We have rainbow and disco, what do we wanna call this?

Best one yet, im going for this personally.
Was about to suggest this - great minds think alike!
Rainbows, Discos,
Why not Prisms?
Salt makes prisms... SALTSTONES.
I kinda thought about the same. Good thing I went through the comments!
This wins for me
I was gonna say this so I'll vote for you.
I showed this to my chemistry grad student fiancee as a joke. She says "no, the structure's not the same, the relic has triangles". So RIP a good joke.
Bucky balls!
This is the way to go, you have my vote. Lets bring a bit of chemical sophistication to the community.
We can call them "bucks" or "minsters" for short.
Bucky balls is perfect! Nice find!
I will be calling them that everything time. Not even going to shorten it.
3/11 1 buckminsterfullerene.
I'll call it "dad", because they'll probably be popping up just as much as mine in my case
cries in Tidus
It'll drop eventually, it just ran out for a pack of cigarettes.
Same rate of appearance as my self esteem
Can't have daddy issues if you don't have a dad, amirite!?
Ok I'll call it dad too
I hope mine is like this, because then I'll probably get a new one every night
So I wont see one for 10 years and counting. Got it.
I had my hopes up for Lightning banner, but Dad it is, see you at 6th anniversary
Everlasting Gobstopper. Gobbies for short
Remember boy, get me that recipe.
Gobbie boom?
Yeah I heard Dr. Mog comes out to give it to you. If that's true I 2nd Mogballs.
Powerball. Because it involves the lottery!
...get it?
404: Not Found.
(Rainbow) Prism is my vote.
Nice to know I'm not the only one thinking it's a valid name.
That would be madness...
How about prisma.
This is just too close to Crisco Disco in multiple ways.
What I was thinking of as well when I read the title.
Gemstone cutwise it looks like a Standard Round cut. Just a fun fact as calling these "Stans" "Standards" or "Rounds" isn't too special.
Clearly to keep the ending the same we should just call them
Tricolor Gemstones, as a pseudo-shoutout to FF14. Since DeNA doesn't want to do any of their own except under protest. =P
That starlike shape in the middle makes me think of this as a “diamond”
If anything, that makes it more like a sapphire or ruby. Padparascha Sapphire wouldn't be entirely unfitting given the colors (Padparascha are the most valuable type of sapphire, and range from pink-orange to orange-pink). But I imagine other than Steven Universe fans, no one's going to be able to remember that word that easily.
Crystal + Disco = Crysco.......ehhh Crysto sounds better!
Or just call them Syncroballs
For now, it's just a sync. Does jp have a second variant on 7* yet?
Eludium (or illudium) because it will elude us.
I'm gonna call it Nabisco, in our age of nonstop discos.
Cause I betcha didn't know, betcha didn't know, it's a violent [this comment has been demonetized].
"Wallet Drainer"
RNGesus Balls
Rainbow snitches.
The New Crack(TM)
Rainco? Disbow? Raindisco? Discobow?
Or Rainbow Dragon Ball.
My sex life. Rare and/or expensive
Rainbow Disco
How about Marbles? (Sure does look like one.)
I also vote prisms.
Super Duper Disco
Starbursts skittles lifesavers!!
disco+, disco7
Quartz Crystal!
Saint Quartz!
Super Disco!
Shiny, like in pokemon.
Kinda reminds me of rainbow sherbert ice cream.
I like "jewel", to me it looks like a cut diamond or something from the top.
I would go with prism.
Crystal Opal
Y'know, "opal" was my first thought when I looked at it, too, because it reminds me of a fire opal. It's a shame the name "opal" isn't as cool as the thing it represents. Maybe we should call these Gumdrops? Kinda nonsensical, but plenty zingy.
Call them "please enter billing info here and we'll charge you"
Based on people's pulls, "a myth"
Looks like a fancy playing marble to me.
Golden balls?
Looks like a gem 💎 to me.
Doesn't it have a snowflake in the center? Snowflake!
Miracles 😂
I think starburst when I see it
Definitely Marbles
Flakes, says I.
Short and to the point, it does kinda look like a gem with a polished surface.
reminds me of looking thru a kaleidoscope
"The Special"
I'll call it "unobtainium", since odds are that I won't be seeing one of these until roughly Spring Fest.
Geez, is that what a 7 relic drops from? I'll probably never see one of those in-game.
Prism or crystal
Could call them Nana's. "Nana" (nah-nah) is seven in Japanese. But prisms also sounds fine to me.
Shiny Space Sphere
Emo, Prism, Powa!!
Dragon Balls. There are 7 of them no da?!