Alliances/corps engaged in small scale campaigns?

What are some of the non-bloc groups out there actively engaged in campaigns? This can be harassing a group like HTP-Provi dynamic or taking new space (a combat front).

Well, Rekking Crew was the group that came to mind when I read the post title. Looks like you already have that down.
What is Rekking Crew? I'm assuming it is an informal alliance?
Literally everyone in Vale / Tribute is fighting against someone right now
Those regions look like a hotbed for PVP content. Hopefully no blobs destroy it anytime soon.
Are you actually Unspoken or just flair baiting? They tend to harass the bigger blocs, right? As an outsider my impression has been that you, HTP, and older style Iron Armada had some similarities.
We really need to keep this on the down low, before all the dumbotrons show up and ruin everything.
Before I left the game my Alliance (Fedup) deployed to tribute for an extended campaign that seemed like it would be us alone and not Legacy. This area is a hotbed of fights right now.
Amazing drawing skills man, I am almost convinced to join but I am very bad in spaceships :(
I considered applying for a change of pace but you specify cap pilots which I'm not currently. I prefer subcap support roles at the moment. Cap skills are only to the point that lets me sit in them.
An unambitious group of mediocrities with absentee leadership. Nty
Depends who you ask, we are either skirmishing with legacy over inconsequential targets or blue with all their boogeymen and engaged in a hell-war.
But boogeyman died
Western Lowsec is currently engaged in the BUMS/OHSHT+Friends vs WANGS+Friends war
Unfortunately the DDOS and US TZ lag/disconnections have ruined the last week of potential fights. Hopefully there will be many more to come in the future.
Didn’t know we were doing war. Guess I have to start logging in again.
Disconnects ruined a whole lot of fights this week.
Have any battle reports or AARs that show the type of engages?
BOSS in venal
It's pronounced *tips fedora" V'nal.
Simple Farmers are a small group of players who have spent the last 3+ years trying to live in Catch under the blue do-nots nose.
In the last 12 months (Jan 2019 - Jan 2020) SF has destroyed 1.6 trillion ISK of Legacy assets in Catch whilst losing around 230 billion ISK (including SF alt corporations).
It has been loads of fun so far. Whilst there are 0 plans for SF to leave Catch, the guys are waiting for Legacy batphones that create impossible to fight 8:1 numbers to die down a bit.
No doubt there will be some more PVP content in the coming weeks when numbers return to around 3:1
3+? those fuckers have been there for almost 13 years, Coalitions come and go but 9KOE is always camped.
These guys are very good at camping, I get cocky in NS with an Astero, they’ve put me in my place twice.
We had a WH to their area and they brought 4 guys, 2 of which were Guardians. Maybe skirmishing with Legacy has pushed them to be 50% logi risk averse but maybe they are just elite.
Trigger Happy are a bunch of good monkeys
I'm looking for a group like this as well.