Post-Match Thread: Watford v Everton

Mina’s 1st goal

What was that game? We finally won after going down, Mina got a brace, Delph was sent off, and Walcott got the winning goal.
Just as we all predicted
This is a four course meal of me eating crow.
And we're now closer to top 4 than the relegation zone
We must have picked up some Newcastle brand shithousery when we played them.
Can confirm, this game did not take place. Not possible for us to come back from 2-0 down.
Carlo Ancelotti has done what Marco Silva never could: we've won a game from behind
Never mind that, he understands what a substitution is.
Successful set pieces today as well.
Fuck that commentator
“Oh he was just stabbed in his fucking throat, I really think he’s exaggerating here. Look at all that blood, bet it’s fake. Lucky he isn’t carded.”
Absolute twat all game
Fuck that ref
so fucking annoying, honestly.
It should be like the nba where everton has their own, he was dreadful
Tony Gale.
Total thundercunt.
Legit I was so happy when that fucken Walcott goal went in, just knowing that Slimy cunt got to cop it with his Watford smugness.
What an absolute shithouse win! And we’re finally on the good side of it
About fucking time
We earned it after that many shit house losses
We actually showed some fight for once.
The dream of shithousing our way into Europe lives on another week.
Dicks out lads
Everton that.
I look forward to the future when this phrase really means something extremely positive like today
I love this phrase.
3 points in a come-from-behind win, away from home, with 10 men, with Mina bagging a brace and Theo grabbing the winner.
Just as we all predicted
This is the kind of win that builds mental toughness. People forget we never won after trailing under Marco. Lads still getting used to it.
We're going to need it for the string of upcoming fixtures.
Threw away two points last match. Stole two today.
I guess we’re even? 🤷‍♂️
i think we did even better, we stole 3
Even or not we are definitely Everton
Get fucked, Watford.
Let’s all be real: none of us have ever doubted Theo once, best signing we’ve ever made.
Ballon d'or candidate and Nobel Peace prize winner Theo Walcott
Plays like utter dogshit the whole game and then gets the game winner? Let’s give credit to Richarlson and Kean for the setup.
Walcott to
For real though. It feels GOOD to be happy after a match.
More like Walcott to the world tbh
Fair play to him he got better as the game got dire
He can say it to my face and I’d shake his hand. He as awful all game but man what a way to close out a match,
I've always loved Theo.
I get the hate. But he's such a lovable man.
Honeydicking 3 points off Watford on the road is a great way to start the weekend. UTFT.
Im sorry Maestro Carlo for doubting your greatness
honestly thei reaction literally got him a second yellow, dumb ref
Watford is a small club, bunch of snakes
I still can’t believe Theo fucking Walcott had the game winner while we were down to 10 men.
Today is the day Everton permanently imbued their soul into Watford Football Club.
First time we've come from 2 down in years, and down a man. Not pretty, but what a fucking come back! That's the fight we've been looking for!
Loving Tim on bbc final score, still saying ‘we’ when referring to us. Said as long as you give your all the fans will accept it. Massive win and moving in right direction etc
Mate he absolutely adores Everton 💙 His son is in the academy too.
I didn’t watch the match this week....we won. You’re all welcome lol
Gonna be honest. Every part of my body was jumping for Kean to score it...
What is this feeling I have? It’s kind of like opposite depression. Or not sadness? Un-misery?
THE CURSE is lifted!
Theo Walcott: a true modern footballing enigma
Complete a 5 yard pass to someone wide open in the box: fucks it up
Perfect positioning during a streaking attack after a mucked shot: invincible
Even though walcott was dreadful for 87 mins, that was a great run by him to be on the far post, and honestly not even mad about that red card, at least that mug delph will be out for a game, hopefully never plays again for us.
Holgate is just so good at the moment.
The most Everton way to win a game. Down to 10 men and your worst fucking player wins it. I wouldn’t want it any other way. UTFT!
I thought Walcott scored, not Delph. /s
Not only that. He won it off a flubbed shot after a perfect pass and just happened to be in the exact right position.
Don't know how we done it, but buzzing with that. Delph suspended too, what a weekend this is
Fuck off to the championship Watford.
9th in table, 3 points from 5th.
Theo stuck that away very well given that Moise scuffed it and it wasn’t the easiest of angles. Still think he’s shite, but cocks out for him getting himself in that spot and sticking it away after a terrible performance.
Moise Kean with the 4D chess for Walcott
The scenes lads! This is how it feels to be on the otherside of a bottle job!
Mina double, a red card and Walcott winner after 2-0 down. Everton that?
✅ Everton win away
✅ Everton win from behind
✅ Everton win a man down
🤯 Mental
Grazie Carlo
Reverse Newcastle
Imaging supporting a club that can score off corners
First of all - fuck Watford. Really hope they go down.
More importantly, I want to know whether Kean fluffed a shot or was playing 5D underwater backgammon. I don’t mind either way like!
looked at it a couple times, was hoping he was pushed off the ball or something, looks like he just air swung, hoping i’m wrong
Smash and grab, you love to see it
Mason Holgate is inevitable.
Holgate is an absolute boss.
Digne was better today, good to see.
Great run from Richarlison to secure the three points.
Delph and Pawson are both dumb fucks.
Away end was class.
Up the Fucking Toffees!!!
Never doubted it for a second haha....he jitters, taking a swig of whiskey
When’s the last time we came back from 2 goals to win, away?
Fucking get in
Maybe West Brom away in 2015, Lukaku and Kone
Everton: win when we should lose, lose when we should win. Poetry
Everton that
Never said a bad word about Walcott.
A Yerry Mina brace and a Walcott winner, as we all predicted.
Watford is turning into a fucking derby. I hate them so I love it when we get a result like this! Let’s steal dacoure and piss them off more in the summer! COY-FUCKIN-B
Kick Delph off the god damn tour, Doug.
He eats pieces of shit for breakfast.
In Carlo we trust. Pure joy.
Played like shit but we grit our teeth and did it, this game is the talisman for our curse being lifted. COYB AND GET THE FUCK IN (except for you Fabian delph)
Delph should never put on an Everton shirt again.
A couple thoughts
Up the Toffees,
Announcers today were horrendous. Sounded like they had hard ons for Watford all match
Incredible 3 points! COYB
We were fucking terrible, I can't believe we have won
Just think if we hadn’t shit the bed against Newcastle we’d be tied on points with Sheffield in 5th
Kean definitely deserves some starts now. Was hungry all game and selfless pass to Walcott for the winner!
still tryna figure out if that was on purpose or not lol
I thought it was a pass, it was a failed shot that fell to Walcott, wonderfully finished though
Ancelloti is the first manager in decades to get something out of us away from home
Holgate needs to play as defensive mid every game. He is the best at breaking up attacks before they get to our fragile back four. He is no nonsense when it comes to defending and he is a battler.
I'd like to see some stats of us conceding with and without him as defensive mid
Was thinking the same. Hoping Carlo can experiment with this with delph being suspended.
He’s only played their once or twice so stats aren’t going to reveal much.
Everton that.
We turned a game around with a mina brace and a Walcott winner aaaaaand westham and Watford are in the relegation zone. What. A. Gameweek!
Hard fought win, some days you gotta hold ya nuts and just get one!!
I only caught the last 10 minutes. Walcott must have had a blinder
We won from two goals down!
Anyone struggling to see the Walcott goal on the link? It's just saying "processing" for me
Just put a new link in, let me know if it still doesn’t work
Go to the Walcott goal thread. There is another link (streamja link failed for me too)
Mine doesn't play either
I woke up feeling a bit sick but I genuinely think watching this cured me.
Crazy to see that we were in relegation now we’re so close to the Europa league love you Carlo
Always a bridesmaid, never a br.... holy fuck we actually won one of these games!!
Mina running into the net after the first no intention of celebrating just grabs it like work to do men come on! Love that shit me no flashing cameras head down a d on to the next 👌 Everton that
Everton??? Luck???
i can’t help but think, damn moise you needed to bury that, scoring consecutively would’ve done a world of good for him, hopefully more chances come his way
I turned my radio off when Watford went 2-0 up. Guess I have to never listen to Everton ever again then for the greater good.
The team had a lot of heart in that game. Carlo really has instilled a drive in the players. We would've never sniffed a win in that game before him. Also, Kean is looking better overall with his movement, Digne was great, and Holgate seemed immense today.
Is Greg Paulson the worst ref in the league? The guy can’t even pretend like he knows what he’s doing. It’s all over his face.
Kinda makes up for the Newcastle debacle I guess.
Nothing makes up for that. We'd be level 5th on points right now if we won that game.
Of course this is one of the first games all season I miss
I always seem to miss the wins too. It's very rare that I'm sat down to watch the game and they actually win.
So this is how it feels to be on the other side of a team completely pulling an Everton.
Only 2 or 3 points off a Europa league place now, Gomes coming back, starting to form a backbone. I know it’s the hope that kills you but things are looking up
We scored off of corners.
Like, what??
Solid result in the Z-Cars Derby.
It makes it even sweeter when we win and it shuts all the fickle moaning twats up. No backbone in the team or professionalism? Siggy is shit? Walcott shouldn't be on rhe pitch? Lololol I love it.
Siggy has been shit, so has Walcott. Credit where credit is due, they both contributed today. We need this from them every week though.
I’m in a nine hour class today, so I missed most of the match, but I got the notification on my watch when that last one went in. UP THE FUCKING TOFFEES
Would like to say I have a tiny axe to grind.
According to some people, if we lose, the players don't care, show no effort and basically need shooting. If we win, then it's because of the fans being the 12th Man.
Please fuck off with that shite. Credit the players when they do something well, too.
Always rated Theo, tbh.
God this feels good
Every 90 minute game I age about 5 years
So you expect me to believe that Everton just came back from being 2-0 down, had 10 men for 1/4 of the game and somehow won.
Sorry I dont buy it.
45+1 45+4 90
now that's a shithousing if i ever saw one.
anyway what the fuck is delph supposed to provide? a soft yellow yes, but why's the aging midfielder brought in for "veteran leadership" getting sent off in the midst of a miraculous comeback win?
Finally we came back. When was the last time 2 years ago? And now we did it from 0:2 away.
I had a strange feeling we would come back and win this, maybe it’s just because we were playing Watford lmaoo
What. A. Game.
Theo Walcott 5 year extension incoming.
What a match - coming back from 2 goals down, away from home, playing against 12 men with 10.
For real Delph sucks. He was trying so hard to get that red card
Don Carlo 💙
Went back and watched the delph second yellow. He should get a season ban for that tbh
How long since we came from behind away to win? And before that?
West Brom 2015
Top half of the table now.
3 points off fifth. What a strange season
Shithouse win I’LL TAKE IT!
Nothing is ever easy at Everton. I don't know if it is fate but we will never do anything the easy way.
Big 3 points lads! Up the Toffees!
Pickford swapped his Nike gloves for Adidas. Has he a new sponsorship deal?
How does delph manage to get worst with every passing game? He almost cost us this game multiple times. How the hell did he play for man city?
Now take a look at Delph's second yellow, and sterling yellow today. Justice.
Being an Everton fan is so shitty..... but it’s days like this that allow you to at least tell yourself it’s all worth it
Fuck off, as an Everton supporter the tough times have hit all of us, but that doesn't mean it's shitty to be a fan of Everton.
I believe, or better yet I understand, you may have intended to express that it's been difficult to endure so much heart ache lately, but to say "Being an Everton fan is so shitty" is not the correct way to pen that feeling.
Disappointment, heartache and perhaps even depression and anxiety if you fancy such a strong feel, but to say it's "shitty" to be an Evertonian?! Fuck off!
Everton gonna Everton. Real talk though. Our first goal was the most Everton thing and I'm not ashamed of it; a mad scrap in front of the goal and a miraculous poke on
Here's to the new "Everton that."
That was the first time in 36 league games we've won after going a goal down.
Surely longer. If silva never did it he was here longer than a season which is 38 games?
Since 2017, may need to double check your sources there dude
Really lacking in any sort of quality today. No idea how we’ve come away with 3 points, we didn’t even deserve 1. And to think Kean will grab an assist for that absolute fluff for Walcott’s winner 🤦‍♂️