Frasier Quiz-a-thon

I missed

Who got sloppy and never should have gone back to Zurich?
Asking the real questions. I love this one
Marlena! Probably my favorite elevator scene for the entire show.
What does Marta have trouble with, in terms of language?
What name was Martin trying to give Fox's dog Ariel?
What is the name of the girl who Freddie has his first kiss with?
Melody the S'mores girl. Good one!
What's Martin's favorite shoe brand?
Who uses the traditional spelling for their name?
I’ll start with an easy one. Which club voted Frasier most likely to be?
Existentialist Club!
Name the gift that Niles gives Martin for to make up for taking Eddie to the dog spa/kennel.
The Slaughterhouse Five because they don't make a Slaughterhouse Three.
What did Old Man Crane eat?
Your brain!
Where did Maris’ gardener Yoshi die? How?
In the maze. The paramedics never had a chance of finding him! Haha.
Name the vessel whose hulls kept hidden a treasure of roe and DVDs.
The Caspian Queen
How many previous marriages did Sherry have that they knew about for sure?
Six, I wanna say
Name the Opera Frasier drags Martin to on Valentine’s Day.
Rigoletto. Good one.
Where was Peppo the Dwarf at the time of the murder at Nightmare Inn?
he was at the movies
What caused Eddie's bout of depression?
Missing his favorite toy... was it the doll?
In Three Blind Dates, Martin sets Frasier up with a pretty, blonde legal secretary named Kris. They go on a date to a bar/pool hall. How does everybody there know Kris?
You know . . .
In what situation did Maris' fetching underbite come in handy?
When doing the Barracuda in the 70s.
Who was killed by a person with a nug?
Bulldog's girlfriend
How did Roz end up with a dress that was 2 sizes too small?
Her sister bought it for her.
Where was Frasier when he didn't want to pay $2.00?
The parking ramp when he was just in there for a minute and never parked.
What is the name of the boat...
*hint this one has two answers
Oh man! I can only think of one.
Niles has a date to the Snow Ball—a rich society heiress. To which business empire is she an heiress, and why might Niles not want to get involved with her?
Marjorie Nash, the fruit on the bottom yogurt heiress. I can’t temember why though.
Who is more birdly than Niles?
No one is more birdly than Niles. Nice one.
What is the scourge of our times?
Toast sweat?
What might a couple of beers make Paris do?
What did Roz try to shove into a carrot?
A Sominex (for Alice's hamster)
After Frasier has a terrible interview he tells Daphne it was worse than _____. Name that premiere.
Dresden premiere of Schumann's Second Symphony!
Frasier's line of choosing a faster way to die than broiling was absolutely hilarious!
What is the title of the book that Martin reads to Daphne when she’s sick with the flu.
The Rose and the Rapier and it was their former neighbor who wrote it. I don't remember her name but she definitely wanted to tap Martin.
Roz had a pet cat when she was growing up. What was its name?
"Muffles or Scruffles, something like that"
Fluffy? Sparkles?
After Frasier and Lillith repeatedly interrupt his attempts to cook a Thanksgiving turkey, what does Dr. Campbell from Marbury Academy end up serving to his dinner guests?
After Niles blackballs himself, what is the final guest list for their dinner party, and which caterer did they go with?
The third rate caterer with a record, Roz, Joaquin the foster child, the drunken Duncans, the Ashburys
What is Daphne’s brother Billy’s occupation?
Ballroom dancer! And teaches it.
Daphne has calculated that the volume of laundry she’s carried up and down the building is the equivalent of carrying a ______ on her back to ______.
About the equivalent of carrying an SUV on her back to Canada?
What is the reason that Maris doesn’t keep any pets?
She distrusts anything that loves her unconditionally.
When is the ideal time to season one’s crepe pans?
Saucepans in summer, crepe pans in fall, when winter is upon us, there'll be food for us all.
Name the two instances in which the topic of 3-way-sex is brought up.
With Annie, Niles, and Daphne in The Ski Lodge and when Roz mishears melange for menage with Niles and Daphne.
Let's try to name all of the occupations that Daphne had growing up...
What did Mrs. Adelman do for a living before she lost her mind?
Avon Lady
What was the number of Bebe's hotel room?
666 i think
What is Frasier's favourite number?
Martin finds me disgusting, Daphne wants a meaningful relationship with me, and Niles wants to rent me an apartment so he can see me on the side. What am I?
The new leather recliner that comes with shiatsu massage.
What role did Frasier play in his 6th grade production of Oklahoma?
How did Martin “get the stuff through customs”?
What did Daphne’s brothers used to call her? (2 possible answers)
Stilts because she was tall, like she was on stilts.
I can't think of the other one.
Unless you're talking about "Dappy Dappy wet her nappy."
Daphne’s brothers used to peep at her in the shower except for one of them. Who did Billy peep at in the shower?
Can anyone name all of Niles’ allergies? Lol
Oh good gosh.
Parchment Mites- 3 geniuses
Wheat Germ, Carob, Oat Bran- Mia's muffins for the cabin
Scallops- don't recall when
Nutmeg- Inflames his stomach lining
There could be more but this is all I can think of right now.
What did Freddie and his friend Andy witness the fat kid doing at Christmas?
Threw up in Santa's beard. It was totally goth.
He threw up in Santa's beard.
Whose name is spelled the same backwards as it is forward?
Bob arrogant bastard
squeak squeak
He's here! It's Bob!
What is the name of the old widow that Martin hooks up with?
Claire Wojodubukowsky
Mrs. Wojedubikowski
From where does love enter?
Through the nose.
Through the nose
What is the name of Kate Costas’ cat?
Bonus: “If I move him any further they might think he’s a _____.”
Louie, bomb
Steve and Paula Garrett (Rick’s parents) own what breed of dog?
Two giant Schnauzers!
What does Niles win from the cap of a bottle of water?
Fanny pack both times
What does Martin encourage Kenny to buy to help him with his mid-life crisis?
suede jacket
How do Frasier and Lillith embarrass Freddie at his bar mitzvah?
Lilith bawling and the subject matter of her speech. Frasier by giving his speech in quality Klingon.
What does Roz particularly enjoy eating with caviar?
What is Frasier planning on serving for dinner? It’s definitely not a date!
An Hungarian goose!
What is the breed of Daphne’s favorite show rat?
Damn that’s a good one
Himalayan Blue
What bath product did Simon eat?
Daphne and Niles have a pair of lovebirds named after themselves. What did they live in before Niles was able to buy a proper cage for them?
What is the name of the nurse that Roz saw at the hospital when she thought Alice had scarlet fever, who was also there when Niles was having heart surgery?
What doesn't belong in the bathroom?
When Roz first visited Frasier’s apartment, what colour did she expect to see a lot of?
Beige and look! She was right.
Name three of nature’s little aberrations, according to Daphne.
What does caribou meat taste like?
What’s all over Niles’ Turkish prayer rug?
"A case is rarely elementary, but always ___"
What’s like the symphony to Texans?
Donkey basketball?
Name the award show Gil attends when he’s overlooked by the Seabees.
The Chestertons!
According to Frasier Crane Day carollers, what happens on day 7?
There are seven snobs-a-sniping 😂
Martin won’t go anywhere where people have to call him what name?
Where does the doorman at the Montana live?
In Frasier’s building!
“Have crueler worlds ever been spoken?” What were those words?
How/where did Marty and Hester meet?
Over the chalk outline of a dead guy. He liked the way the lights were shining on her hair.
Where is time irrelevant?
What was Niles doing while Frasier was getting his Rachmaninoffs?
Where was Kathy while Lana was busting her ass putting then-husband Bob through dental school?
she wasn’t born yet!
Have the Crane boys ever tried Cold Duck?
Just once.
What three languages can Marta speak (that we know of) ?
German, Spanish, English (though she has troubles with her pronouns).
Who is a gourmet and a ski champion?
How does Niles know Daphne’s ring size?
It's the same as his !
In what season does the stone/ceramic frog decoration in Frasier's apartment switch to the Chihuliy glass piece that Martin will later find an eclair in?
5 and thank goodness because that frog was hideous.
Published in 1854, this paean to self-sufficiency was known as the "cornerstone of the transcendental movement." Name that book.
Walden, by that Where's Waldo guy!
In what season does Frasier buy Martin a telescope?
Season 1, her name's Irene!
What instrument says despair?
Nothing says despair like the skirl of a bagpipe!
What should Niles know how to catch?
What is the name of the tie-breaking wine in the first cork master election we see?
When did Niles begin fencing?
He's been fencing since prep school!
Frasier does not have a gut, he has _____.
At La Porte D’Argente, Niles is diagnosed with what condition?
Brittle lashes.
In Perspectives On Christmas, what was Roz’s gift to Frasier?
At The Timber Mill, Niles and Frasier order Stoli Gibsons on the rocks with how many pearl onions?
During Team KACL’s weight loss/starvation challenge, Kenny escaped the makeshift sauna in Frasier’s bathroom and was caught eating _______.
Bird seed.
What is the name of Frasier’s ‘stalker’?
Name the two dogs who played Eddie and their relationship.
Moose and Enzo, father and son.
If Frasier’s BMW is a substitute for masculinity, what is Cam Winston’s Hummer?
What happens when Jerome Belasco becomes displeased, and what is his remedy?
What bumper sticker does Frasier have on the back of his car?
I’m pro opera and I vote
What are the qualities that Frasier looks for in a woman? (The specific ones)
What is Frasier planning on singing with Niles later to Martins dismay?
What is the name of the magazine/comic that Martin brings Niles after his heart surgery?
What pet name did Daphne finally like that Niles called her?
How doe Niles “adopt a raffish new look?”
Is this the dirt on his upper lip?
What did Frasier order for Christmas dinner in S10?
To whom is Daphne referring when she jokes that Roz “wants to bang boots with the big boy”?
Caitlyn cut out alcohol, processed sugar, dairy products and meat. This leaves Frasier serving what?
Phyllis is what her friends call her. What’s Phyllis’ formal name?
Who hates Frasier Crane?
What does Niles take to the movies?
Who left in a hurry with no forwarding address?
What is so goth?
Kid that puked and talking Eddie commercial.