Has anyone here ever brought up Katrina Holt? Reading this made me tired.

This is 100% 1950's household kink. The fact that she actually mentions 1950 and dressing up cracks me up.
Yup. Absolutely a kink, and super cringey. More on her on
Shes just missing the under the table ritalin. Then she'll be a real 50s wife
I came here to say this. Reddit continues to show me I’ve never had an original thought ever!
I kinda want to comment that rn
On top of all the other bullshit, I hate the way she fixates on women wearing dresses in the first half of the 20th century and assumes they were "dressed up" all the time. In the 50s, it was just the social norm to wear dresses. They weren't fancy. Women had housework dresses, shopping dresses, afternoon dresses, and some of them were frumpy!
They didn't "dress up" every day. They just put on clothes.
I get that the June Cleaver pearls and heels thing is probably her kink, but I hate that she's using it to shame women into thinking that their great-grandmothers were never casually dressed slobs, just like we are at home sometimes (most times).
Women used to go out with a scarf tied around their curlers then, too.
Also, the 50s were right after WW2. People probably dressed up more then not just because it was the social norm, but because they were celebrating the fact that the war was over, the didn't have to ration everything out anymore, and because of the economic boom that happened. (This is all from an American perspective since afaik all these fundies are American)
THIS. Women didn't wear dresses back then to be dressy. They did it because wearing pants was genuinely controversial up until the late 60's. It was viewed as "improper" because pants were "men's" clothing.
exactly, she bases her knowledge of the 50s on the freaking advertisements of that time. you cant say every woman in the 50s wore heels, nice dresses and make up all the time.
But those housecoats that people wore when no one was coming over were so attractive!
Yeah, you can bust out a lot of dishes with hot water and a good sponge- and I’m not shaming anyone who wants to! But! My dishwasher is right there! And she’s acting like it makes her so holy and mighty!
She’s bored and has too much time on her hands though. Being a housewife for just two people what does she DO all day every day?
So she switches to hand washing dishes to fill up an hour. 😂
Absolutely true. My husband is baffled at how fast I can wash dishes. (Worked food service for well over a decade) but because I used to work food service I HATE washing dishes and have told him I won’t do it- I’ll fold, wash, do ALLLLLLL the laundry, I’ll scrub toilets but the dishes can go fuck themselves
That said our kitchen is SEVERELY tiny With no room for a dishwasher. I’ve seen larger ones in RV’s. The only way to enlarge it would be to kill the 120yr old maple in the back yard outside the back door. If the tree died, we’d consider it. But for right now I’m enjoying the shade it gives us.
I can’t fathom how anyone would like doing dishes. Ugh
She's on a dishwashing jOuRnEy!
I have had a dishwasher or AC for years and years... never thought it made me interesting or to flex it... oddd lady
I wonder how much valium or other benzodiazepine she's on? I know that shit didn't hit the market until 1963 but it wouldn't surprise me.
Women used to drink a lot of Geritol (alcoholic vitamins) in the 1950's. She's probably on a nice cocktail of mommy's little helpers.
Not just benzos, amphetamines too.
I chuckle that what makes my brain function like it should. (Severe adhd) was used to keep housewives slim and cleaning house
“Just being alive was enough reason to dress up.”
That bar is so low it’s damn near at the earth’s core.
Well, being alive after WW2 is kind of a reason to celebrate, maybe?
Is she aware that those of us who have jobs have to dress up everyday to go to work
I 100% thought she said "handmaiden dress" instead of "handmade dress" and my mind didn't even question it
I like washing my dishes too but not in high heels, and not this pretentious about it. Just say you have a housewife kink and go.
Girl needs to read The Feminine Mystique and get out of the house!
Yes! My first thought was literally, “what in the Feminine Mystique kitchen imprisonment bullshit is this?”
It seems like the tradfems are turned on by that lifestyle, though. shudders
I was about to say something about that book. Just because you have a weird kink that makes you enjoy serving your husband like a dog in lipstick, doesn't mean your lifestyle is healthy or normal!
It’s 2020. I’m 40, own a house built in 1950 without a dishwasher and I cannot afford the remodel it would take to make even a portable dishwasher happen. Before that, we lived in a dishwasher free apartment. if she is just now discovering that not using a dishwasher is “fun” I welcome her to bring her dishwasher-privilege over to my house and scrub a couple lasagna pans
Oh my gosh, will her husband just fuck her already? This is so obviously a kink it belongs on Fetlife or something.
I seriously don't want to kinkshame, but there is a time and a place for fucks SAKE.
I'm laughing at "old fashioned way". Its not old fashioned to wash your own dishes. A lot of people don't even have dishwashers.
As an amateur social historian with a special interest in the 1950s... I have to ask;
In 1958, there were approximately 50 million households in the U.S. Of that number, only 2 million households had Air Conditioning (4%) up from 1 million households in 1953. By the 1970s however, most households had AC.
Is she going to disconnect her Air Conditioner in the Summer, in solidarity with the 96% of 1950s women who didn't have it? I'd love to see her all glammed up and the state of her mascara after a Summers Day doing housework without AC!
With her heels on 😈
Most women like dressing up and looking pretty from time to time. I know I do. I also like cake, but if hard social pressure and the threat of public shame dictated that I had to eat cake every single day or risk total ostracization, I'd probably start hating it an awful fucking lot.
There's a difference between doing something because you WANT to do it, and doing it because you're expected to do it and have no real choice in the matter.
Ummmm didn't the house wives in that era take a lot of pills? Like valium and bennies and stuff?
And before that barbiturates, and before that, patent medicine that was full of booze.
That floor is brand new and she is going to scuff it up playing dress up in those heels everyday. Someone send her some slippers.
There's a reason house shoes were a thing, even in the 50s. Spend all that time mopping and waxing your floors just to scuff them with your black patent shoes. A+
Yes, every woman in the 1950s was a Stepford Wife! They all loved doing menial house chores in formal clothing, and the reason they didn't have dishwashers was because they didn't want them, not because they couldn't afford them. Who doesn't love dried out hands and wasting time hunched over a sink?
This is the dumbest horseshit I've heard in a long time 🙄
This bitch is as right as two left shoes, and ten times as funny lookin'.
I don’t have a dishwasher either, where I live they pretty much don’t exist. It’s really not that difficult. I actually prefer it to a dishwasher since you have to scrub the dishes before loading them anyway. I also don’t have a dryer so I have to hang the clothes on a line or drying rack, again it’s not that difficult. Everyone does household chores, it’s part of being a functioning human being. Sure, they’re annoying and time consuming but they’re not hard. Like children can wash dishes. With that being said, this has to be a fetish or some kind of extended cosplay
I agree, this is her kink, so whatever. I'm kinda into it myself, just not even close to 100% of the time.
BUT, even in the 50s, most women did not dress like this at home. They were simple cotton house dresses.
Ugh at least step on the white tile so we can see the shoes you overripe banana.
I live in an nyc apartment with no dishwasher and it really sucks so the fact that someone would just let theirs go unused makes me unreasonably indignant.
Is she NUTS ?!? Who likes doing dishes?????? In the 1950s one of my grandma's had a maid full time and a live in nanny after she had twins. My other grandma had a maid twice a week, obviously neither worked so I'm not going to feel like they did more housework than me.
why do fundies love writing an essay in every instagram caption? we get it, you love jesus and you’re probably secretly miserable hiding it behind social media
Right, like get a blog already if you want to write lengthy stories 🤦🏽‍♀️
I bet she doesn't know that women from that era who wore nothing but high heels couldn't flatten their feet. My grandmother told me a story (this was back in the early 90s) about a woman in a nursing home who couldn't walk from her bed to the bathroom without putting on a pair of heels. Your Achilles tendon will actually shorten if you wear high heels constantly.
Does her husband also live like this?
It’s his kink. He sure loves role play!
I don’t think he does the cosplay part. He looks like a regular, poorly dressed dude.
Me thinks she does not know how ACTUAL people lived in the 1950s. I assure you my grandmother was not in heels and a dress.
I adore vintage clothes and used to dress extremely 1950s (now on a turn of the century through 1940s kick) but I despise the fact that I don’t have a dishwasher and always will. Dishpan hands ain’t cute.
Yikes. Washing dishes is not hard work.
Yeah. I am shocked how many people are acting like it would be the end of the world not to have a dishwasher. It's almost as quick to wash them as it is to load a dishwasher properly, not to mention any dishwasher I've used doesn't do shit to stuff baked onto pans, which is the only time consuming part anyway.
My grandmother had house dresses and gasp slacks in the '50's. Also my heathen Catholic grandfather did the dishes as my grandmother cooked. She certainly never dressed up or wore heels to do housework!
As someone who dresses vintage almost every day and collects vintage homeware, this bitch exhausts me.
My mother tried to make me learn how to sew. I didn't want to do any of that shit and it did not go well. I refused to learn to sew well for many years until she finally gave up on me. So imagining me wearing any dress I would sew is pretty damned funny.
Fuck her right in the eye socket with a rusty grapefruit spoon.
I bet most women in the 50s without a dishwasher would have killed for one.
Boy it must be so nice to trivialize the shit women of the 50’s has to go through because you have a kink. Women killed themselves because they were so damn depressed.
My hands dislike doing dishes by hand... I love my dishwasher!!!
My dishwasher was broken for two weeks and I thought I was going to die. I was almost to the point of saying f the trees, we’re using disposable plates.
Um... Is this guy shit at eating pussy or what? If he's going down and it still takes you NINETY MINUTES to come? Like. What?
I checked out this lady's insta and it sounds like shes actually very content with her life. She actually seems to really enjoy homemaking, polishing, dishes, makeup, etc. Some of her posts seem snobby and arrogant but i dont even think shes a fundie. She just really enjoys her lifestyle which is good.