[Scene] Rithinan, capital of the Republic of Kaemira

(OOC: Alternate History, for clarification. Current setting is 2013)

A man in a black suit and red tie with blonde hair and golden eyes and a woman with white hair icy blue eyes and a white kimono wander through the city looking at all the sites and trying to find something fun to do
A young boy, no older than ten, comes running up to them with a handful of what appears to be necklaces and bracelets. "Konnichiwa gaijin! Would you like to purchase one of my fine jewellery? These are made from the best of Kaemiran materials. Would you like one, utsukushī josei?" He asks the woman.
A young man and woman who appear to be in his their early twenties appears in an alley out of nowhere. They steps out and looks around. The man is wearing black jeans, black t-shirt, black trench-coat and a white scarf. The woman is wearing a mixture of modern and medieval clothing.
"This is cool," the man says as he looks around.
Two policemen chased a thug down the alley. "Sumimasen!" One of them says as they run after the man. Murmurs can be heard in the crowd. Most noticeably the word gaijin.