[JP] 29th January Infiltration Report

These are just rough translations until something more solid and reliable comes out (which I will edit in).

getting Kurasame before they're finished with the class itself is surprising. I wonder if they're holding onto the last students for a rainy day... (also I haven't played type-0 yet, but I know he has a tonberry. does he ever use his tonberry in-game? I wonder if his tonberry will be involved in any of his attacks here...)
Kurasame's tonberry doesn't fight with him, rather, like the other person said, his tonberry is a separate support character. However, they will likely incorporate the tonberry into at least one of his attacks
His Tonberry was available as a random support unit after Kurasame died iirc. I hope he can use him here!
My boy WoL is getting his LD and Burst! So happy!
AINT NO ONE DYING WHEN WOL'S ON THE CASE! Super excited to see what he gets.
Thanks for posting this! There are a couple of things that might be worth pointing out:
First slide says that you can get up to 440 gacha items for free, which actually implies 40 free multipulls (40 * 11) rather than 44. This lines up with a free draw on each of the 10 banners listed in the second slide (for 110 free items), in addition to the 30 daily ones (which I don't see on the screenshots here but I assume was mentioned in the stream).
A highlight of the login bonuses include getting 3 EX medals on the 6th day of every set, and a burst medal on the 7th day of every set. That means at the end of the month, we'll have 12 EX medals, enough for a free EX of your choice (these should be tokens for the most recent EX store, which has every EX weapon available).
The daily medal challenge is increasing its normal rewards from 2 a day to 5 a day for the month, for a total of 145 this month (since this is a leap year, 5 x 29 = 145). This is a significant increase from the usual 60-62 we get, especially since EX medals cost 30 daily medals in the exchange. This should be enough to get both EX medals (60 daily medals total) and all 20 red nuggets (40 daily medals total) that are usually in the exchange (unlike normal months, where you have to pick and choose)
The Set A and Set B shown in the ability arrangement slide seem to apply to friend support units. Unclear if this means you choose which arrangement you prefer and all friend units you use will adhere to that configuration (which I would greatly prefer) or if it just means you choose either Set A or Set B for your friend support unit when you set it. The text saying you can change it in the settings implies the former, but we'll find out for sure after the update. Either way, should greatly reduce the amount of friction we see from people rearranging their abilities, especially now that characters can have so many!
Thanks again for sharing this! Exciting times!
This needs to come to GL immediately! Had so many weird Setzers during the Brothers.
44 free pulls??? Omfg.... i would install the jp version only for the pleasure to pull like there's no tomorrow....
I did....because of this and Laguna :)
There has never been a more perfect time to start than during this anniversary. You can literally reroll for any EX weapon you want! All EX weapons are available and you can even reroll for WOL BT/LD on top of that. You'll get 10k free gems to start on top of the free pulls. You'll get a ton of resources to start off and have tons of farmable content to gain a bunch of tickets and gems for the future. If you don't have a JP account already, right now is the best time to start. The 40 free 10+1 pulls should normally be reason alone, but the all the goodies we're getting on top of all that is really amazing.
I'm interested in seeing how revenge value is going to be implemented here. Will it create a temporary immunity to delay after a certain amount of delays? Will enemies be instantly be pushed forward in the turn order as a direct penalty? Will enemies auto-attack once the revenge value is met? There's a lot of ways that this can be implemented, some more reasonable than others. And how will this affect characters whose value is very much dependent on ability to delay?
My best guess is enemies will act when that revenge counter ends , if they have no had an action within x turns. Perhaps they may also only use a really strong attack when their revenge counter has been reached. Just means you'll have to build different/play smarter. Noctis LD certainly gonna get nerfed with this change , especially if you use noctis against a single target.
How will it effect them ? By stopping the certain characters from being used to create really long chains where the enemy doesnt get a turn . In short it will definitely shake the meta up. Characters who delay/push their turns ahead of enemies will be brought more in line with people who cant.
Awesome. Better than I hoped.
Let's hope it gets to GL soon, before June/July as the producer was saying on the Q&A.
Don't like. This is a whole new level of trolling waiting for us.
As for the support skills, that's what the preset ones are for I believe. You set which you prefer, and regardless of what the owner of your support is, it'll be what you selected as the preset.
I understand your confusion because this post provided very incomplete info - the new system allows you to pick either preset, and all of your support units’ commands will be displayed using the preset you choose. So it most definitely solves the “trolling” completely.
Same! Wish devs found a way to stop people from changing support skills arrangement
If reset stones can only be gained through paid packs then my hype goes down to 0.
Such an item saves you a buttload of items and resources on having to create a new MLB weapon. You could always equip the free version. Dffoo has to find some ways to make people spend money . In this sense the reset stones save a ton of resources, but provide no gameplay advantage a normal player cannot obtain.
I could see them selling premium weapon skins or something, once the weapon skin update gets added.
They said in the post that there are 3 free on release. That likely indicates that it will be rare for f2p, but some will be given out.
I see what you mean. But it's a good thing we got the craftable spheres for an alternative though.
Weird that Amidatelion is one of the characters getting the new armor tier next month since she's not currently available. Though, if you're at a point where you can beat the level 200 quest right now to even get the tokens for it, you were probably around for her event.
Does the JP version going to have the Memoria Theatre thing? Or do they have it already?
We currently don't have it, nor has it been announced anywhere as of yet.
About damn time Kurasame wandered over. After seeing Machina's arc, I think the writers can pull something amazing for him.
AND GLADIOLUS WITH HIS COSTUME?! That's three "gotta pity" pulls more-or-less in a row. My poor gem stash! But between him and Aranea, I'm stoked!
Probably gladiolus just getting his kings costume , same as prompto
I'm so hyped for Kurasame, I almost don't even want to use gems in GL anymore until he gets added here lol. Love that he gets an alt costume too, I loved the prequel manga about him.
Is this going to be the first story chapter without a new character release? Or do you think we’ll find out who it is closer to when the chapter is out?
Hype for all the new changes and characters!
They usually keep the character hidden for chapters until it's almost out. I also believe we're due for another NT reveal this upcoming month so it could be hidden for that reason as well.
there’s 2 story chapters too (rikku and red lol)
Considering all the SS characters for Bahamut are mages, I'm gonna theorize that either Golbez or Ulti are getting the BT.
Edit: Oh, or Seymour.
Yes but what can seymour can possibly obtain as BT?
Oh wait. Summon Anima. I want that
I think Kuja could be too, after all, didn't he control it in FFIX?
Edit: as I posted this I remembered he was already SS for Diabolos. My bad.
i say golbez since they’re elemental mages
Jp anniversary puts global to shame
Oh hey Thancred and Laguna get EX+, and on a banner with WoL's LD/BT no less. Definitely going to have to be ready to pull hard on that one.
Couple things I noticed by just glancing at WoL.
It seems they increase the duration of the shield, unique buff he dishes out to people.
His LD apply a unique effect (indicated by the shield icon with 10 something on it , not sure if turns or charges)
How does one obtain "high guard medals"?
From the LUFENIA section:
Ok so my thoughts on this:
type 000000000000000000 🙃
but daddyolus
Time to create a JP account. Im glad they gave WOL a multi shield combo animation like in previous dissidia games.
Wait, is this true in JP now?? You're able to freely use skills again??
Honestly that is the biggest difference for me in liking COSMOS more than CHAOS fights: I like using skills - it's FUN to use skills! It's not fun to have to figure out "ok, how many HP+ attacks do I have to use through the first waves to make sure I have enough skills for the last wave?" and grinding all the way down to 1-0 skills left on everyone in the party and the boss(es) has 10% HP left and prohibitively high defense for your attacks to do anything...
I mean having to use a Brv/HP attack here and there to not get broken or to dump capped Brv without "wasting" a skill to do so is fine imo, but fights designed around a concept of "skills are for putting up/refreshing buffs, plus maybe a few extra somewhere if you can identify the best opportunity, and everything else is regen/battery/HP+", it's like being given a Ferrari but then forced to drive it 30 mph in gridlock traffic :/
I think they are referring to friend skills layout ;)
But i find that fun and challenging, just mashing skills requires no skill or thought just... raw power.
Now that we are getting more skills for each character i can see that being less required but i still think it's important to manage your skills and when to use them.
You can move BRV and HP Attack to the second screen, where the AA, LD, and BURST are by default. Nothing about being able to spam skills more. And honestly unless everyone starts getting 15 charges on each skill and at least a Normal charge EX, that will never change. Especially with the new difficulty.
Bahamut BT... Only Main character linked with Bahamut is Tidus kinda, so my shots are for him(Fayth guided him, Sun Crest etc.).
Lightning is as well, possibly a few other protags. A number of villains do something involving Bahamut too.
Tidus was also SS for Alexander I think, so unlikely he'll be SS for another board.
Looking at the synergy list, the most likely BT is Golbez I think. Also Bahamut = Dragon wink
I had been planning to start playing on the JP server this month. Thanks SE for encouraging me :D.
This is a good time for people to play jp. They can reroll as much as they want
"BRV and HP attacks can be rearranged", so you mean hell?
inb4 remOvE SpheRE IS pAY tO WiN
Another type zero character really
Edit: Nice downvote.......
Type 0 has a fuckton more of those non-playable characters like Kurasame.
So Ill just be numb on all of this instead of getting disappointed on every FFT snub every month.
My reaction exactly. At this point seems like a joke. No FFT love at all, when it has so many different, interesting characters. Instead, we get troves of copycats in ridiculous capes.
It's a meme, at this point.