LN readers, does this take the incest route?

i don't want another 'if it's for my daughter i'd even defeat a demon lord'

Not sure if it actually takes the incest route but the Light novel does parody it, and a lot of fans of the novel actually want it to go down the incest Route
Kinda. There are hints at it teasing the idea but never all the way, at least so far. I mean one of the other characters accuse him of being a "momcon" in a comedic manner.
Wait, Demon Lord went with a Incest route as its Canon ending?
It’s not really incest as the clear fact is they’re not related and not once did the ‘daughter’ call Dale Dad
yeah the girl grows up and realises she has feelings for him
their age gap is apparently <10 years so it's kinda like a slightly worse raphtalia situation
it's not incest if they were never blood-related /s
wait /s in like "they actually fucked but they're not blood related" or /s in like the whole joke is satire
What the heck did you just say?! That "devil daughter" anime is going to have INCEST?! Daleu is going to love Latina?!
Yep. Weird grooming shit. It's uh, pretty gross.
Its not really incest, Dale sees Latina as his daughter but she herself has never called Dale dad and in the interactions to me it seems she sees him as her guardian than parent.
I feel so uncomfortable just knowing that. Shes like 3 years old ffs.
in the source material the girl grows up physically and realises she has feelings for the MC, age gap is <10 years so it's debatable
I mean I don't mind either way if it makes sense romantically and it's not played purely for fetish baiting. Not all incest is always bad in anime.
Incest is wincest
Can you elaborate on the 'doing' part
Can you elaborate ? Also, what do you mean parodied ? And do you have a link to the forum ?
I regret clicking on thus thread
Follow up question does this have a manga?
The fact that people are downvoting OPs comments because he's pointing out that incest is gross and immoral speaks volumes about certain types of people.
Calling incest “gross and immoral” vastly underplays the complexity of the subject. Some people consider killing and eating cows gross and immoral, and in many cases it is. But as this does not apply to all cases of slaughtering cows, so does it not apply to all cases of incest. Context is important, as always.
You are correct however, that most people defending incest aren’t thinking of this, and are just fetishizing it to please their boners. Which is relatable, I’ll admit.
To clarify, I'm not for Masato hooking up with his mother. I generally consider parent-child relationships to be the absolute worst type of incest. Of course, Masato and Mamako's relationship does seem to be rather atypical, so I'm pretty neutral on what happens in this case.
Exactly. I’m from Alabama so I get shit about it all the time from my friends on discord, but it’s just such an overused and stupid cliche, both as a joke and a plot device
i think so tbh. kinda gross, but doesnt immoral
but yeah. ive opened my mind. since not everyone hating it anyways. like yaoi, yuri, futas. etc
Wait, what do you mean? You mean they eventually FUCKED in THAT series!??? D:
Wholeheartedly agreed! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Too many times I find myself enjoying new show/manga then they hit you with the surprise incest.
After 3 days, it seems like only a few people have tried to directly address your question. I see a lot of jokes and commentary about the community, and a few people saying "well I heard from a guy that heard from a guy that _______ happens in volume X which isn't in English yet."
Only three volumes have been released in English, the third one just came out, and I haven't read all of it yet, so I can't definitively comment on that book or anything after it.
As of the first two light novel volumes, no, it does not intentionally take the incest route. It is a recurring gag: He frequently ends up in "stereotypical anime fanservice" moments involving her, but it's usually mortifying for him. And she's just kind of oblivious most of the time because she's immodest and has no sense of personal space, but it never indicates she lusts after him or anything like that.
The first book very strongly hints at a romantic interest for Masato. It teases that idea far further than I thought a first volume would do, though it doesn't become official. It's not with the mom.
The second book somewhat tables that relationship while introducing a new potential romantic interest for Masato. It's also not with the mom.
fucking. thank you
for 3 days all that happened in this thread is people making jokes and downvoting me when saying "incest is bad"
They get in dozens of lewd situations and mama is quick to say she would love her little boy no matter what, but no hand holding yet
Heeellll mothafucking no!!! Gtfoh with that incest bullshit