused on fixing that chicken sh!t part of his game because if Danny Dimes keeps throwing balls like he is I think the hook may be quicker than we originally thought. The Dallas game is huge for Eli because we play 3 cupcakes after that. If he comes out and gets owned by Dallas again (Demarcus Lawrence is already talking trash and it’s pretty funny stuff TBH) it’s going to get loud and I don’t think Shurmur will have to worry about the negative response Macadoo got for putting in Geno Smith.
I missed the whole 1st quarter, but have counted 4 "ball placement"s. How many did miss? Gotta catch up on drinks.
Man you better get your drinks in now before the regular season starts!
X man with his 3rd sack of the preseason
That'll be the easiest sack of the x-mans career
Tackle had a DUHHH moment
Not seeing anything that makes me move off my over/under of 5 1/2.
If Eli starts I’ll take the under
If Jones starts I’m banging the over
Whole team looks flat tonight
Preseason game in Ohio when I am sure they are ready for the season to start just like we are. Not an excuse because they are professionals. But I’m sure that’s some of it.
So I have no explanation for it, but I do remember reading that Solder seems to start off slow every single year. Not just with a new team, but every year on the Patriots too. I don't know why, but we might need to live with it until he makes his mid-season improvement again.
Hopefully he comes out of his Eric Flowers cocoon sooner than week 8.
Yep that was the scouting report on him. He always starts the season slow. Worked for the pats because they are always in it late in the season.
Did the announcer just say we brought in a bunch of really good pass rushers?
I don't trust anything they say after the Webb comment.
Nice having a real athlete as a kicker.
Jones slinging it like 2011 Eli.
Can someone summarize the Slayton play real quick? Not getting this game.
Pass rush bearing down on DJ, he heaves it up toward the bottom left pylon, Slayton catches it on the sideline keeps both feet in bounds and comes down just short of the endzone.
Solder is getting beat like a drum, Jones stands in and throws a nice deepish ball down the sideline at the 1. Perfect placement. This occurring after getting crushed by Solder’s man the prior play.
DJ has got a sack on him. Shit going sideways all around him, but he just keeps slinging it.
He has his masters in shitshow sideways conditioning.
Jones is the real deal
Reminds me of a certain Giants QB in his younger years. Haven't seen that dude in a while I wonder what happened to him.
Jones to Slayton baby!
Start the kid
Danny Stephen Dimes The Savior Jones III
Both tackles doing their best olè on that play
This has been a complete shit show abomination for this line tonight.
Even on this pass to Slayton Solder is getting abused by a second stringer.
Whew that deep ball was a beauty
Can someone please start this kid already??
Won’t be us. Not this year anyway.
Any Slayton sighting yet?
I unfortunately missed the entire first quarter but it doesn't sound pretty. Thought DJ looked good still on that last drive, should have converted the 1st down after a 1-20 if not for Fowler giving it away.
So without a pass rush ... I’m not certain that secondary can hold up.
I’ve been told, despite evidence during his college and so far young pro career, that Peppers is a playmaker. After all, we sent a gamebreaker their way and demanded Peppers as the lynchpin.
I suspect not, but is Baker playing? That would make a big difference. At least I hope so.
Fowler with the first clown play of pre season.
1st and 20 ... we run ... bawk bawk
I can’t watch this much longer.
I have been lurking for about 10 years.. forget my password all the time and have commented under several aliases... just need to add my couple of pennies:
Eli looked sharp. He even looked, dare I say it, athletic. Guy could probably win a few games... but it’s just a tease. I’m a big believer in “learning by doing” and I think Danny The Savior Jones has the mental makeup to handle the fire and failure.
I know Eli will start, but I really hope the youngin gets in sooner than later...
Then again,
I’m a little nervous Eli’s performance tonight results in a 5 year extension and Dr Evil John Mara trading Jones to the patriots for a bag of Hot Cheetos.
It's over were done for the next decade.
I think you might be better suited for
Not getting ANY pressure on Dalton. And the linebackers can’t cover. One or the other HAS to get better or we’re headed for a long season.
Peppers looking positively Collins-like there. So glad we have up Odell for him.
He's holding up the legacy of the number on his jersey that's for sure
Gonna be a long year for this defense. Peppers just got smoked.
As a group ... if our LB unit improved a bit ... they could actually be bad.
Terrible defense.
So far Corey Ballentine and Will Hernandez and the entire pass rush are having a tough game.
3 penalties on Hernandez tonight?
Some really bad play calling on that drive, and Jones is throwing to scrubs while playing a 1st team defence. If he manages to score next drive I’ll be very impressed.
Hernandez is crapping the bed.
DJ’s first throw was the type of perfect, on the money short throw that has eluded our offense for years.
Looked likeJones looked like he missed a crossing receiver on 2nd down. If Eli did that he’d be crucified.
One is a 16 year vet and the other is a rookie. And let’s not act like Eli doesn’t miss his fair share of open receivers. Especially downfield.
Hmm one is a 16 year vet and one hasn't played a game yet
The left side of the line looked so handsome and cultured and tried as hard as they could again on 2nd down. Definitely a unit we can be proud of.
Thank you for the positivity and sunshine!!
Ballantine completely lost his man on that play. Not a good look. Nor was the “pressure” on Dalton.
Danny Jones coming in next drive
C lat looks a little crocodile
BW Webb had a breakout season last year huh?
Eyebrow raising statement there.
Um....Eli’s arm is definitely improved.
Kerry Wynn sighting!!
Gallman looking a lot better tonight.
Edit: Womp stuffed on a 3rd and 1.
Same old story - our revamped line that includes the same left side as last year moved no one
Manning leading the charge! Lol
BW Webb sighting!!
I wonder how many throws past 10 yards Eli throws. Everything is 5-10
How many drives do you guys think Eli plays?
I think I might be in love with Ballentine
Hey guys I forgot about the site above. I’ll try to add it to game threads going forward. They post these lists every Wednesday.
Who is the highest scoring team in the league going in to week 3 of the pre season?
If the front 7 makes Andy Dalton look as good as they made Chase "Curtis Painter V2.0" Daniels look last week, the team is in trouble.
My biggest concern is that this defense is dependent, awfully dependent, on a lot of young players who haven't proved anything yet. If it turns out they are good then we may have a decent defense (not nearly an elite one, but decent). If they prove less than we hope then the defense is going to get slaughtered again, much as in previous years. There is clearly more talent, particularly in the defensive backfield, but without experience that talent may not mean enough until next season. And the linebackers are still of very questionable talent.
I think we're a season away from having a defense that can help win a championship, perhaps even two seasons, depending upon the outcome of the draft and free agency in 2020. But the first indication of what we have starts tonight. I'm pretty nervous about it.
Sounds like Slayton is a go tonight.