[Scene] The blasted red landscape and the swirls of dust look like Mars, but the ceiling far above and the roar of flames marks it as somewhere else...

You can use any OC character to explore this - I want the idea of an outsider.

(What are the upper/lower limits on the characters we're allowed to bring?)
(You can bring anyone, although as long as they aren't ridiculously powerful. Of course, in Hell, magic does not work the same way, and neither does technology.)
The man wading through the crowd was uncannily handsome, tall and broad-shouldered with youthful features and golden hair. His hands were thrust into the pockets of a long, dark coat, and a black scarf was wound around his neck. Gleaming golden eyes studied his new surroundings with eager curiosity.
"Well," he remarked to nobody in particular, mild surprise in his voice. "I appear to have fallen rather further than I was expecting."
An imp flapped overhead, cracking a whip. Although the weapon was quite small, the crimson leather lash had flames running along its length, and the imp was looking eager to use it. "Move on!" it snarled, and a gleam appeared in its beady eyes.
It cracked the whip again, lashing it straight at the man's face.
Michael looked around and kept looking at his watch.
"Wait... this isn't Shmebulock 4."
He tried to assess what was going on and where he was. He tired to get a universal positioning coordinates. However he would soon find out that he was no longer in a universe that obeyed newtonian physics.
The souls trudging around him were gray and pallid - they looked like humans, but washed out. Alongside the devils, multiple of them were keeping the stream of new souls moving.
One of them walked over, carrying a cattle prod. "Move on!" he snarled, jabbing it at Michael threateningly.
His armour was badly damaged and soot-stained, with claw marks and sword gashes across it.
(There are rogue devils, as much as the Princes fear to mention, so yeah!)