RIP Spine

I appreciate just the right amount of slow-mo that came with this video
More people should do this
Even Gumby flinched when he saw that
Who’s Gumby?
Trampolines can be deceptive like that, people think they’re safe, and because of that they do stupid things that get them severely hurt. Few years ago I tried my first triple backflip and made a two and a half. Two years of physical therapy later and I’m still not recovered.
That sucks :(
How did you land? Did you hyper extend your knees?
Round two, fight!
This is how you herniate every disc at the same time.
Super sciatica
Did he actually break his spine?
he's fine,
Fuck 😰
these trampoline vids are really surfacing a lot of scorpions and shrimps lately
Oh dear, what's a shrimp? Or do I not want to know?
Haha I actually saw him do this in person. He had been trying this trick a bunch before and it looked sketchy every time. I thought he broke his back because he immediately curled up after and was grabbing his back. He was up and walking around in under 5 minutes though which is crazy.
The gym is called Tempest Freerunning Academy in Los Angeles for anyone curious. Awesome place.
Edit: he is
worst sales pitch ever
If that didn't break the spine surely he must have got that satisfying crack in the entire spine, right?
This is the gym towards south bay right? or is it the one north of the location in northridge
Oh my god my face did that whole ‘eating a lemon thing’ watching this!
Vinegar stroke?
That look at the end says he is more embarrassed that it was witnessed then it having happened.
"Oh my god, you just broke you spine"
"Oh hi- I uh- didn't see you there- no it's ok. Im just going to walk out of here like a crab now"
I diagnose you with broken back
Wow, 11/10 scorpion with a sting. That poor spine
Ruptured my L5/S1 at a trampoline park a few years ago. Thought I was still in my 20s. I’ll also add that I didn’t have anything like this happen to me. Just wear-and-tear I guess. The trampoline park was just the icing on the cake.
Just jumping or what?
Just looking at this shit gives me breathing problems
Trans trampoline
Damnit, I’ve severely injured my back watching this because something similar happened to me with a wave and this vividly brought the pain back
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What spine?
Here is your gif!
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The injury turned his pants brown from gray.
Damn I'm not sure if I can watch these anymore...It hurts *my* back for some reason
Oh hey I know that place
I knew a ballet dancer, Muriel Maffre, who could do a backbend that deep . .. but this dude ain't no ballerino. He's gonna have lumbar vertebrae trouble for the rest of his life.
Yeah. Disc Jockey.
I’m laughing only so that I don’t cry.
Done this once or twice, thank God I have good ligaments.
Even he got a chance to express the regrets.
Bruh fuck that
bruh 🙌👌👌👌🤙
oh GOD I physically recoiled at seeing that, jesus christ
Sometimes you just need to know what your butthole smells like.
AAGHH! I fucking felt that >__<
Young. Dumb. And paralyzed. Woot!
On my old back I think it would put something in place...
Jumping Scorpion
Man turned into a damn slinky.
Rest In Paralysis?
This guy bends over backwards for us!
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he went for
Holy fuck
I cringed so hard my neck cramped
Full-on cringe factor...
Dat look at the end of the video
Hey! That's my friend gavin!
Aye. My spine hurt
Spinal snap
That slo-mo looks like a fatality
I laughed so hard
Fyi I posted the same video
I’d like to say that he’s young and his beautiful day can take it but that would be a lie