Disney Plus

Hi Everyone,

Thanks OP, what a cool offer. One good thing I did recently: I sell art/designs online and my little brother wanted to try his hand at it. He drew a picture but wasn’t happy with it and told me that he “sucks at everything”. Regardless, I encouraged him to use my account and upload the drawing. I then purchased the design and showed him “someone” had bought his art, giving him the money I earned from the purchase. I know I kind of told a lie, but seeing how happy he got was worth it. Everyone needs a confidence boost sometimes! :)
Wow, I was reading through the comments when I saw this one. You are awesome!
Good deed: Being honest I don’t think I’ve really done that good of a deed but I did donated 100$ to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation Inc.
Also a thing I learned this year: Epstein didn’t kill himself
Happy holidays :)
One good deed I've done is I helped set up a go fund me account for my kid's inner city charter school to help with the funding of their field trips. One thing I've learned this year is to take life one day at a time.I have anxiety pretty bad so if I sit back and focus on what I have to get done TODAY it helps me out things into perspective and not freak out about everything I've got to get done all at once.
My 3 kids would really love this. My 11 yo daughter actually has asked about Disney plus so this would be a nice surprise for all of them. Thanks so much for your generosity :)
I have donated to wikipedia. :)
Good deed done:I once saved a homeless guy from getting jumped by two guys.
Good deed: I tipped a Dominos driver $6 for a $15 dollar order
One thing I learned this year: Dominos drivers are very appreciative when they get a tip that’s more than $2 let alone a tip at all
I gave my little kid neighbor my old 700$ bmx bike. His parents were very thankful.
I don't want the account (seriously) but I just want you to know that you are a nice guy OP and please verify the stories before awarding the gift.
Thats very nice of you OP.
I was waiting in line at a take out chinese food place in a food court. There was a kid in front of me who ordered an almond cookie. The lady rang it up and it was like $1.98 (seems expensive to me) and I could see the kid just had a single dollar bill clutched in his hand. He told the worker "oh, I dont have enough, sorry" and went to leave, but I stopped him and gave him a dollar so he could buy his cookie.
There was one time where I was behind a woman at Walmart. She had paid for about 50 bucks worth of things with WIC, and had an issue buying her Peanut Butter and an odd type of Jelly her kid liked. She was in hysterics. So I bought her whole load for her and told her to keep her WIC. That's my good deed
I would love to enter. I learned that if I can just believe in myself and be confident then good things can happen
I have Disney plus, so i don't need. I just wanted to say this is awesome of you.
Good deed: I actually helped this old blind lady to cross the street when i was hanging with my mate and it was kinda awkward with me slowly walking and guiding the lady and my mate just uncomfortably slowly walking beside us.
Good deed: it's not much but I recently started volunteering at an animal shelter and helped cleaned kennels, walk the dogs, helping people and explaining in owning a dog/cats feels like. As young adult and as much I'm one person I've been tryin my best volunteering for alot of things to help and bring joy to people. I met people that made me feel I did something good. I'm also getting better with myself and doing all this volunteer work really helps me alot. I'm glad I'm feeling that my help has been helping alot :)
Thank you dear sir for doin this. To whomever gets it good luck!
I helped my friend trhough his breakup whit his girlfriend.
I have learned how to use the cash register in my work that i have throug achool once a week.
Thanks for the opputunity OP 😁
I went to my girlfriend's colorguard competition and stayed for the whole eight houts. I ended up getting sick.
I would give this to my brother, because he's 23 and really has been wanting disney plus. So in place, I'll say his good deeds.
Typically a very heavy tipper wherever we go. He used to be a server so knows the struggle of having shitty tips, so It's uncommon for him to tip less than 30%, unless its over $100. But things like $10 for a $25 meal are usual.
Yesterday, I wrapped gifts for seniors, delivered them, and sang Christmas Carols to spread Christmas spirit! I do it every year. Just being with the seniors and giving them a better season makes me feel happy. A lot of these people don't have much family, so seeing their faces makes my season!
Thank you for offering this opportunity!
Good deed: I volunteer once a month at my local health clinic, ameliorating patients’ (French) language and cultural barriers.
One good deed I do is donate to homeless shelters and food banks whenever I can.
I ate ozone
Good deed: I was walking home and found a lost dog on the way. It had a tag so tried calling the number on it. There was no one picking up the 30~ minutes I was with it. Then, I got a call back and told the owner the location of his dog. I hear the desperate guy out of breath saying how he was looking for his dog for two hours straight and that forgot his phone at home. It was very rewarding to see them reunite.
Everytime I’m going to the supermarket to buy groceries etc I always end up seeing the same homeless guy sitting there with his dog, sorting out the carts to make some space. He’s always there even when it’s really cold or raining and the dog is also there with him. After I finish grocery shopping I always give him a little bit of change, it may not be much but I’m still going to school and I hope it’s helping him out.
Also I have a little sister who would probably really enjoy some Disney movies, especially the older ones.
Hey! First of all you’re very generous and keep up the positive vibes
One good deed I’ve done lately I guess is providing a lending ear during finals week for all my fellow college students that need to vent about anything that’s been going on. I’ve sat down and talked with about a dozen people, most that I just met that day and made some good friends with them. Same for anyone else that sees this post. I love talking to people and I’m a psych major so I feel like I’m pretty good at being an impartially good listener. If any of y’all need someone to talk to I got you :)
I learned one hell of a supposedly obvious thing, 'your will shall decide your destiny' (from anne with an e). I then fell in love with reading and utilizing my imagination, to go back to being a child and be more free (never liked books when I was a kid, time wasted on mindless grinding on games).
Good Deed: Tommorow i'm going to a volunteer blood donation and it's my first time.
Thanks for the chance OP!
My mother who moved to Mexico asked me for money since she was running short and told me she would pay me back every cent. I'm a college student but I have a little saved up for in case of emergencies, she asked for 200 dollars, which is basically half of my savings account. I gave her the money and told her no need to pay me back. It will be a rough couple of months until I receive my next financial aid money but I know she is in a worse financial situation, and she needs that money more than me.
A good deed I did was when my friend refused to tip a waitress cause he doesn't believe in it I just tipped extra and wrote "sorry my friend is cheap.." on it. What's worse is he makes way more than I do.
My good deed is volunteering at the homeless shelter with my dad :)
Bro I want Disney plus! I already have it from a discord server but I wanna give my sister it! Anyway one good deed I did: helped a lady find something she lost
Deed: My close friend and I both applied early decision to college, and he got accepted and I was rejected. Despite being upset I got rejected from my dream school, I congratulated him and celebrated his accomplishment and plan to give him a shirt with the colleges name on it.
Learned: One thing I learned this year was that you don't actually have to have confidence, you just have to pretend that you are someone that is confident and eventually you will be.
good deed: i’m a student- i’ve volunteered over 100 hours so far in the past couple months at a good bank
i could use this :)
One thing I’ve learnt this year: self-care is so important. It’s not selfish to look out for your own needs and rights whilst respecting those of others. Burnout is a very real thing. It’s important to take a breath to recognise what’s happening for you and what support is available to help you through it. In my work I actively listen to people for hours 5 days a week. I’m grateful to go home to my partner and play video games and do what I need to work through vicarious trauma so I don’t burnout.
Good deeds: I've jumped about 5-10 strangers cars this year and the season of dead battery for cars it's just starting since its getting cold
Thanks for the opportunity
I have Disney plus through one of my best friends, but thank you OP.
My good deed this year was saving up to buy my one friend’s mustang and giving it to my other best friend who desperately needed one after fighting homelessness for almost half a year and not having a job for almost 8 months. She now works and moved back with her mother and is slowly getting out of her funk.
Well I let everyone use my new VR system and I learned that drunk people in vr fall over a LOT
Just finished finals!!!
Good deed- I brushed twice today😁
This year I learned thst you cant let people decide your fate, its yours to choose, I wanted to be a game designer but my parents despise video games in its ejtirety and I was led down the path they wanted mr to go, but it wasnt for me, and i stood my ground and went my way and now ive happily made my first game, I can do this
I think to this day I'm still proudest of helping a girl recover from her childhood sexual abuse so that she could have sex. I helped her physically and mentally come to terms with the fact that a) she isn't asexual and b) there's nothing wrong with her body, just psychosomatic resistance. She thought she'd never have sex because the people she'd tried with previously gave up and got pissed. After two weeks of patiently working with her, we had a simultaneous orgasm!
Good deed: I have donated nearly $100 to teamtrees.org
Thanks op! Don’t worry, I’ll be careful with your account
Hello OP. I'm grateful that you've opened up your account to others this holiday. I don't have much that I consider a good deed, but I have been known to either buy food directly for those who are needy or homeless. I've also chosen to give money directly, even knowing that it's possible they would use it for non-needed items. I once gave a young adult some money, because it was raining, and we were close enough to a dollar store for him to buy a cheap umbrella. I never did find out if that's what he spent the money on, but I felt it wasn't going to change my life, but might change his.
I’ve learned that money isn’t everything, enjoy your life while you can because something can quickly and drastically affect it. (Got in horrible wreck, flew out the car and it had landed onto me after flipping over breaking almost all of the left side of my body)
I was able to help my autistic friend pass all his classes with all A's and now him and I are looking at an early graduation!
Thanks for the opportunity op!
Hello, thanks for this opportunity.
This year I completed my Eagle Scout project of creating hand made instruments for Ramey Unit School in Puerto Rico. My project taught me how to raise money, lead others, and how to manage my time.
Hi, the one thing I learned this year was how to let go. Being in first year in college is a big change from high school and friends come and go. A friend of mine who I considered my best was really treating me like garbage the entire time and this year I learned to just stop making excuses for myself to stay friends and just let go of the past and let him continue on his own journey without me. It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn but I’ve been applying it to a lot of things and it made me grow.
Thanks for doing this
I gave a friend a snack and I learned more German this year
A good deed: Ever since our brother was born this year in January, I have been trying to help my mom and her new husband take care of my 2nd brother.
Hopefully I could get Disney+, ever since they took the Marvel movies and Home Alone films off the shelves I had to resort to using illegal websites in order to watch them.
I’ve learned my love of serving the community through my 100+ hours of service
An elderly African woman fell crossing the street (over here in Chi traffic can get ridiculous) I actually basically got hit by this old 90s Saturn haha because I ran out in front to stop the traffic.
I have 2 kids who would love this
omg I hope you’re okay!
Good deed: I check on every customer at the sub shop I work on, even if it's busy. Stopping by their table makes them feel more welcomed. I never get tips for it. I just do it to make sure they enjoyed themselves.
If I had money I'd donate to shelters or something, but I'm seconds away from being in one myself.
One thing I learned this year was to let other people's opinions of me go.
I bought some clothes for a couple families in needs for the xmas. I'm very proud of myself for doing that!
One of the good deeds I do is: I help thousands of Spotify users that have issues with their accounts, devices where the app is installed or with the app itself.
P.S. I do NOT work at Spotify :)
I love the Mandalorian I helped a friend that does not know much to make himself a really really nice PC
I learned how to be more confident. Thanks for the opportunity.
Good deed: Helping elderly residents in building with carrying laundry uo and downstairs
Learned: I have been learning the IT support specialist certification from Google with my wife. We are working on it together every week.
We are both 26, we love Disney, but are strapped on cash. We just got rid of Netflix to save some money, this would be really nice :)
I’d like this a lot! So, here’s what I did and learned:
I posted on
I also learned how to save and manage my money much better this year.
Thanks for giving this away, even if I don’t get it
Good deed: I give at least three compliments to different people each day because you never know what someone’s going through. I learned that their is a micro pic of Lincoln on the back of a penny. It’s in the middle of the columns. :)
Ooh! At twitchcon 2019, I handed out red bulls (which were free to grab as many as you wanted) downstairs to staff and security upstairs, which couldn't get anything.
My aunt's son didn't a certain lego set for their birthday since it was out of his parent's budget, I babysit him on weekends so I bought him his lego Batman set.
good dead I did or still do is hold doors for ppl whenever I walk in to someplace I always hold the door for ppl behind me
This is wonderful!!!! How lovely are you!!!
My good deed: I work in a hospital. I had this young patient from Africa who was here for his masters program. Due to his illness, he was not allowed to leave the room. He had his graduation for his masters program in his room so to make his day special I bought him a cake, a card, a teddy bear, and stayed with him for his graduation (streamed online)
I'm entering cuz I wanna relive my childhood. I help my MIL by cleaning her house every week and watching her dogs over the weekend because she is a very sweet and busy lady Thank you OP for this opportunity and good luck everyone :)
One good deed: when I was middle school age I started regularly helping out at 3 day dog adoption events, spending my whole weekend trying to get dogs adopted and keep things organized. I even got a recommendation letter from the president of the rescue! Now the rescue focuses on cats but I occasionally help out.
Thanks for doing this! Also, good luck to everyone 😊
I've learned to accept that some things can't be changed and I need to stop trying. I'm going to work on going forward next year and being the best version of myself that I can.
Good deed: Dress up as elf and donate toys for low income families.
Thanks for being so nice and whomever that read this, everything will be alright.
I've been taking food that my mom's bakery throws away and giving it to homeless people
I also learned when to use molasses in cooking
Edit: forgot to say thanks
Well, I have been helping my friends through some tough times, even though it may not be the best for my mental health. One thing I've learned through this is that I ultimately can't blame myself for whatever actions they choose to make despite how much I've tried to help them. It's not a fun thing to learn
I payed for all my friends lunch & dinners
Good deed: I raise money and shaved my head for children’s with cancer
Thanks man we need more people like you. Hopefully you choose the right person
Good deed: during summers I volunteer to work with kids from a poor background, working multiple weeks and during the year I help organize everything for the upcoming summer
I'm in college right bow and would love to relive some Disney classis
Hey OP! Thanks for providing us with a generous opportunity :) I’m not a college student, but a high school senior, and I’d love to relive the Disney memories of my childhood (all those great cheesy movies!). One good deed I’ve done this year is to help one of my peers come out of a dark place. I go to quite a demanding school, with a rigorous curriculum. Some people leave due to being unable to handle the stress, others stay because they have to, etc. There’s a variety of reasons which lead to a variety of problems. One of my peers simply couldn’t take it anymore, and became depressed to the point [they] had suicidal thoughts and whatnot. I tried to recommend therapists and talking to adults, but they were too insecure and afraid to open to anyone else. I decided to do the next best thing (reference to Frozen 2, great movie I’d recommend) and become the support for them. Although I’m not a certified therapist or a wise person, I had faith in my abilities as a peer and friend to support them and assist them until they could continue on healthily. In the end, they’ve gotten much better and we’re starting to see an improvement in mindset. There’s still a tough road to travel along and, I’d love the Disney Plus to watch shows such as the Mandalorian for the times I need self care as well! Sorry if this was long! Happy Holidays and best of luck to all :)
A good deed I've done is I participated in an Alzheimer walk to bring more awareness to Alzheimer and joined the Alzheimer association by donating to support their campaign, I started to volunteer in September and I've helped my community a lot.
I donated a guitar to someone on hard times that was learning it at his school.
Hello! I’m a college sophomore studying biology. I’ve got a little sister in middle school and we are both huge Disney lovers :)
One good deed that I’m proud of this year is helping a friend during a period of time when he felt suicidal. I stayed with him the whole time and convinced him that he should seek out professional guidance while respecting his privacy. I feel very glad I was able to be there for him, because this was the first time someone trusted me enough to be incredibly vulnerable in front of me.
One important thing I learned this year is that parents are only human. During my younger years and especially high school I didn’t have the best relationship with my strict parents. However since being at college I realized that they are only human and capable of making mistakes, just like everyone else. It was the first step towards mending our relationship, and now I feel so much closer to them.
Thank you for providing this really cool opportunity! Regardless of whether or not I win, I hope my little stories might help anyone who’s going through a tough time.
A good deed I have done... is Yesterday (12/15) is I was going to see my Nephews performance at a Barns and Noble, right? So during on of the songs there was a kid that fainted during the performance because the air conditioning broke and it was hot. I did not know who the kid was but I stepped into action and took the kid over to the sideline and got him some water from the Starbucks. He told me he was feeling better and when his parents came over they thanked me for having taken care of him for that time.
Thanks man! You are the best person to have ever existed!
This year I was finally able to have new friends. So I guess I learned that.
This is so nice of you! I would love to get these for my little sisters (11 and 8) because they've been asking for it forever haha
Good deed: I was walking outside at night. As I was passing by the bus stop, this elderly woman came off. She was carrying a lot of things and it was dark out so I offered to walk with her home and help her out. She was very friendly and I made a new friend :)
I learned that the mitochondria is the power house of the cell.... well, I knew that already but when I took the ACT, it asked me that question and I put something completely different... soooo..
it's ok if you don't choose me but I really want to watch something Disney and relax during winter break since I've been studying nonstop for the Oct and Dec ACT.
Well one big thing I learned not this year but decade simply put was to pace myself and work to best with what I can. Even if it’s failing Bc everything is a learning experience that will help and shape to be a better me. It’s a simple learning experience but one that’ll affect me for decades to come. It’s not a bug as many others here but it’s huge for me. Please and thanks for your time everyone
Good thing I did recently: guy on fishing subreddit made sad post about his truck getting robbed. Offered and sent him $30 on amazon to get more fishing stuff.
Something I learned this year: Alan Turings chemical castration and resulting suicide. Basically am just amazed that that sort of thing was happening under 70 years ago and was blown away that even the most genius were not immune.
Awesome giveaway!
One thing I learned this year was the C# programming language, which was really fun and sparked my interest in programming even more.
I'm 14, there's one kid who lives in my neighbourhood who's kind of poor, whenever my clothes stop fitting me my donates them to him. I've seen the look on his face when he wears my old clothes, and believe me it's not good. One day I requested dad to buy me some extra clothes for Christmas, and 2 of the shirts which I bought, I kept them hidden in the cupboard, eventually my parents forgot about them. One day when my parents weren't at home I secretly went and left them gift wrapped on his doorstep.
I learnt that a person's self respect is not determined by that person's bank balance.
Idk if this counts as a good deed but I was in a science test and one good dropped a cheat sheet with all the answers behind me on the right. The teacher was walking around and was about to come across them so I leaned back in the chair with my papers in my hand and fell back (chair wasn't that far of the ground) and grabbed the cheat sheet, hiding it under my test paper. The teacher then helped me up and as I got up to stable myself I placed my hand with the cheat sheet on the cheaters table who quickly grabbed the sheet I then sat down and finished the test. He thanked me profusely later.
I have donated furniture to the less fortunate. It the least I can do.
I donated to Wikipedia and Khan Academy. Happy holidays!
While at working at Taco Bell, a young child dropped his small bouncy ball under the counter. His mom just said we’ll get him a new one but after I finished taking orders I got down under the counter and the child his bouncy ball :)
My good deed this year was finally making the jump to veganism!
One thing i learned this year was that whenever you meet your friend or someone else and you act super excited to see them, they will unconsciously do the same thing to you after you do it a few times
I donated to help plant 10 trees earlier this year.
I tutor kids in my community college who don’t speak English.
I learned how fortunate I am to be a citizen and not having to worry about immigration status.
Always do good little things when I can and make sure never to cause harm. I actually need the login just for a month (to watch the Star Wars serials) and I will return it to you.
Something I've learned: you cant love someone else if you dont love yourself. Good thing I've done: I donated to team trees
One deed: I donated to team tree
One thing I learned: I properly learned how to code as I was doing this as a hobby for many years now
And I really wanna watch mandalorian 😎
This is a good thing you're doing here 👌🏿. I would love to win tho. I've learned that there's nice people like you out there 🤣🤣
College student here! A good deed I have done was when I was shopping for water, a man was laying on the sidewalk next to the store asking for some generosity from others. No one really payed much attention to him, and as soon as I saw him, I went to buy him a 24 pack of waters. I felt good after that 👐
One thing that I have learned is that I never win giveaways!
Wow that's a fair bit of trust you have in strangers mate, big ups for this.
Yeah I believe in people plus ultimately I control everything I can cancel at any time from my phone service provider app incase someone is a douchebag and changes anything.
One thing I've learned this year is that everyone is going through their own battles, and it pays to be aware of that.
This year I learned (TYIL) that the average train conductor witnesses about 2 people jumping in front of their rail each year
Good deed: i work at a thrift store in a fairly low income region of my town. I make a point of buying jackets and blankets every payday with my staff discount and distributing them to the various homeless people around the neighbourhood so they can at least be warm overnight.
I work at a coffee shop and I always give out donuts, pastries and other sorts of goodies for free at the end of the day. One time this elderly lady was so ecstatic that I gave out a free truffle bar that she left me a hefty tip. It was-one of my best days at work.
I'm also a student so I'd really love Disney Plus.
Tipped $15 for a $7.34 door dash order
Good deed: after some kid back skipped a guy behind at school lunch, I let everyone except for them skip me so order was re-established
Thing I learned: Most rape cases start with a person putting their hand on the victim's shoulder
Puts hand on OP's shoulder
My good Deed is that one time I was working at churches and a guy asked me if the meal comes with Biscuits and I said no but put two in his bag then payed for it after he left
I’ve helped my mom when she was needed
Wow thats really nice of you. I dont need it, but just wanted to say its good to see people doing nice things like this.
Im a highschool student with a little brother that just git into star wars. One good deed i have done was pay for a ladys groceries(she had food stamps).
I learned that I'm going to be an uncle! Anyways thanks for the opportunity, OP
Good deeds I’ve done are that I donated to wikipedia, team trees and have also been actively campaigning against climate change! We really need to spread awareness about the fact that the earth is dying and we already might have gone too far. World leaders need to understand that the Earth is not owned by them or anyone else, we are just living on it, completely dependent on it for all our resources. They might not be there in the future but that doesn’t mean they destroy the future of all coming generations.
I'll go ahead and do both because I'm seeing many people do so aswell
Good Deed: Built dog houses for the local animal shelter in need of some comfortable living spaces for the dogs that get adopted and for when the dogs are playing outside.
One thing I learned: The process used to code a CNC machine and a 3D printer are similar enough in nature that certain 3d modeling softwares will allow you to turn your creation in the model into CNC code, also "One good deed always sparks another" - Klaus
Happy Holidays!
I wasn't allowed to watch Disney movies growing up, and I'd love to make up for lost time! Thank you for this offer :)
Hmmm... A good deed... I supported my mom after she attempted to commit suicide after my dad (who is a psychopath- something I learned this year) lied to her yet again. You didn't ask, but I'd appreciate using the account to watch movies that I've never seen (to many people's amazement), such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mulan. I miss out on a lot of popular-culture things, but I plan on catching up when I get the opportunity as an adult, or now hopefully.
What you’re doing is amazing. I’m an art student at my dream school studying game art. I’m living my dream but the double edged sword of going to an expensive art school is that school costs prevent you from having enough money left over to use on the entertainment, especially relevant stuff to the things you’re studying. I’ve been eager to watch the Mandelorian and to study the 3D effects, but I’m at a point where I have to put my food costs + rent first. I would love the opportunity to just view the series while I work. One good deed, if you could call it that, was to offer help for depression to a classmate. My project teammate let me know they were going through depression recently, and I took the time to hear them out and set them up with options.
I donated to a charity for child cancer awareness
This is great! I fall into the aforementioned category of broke college student (well, college AND high school because dual enrollment). I’d actually like to experience Disney for the first time since I never really had the opportunity when I was younger.
This year I’ve learned a lot, both academically and interpersonally. But what I’m most proud of, as an autistic individual, is learning how to connect and engage with people. I’ve, for most of my life, felt like an outsider looking in because I lacked the skills to interact with other people, especially other people my age. I always felt disconnected and ostracized, like they were in a bubble and I was peering through the walls. But in the last year, since I’m a senior in high school/freshman in college, I realized that wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t enjoyable. So I started to reach out to people. It was little things at first, like offering to help people with calculus or with filling out college applications, but from there it’s advanced. I’ve still got a long way to go, but at this point, I’m able to make and sustain friendships. I’m not 100% with the people, but I’m no longer just someone peering in.
Hello id love to get disney plus for my 4 year old little man one good deed i have fone is plow all of the elderly peoples driveway in my neighborhood Goodluck everyone
Good deed: I have been available to some depressed friends and kept talking to them so that they feel normal.
I am in college with no money for streaming services, would appreciate anything.
I donated $15,000 to the Ronald Mcdonald house. I have a 2.5 year old sweet little boy who had to have surgery this last year.
This is amazing! Once I get a job I aim to do this too but with cash on venmo or cash app.
One thing I've learned this year is to value my mental health more. I've been struggling a lot with it over the past year and I've never learned to deal with my depression and not doing so led it to me doing bad in college my first semester, which has been rough for me. However I've been learning slowly but gradually about self care and that I shouldn't put myself down for having it and self care is important. I wish to help my siblings with it too in the future as it's genetic and my mom also used to deal with it too, and she still does from time to time.
Anyway I really appreciate what you're doing! Thank you for doing such!
Good Deed: Made someone’s day without really knowing them, but it helped them through a tough time
I helpt my friend with depresion come out as gay and gender neutral
I helped a friend clean his apartment after a party I didn't attend. I hoping to use the access to Disney+ to help teach my kids/students English (I am an English teacher at a Spanish speaking school).
Not that long ago U was in Germany and I saw this guy playing a weird homemade looking guitar, him playing it was actually really good probably have him like 30 euros and I just smiled and he smiled as well wish I recorded him playing it was really good
I tutored a couple people this week to help them get ready for their finals.
We need more people like you.
Yesterday, I graduated college with two graduate degrees at 22. I got this piece of advice having some drinks with one of my friend’s dad (let’s call him Mike) well into the night back in January of this year.
It was around this time I was starting to read about post-grad life, building a career, what it means to be wealthy and successful, that kind of thing. It generally worried me. A specific anecdote from How Will you Measure your Life by Clayton Christensen was stuck on my mind. In this anecdote, Christiansen tells the story of a man named Steve who works so hard his whole life to build his small business and provide for his family. After many years of tough work, Steve finally breaks through and gets to the point where he thinks he “made it”. Unfortunately, it is already too late. His family has grown to despise him and it is too late to salvage the relationship with his wife and kids. You see, Steve had neglected his family relationships by focusing too much on his career and his future relationships. The story ends with divorced Steve in an apartment alone, with his teenage children declining to come visit him during his assigned time with the kids. It is heartbreaking. (I guess this is similar to the movie Click with Adam Sandler, also a movie that makes me very sad with its story of him neglecting some relationships, particularly with that of his dad.)
The reason this scares me is that I am generally a workhorse of a person and have tended in the past to really get into my schoolwork, general over-achiever type of stuff. I could definitely see this being an issue in my career, so the story really struck me and scared me. I would never want to be Steve in the future.
Well, I was sitting with Mike and we get onto the topic of my future. Going back and forth I told him about Steve and my general fear of neglecting relationships as I get sucked into work. Mike was surprised at first and couldn’t really believe it was something that was the concern of a then 21 year old. But then Mike told me something that just seemed to make so much sense to then and ever sense but to paraphrase:
“Matt, there is no such thing as a work life balance. It is EITHER one or the other, and when you are focusing on one, you must be 100% present and give all your focus and attention to that. If you are busy focusing on the family while you are work, or focusing on work while with the kids, BOTH are going to suffer and no one will be happy. Once you learn to give 100% of your effort into a single thing, you begin to also learn how much time you would like to spend to each of your life’s priorities that pull you each way. It sounds like you are already concerned with it and will keep an eye on it, but again, just give 100% into what you do. When you are with your girlfriend, spend all your time building your relationship and loving her. When with your family, be totally present with nothing on your mind but them. And when you’re at work, work your ass off just as you have for the last 21 years”
I know I will still have to learn some from experience, but at least I’m armed with some good advice to enter my adult work life. If I was given the Disney+ I would definitely use it to watch with my sisters over winter break, and then with my girlfriend once we move into together as I start work and she starts law school.
Merry Christmas and thank you!
Thisis actually cool. Lmk if I can use it OP. Thanks!
Thisis actually cool. Lmk if I can use it OP. Thanks!
I'm from Mexico, my name is Angel. I did a lot of good things this year. Just yesterday I gave money to an old lady that was living on the streets, she had her eyes red of tirement, she had all her skin burned because of the sun, poor old lady she told me "God bless you young one, and thanks a lot" My friends and I, we paired to do a social project, we gave food to all the people needed we could find downtown, we had joy tears, we got mad at some people that treated us badly, we laughed with people, some people even wanted to pay us back. -"The people that give more are the ones that have less" I was happy because we even gave food to the people that keep our city clean, those honorable people that go through all the streets and pick up the trash of the idiots that throw it.