[Scene] Kostek

The land of Kostek is a cold and isolated one. Inhabited by nine species, they all somehow manage to survive in this windswept, snowy landscape. If you venture too far out from the shores, strong hurricane-force winds will destroy your boat, so the land remains isolated except for the occasional sailor who gets shipwrecked.

Chao Isfet, A child demonic goat person necromancer swims up to the shore, tired and bleeding. He tries is best to get up, but quickly stumbles down.
"If anyone is here, Run!"
Two Vjulti fishermen are the only ones within sight. One of them walks over and says, "Who are you?"
Does a sci-fi OC count?
Sure, the culture clash could be interesting.
The freezing tide carried in the wreckage of a small pleasurecraft. It was not like anything on Kostek, made out of a white material. As the waves lapped against the shoreline, a body was being carried by them.
A pair of fishermen came across the boat and inspected it.
The blue-furred, rabbit-like woman crawled out of her smoking ship, "Can be handlin' ast'roids but not be handlin' a little an' me be needin' t'talk later, shippy." She grunted in a vaguely Scottish accent, brushing herself off as her large, pure turquoise eyes scanned the landscape, "Where'd you be landin' me now...?"
She ensured her pistol was still strapped to her side before starting to make her way to the nearest sign of civilization. She'd run out of food stores on the ship, so it was as good a place as any to look for some before she started working on repairs.
She was on a long and cold beach, with nobody around her. To her north, she spotted a pier.
In a hidden alleyway during the late evening hours, a shadowy figure appeared hiding behind a barrel. He waited until there was no one in the street before emerging. It was Jon and he looked around curiously. He held up a small data pad and read a bit about this place before putting it away. He had dressed in black local attire and wandered around, looking for an inn.
[Is he still a human? Also, the 'local attire' is nudity.]
(Better to join late than never. Approximate magic level?)
[No magic at all. Your OC can use it but everyone will be shocked.]