Subreddit Guild? was "time for a change" and nobody did nuffin......I propose that those of us who are active on this subreddit start a subreddit guild and start growing our community ingame.

What server
Woops sorry about that. This would be NA
I support this.
Hey if you are still accepting new players I just started up a couple days ago and would be down to join, thanks. PSN: Dphatsacs
Did u get an invite?
PS4 ID: hxcheck
Just started.
Upvoted for exposure. Send me an invite on PS4. PSN: ZaWizard
Sent invite
Shoot me an invite as well!
PSN: MAG_0626
Done brotha
Shot you an invite as well man.
Psn: what_1s_sk1ll
Inv sent!
Would love an invite on the PS4!
PSN ID: SirXploit
invite sent!
I'd love an invite man! Name on psn is Aequitas2014
Inv sent!
Downloading game now, looking to get into most all aspects of game. Does it matter which alliance we choose if so which?
PSN: runningp
The alliance is EP but i dont think that matters anymore
Just started back up with this game over the weekend. Could use an invite please.
PSN: sivin02
Invite sent
Hey man lonely people need to stick together... add: Eth-Obe
Inv sent!
Only just started playing but would love to join a guild
psn: gladius_666
Invite sent!
I'll join if you are still wanting new blood. My psn is winterknight129
Havent been able to add a few peeps but tonight for sure ill shoot you an inv :)
New player with one toon, currently leveled to 138CP. I'm interested as well.
Gamertag: The-Santa-Slayer
Inv sent!
Send invite to xKenpachiPRx Thanks
I'll take an invite if you don't mind. PSN: ohwhen19
Inv sent
Send me an invite:
PSN: Powerhousekrause
Psn id: drbruce87 Thanks in advance for the invite. Looking forward to playing with yall.
Brand new, inexperienced player. If you'll have me my PSN is pdawks. Looking to get deep into this game.
Inv sent!
Been busy lately but I want in! See if i can help out my fellow Redditors! Shoot me an Invite PSN: oldirtybrian
Inv sent!
Add me: Minimqn
Inv sent!
Voted, can I get an invitation? PSN: Slurgle
Inv sent!
Invite gd01Skorpius please :)
I would love to join! PSN: shirt10
Inv sent!
Invite me please. Looking for people to play with since I just recently reach level 50. PSN: Mark pacheco
Is it ok if I'm literally just starting out? Had the game since launch and for whatever reason didn't get into it and so recently I head the game has gotten a ton better!
I'm so fresh to the game I'm basically running around like a chicken with it head cut off lol so with that said I'd love to get into the game with a bunch of people
Psn: mshadows15
Send me a ingame invite to Ggrab
I'm almost 300cp mageblade I don't mind running dungeon on normal for low lvls
I can't always voice chat but i have a keyboarded
Shoot me an inv please Psn: Lokowarr1or
PSN: annacrusisis
Can I be invited? :)
I'd like to join. PSN: DreamyClouds
Inv sent!
PSN: Trainaquility I'm returning to the game after over a year hiatus, leveling a DK
Would I be able to get an invite?
Inv sent!
200cp templar healer would like to join! Psn: Christofu86
Hook it up with an invite? Looking to play with some homies ! :D
Inv sent!
Demoniq101 would like to be added thanks :)
Done! Sorry for the delay!
I'm new to the game and looking to make some friends. Please add me if you still have room!
PSN: furiousmaximous
I'll join! PSN: dotAXiS
Inv sent!
Liquid_bat please and thxs
Shoot me an invite too! Thanks PSN: YouCantSleep
Sorry for the delay, inv sent!
Psn: Awesome_JV
Sorry for the delay, inv sent!
Hey dude shoot this lonely coconut a invite ? PSN- ribsndiic
Inv sent!
I'm a returning player. If you don't mind a newbi. Invite stableslinky.
Inv sent!
PSN: coltbradshaw
Inv sent
Hello. I'm late to this are there still invites being sent?
I'll plug my PSN anyways.
Inv sent! Sorry irl has kept me busy :)
I'd like an invite please
Psn: johnnnyp123
Inv sent! Sorry irl has kept me busy :)
I'd be a part of this, if you'll have me. I just recently started playing again and was a solo player before anyway, one_bad_mitch is my psn.
Inv sent! Sorry irl has kept me busy :)
I wish i was on NA you guys look so much fun to play/hang around with
Never to late to come to the dark side ;)
Inv sent! Sorry irl has kept me busy :)
Ooooh I want in.
Haven't played in ages but a Reddit guild sounds awesome. I'll try to send a message in game when I'm on next.
Inv sent! Sorry irl has kept me busy :)
Np thanks :)
Would like in please, psn RedDevilDuckies
Hey I just restarted and will probably be leveling a new character with cousins. Would like an invite. PSN Viper20184
Hey I want in on this! PSN: unit1209
I don't know if this is still up and running but if so.... lemme get dat invite. PSN name is also runfromfire
Can I get a invite? psn: Vitamin_pwn
If this is still live I'd love an invite Jedihouse
Invite please? Jaredactyl89
can I still get them Orc Nudes?
I'm in! AA-Battery
If this is still active...
PSN - HemiZuniga
Is this still active?
PSN: NearFromNormal
Psn halapena.
PSN Infernal7
Yooooooo, send me an invite! Psn: guillotine20
I'd love t do that I'm new to the game
Can I get a guild invite to stabby_mcstabb67
Thank ya!
Could I get an invite please? PSN: Aesoproc
I'll take an invite, PSN: Manawar1960
Would love an invite. PSN is HairlipCraven.
Is this still a thing? I just starting playing and I'm looking for a guild. Add me: DrBlazi
Awesome! Can I get an invite? PSN is ChrisThaKilla
PSN Crateofswag
Psn/ christoferwells
Add me! Poocoop
Is this guild still active?
LordAnubis-_- if invites are still being sent
Hi, I'm looking for Guild for trial and daily. Psn ID: rayfran_51