My first attempt at a Bûche de Noel

Looks great
you mean logs great?
Did somebody make fun of it? Cause it looks perfect to me.
For me it was the proportions make it look like a pair of shorts with dingleberries, but looks tasty
This sub doesn’t mean bad representations of something, it’s just a expectation vs reality.
It looks beautiful!
Well done! Nice frosting on the berries.
That looks really good!
Call em Yule Logs over here
Yea. We call them Yule Logs over here too. I was just being bougie.
Looks great! Try an angle shot from front or side to really show it off!
You know why it's an overhead shot. Stop playing, Facebook angles ain't just for people.
I was trying to hide the fact the my swirl did really swirl.
Looks yummy!
But I wanna see them swirls!
Rolling it was so much harder than I thought it would be.
Not bad
I love this comment but I want to be clear that I upvoted it because it’s so very clear that you effing nailed it! So yeah. Not bad.
You did a good job actually. Merry Christmas!
Looks fantastic! Have you thought about tackling the merengue mushrooms? They look super intimidating to me, but looks like you've got the skills!
I did think about but I have a deep irrational hatred for meringue.
That, actually looks great! Good job!
Aw this looks fantastic!! Great job!
Looks great! What recipe did you go for? I'm in the market for a new one and this looks like the perfect balance between chocolate and cream (unlike the sickly chocolate one I have opted for this year - Nigella Lawson's recipe)
Thank you! The ganache and the “look” of the cake is all from
I did a traditional whipped cream though and added a layer of puréed cherry preserves.
And because I’m lazy my cake is modified box cake which I found here
lmao you know you nailed it
get this compliment-fishing post outta here
Yeah, this is the wrong sub, how could OP not know they did a great job?
It looks amazing! Mine would look like a blob than a cake.
Bûche de Noël*
Very good job :)
Looks pretty good to me!
Daaamn it's one thicccc boii.
Looks amazing! Be proud of yourself, these aren't easy to make!
Nice try,
OMG! What happened? This is my nightmare because honestly there’s a very very very fine line between hers and mine. One small thing goes wrong and you have a CAKEtastrophe!
Looks better than the poop log my friend's GF made.
To be fair....I'd eat that
I like the more toned down and natural colors of yours far more!
Wow ,beautiful work. I wish I could come close to this level .
Beautiful work, wow! Merry Christmas!
It still looks fine and edible.
Looks delicious and beautiful! <3
Looks great!
Both look like logs
Much nicer than mine! I accidentally used the jelly roll pan that is too big, so my cake is very thin. It’s going to be a mouthful of filling and ganache. Wondering if I should make a backup dessert of banana bread.
I wish I’d used a bigger pan. I think it definitely needed to be longer. A mouthful of filling and ganache doesn’t sound like a bad thing. Merry Christmas.
Thought these were the same piece until I checked the sub. Nicely done!
That's a very good start!
I call them Noel's Busche. 😁
That’s really good!
Nice, looks delicious
Well done! Aced it imo.
A bit too T H I C C compared to the original image, but still logs great!
If only it were that easy lol
Is yours on the left?
That's better than a lot of the other things I see on here
can't see nothing wrong with, you should se the pie i did, everybody asked if it was a chicken..........it was for dessert
Now that's a fat tree but that only means more cake.
I like your optimism! That’s the Christmas spirit!
Looks great!
I'm proud of you. :)
Looks good. The reason it looks a little thicc is likely overfilling based on the end. But it’s definitely not bad looking and looks tasty.
It’s actually just not rolled tightly because it cracked in half so I kinda had to be gentle and improvise.
Good Job!
Oak-kay chill out
Yeah, made one too. Hard to get it really round as whipped cream and sponge cake aren't the strongest structural items. I bet the pros have a semi circular mould that they chill the cake in to set it as the cake and filling need to be flexible for rolling but firm to hold a round shape for presentation.
It’s got me pining for chocolate.
she thicc
Great job
It's thiccc
C'est réussi comme "essai"
It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good!
Looks good!
That looks so much better than mine just covered in Ganache. Mine split when unrolling it right before the final unroll. Any tips on that not happening?
No tips, same thing happened to me.
It’s pretty thiccc but I’m never gonna complain about extra
It looks great! 👏
if bûche de noël is french, isn't the english translation supposed to be christmas log ?
I'm guessing your rolling skills are a bit shit, but it all looks the same with a fork through it. I'd have a bit of that. Good job!
You made the Thicc version nice
Not perfect but a great attempt
Can I get one of those slabs of meat.
OP should've angled their camera down a bit so we can see them swirls
It looks really good! I made one this year too but made white Genoise Sponge and added some of the chocolate ganache from the decor to my creme patissiere
It looks fine
Looks like it wood taste delicious.
Nailed it!
Not bad practice makes perfect mate keep up the good work
Was expecting a Nailed It!, but you actually nailed it!
Okay, that looks nothing like my first attempt. Congrats!
And yet another one for
Jeeze stop the baking y'all oO
You can also check
Great job 😊
I want it still
More like a Bûche de Noice.
Great job, it looks delicious.