Trader Joe’s shakshuka

"shakshuka starter"? Sooo... Tomato sauce?
I've seen these a few times now and I'm frankly kinda amazed by the ballsiness of it - someone has taken a 99 cent can of diced tomatoes and basic kitchen spices you should own already and made it into a "kit" that retails for twice as much or more.
Pretty much.
And maybe a spice packet?
AND peppers...but yeah.
It’s probably cheap, though. TJ’s doesn’t tend to be a ripoff.
And peppers.
It’s tomatoes, peppers and spices and it retails for $1.99 iirc. I’ve made shakshuka from scratch and it was a huge pain waiting for the tomatoes to cook down enough, I actually just bought this the other day and I’m hoping it’ll be a great time saver when I’m craving shakshuka!
I'm saddened how so many people don't know how to use a can opener, knife, or crack an egg.
I thought it was served in a loaf of bread that's been split open and stuffed with cheese? Almost like an open faced calzone?
Tomatoes, peppers, onions, fennel seeds, salt, pepper, and whatever else you want to throw in there.
I typically make it when I have nothing else left in the fridge.
It’s $2 and big enough for five eggs. Add rice or pita and it’s enough for two people, fast, cheap, and healthy.
Laziness at its best
That still looks delicious.
Yup I’m posting this as a win!! Good expectation vs reality haha
For real. I'd never heard of it before and now I kinda want to try to make it.
I’ve always been curious about what comes with the kit, it’s a pretty simple dish.
Sauce and greens is what I’m getting.
I mean, I guess it's "simple", but there's a dozen ingredients in most recipes and many of them are fresh stuff that needs to be washed/peeled, pared, and chopped. It's certainly not beyond my skills or time commitment for a family of four, but for just one person, I can imagine that it seems a little much for everyday.
It’s just the frozen sauce, but it’s good.
I never thought a comments section of a post about shakshuka could get so heated...
Well, you wouldn't want your shakshuka *cold*.
Say what you want about it being a really basic kit. Yes it's just tomato and spice. But it's exposing people to the recipe that may never have heard of it otherwise.
A lot of box mixes are like this, hamburger helper, cake, cookies. Pasta sauce is arguably the same thing!
Yeah honestly. I cook a lot and one day I’ll make this from scratch, but I wouldn’t have even know about the dish if I hadn’t tried the kit first! Plus breakfast foods are half convenience anyway
I always bring my own eggs
Frank: Would you like a nice egg in this trying time?
Shakshuka is my favorite breakfast. North Africans nailed this one.
Big facts
Romanian Origin
Doesn't look awful at all. Curious about the garnish. Came with?
Nope this is definitely a good expectation v reality! And no I had parsley in my fridge already
Was it good?
Shakshuka always reminds me of Metal Gear but I can't quite put my finger on the reference to why
Revolver "Shalashaska" Ocelot
Honesty! Both Manufacturer and consumer get my upvote!
There's like one poster doing this...
What is it? Looks like tomato sauce and eggs
Looks awesome!
BRB, heading to Trader Joe's
I wonder if it’s still open
that actually looks tasty
Huevos rancheros
eggs in purgatory
compared to some of the things I've seen on this sub, this isn't bad at all
Starring “Shakshuka” Revolver Ocelot
Man I’m kind of hype about this to be honest. When I make it that’s an hour simmer at minimum before we get to the eggs. I’m lazy as hell and make four batches at a time and freeze them to have it on hand.
This seems way, way easier.
Am I the only one who thinks that looks delicious? I want to eat that so much
Don't try to replicate the product photo by cooking it in cast iron unless you want to have a bad time.
Shakshuka is a meditarenean salad/sauce, much easier to prepare at home than buy this pre-cooked stuff.
No, it's actually not at all easier, unless you don't usually shop at Trader Joe's. I'm all for cooking from scratch, but it's in no way easier to go around the store and buy 10 different ingredients and then wash or peel, pare, and chop up fresh vegetables and sautee and stew them together and measure all the spices... than to pick up just the box and a box of eggs.
People looking down on this are really ridiculous. It takes a fair amount of time to chop up all those different veggies, even if it's only one of each. And if you don't already have cumin and paprika and whatever other spices in your cabinet, buying an entire bottle to try one recipe is definitely not the most efficient (ask the bottle of Grains of Paradise I've had for 10 years and used twice).
It's one thing to come in and say "Oooh, yes! I love Shakshuka! I always make it from scratch, here's my favorite recipe...". It's another to pretend you're better than someone else because you have the time and equipment to make all your food from fresh ingredients.
Finally, you can find this dish in Morocco. And a lot of North Africa and the Middle East. The word itself is from Tunisian Arabic. So get over yourself completely now.
... How exactly do you define 'easier'?
Actually it isn't. The dish is from the Al Shams, namely Palestine and it spread out through the Middle East.
Skillet not included, only in the usa
for some reason I read this as shakira shakira
I heard about Shakshuka three hours ago and this is the first I've ever seen anything about it. Wth.
That looks like a round lasagna
I tried this the other day! Really yummy. I also had Italian poached eggs and it was pretty similar. Having a really good pasta sauce is a good way to mimic the experience somewhat.
Turn the heat down, you've got it WAY too high and have over cooked it. You shouldn't see pock marks in the sauce or bubbles in the eggs.
Good tip, I’ll try that nexttime
Hey nice ad trader Joe's
That "bring your own eggs" part is killing me
I mean it looks edible
Is this a breakfast food or more of a lunch/dinner meal?
Looks kinda good ngl
I don't know if it's in the difference in pan size or if the Trader Joe's one used ostrich eggs or something. Anyone else? Those yolks look yolked in comparison.
They made the food 2d so it's easier to render.
It’s actually pretty delicious. I sometimes eat it or dip bread and never bother with the egg. I throw in blue cheese or Feta. It’s microwaveable and has good texture. Getting that with mixing cans of tomatoes is not as easy
And here I am thinking I knew something about cooking and food. Y’all are carrying on about this dish and this is the first I’ve heard of it, ding dang.
can hardly go wrong with some pulp????
Actually, they both look pretty good.
Having lived with my very traditional Arab grandparents I would never in a million years eat boxed shakshuka, my grandmother wouldn't let me
Not that different
im middle eastern and i gagged
Oh, I remember this! My abuela called it tomatican, is delicious!
It's actually looks really good, just tomatoes aren't as clumpy. Looks a bit too saucy but that's fine lol
Both looks disgusting 😂 might be good tho idk
Trader joes rocks.
shakshuka is super easy to make and really doesn't look too different from what you made out of a box for 2x the price, I know you've gotten the same advice before and I just gotta reiterate... but did it taste good?... cause that's really all that matters.
Nice try Trader Joe’s.
You broke your yokes, I hate it when that happens .
Proof that millennials are retarded sheep lol all those master's degrees in whatever the hell
Palestinian food making it all the way to the US! I wonder what the cultural vector is since everything Palestinian has been completely dehumanised in the US.
Oh wow this is the first time a Palestinian dish has ever been in a America! /s
Shut up