[Scene] Djeser-Djeseru, Egypt, during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut.

It is the year 1479 BC. Egypt is currently ruled by Queen Hatshepsut, who rules from her temple in Djeser-Djeseru. Her husband, former pharaoh Thutmose II, has just died. Her family and close friends, including her daughter Neferure and her steward and architect Senenmut.

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A bronze skinned woman had just barely evaded the man as he darted past, like a set of back eyes had just activated and warned her. However, even if there were such a thing, they'd only be blocked by the thick hazel hair she had, which reached down to her lower back.
It was tradition after all, to always have long hair.
She shifted her silver chiton and black shawl, then sprinted after the man, her sandals paddling away in the sand.
"Hey, wait up!" She replied back with her own shout, in hopes to gain the man's attention.
The man skidded to a halt and nearly fell over, turning around to face her.
"Oh!" He said. "Sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!"
The man had caramel skin and a short beard on his chin. He was dressed in the robes of a high ranking government official and a nobleman. He dropped a scroll and bent over to pick it up, dropping two more in the process before he managed to collect them all in his arms again.
"What do you need, madam?" He asked.
He shifted the wight of his spear in his hand, an eight foot long-spear, with an undulating head and a sauroter on the other end. The light leather armour made up greaves, vambraces, gorget, spaulders and a knee length surcoat, all of which rested over his chain maille. Over his armour he wore a log sleeved tabard, both concealing his armour and sidesword and preening the sun from heating it to a painful degree.
He tossed his spear to his off hand before stooping down to grab one of the sheafs of papyrus that were flung aside as the man collided "Excuse me!" He called after him "I believe you dropped this!"
The spear toting stranger could practically hear the man screeching to a halt, skidding along the ground as he stopped in a nearly comical fashion. He spun around and ran back to the man, reaching out to take the papyrus back.
"Oh thank you!" He said gratefully. "These are very important scrolls. Who might you be?"
Amunen, a man hooded and cloaked in a sand colored robe, bowed his hidden head and continued on, he himself carrying a small tome and walking with a staff. He was new to the city and was heading to his home near the palace.
Djeser-Dejeseru wasn't really a city, more a gigantic temple. The onyl houses were small huts for the workers and nobility that slent their time in Queen Hatshepsut's court. Most of the houses were empty, as the people who lived in the temple were giving Queen Hatshepsut their condolences over the death of her husband.
The girl stumbled, nearly falling face-first into the ground. Under Egypt's harsh desert sun her skin looked sallow and pale. Exhaustion had taken its toll on her, draining the luster from her hair and etching dark circles under her kohl-lined eyes. An amulet hung from her necklace, taking the form of a hand with the middle three fingers sticking together and the other two outstretched, and an eye in the middle of its palm. The jade amulet looked like it was about to fall apart.
Meanwhile, the raven on her shoulder looked as healthy as ever. It let a loud caw, sounding ever-so-slightly mocking.
The man that had nearly knocked the girl over quickly spun around and hurried back over to her. He had an urgent appointment to meet, but that wouldn't stop him from helping the girl that was clearly exhausted and in need of assistance.
"Excuse me, miss, but are you alright?" He asked worriedly. "I'm sorry I nearly knocked you over, I wasn't looking where I was going."
The pale man pulled his cloak an hood back over his blue inked skin as he watched the man run off. He continued walking into the city, but stopped as he picked up one of the dropped scrolls. As he reached out, the man's cloak dropped from his right side, exposing the pale blue tattoos that covered his exposed skin. When we stood back up, the bronze sword that hung on his hip caught the sun light. The man held up the scroll, and shook his head, muttering.
"Fear dúr... <stupid man>"
The man with the scrolls skidded to a halt and spun around. For a second he was startled by the unusual color of the man's skin. It was odd to see someone covered in blue tattoos, speaking in some foreign tongue no less. But he gathered up his courage and approached.
"Oh, thank you." He said, taking the scroll back, smiling gratefully. "Who might you be, stranger? I've never seen anyone with body art like that in all of Egypt."