Dr. Stone Reboot Chapter 9 Link and Discussion

Dr. Stone Reboot is a spin-off created by the artist of Dr. Stone, Boichi.

That was really insane, at first I would rather have seen Byakuya's history on the island, but now I understand that the island's past could reveal things that will be important later.
And this reboot served to show that Dr.Stone's world technology is much more advanced than ours, that validates the creation of the petrifying ray.
That was amazing, of course, at some point Senku goes into space and the petrification is a perfect tool for space travel.
Lets go!
Also, what a beautiful ship, one of the most beautiful ships I've ever seen.
I still would like to see Byakuya’s story, in fact I think I still prefer that (before I get roasted, I’m not saying this is bad)
What a ride!! Let’s hope we see Rei again in the main series. She’s been waiting a long time after all
Rei is definitely best girl now.
What the actual heck was THAT?! Rei 01 was printed into existence, Chrome has a message from her (that's what the robot looks like)? Senku DISREGARDED something as major as a REPEATING, BRIGHT flash of light? This was a rollercoaster, I hope we get a part two of this reboot. I hope.
Unlike Chrome who have observed the sky for years now. Senku only rarely looks up into it anymore because of more pressing matters on hand. So he couldn't really noticed that the ISS is still there and that the flashing was repeating. Remember, it only comes back once every month.
Don't worry Rei, Senku is going to meet you, get excited.
Imagine being a programmer and finding out your code runs for 150 years flawlessly on the first try
Easy when you're a robot and speak code.
But even more impressive is byakuya made a robot that did that.
Obviously it's unit tested and everything is recursive.
I counted 156 points on the message "Byakuya I am here"
Chrome in his flashback is (based on how many children in manga are depicted) between 5 and 7
Chrome is 16 when he's introduced and highballing it, he had been marking the flashes for 12 to 10 years
156 flashes over 12 years would be 13 flashes a year or once every 4 weeks
Senku may be distracted by his work as a scientist and restoring society (and it arguably fits his character to be so focused on one thing not to notice his surroundings) but for real,, WHY HASN'T HE NOTICED THE REPETITIVE SHOOTING STAR THAT APPEARS AT LEAST ONCE EVERY 4 WEEKS LIKE HE BUILT A STAR THINGY SUPER EARLY ON
Also interesting to note if the ISS is directly(ish) over Tokyo roughly once every 4 weeks then over the 3,550 years Rei has been flashing, she's flashed the earth 46276 times before Senku even woke up lmaooooo
Edit:forgot to divide the number of weeks over 3,550 years (185,107) by 4
There is a lot of interesting facts to be gathered from this chapter :D
They even have telescope. Chrome should be able to observe that blinking thing when they create telescope.
Edit: Also, did Senku already tell everyone that his father's name is Byakuya?
As if there wasn't already reason enough to eagerly look forward to Senku going to space.
I can't wait for him to reunite with his loving sister, dammit!
Step sister* uwu
Towards the end of the chapter, when Senku's looking at the star, was chapter was that from the main manga?
None, the reiboot is a separate timeline from the main one. As it diverged at chapter 4.
Just learned of this spin off an hour ago, absolutely fantastic! Rei is a good bot
The fact that rei's still waiting for byakuya...brb sobbing.
Rei really is a parallel to Boichi's other manga's MC, Origin.
-Both are doing everything in their power to follow their father's order. Rei was "Protect ISS at all cost" and Origin was "Be human".
-Both started out from hardwares that realistically cannot house them. Rei was some smartphone parts and Origin was some science project level bot.
-Both don't understand humanity but still seek to be with them.
-Both eventually advanced to god level. Although Rei was more realistic in that regard because it usually took her years to make her OP stuff while Origin can create his in under a century.
Really believe Boichi was subconsciously trying to succeed Origin with this spin-off, because that manga ended feeling rushed and awkward and the plot became Sci-fi fantasy basically. Re(i)boot really felt like him retrying the ideas in Origin and do them better in Dr.Stone's context.
good observation kid
you think rei is gonna keep innovating or on standby?
Have you seen the things rei did? Legit innovated a space station, built thousands of bombs, and so much more. Reis gotta keep innovating.
I for one accept our new sexy robot overlord. The end of the chapter made me almost tear up. I loved this spin off and have no issue with it being canon
so I guess the next main arc is getting Rei to come to earth or at least communicating with her (?) somehow
None of that, Rei will never be important to the main storyline. To people who didn't read the spinoff, it would be like a major retcon. There are only two possibilities for her return: 1. Boichi creates a sequel to the spinoff. or 2. She will appear in an epilogue once the series ends
Feel likr Rei is going to be a foil to Senku because of how they feel towards thier dad.
So happy that Rei’s still alive and the ISS is looking better than ever. Hope one day Senku and Rei will meet.
I love the fact that Rei and Senku awoke at the same time.
Which is really such an unlikely event.
I mean, any writer knows that you're allowed to bend realism a bit for the sake of a more emotional moment. Byakuya literally saw Rei Flash at him as he died, an incredibly unlikely scenario. But do I care? No. Because the trade off for that is a powerful emotional gutpunch.
Rei really reminded me of Robo in Chrono Trigger. He also stated behind and spent the next 600 years replanting Fiona's forest. But in the end Crono comes back (forward?) for him. So let's hope Senku does the same!
One word: INSANE
Wait, is rei the Why man?
RIP literally everyone that had that theory! Get reckt
Bruh.mp3, what a ride. I was so hoping for senku to see that. I am guessing it will happen after stone wars maybe, let's see. I am really excited for restbof series.
Rei is literally just genderswapped Origin.
I’m ok with this.
tfw this was a fantasy series and not sci-fi all along /s
also i like how rei looks like suika (or i guess the other way around?)
The rudimentary technology that made Medusa is going to be beyond even Senku's understanding once he obtains it. Only Rei, an AI with centuries worth of computing genius intellect, would be able to aid Senku in providing the answers regarding the Petrification event.
Although I dislike how this Sci-fi vibe does not fit with the Main Story at all. I do however still wish that this is canon due to just how precious Rei is UwU. That and well, seeing as the "Medusa" is a weapon of science that's pretty much already in the realm of Sci-fi, I'd say theres a good chance this might be canon. Also, the ISS didn't burn up after the petrification. When Senku's Dad dies, you can see the ISS reflected off the river.
Yeah we need this spin off to be connected to the main story this is so good. Rei went from cute/adorable to low key bad ass + cute if you know what I mean :)
I would have liked more comment on the robots Form. Senku just said "Your a lonely man" but given Mangas and Animes use of tiddies, it could have been much better explored. As it stands now, we just have more cannon fodder for the lewders
This is the last chapter right? I know it's not canon but I thought maybe Rei would eventually go to Earth. I thought maybe she would eventually malfunction and get angry at Byakuya and head to Earth looking for him. I even thought that maaaaaybeeeee Rei would end up being 'Whyman'... but that's impossible since it's not canon.
Was this confirmed to be non canon by the author?
Its canon, the ISS flash and the ISS itself are seen in the main story when Byakuya dies