Dragula S3 E9 - Post Discussion Post [Spoilers]

Reunion's out! Discuss away!

The reunion fucking sucked. It was so stale and...un-punk, especially when you think back two seasons to where the first eliminee (Pinche) wasn't even invited back for some extra screen time because she was incinerated in her death scene, so she was represented by a pile of ash in the first reunion instead.
It's just so inauthentic for the Boulets to not even dare to discuss the BS reason why Hollow wasn't allowed to put forward their concept. Focus on the actually interesting conversations instead of lame non-beefs and canned 'shady' reaction shots.
I'm really surprised no one said Dollya's name for the winner. She's done very well and has served some awesome looks. Landon and Priscilla have done great to. But tbh Ll 3 of these a rift could take the crown and if be happy.
Idk I just expected someone to say dollya for the win. And you can tell she was hurt no one did.
Especially Madelyn
Can someone tell me the point of having any sort of finale if your main rationale for someone to win is a track record?
Like I’m 100% not trying to be a Biqtch, but I’ve always viewed it as one of the important variables but not the most important. Not to be a RDR Stan or anything; but the idea of it being a fight to the top and then a free for all seems 100% more on brand for the boulets.
Like track record is important to a degree because it’s an indicator of the strengths of the person you’re crowning, but someone can develop into a worthy winner just as much as someone can walk into the competition already having the chops to win. Like there can only be one winner weekly, usually, and with a cast of 10-14 people it’s statistically suggestible that a large portion of the challenge winners might not make it to the end just for winning a challenge.
Also the top 3 is a pressure cooker, it’s all the tenets of Dragula in one condensed monster of a challenge, which is akin a lot to what their life after winning would be imo. Someone might perform a lot better when they have a week to put together a look rather than doing a bunch of things in quick succession while others thrive under pressure.
Idk this is a lot of rambling and thought spewing, but in my opinion the finale is just as important as a successful track record. someone with a just okay track record who blows the lid off the finale is just as worthy to crown as someone who has successful run but just a “good” finale (I don’t mean questionably good, I just know there’s a better word I can’t think of.)
(P.s. all that said I still stan Landon and think he’s so dreamy in drag but I can’t help but love Priscilla as well because of how raw and honest her development has been, so they could crown either and I’d be tickled)
I think track record should be a tie breaker. For ex if biqtch and victoria did equally well in the finale, you chose the one between the two with the best track record as the winner.
I think track record needs to have some sort of weight
Yeah it's weird to root for Landon but also root against the expected as well. I think that's very human. I just want a good goddamn show and they then can crown whomever.
Track record (that is to say, counting wins) isn’t a concept that has any weight in reality television outside of Drag Race. Consistency matters, but these competitions aren’t mathematical equations. You’re right that there’s no reason to watch the finale if the winner is a foregone conclusion. I think Dragula takes the “final test” into account quite a bit, so its really fun to watch!
I agree with you to a point. I think on Dragula it's been about 50/50 finale vs track record. Biqtch smashed the finale in season 2 and had a better storyline, so it didn't matter that James had more wins and Victoria was more consistent. Meanwhile, Melissa had better looks for 2/3 of the finale, but Vander's track record and stunning horror look cinched it for her. If Priscilla destroys the others in the finale she could still win, but if Landon dominates even one of the three categories I think it will still go to him.
On Drag Race (which I only mention because people who watch both are used to the expectations it has raised) I think it's more biased towards the track record and consistency of queens, about 80/20. This year Yvie would have been eliminated by A'keria if the lip sync had been treated seriously. But you can still do something so amazing (like Sasha) or so bad (like Asia O'Hara) that it changes the status quo.
That's how Dragula already does it. James had more wins then Biqtch going into the finale for season 2. But there final floor show wasn't as good as Biqtch or Victoria's.
It's still anybody's win at this point.
To be honest this is the only top three so far where I'm rooting for all three of the top.
Landon has the best track record and has consistently delivered. The only area I fear them lacking in is filth as I don't remember seeing much from them in that area. Such a sweetheart and would be a very deserving winner.
Dollya has also been consistent and one of my favourites of the season. They've delivered in all areas but like Landon, not much filth so I'm looking forward to their floor show to see if they can deliver.
Priscilla may not have the best track record of the top three but they have delivered horror filth and glamour consistently and even when they were in the bottom, they weren't bad at all.
This is my favourite top three to date.
I don't think Priscilla has delivered pure horror though, its always been more of a horror-filth (her hospital look) or horror-fashion (her frankenstein look), so I'm also really interested in seeing how she delivers PURE horror in the final floor show.
sooo the boulet posted a new video with a crown and scepter and those was really made for a king and that was Landon Cider!(hopefully he will win)
have been watching s3, but i kept up w the season before hand.
just finished ep 5, and god am i happy Hollows gone. their drag is interesting i’ll give them that, and they are the filthiest drag artist i’ve seen for a while, BUT, their rants bored me, they really thought highly of themselves.
maddelyn grates on me, i think she should’ve gone ep4 over maxi, especially after the extermination. i get she shouldn’t have been bottom, but she was. that’s how the game goes like?
YOVSKA. she really shouldn’t have been bottom ep3, maddelyn and hollow should’ve been bottom 2, and yovska safe- they really threw her away :( sweetest shady bean.
i love landon, BUT, he doesn’t excite me anywhere near as dollya and louisianna. he’s killing it, but for tv,, i’m bored. sue me.
A somewhat obvious spoiler for the finale (from the tour dates) is
This actually isn’t a realistic spoiler, considering they have a US tour that doesn’t feature either of the Two hopefuls you mention
Alright Sasha Belle
I lost track of the changes and stuff. When are they coming to Europe/Berlin? January? Do we have dates?
I was thinking from Landon’s voice later on that he’d had a fair bit of wine, but he was amazingly articulate regardless and I loved his speech! Even if he doesn’t win I’m so grateful to have witnessed both his art and the calm, mature way he expresses it. Completely inspirational ❤️
I think I read elsewhere that Landon's speech was somewhat changed by his cancer treatments, so it may not be wine!
Evah: This is not something I'm going to cry about!
immediately cuts to scene of Evah crying
I cackled at that. Shady editors are shady. Reminds me of Akeria saying she’s not a shit stirrer and them playing back all the times she stirred the shit lol
do Hollow use fake breasts? im amazed at some of their looks when they show their tits but there isnt any areola/nipple in them
edit before yall keep downvoting me: i know they have breasts, but i didnt know if they just tucked them away (thanks kris10leigh for being comprehensive and helpful) or if they surgically removed that part, im not a scientist nor i dont put all my attention in other's people bodies. thanks for understanding as english is not my native language
She could also have small areolas, I've seen fairly large breasted people have extremely small or very light colored areolas.
It looked like she had some tape on her breasts at the reunion.
yeah i seriously doubt it
No, it's just tucked. I'm about Hollow's cup size and could make my rack look like hers with some strategic taping/support.
Artistic depictions of breasts often put the nipple way higher than it would actually sit on a breast that size (and I think implants are usually done so the nip sits high, too).
after an entire season of Boulet Brothers skits taking up so much of Dragula airtime, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FUCKIN RESURRECTION skit? None of this kumbaya shit for me plz
I love the resurrection scenes!
Walks up to a pile of ash "Who the fuck is this?"
I hope all the people complaining about the skits and how long and unnecessary was the resurrection skit last season ARE HAPPY NOW, BECAUSE I AM NOT.
I know! I loved the resurrection part it ties up the killing skits together.
Yeah I felt it was weird too. It came in such a sudden and weird way especially in the boudoir.
I've seen her cry in person. It's legitimate.
Serving Laura lee realness.
I have to be honest and say that I love how Hollow really bothers the men in this sub lmfao I guess she must be doing something right
The way men are replying to this makes your point across 😂
I just learned to shut up. I think her analysis is sometimes off or isn't declared in the best way, but I just don't give a shit anymore to argue with people online about their (Hollow's) politics because I like Hollow's drag and I understand their POV. I don't think they deserve a pass for saying some of the things they say, which I think have definitely just been...off, in certain cases? But, I'm not going to be the one to try and cancel them or summon the wrath of people who think if you disagree with them at all you're being misogynistic lol. Just let bygones be bygones I guess. There are worse people out there saying much worse things I suppose.
Edit: My issues with Hollow has never been that they're loud or they're too abrasive or something. I've had specific issues with certain things they've said/implied that reveal politics that don't seem as post-binary or radical as they seem to symbolize as an artist, but in most of those cases they've made some sort of apology eventually so....meh.
I see these claims a lot and I don't get why annoying people when you're marginalized became a synonym of doing something necessarily right. People are not bothered because she's afab/passionate about social justice/critical of issues/some aspect of her art/passionate and fierce about wanting to create more space for gender minorities other than gay men. It's because she doesn't know how to do it effectively, and she just comes across as arrogant and immature and it has the opposite effect of the one intended. I am bothered by her when she makes up crazy arguments like accusing gay men of having an intrinsic envy for women because they wish to be objectified by straight men. Or when she is not up for debate and just wants to infuse her opinions on others by force. I am not bothered by her by any of the reasons that she will tell herself are the real reasons someone would be bothered by her. If that makes sense :)
if you annoy people it doesn’t mean “you’re doing something right” it might just mean that you’re annoying
Let it be known tho that Maxi fully came into that room full of bitches who kept shading her during the challenges and looked the second best out of everyone, and only because Dollya decided to snap that hard.
Okay so I want to point out one thing about hollow eve and human rights issues,stigma and all that stuff: I'm a gay white fat man living in Russia which is the country that, while it doesn't have criminal or any type of legal punishment for being gay, has a very hateful society full of prejudice and vitriol towards people like me, it's the country where public speakers and politicians can call people like me abominations and sick and unwell mentally challenged "creatures" and get away with it completely. Where people like me can get called names if we just decide to go to grocery store wearing nails or pink hair or smth gender non-conforming and no one will stand up for us, where we can get beaten up or murdered by crazy idiots and police won't do a thing. The safe spaces that we have are few and far between and shows like dragula and drag race provide us with an escape towards an idea of a better world, better environment for ppl like me, yet to see someone on this show saying cis white gay male as if to denounce the issues that ppl like me face as inconsequential and not important while realising that the show is watched by people that live in places where the political realities are much different from USA and advanced countries is extremely hurtful and inconsiderate. Shows like this are our safe spaces, for ppl who can only hope and wish and have to fight tooth and nail to be just recognized as human beings, smth a lot of y'all had for years, and to hear these kinds of comments makes me personally feel like ppl like me are unwelcome anywhere and there is no safe space.
I hear you that around the world, rights and level of acceptance of all LGBTQ identities aren't all at the same level. I'm sorry that you live somewhere where it's dangerous to be who you are.
Hollow isn't saying that cis white gay men aren't oppressed--they're speaking specifically about a sort of echo chamber that can happen in places like the U.S. (and within the states, specifically like San Francisco) where it's somewhat common for cis white gay men to act like their battle for rights & societal acceptance has been won and there's nothing more to fight for. It's also common for gay spaces in these areas to be specifically spaces for cis gays that aren't welcoming or affirming to trans folks and are also white-centering.
Hollow is talking about spaces that are safe spaces for white cisgender gay men, but aren't safe or welcoming to someone like Hollow. Beyond that, they're talking about spaces that host drag events but police who can do drag (ie, cis gay men.
I'm not at all trying to devalue your experience of oppression. Russia's attitude toward LGBTQ+ people is awful and leaves a lot of people unsafe, cis gay men included. Also, worldwide, acceptance of and love of fat bodies is hard to find; the same pockets of gay culture that have been unwelcoming to Hollow for multiple reasons (but namely misogyny, transphobia, toxic masculinity) also tend to be most welcoming to ideas of thinness and fitness as beautiful.
Being oppressed for aspects of one's identity doesn't negate that we also may have other experiences of privilege. Hollow's activism doesn't stop at acceptance for the identities and experiences they hold. Them pushing cis/white/thin/gay/men to do better by other marginalized LGBTQ folks (trans/people of color/fat/disabled/lesbian and bi and queer and asexual/other genders) is not a push to make cis white gay men unsafe. It's a call to action to always be considering how you can leverage relative privilege to create safer spaces that extend beyond yourself. We can love ourselves and seek safety and seek healing from our own trauma. And then we can take our empathy and the strength of our resilience and use it to aid others.
You deserve physical and digital spaces that are safe and affirming. Hollow deserves spaces like that, too.
I love how everyone has legitimate reasons to support any in the top 3. Landon is perfect in every way, that could be his weak point; everybody hates Dollya, that could be her storyline; Priscilla has built herself from the ground up, that's the growth of the dark horse. All of this will make the winner harder to predict, it will be a long week.
That said, if the Boulets want excellence, diversity and a fair, well deserved crown then it should be Landon.
I’m going to just keep this in mind to keep me at peace. I’m happy if anyone wins because I trust the boulets decision, but I really really want Landon to win.
I think it’s obvious Landon will get the crown. Swanthula’s expression/nodding in agreement during Landon’s speech seemed to seal the deal.
Is no one going to talk about Hollow saying that anyone who didn't get their art was a "coked-out wh*re"? Dollya really had a point about Hollow acting like everyone else was too stupid to understand their art.
Also, this comment really stigmatizes drug use and sex workers, and I found it to be especially insensitive since Priscilla and Madelynn both talked about getting sober.
I was rooting for Evah so hard when the Boulets asked if anyone felt like they couldn't stand up to Hollow. Maybe she did reply and it was edited out.
I definitely think there's something to be said for women & non-binary people taking up space, being loud, refusing to be palatable, and fighting for platforms in spaces that are dominated by men. However, you can do all of these things without being a straight up bully and using oppressive language.
LAST THING: this episode really solidified my love for louisianna purchase.
Would you be up for saying this to Hollow? It's a valid thing to call them in about, and I think they'd have a really genuine apology. They indicated somewhere (maybe that podcast they were on?) that they haven't watched the episode, so they may not remember saying it.
Good point about the drug stigmatization
So I finally watched the episode and want to get a few words out. Ignore it if it gets boring.
I've been #TeamLandon since before the season even aired, but watching this episode I was really moved by Priscila and I think she can do this. It's an uphill battle for certain but I doubt they wouldn't crown her if she brings it to the last Floorshow.
The "and Landon" bit had me deceased lol. Maxi knows it.
No votes for Dollya surprised me. But then again I understand people didn't really get close to her during the season.
Landon's speech is everything. What an artist. What a person. Definitely the most likely to win and nobody would question that.
The big point of this episode tho: Louisianna. That talk about how people that got closer to darkness are the kindest hit home a bit too hard. The moment she said that I felt seen by her, as I try to be considerate to others (sometimes in ways I can't be to myself) because I know how much it can hurt to feel like a failure and not be able to let go of it.
Honestly I loved this episode. Now I just need Amazon to NOT fuck up the next episode's release.
boulets: hey maddelyn so please tell us now who do you think should win from the top three
maddelyn: i personally believe dollya black has shown us some of the most exemplary work a drag artist can do. she has performed far and above anyone else in this competition, it has become a known fact that no other bitch is on her level and we should all accept that, if i'm being 100% real she has quite simply invented drag and also coincidentally cured cancer and tbh we are not worthy of being in her presence. that being said, priscilla should win.
dollya: •_________•
Shangela's voice: The person i chose is my grand daughter, shes in the house of blac, we had our ups and downs but we made up: priscilla chambers
Reunion thots: i actually loved this reuinion. No there wasnt tons of drama, but it wasnt cringey, was real, and showed tons of extra footage/audio like violencia and hollow.
-"We don't cast people to go home" 💀
When they said that last line I cackled omg.
It is clear that Dollya and Maddelynn did not make up. There is still animosity there.
I felt bad that Dollya not getting any votes. That was to show her that they still considered her a bitch and bring her down a peg or two.
Landon is my first choice and he was channeling Prince and I was here for it. If Landon doesn't win then Dollya is the next logical choice. While wins don't count but I don't see Priscilla winning over the other two.
You have my sword. And my ax. And my... landon?
I'm lowkey sad that they didnt have a table for their last supper shsjsb,, as tedious as the skits can be I missed them, I was just waiting for the eliminated to all drop dead at the very end but :(
yeah i really missed those kitschy touches
The little that Landon got to say was all perfect - I’ll be very shocked if he isn’t our winner
Was I the only one crying a little bit watching it??? I feel for Priscilla, Lou, and Evah. Dollya couldn't even get a vote from her grandma!
I totally wept. Lou speaks so eloquently and with such heart. I would no joke pay money to just get like daily or weekly affirmations from Louisiana Purchase lol. I’m just so proud of her and I feel like she is someone we could all learn so much from.
It was awful that not even Mad gave Dollya her vote
My red bloody heart says Landon, but my dark soul screams Dollya, just because I love a good ol vendetta.
I feel robbed of the whole "brining the monsters back to life" skit... :(
we missed Big Boulet saying "who the fuck is this?" to violencia
I’m so gay all I could think about during the episode is I really want to suck on dollya’s titties
Relatable af. Every time it would cut to her speaking all my mind was registering was "such a pretty nipple, a firm nipple..... nipple......"
I was kinda left feeling like nothing was discussed with regards to seeing the shady comments made in interviews /"behind backs" like I enjoyed rewatching moments from the show with the cast members reaction in the bottom corner but it seemed like import in moments the camera would cut away. Like Madelynn and Dollya's pep talk.. or when Hollow interrupted Evah an Evah had that look. idk maybe I'm a messy bitch. But I wanted to hear thoughts about those moments not just rewatch the drama. Previous years were soooo messy sho maybe I wanted more of that
Agree with what most people are saying, they should've filmed this after airing the episodes. This was the first season where the monsters were sequestered throughout filming, so I guess they couldn't afford or manage to get everyone back together at this time of year (it's October, they're probably all booked and busy).
"and none for Dollya" realness
You go Priscilla/Landon Coco!
my name is u-forwardslash-thomashilfiger of destruction and i have something to say:
the episode was really entertaining, but i had to skip over the constant sobbing. the editors really aced those shady montages, like, damn, hollow screaming once every ten seconds?? damn. they really did indeed made great tv.
when it came to the part with everyone saying who should win, i feel like: 1) this is a competition. landon did the best, period. and if not landon, dollya. come on people, track records for the win. landon didn't win three challenges and never landed in the bottom two for priscilla to win because "she struggled". SO, yeah, Team Landon and if Landon absolutely fucks the whole shit out of the final floor show (which... what?), then Dollya.
All in all, always remember to drink water and, if you are named Clint, you should be fucking the big picture right now.
Was it just me or was this edited very heavily against Dollya? Someone is talking and they show her with some shady sound effect tho she is doing absolutely nothing? Like..
Also if Landon doesn't win this shit I will commit crimes!
tbh I felt the one that kept being focused on despite doing nothing was Evah, I always felt like bitch was gonna say something and then the reunion ended and nothing.
Yeah they kept cutting to Dollya when Landon was talking and I was like why? What is being said right now that we need to see her? Is she lactating and I’m just missing it? Very weird editing.
I want Dollya to win more than ever now
I'm bitter that we didn't get a basic bitch challenge like we did in the first two seasons, they were some of my favourite Dragula episodes.
Disasterina's coked whore with her pussy and Biqtch's trade realness omg
Oh my God! Daddy, no! I didn't offer Coach Harrison a blowjob to get out of PE! I gave him one flips phone
Lmfaoooo idk why “basic bitch challenge” is sending the fuck outta me
Idk stuff like Evah's full story felt unfinished in the original episode and then they just flesh it out the clips at the finale felt off. But that's just my opinion.
Maxi read Dollya for filth omg “and Landon”
Side note Louisiana, Landon, and Priscilla are the three cutest and sweetest contestants the shows ever had love them so much
I liked this reunion. I understand that we were looking for drama, but on the other hand it's good to see the cast laughing and getting along. We need wholesome moments too, I even appreciate the decision of not fabricate fake drama for audiencie's sake in this episode. This cast and season are amazing, I'm sad that it will soon be the last episode... I just want to thank the Boulets Brothers, the cast and you guys. I had so much fun, I'll take this season to my heart <3 (sorry, I'm very emotional)
I'm in the middle – I was very entertained by the reunion, but I also think it's absolutely necessary to film it after the show airs.
Things we missed:
– Yovska vs. Madd falldown on IG that will probably never be clarified now
– Addressing the backlash the season got regarding airing schedules and possibly, if the Boulets are really brave, about being tamer than the previous ones
– What is up with Evah's IG content (marketing, breakdown...?)
– Fan reaction to Hollow's speeches and how Hollow feels about doing the show
– Contestants' reactions to Hollow's speeches (I really believe people just did not want to come forward, Priscilla excluded)
– Yovska's huge support despite being out third
– Everybody's reaction to everybody else's confessionals about them
– Everybody's reaction to everybody else's performance (voting AFTER SEEING what people did)
– Louisianna adopting Priscilla having a more substantial background of where they're at now
i think this was all filmed a few months ago before all of this happened
Priscilla’s transition also.
And I wanna know what shit Priscilla talked about hollow in the car.
Personally, I could not argue with Hollow at all, I don't have the vocal cords and the speech techniques for it.
Definitely an aspect of that last point, but if she was comfortable with it I would have loved to hear Priscilla talk about her transition.
I was also thinking that now Lou’s Priscilla’s “Drag Mom” with Lou’s help and input I’m sure she’ll get that more refined edge that Lou has and that will help her get the crown.
Also wish they'd kept the same format aith resurrecting the queens and showing the deaths of the top 3
maybe it will be shown in the finale episode
I felt so bad for Dollya
Honestly same. I'm surprised not one sent a vote her way
Flop reunion for a flop season. Crown Landon already and make next season Dragula again
I know this was filmed right after the season, but I so wanted to hear more about that Yovska and Maddelynn drama.
Y'all are so annoying. This was an amazing reunion that showed a lot of growth and maturity from all contestants. I did not feel that they were intentionally holding back. If you want drama just go watch Raven vs Tati for the 100th time.
Just a bit disappointed by the absence of floorshow or skit.
is the reunion have a floorshow like season 2s?
Nope. It has nothing at all except them sitting on couches talking.
I was honestly fine with how mild the reunion was. It was nice seeing the drag artists affirm and support each other. Of course, organic drama is interesting, but wasn't this kumbaya far superior to "you don't *own* everything by being shady, and being shady doesn't make you opulent"?
Still underwhelming but when you put it way.... I’d rather have 267 boring reunions before another pre-planned cringe reach for attention like Coco’s daughter tried.
Not Dollya's entire winners speech being about how she feels the support of her family and then Madd doesn't vote for her
I felt sorry for her.
I feel the whole season felt "sanitized", I love all the competitors but the show lost alot of spirit this season(imo). I hope it doesn't totally lose its original charm from the first two seasons and just become "The Boulet Brothers Drag Race"... I'm so happy that the Boulets have found success with Dragula as a TV show, however I do hope they bring back some of that raw unpolished charm it had before.
Bring back the dinner table, retrieving of the fallen contestants... I miss the camp, the Boulets definitely seemed like hosts of a TV show rather than Mistresses of an underground fever dream-esque competition that leads to the demise of the failed participants .
I agree with you show being sanitized and losing soul. I miss the camp too.
I missed the reanimation soooo much.
I’ve loved this season’s contestants but I miss so much of the charm of the other two seasons. Hollow getting fucked over because of misogynist TV regulations makes me so sad.
I see this comparison a lot that Landon winning is not a given because of James Majesty and it doesn't make sense to me tbh.
James had gotten the critique that she had amazing concepts and looks but that it seemed that she was not fully showing herself and that they were not gonna crown someone who could have a "hidden motive". Landon is different: they know him, they know he is seasoned and professional and consistent in both his art and his personality and maturity and that he will carry the legacy at least decently (and not just use the show as a personal platform or be a mess post-crowning like some RPDR girls because of behavior and etc). They didn't know James in the same way, and Biqtch was giving off a more "trustworthy" energy towards the end (e.g. reunion). I am honestly more excited by Dollya or Priscilla, they have this bigger it factor TO ME that they could pull out something extra amazing and gag me at some point, but I see Landon being more consistently great and the "safest" choice for the legacy even if he is not the absolute best in the final floorshow (and we know he will be AT LEAST a solid good, he's not hit or miss at all, he has the art down already). So yeah.
The one argument I could see is that Priscilla genuinely wants to be a Dragula representative, and says it's her favorite thing in the world. I think Landon loves Dragula but does not tie his identity to Dragula in the same way. It will be interesting to see what happens.
I mean I this reunion really solidified Landon winning because basically the entire winners pitchs were about how the crown would represent validation for Dollya and Priscilla's body of work while for Landon the crown would mean the validation of Drag Kings and AFAB performers in general.
I don’t think that I can argue that Landon has been anything less than perfection and I would be totally happy with him taking the crown but my gut instinct is telling me Dollya. There’s just something about her, some captivating star quality that I don’t get with the other competitors and I think she’s really going to deliver on the final floor show. Plus as a banker I tip my wig to a bitch who cites good credit as a reason to take the crown.
this will sound shady but I swear I don't mean it that way...
having seen dollya live twice I actually don't think she has that captivating star quality yet. I do think she'll get there, but she wasn't giving me that energy in person.
I got more Yovska screentime so I guess I can't complain.
I was rly glad she stood her ground at the reunion about how the show made her feel like she didn’t belong/ wasn’t understood. Her and hollow imo were the only true punk monsters. Regardless if they thought her looks fit the challenges that’s how she interpreted them and she was so unique and she’s so special I wish they would’ve given her more credit. For the challenge she was eliminated I thought it was amazing and the most punk rock outside the box look instead of classic rock star copies we have seen a lot.
Imo she has been the most unique performer on the show thus far along with abhora. I wanted to see so much more of her on the show so ya I was glad to see her at the reunionnnn.
I was really hope to hear about Pricilla coming out as a woman
The reunion was apparently filmed right after the season finished filming. Priscilla (to my knowledge) hadn’t publicly come out to everyone so she probably didn’t discuss it too much
Evah honey, with that harsh ass white beard of a highlight...did you forget to dust off after you baked? 😔
Landon is my winner. For those of you who say his personality is flat, your momma's ass is flat. He's an artist who doesn't get sucked into irrelevant drama.
I really hope editing Landon out is just an attempt at making his win less obvious.
Wow, surprised to see so many people disliking this reunion. I enjoyed it a lot. It was very even handed, and the boulets are excellent moderators while also seeming genuinely concerned and interested with each queen, unlike hosts from other shows, cough. This cast had no major drama because they are very mature for the most part and seem to genuinely like each other. There were plenty of hilarious moments such as the recaps and the fucking music which changed moods depending on the queen. I was dying whenever dollya or maddelyn spoke because of the shady music alone.
Overall, I enjoyed this reunion the most out of all seasons because it was less messy. Missed that giant table though.
I just came on here to talk about how great I thought this reunion was and I'm surprised so many people disliked it.
I loved it! I like how it was more focused on the queens and they all got time to speak. But bring back the reserections and long table
I didn’t hate it, I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The Boulets are good moderators and I laughed out loud at a bunch of the clips. It just wasn’t really a last supper, because they completely omitted the resurrection premise that I consider essential to Dragula, and I wasn’t really a reunion, because it was filmed immediately after the show.
The horror movie shady noises when Dollya was talking about her credit score vs the inspirational music when Landon and Priscilla were talking lol
The lack of engagement when they were talking about Hollow's "abrasiveness" was weird. It did seem like everyone was holding back on what they felt went it came to conflicts in general. It just made the reunion awkward and boring.
I think the deal with the stage setup was that they only have the space for a limited amount of time each week so they decided just not to do the whole table feast thing. Vander mentioned that they had to tear down and rebuild the boudoir set every single day.
I was wondering why the ghouls kept taking all their things in and out of the room. Other such shows seem to have contestants leaving items in a work room.
Maybe I would feel for Priscilla more and root for her if the show had been editted/produced differently. It's just so hard to empathize with her story when the whole show is seen through the lens of these ultra-sanitized boudoir scenes and the same setting for every floor show. All the grit of Dragula was gone this season, and it hurt Priscilla's portrayal in my eyes.
I thought it was a lackluster season finale. I did love Madd’s look with that big 90’s model hair and latex gown but with a V-neck of black lace. It was a good choice seeing her out of the constant red hair, even though that’s her brand and I do like it. Too much time was spent on Violencia!’s failing to do the extermination. When she said like she would’ve done it now looking back it would have been the best gag if they were like, “OK, do it now”. That would’ve been awesome.
Shit, I really wish that happened now
I was hoping that would happen too!
I want Dollya to win not only because she is very talented, but also to silence the mouths of all the people who underestimated her since episode 1 and thought she was going to be among the first eliminated.
it was so cute when landon asked drac “do you believe me?”
And maxi's "and landon"
can a kind ghoul fill me in with the best moments? thank you :)
Louisiana is now Priscilla's drag mom.
The entire episode was boring
It was basically a bore fest with them editing in Dollya looking shady constantly and putting horror music over her whenever she speaks
EDIT: Oh, and they did like, a Yovska best bits that was absolutely darling.
I'm so disappointed about the reunion, I really wanted to see all the looks from the monsters and the BB, like they do in S2.
Yeah i thought it was cute in s2 when they did a final runway for all the eliminated monsters. Surprised they couldnt squeeze that, or a little skit about resurrecting them (who the fuck is this) in.
This has been an interesting season. I love the art and humility the cast must face in the challenges and themselves.
Landon has experience with high level costuming, is an all arround good person, team player, and brings a fun enthusiasm to every episode.
But Priscilla has really brought the passion, aditude, commitment, and desire to this competition. I don't know how long this season was being filmed or what (if any) spending allowances the contestants were given. Priscilla comes from rural North Carolina, South. It's really inspiring that she has been able to make it this far with so little funds only at the age of 23. You can definitely tell that she has been struggling with funding her wardrobe in these last few competitions. (not counting winning the trash competition, because, well.. it was literally trash. She excelled at making filth and glamor from nothing.)
Dollya has good art, but... It follows a formula. It's the same big expensive titty and ass with the painted on face-eyes-under-eyes. 🙄 The one time she tried to do something different, as the ork, she failed big-time. Her performances are stiff in all of those prosthetics and stilettos. It looks good, just like how fast food is engineered to look good.
Dollya looks good but I liked how they called her out on not having a drag personality. She has a look. But at the same time I feel she’s young and still honing her craft. She’s talented she just needs to find her drag persona. Priscilla, Landon, Louisiana, Madelyn, even Yovska have a sort of persona that Dollya lacks. But she’s learning along with Yovska and Maxi :)
that lip color on St Lucia was so perfect it's like right in that niche between being a nude and a red and I fucking love it on her
She looked beautiful.
This was...interesting.
Ok, I'll just say it. Boring. This felt like a sanitized Drag Race reunion. Of course the cast is amazing and there were some very sweet moments, but when the stand out moment is Maxi whispering "and Landon" to the side, that's kind of...disappointing.
This reunion really only cemented Landon as the perfect choice for a winner. Well spoken, intelligent, creative, and checks off those token boxes for those who feel that that's important. He's pissed all over this competition the entire season, and I can't wait to see him take this crown.
The episode was very lacking on the dramatic appeal of reunions. It was more about recapping and catching up on all the contestants before the grand finale and all the exterminated contestants opinions on who should win. It was okay. I will say the best part of the episode was the Top 3 selling their pitches on why they should win. Priscilla and Landon’s pitches I felt like sold the Boulets the most. Dollya’s I feel like didn’t really convince them enough, it’s kinda like the same thing that happened with Victoria in S2 reunion but I 100% believe she’s gonna turn it out in the final floor show.
That was kinda boring. Hoping the final floorshow makes up for it.
Yovska and St. Lucia did not get enough props for their extermination, but boy was a lot of time spent on Violencia's lack of participation.
Also, god I love Louisianna. The ripped out heart of Dragula.
Definitely a Miss Congeniality If this season/show. The part of her being Priscilla’s drag mother was so sweet
Wow. I really did not expect Dollya to receive zero votes. That editing was brutal. But I doubt it will hold her back. James still did very well in the finale despite it (seemingly) coming down to Biqtch or Vic. But I still fully believe this season is Landon's to lose. He displayed exactly what he needed to in this finale. Yes, he's a drag king and that would be a huge deal, but he's also simply performed the best with only minor bumps along the way. He's ridiculously good both in this profession and as a contestant. However, this reunion belonged to Priscilla. You can tell just how deeply she's aching to win this and every person in that room knew it too. All of them have reasons why they should win but Priscilla expressed it the best in this episode. Now it's up to her to show it in the finale. I think we're all expecting Landon to turn it out and secure the crown but Priscilla and Dollya aren't what I'd call predictable. It's hopefully going to be a tight finale with all three of them showing us their art at the height of their capabilities.
Priscilla winning? That just invalidates all types of challenge wins and deems them pointless. Landon has 3 wins and has been high almost every single episode if he doesn't outright win the challenge. Priscilla's just constantly in the bottom. Let the Priscilla stans come for me, Landon made his unstoppable track record, not me. And it's the best one any monster has had in all seasons, oop 🤭
Dollya is young and still growing a drag personality.
I thought it was painful to hear her answer to the host-question as to, "Do you believe that you can win this competition?" She answers, "110%." Then is asked, "Do you think that you're going to?" She copy and pastes, "110%." (At 46:29)
Then Priscilla pours her heart out and you can feel the love and support in the room.
Dollya: "Uhm.. I took out a credit card to build my credit... Everything has been customized and made by me." Director cut zooms into Evah's disapproving eyebrows
Right?? I Lowkey felt bad for Dollya I was like DAMN her own GRANDMOTHER!!!! You can’t trust these hoes at alllllll lmao!!
They acknowledged that she was outstanding. Multiple monsters acknowledged her but said they had to go with their gut/hearts.
How is that disrespectful? You'd think Dollya wants your pitied consolation vote?
Everyone said their honest opinion and that’s what they were asked to do. It would have been much more humiliating for Dollya if some of the girls voted for her because they felt bad, and if dollya truly deserves this crown, she would direct any resentment she has towards her not getting any votes to fuel her to win.
Do they film the reunions right after they film the season or do they bring the girls back later on?
I think right after the season. Maybe even before the final floor show (unlike RPDR where they have filmed the reunion the day after the finale for the past few years).
Maxi won this episode with that ".. and Landon" comment
1.) God (Satan?) bless the editors, those recaps were golden.
2.) I know it's a reality show reunion, so it's kind of a given that some elements will be produced for drama. But I really appreciated the openness of the conversations on this episode. It didn't feel like the contestants were just pitted against each other like you see on, uh, certain other programs of a similar nature. Idk, this presentation just felt more genuine to me. I liked it. There was a lot of Camp Wannakiki-esque camaraderie.
3.) Louisianna's speech about darkness and kindness really made me feel some type of way. I'm an adult, but I want to be her when I grow up.
4.) I could honestly see any of them taking the crown, and I'm just so fucking stoked to see the looks next week. (I'm personally on Team Landon, though.)
2.5.) I did miss the resurrections and the dinner table, though.
Okay so heres my thing..... I love priscilla, but I think as far as competition goes Landon has done and looked the best. Much like Bitch Puddin, Priscilla has grown but Landon didnt have to. Like Victoria Black, Landon had amazing looks and flawless execution. So im not sure. Dollya is literally James Majesty tho. Anyone else seeing that pattern?
Tbh, I think that’s minor shade at James Majesty. But I agree; it does look to me like Dollya is in that same position. I felt bad that no one picked her to win, even tho Landon is my king and Priscilla is my #2. Priscilla’s trash look was sooooo good, and I liked her pinhead look and nail in the nose performance. Her Halloween look was gorgeous from the clavicle up; I’m hoping she takes the critiques to heart and steps it up in the finale. I am soooooo looking forward to her filth look. I really hope Landon wins; I think he has objectively been the best all season, but the thing I’m most looking forward to in the finale is Priscilla’s filth look, if that makes any sense.
Edit: Oh, and Priscilla’s calf was one of, if not the, edgiest things this season. Hollow brought the edge, too, but they ain’t there no more.
So much for family, Mad didn’t even say Dollya’s name
Maddelyn starting out praising Dollya only to swing to Priscilla at the end was probably meant well, but came off hilariously shady.
My mind says Landon but my heart SCREAMS Priscilla.
She’s just so right for the brand imo; polished, never-predictable and has charisma in spades. As brilliant as Landon and Dollya are, they don’t come close to touching Priscilla’s personality.
It’s obvious why so many monsters voted for her: she wants this the most out of everyone, and I could feel that when she was talking.
I wish they did a Reunion floorshow because these looks were all amazing
and Landon
That was one of my favorite drag show reunions. It got a little pointed, but never unfair or nasty. It built up all of these amazing artists and there were a ton of funny moments.
Maxi looked so damn gorgeous. Dollya having her hand on her pregnant belly throughout the episode is a mood. And the chubby Valentina comment Pricilla made to Yovska SENT me.
Yeah god every time the camera panned to Maxi all I could think about how gorgeous she looked. God damn!
Working on a credit score is the most interesting reason to win I think we've heard, and will ever hear, on Dragula.
And gasp, not Violencia being read for taking a plane there.
Apart from knowing it’s Landons, I really hope Dollya undeniably sweeps every category in the finale.
It’d destroy all drag race underdog edits
That Yovska compilation was the best thing I've seen in years
“She’s so evil” lmao that montage alone made me like her
Cringe watching them pan to Dollya while nobody says her name...
Very Kameron Michaels s10
Was that a FUCKING LION ROARING in the edit when they film her as she realizes Maddelyn is talking about her but about to indicate someone else?
Teary episode for me lol I love Landon and Priscilla, I would love if either of them could win!!!
I think it’ll be Landon for sure, but there would be something satisfying about seeing Dollya win after none of them voicing their support, which I find baffling. She definitely had weaker looks here & there, but she’s leaps and bounds more polished and talented than Priscilla.
Dollya is too polished for my liking. She follows a formula for success without the personality for filth, horror, and glamor that this competition is all about.
It's the same big ol'titties and panted eyes trick.
It feels like optics are the only reason people excuse priscillas behaviour towards Dollya, were the roles reversed or if Dollya quite rightly stated “I’m proud of Priscillas personal journey but it should be just that, I’m not a punching bag for her insecurities.” she’d be crucified.
You don’t need to take one queen down to elevate another.
It was annoying to hear the queens saying Landon needs to win because he’s a drag king when there are clearly far better reasons for him to win. He was incredibly polished, very diplomatic, best track record, etc. It seems so performative/fake woke to say he should win just because he’s a king instead of crediting him for his victories regardless.
Which was why I loved Landon saying that he wants to win for his art and not to be a token or representative. The girls' hearts were in the right place, but there seemed something almost invalidating about how the art wasn't mentioned.
He didn't just come and showcase a different form of drag; Landon has been the most consistent so far and has pulled out some amazing shit. It's also interesting to see how much work goes into becoming a King; whether or not he wins, it was completely eye opening to watch him creating custom facial hair, props, and to see what goes into masculine contouring. And not for nothing, as a woman the mere thought of taping my nipples into my armpits gives me sympathy pains.
Honestly, if Dollya takes it, I’ll live. There’s something so satisfying about watching the person who visibly upsets the others with their successes and the praise they receive from the hosts just snatch the whole thing for themselves, a la Jinkx. Supporting yourself when no one else does is so fierce.
I have said to my friends and fam all season that Landon is the most Dragula thing to ever be on Dragula though. It only seems natural that he be the next new standard.
I’m conflicted because Landon up to this point has earned the crown. But people keep putting Dollya down because “same eye trick and tits” but Landon paints his face the same and uses the same body suit, so I don’t think that’s much of excuse. Priscilla really grew on me and I hope she kills the final floor show. Wouldn’t mind any of them winning at this point.