What’s your favorite three track run on Blonde?

Self Control - Good Guy - Nights
Beat me to it... fuck you for having such a great taste
this is the way.
Might get downvoted.. but I used to think this three track run was unbeatable until I heard IGOR’s New Magic Wand - A Boy Is A Gun - Puppet - What’s Good
a person of culture
This is correct
bitch i’m already crying by the end of white ferrari lmaooo
bro same soon as i hear “bad luck to talk” a mf gone 😭😭
Close to you white ferrari seigfried
But you could've.... held my hand 🥺
Best one
that sequence always break me
solo skyline to self control
This one
Facebook Story- Facebook Story- Facebook Story
College kids go to college
Close to you, white Ferrari, Siegfried
to be honest, i wasn’t devastated
basic but nike, ivy, pink + white
truly the classic tho. I mean what a start to an album
Ah, good ol' first 3 combo
How is this basic
Solo - Skyline To - Self Control
They hated him for speaking the truth.
Seigfried, godspeed, futura free
Just a fantastic album from beginning to end. Modern classic.
Definitely basic but I’ve played Nikes, Ivy, and Pink + White in that order hundreds of times.
Stargazing-Carousel-Sicko Mode
Hmmmmmmm something doesn't quite add up here 🤔
Same as you.
Be yourself to solo is only two tracks but it’s fuckin great
It enhances solo so much with the suspense it builds and it’s in direct contrast so it adds some of the irony frank probably intended
yeah in general the album is made with the intent of having the tracks work together, thats why it is such a great album all around
Pretty Sweet - Facebook Story - Close to you
This album really does have so many great 3-track runs its kinda interesting lol
Close to you, White Ferrari, Seigfried
intersetllar AND Frank in one image; two favorites in one.
Songs For Women, Lovecrimes, There Will Be Tears
Pilot Jones, Crack Rock, Pyramids
(w/Poolside convo opening rap) Self Control, Good Guy (live), Nights
U-N-I-T-Y, Comme des Garçons, Wither
If I can cheat and exclude goldeneye for Nostalgia, Ultra and Ambience 1&2 and Xenons for Endless cuz I just have to include Wither even tho I love Xenons too
If that’s a lease least it look cool on ya... Like holidays I get off (on ya)
LOVE the poolside convo part on self control. wish it was in the album version.
God damn seeing all these combinations remind me what a flawless fucking record this is
Skyline to, White Ferrari, Godspeed
My favorite one is White Ferrari, Moon River, and Godspeed. Literally makes me psychotically sad
For me it's Skyline To - Self Control - Good Guy
Be yourself, Be secure with yourself, Rely and trust upon your own decision :)
Solo - Skyline To - Self Control
Nikes, Pink+White, and Nights
Ivy, Skyline To, Pink + White
nights, white ferrari, futura free, when he says don’t let em find tupac 😢
I’ve listened to Godspeed mid-depressive episode so many times that I’ve even considered getting a tattoo related to it
Just that, but add close to you as a bonus
CLOSE! Facebook Story - Close 2 You - White Ferrari
what a fuckin mood
I go from Close to You to White Ferrari to Seigfried but you have good taste!
solo - self control - pink + white.
White Ferrari, Self control and seigfried
All Songs: Higgs - Pink matter - Seigfried
Blonde Pink & White - White Ferrari - Seigfried
Chanel Orange: Forrest Gump - Super Rich Kids - Pink matter
Endless: Wither - At Your Best (You Are Love) - Higgs
[Order (3-2-1)]
I just gotta “listen to it front to back to make it feel important” but actually though if I want to listen to a couple songs I wanna listen to em all.
Pretty Sweet being under represented here so if I had to choose...
Self Control Pretty Sweet White Ferrari
Not linear but 3 great ass tracks
Nights - Ivy - White Ferrari
I can't help but tear up on that White Ferrari ending
White Ferrari - Siegfried - Self Control
Ultimate break up trio.
Solo-Skyline To-Self Control
No drums, so much emotion....
Close to you - White Ferrari - Siegfried
ivy - pretty sweet - skyline to
The first 3. Nikes-ivy-pink+white
Self Control, Nights, White Ferrari
Facebook Story into Be Yourself back into Facebook Story. Really gives you perspective.
Self Ctrl - Seigfried - White Ferrari
Nikes - White Ferrari - Futura Free
Solo - Self Control - Godspeed .. that’s a KO right there
1.2,3 - all different vocal styles - such a refreshing start to an album
I always think of Pretty Sweet as incidental, between-tracks content, so that lets me do this:
Solo (Reprise)
White Ferrari
Since mine was already taken, I’m gonna say Rushes, Rushes To, and Higgs from ENdless
Seigfried-Godspeed-Futura Free
Reverse the order
Siegfried-Nights-Futura free
Self control, white Ferrari, nights
White Ferrari -> Good Guy -> Solo
Pretty Sweet - Seigfried - Close To You
I like Bad Religion - Pink Matter - Forest Gump on Channel Orange
if it brings me to my KNEEEEES
Nikes, Futura Free or Solo (reprise), Siegfried