And the least feminist nation in the world is... Denmark?

Yet even to this day, it is perfectly legal to cut of a piece of genitalia from a boy, but not a girl. The current minister off health, former minister of "children and equality" won't give equality to children and stated that MGM will not be outlawed.
Paragraph 109 (or 103, not sure atm) of Serviceloven is gendered. It says that the "woman/mother" instead of citizen/parent is entitled to help and a safety haven from domestic violence. Yet the national women's organization 'Dansk kvindesamfund' were against making the law gender neutral.
Edit: Also Denmark practices male-only mandatory combat service/training, where you literally go and play the lottery (drawing a number) whether you have to go or not...
Genital mutilation is horribly barbaric, why is this still legal anywhere?
It's sad that some women view support for male victims also as some sort of attack on women. As if they define their femininity with being the victims of men. That's a toxic and narrow view on femininity.
But not the other way of course. No need for women to engage in dirty, dangerous, or physically arduous jobs.
Fuck off, every chance you get you are on here shitting all over women. Egalitarianisim is about equality, if you want to hate women crawl back to some creepy incel sub.
When you are a truly equal country you don't have time for gender specific bullshit.
Well that ain't Denmark that's for sure.